Shadowmania - Moonlight Shadows 1998 (CD)  Saturday 30-05-1998
Disc. 1: Flingel Bunt/Theme For Young Lovers/The Frightened City/Atlantis/Blue Star/The Breeze & I/
Foot Tapper/Wonderful Land/Sweet Dreams/Shadoogie/Blue Sky, Blue Sea, Blue Me/Scarlet O'Hara/
Diamonds/Nivram/Apache/Somewhere/The Savage/Dance On.
Disc. 2: Guitar Tango/Dakota/Don't Cry For Me Argentina/Let Me Be The One/Bachelor Boy/
Please Don't Tease/Summer Holiday/Riders In The Sky/Time Is Tight/Little B/Theme From The Deer Hunter/Equinoxe/F.B.I Private Collection Label
Shadowsmania 1999 - Guitar Syndicate (CD) Saturday 29-05-1999
The Miracle/Chu Chi/Jaques Entertainment/Deep Purple/Some Are Lonely/The Third Man/Return To The Alamo/Sleepwalk '95/Turn Around And Touch Me/I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Arthur/Banana Man/It's A Mans World/Temptation/Memory/Riders On The Range/All I Ask Of You/Slaughter On 10th Avenue (Rehearsal)/Slaughter On 10th Avenue/Geronimo . 
Private Collection Label
Shadowmania 1999: Moonlight Shadows & Danny White (CD)  Saturday 29-05-1999
Disc. 1: Chattanooga Choo Choo/Rise And Fall Of Flingle Bunt/The Breeze And I/The Band/Foot Tapper/
Atlantis/Bruce Chat Beginning/Gonzalis/Wonderful Land/Blue Sky/Shadoogie/Theme For Young Lovers/
Bruce Introduce Jet Harris/Scarlet O Harra (Jet Harris)/The Tall Texan (Jet Harris)/Jet Harris Chats/
Diamonds (Jet Harris)/Bruce Intro Nivram/Nivram (Jet Harris)/Apache (Jet Harris)/Bruce Chat about Norwegian Festival/Some Where.
Disc. 2: Bruce Intro. The Savage/The Savage/Bruce Introduce Barry Gibson/Riders In The Sky/Sacha/
Time Is Tight/Bruce Introduce Danny White/The Young Ones (Danny White)/Willie &The Hand jive
(Danny White)/Danny White Intro. The Next Time/The Next Time (Danny White)/Bruce introduce a medley/
Medley: Please Don't Tease-Summer Holiday (Danny White)/The Day I Met Marie (Danny White)/Bruce and Eurovision/Let Me Be The One (Bruce Welch)/Danny Intro On The Beach/On The Beach (Danny White)/
I Could Easily Fall (Danny White)/Little B/The Deerhunter/Equinoxe V/Bruce Thank. Intro FBI/F.B.I. 
Shadowmania 1999: The Rapiers (CD) Saturday 29-05-1999
Shadoogie/Dance On/Saturday Dance/Driftin/Be Bob A Lula/Saturday Night At Dockpond/Baby My Heart/Theme From A Filleted Place/I Want You To Want Me/Bossa Roo/That's The Way It Goes/Raining In My Heart/Don't Make My Baby Blue/Man Of Mystery/William Tell . 
Private Collection Label
Shadowmania 2000: Moonlight Shadows  (CD) Saturday 27-05-2000
Disc. 1: Chattanooga Choo Choo/Shindig/The Frightened City/Bruce intro Peace Pipe/Peace Pipe/
Quartermaster's Store/The Rise & Fall Of Flingle Bunt/The Breeze & I/Bruce Talking/Rodrigo's Guitar Concerto/Foot Tapper/Wonderful Land/Bruce and Phil Chating/Temptation/Theme For Young Lovers/
Shadoogie/Mozart Forte/Apache.
Disc. 2: The Savage/Intro The Band/The Third Man/Riders In The Sky/Deerhunter/Time Is Tight/
Bruce,Tony and Eurovision/Let Me Be The One/Lady Of The Morning/Marmaduke/Faithful/Please Mr. Please/
Lonesome Mole/Bruces Thank The Audience/Big B/You Don't Have To Say You Love Me/Equinoxe/F.B.I . 
Shadowmania 2000 (CD) Saturday 27-05-2000
Tales Of A Raggy/Tramline/South Of The Border/Round And Round  
Shadowmania 2000 (CD) Saturday 27-05-2000
Guitar Express: Mustang/Theme From Shane/Theme From Giant/My Resistance In Low/
Find Me A Golden St/The Rumble/Perfidia/Some Are Lonely/Shadows Tribute/Bongo Blue/
Big Boy/The Boys.
Guitar Syndicate: Santa Ana/It's A Man's World/Genie With The Light Brown Lamp/
Deep Purple/Sleepwalk/Return To The Alamo/Had To Be/Dakota (Brian Locking)/
Atlantis (Brian Locking)/Dance On (Brian Locking)/Argentina (Brian Locking)/Thing Me Jig/
All I Ask Of You (Brian Locking)/Summer Love 59'/Guitar Tongo/Sacha. 
Private Collection Label
Shadowmania 2000: Jet Harris & The Rapiers + Zoe (CD) Saturday 27-05-2000
The Man With The Golden Arm/36-24-36/Kon Tiki/Man From Nowhere/Nivram/
Man Of Mystery/Stand Up And Say That/Gonzales/Scarlett O'Hara/
Theme From Something Really Important/Applejack/Besame Mucho/Here I Stand
(With Zoe McCulloch)/Dimonds. Private Collection Label
Shadowmania 2001: Bruce Welch's Shadows (CD) Saturday 08-09-2001
Chattanoga Choo Choo/Shindig/Man Of Mystery/Stardust/Quartermaster Stores/Thing-Me-Jig/You Don't Have To Say You Love Me/Cricket Bat Boogie/
Mozart Forte/Don't Make My Baby Blue/Devoted To You/ Foot Tapper/Don't Cry For Me Argentina/
Riders In The Sky/Return To The Alamo/True Love Ways/Please Mr. Please/You Never Can Tell/
The Savage/Wonderful Land/Honourable Puff Puff/Had To Be/Apache/Equinoxe Part V/FBI. 
Private Collection Label
Shadowmania 2002 (CD)  Saturday 21-09-2002
Disc. 1: Opening Tune/The Rise And Fall Of Flingle Bunt/Frightened City/Theme For Young Lovers/The Deerhunter 1/Foot Tapper/Wonderful Land/Cricket Bad Boogie/That's The Way It Goes (Vocal)/Don't Make My Baby Blue (Vocal)/Had To Be/Mozart Forte/Let Me Be The One (Vocal)/Please Don't Tease (Vocal)/Summer Holiday/Another Night/Local Hero/Parisienne Walkaway's/Equinoxe. .
Disc. 2: Lady Of The Morning (Vocal)/Thousand Conversations (Vocal)/Believe In Me/The Savage/Riders In The Sky (Brian Bennett)/Guitar Tango (Brian Bennett)/Something/Apache/We Say Yeah (Vocal)/FBI. Private Collection Label
Shadowmania 2002 (CD) Saturday 21-09-2002
Questions From Public To Bruce, Jet, Tony and Alan/The Roumble/Walk Don't Run/Indian Brave/Rawhide/Gost Of Old Compton Street/Rockin At The 2 I's/Twenty Flight Rock/D In Love/Jack's Good/On The Wings Of The Nightingale/Joe 90/Jezebel/Big Boy . 
Private Collection Label
Shadowmania 2003: Bruce Welch's Shadows (CD) Saturday 20-09-2003
The Rise And Fall Of Flingel Bunt/The Saturday Western/Shindig/The Miracle/
Summer Love 59/Thing-Me-Jig/Peace Pipe/Riders Of The Range/Let Me Be The
One/Runaway/Wonderful Land/I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Arthur/Return To Alamo/
Now That You're Gone/Foot Tapper/Going Home/Equinoxe V/Oh Boy/All Shook Up/Crying In The Rain/The Savage/Honourable Puff Puff/Riders In The Sky/Theme From The Deerhunter/Apache/
FBI.  Private Collection Label
Shadowmania 2003: The Rapiers + Brian Locking & Jet Harris & Cliff Hall (CD) Saturday 20-09-2003
Shadoogie/chats/Saturday Dance/chats/Baby My Heart/Chats/Round & Round/
Chats/Quarter To Three/Chats/Theme From A Filleted Place/Chats/
I Want You To Want Me/Chats/That's The Way It Goes/Chats/Rhythm & Greens/Chats/Dakota
(The Rapiers + Brian Locking)/Brian Chats/Spring Is Nearly Here (The Rapiers + Brian Locking)/Dance On
(The Rapiers + Brian Locking)/Shazam (The Rapiers + Brian Locking)/Brian Chats/Sleepwalk (The Rapiers + Brian Locking)/Brian Chats/The Boys (The Rapiers + Brian Locking)/The Man With The Golden Arm
(The Rapiers + Jet Harris & Cliff Hall)/36-24-36 (The Rapiers + Jet Harris & Cliff Hall)/Jet Harris Chats/
Gonzalez (The Rapiers + Jet Harris & Cliff Hall)/Jet Harris Chats/Scarlett O'Hara (The Rapiers + Jet Harris & Cliff Hall)/Jet Harris Chats/Applejack (The Rapiers + Jet Harris & Cliff Hall)/Jet Harris Chats/No Other Baby (The Rapiers + Jet Harris
& Cliff Hall)
/Jet Harris Chats/Besame Mucho (The Rapiers + Jet Harris & Cliff Hall) /Time Is Tight (The Rapiers + Jet Harris
& Cliff Hall)
/Jet Harris Chats/Nivram (The Rapiers + Jet Harris & Cliff Hall)/Jet Harris Chats/Theme From Something Really Important (The Rapiers + Jet Harris & Cliff Hall)/Jet Harris Chats/Diamonds The Rapiers + Jet Harris & Cliff Hall) 
Private Collection Label
Shadowmania 2005: Bruce Welch's Shadows (CD) Saturday 03-09-2005
Riders In The Sky/The Rise And Fall Of Flingle Bunt/Spring Is Nearly Here/
Genie With The Light Brown Lamp/Atlantis/Bruce Chats/That's The Way It Goes/
Mary Ann/Blue Sky, Blue Sea, Blue Me/Shadoogie/Stardust/Walk Don't Run/Bruce Talk about Eurovision/Let Me Be The One/Bruce Talks About That Sound/Mustang/My Resistance Is Low/
Geronimo/Albatros/Wonderful Land/Foot Tapper/Gee Whiz It's You/The Frightened City/
Don't Make My Baby Blue/Little B/Deerhunter/Equinoxe/Apache/The Band/FBI. 
Private Collection Label
Shadowmania 2006: Bruce Welch's Shadows (CD) Saturday 23-09-2006
Oudigo/Moonlight Shadow/Cavatina/Bruce Welcomes/Theme For Young Lovers/
The Frightened City/The Breeze And I/The Young Ones/Bruce & Eurovision/
Let Me Be The One/Bruce Introduce Brian Bennett/Atlantis( (Brian Bennett)/Riders In The Sky ((Brian Bennett)/The Savage/Genie With The Light Brown Lamp/Blue Sky, Blue Sea, Blue Me/
Main Theme/The Magic Doll/Bruce Talk About Buddy Holly/Peggy Sue Got Married/Turn Around
& Touch Me/Farewell My Lovely/Foot Tapper/You Were Always On My Mind/All My Sorrows/
Alentjo/Wonderful Land/Had To Be/Equinoxe/Apache/Intro The Band/FBI. 
Private Collection Label
Shadowmania 2007: Bruce Welch's Shadows (CD) Saturday 22-09- 2007
Outdigo/High Noon/Going Home (Local Hero)/Cavatina (Deerhunter)/Dance On/
Kon-Tiki/Find Me A Golden Street/Guitar Tango/Lucky Lips/Gee Whiz It's You/
Bruce Chats + The Band/Stardust/Live & Let Die/Devoted To You/Shadoogie/The Savage/
Genie With The Light Brown Lamp/The Flyder & The Spy/Don't Make My Baby Blue/Bruce Chats/
Years Away/Cat 'n' Mouse/The Old Romantics/Foot Tapper/Don't Throw It All Away/Dialogue/
Equinoxe/Wonderful Land/Apache/Bruce thanks everybody/FBI. Private Collection Label
Shadowmania 2007: The Rapiers + Jet Harris & The Rapiers + The Songbird (CD) Saturday 22-09-2007
The Stranger/Saturday Dance/Quarter To Three/Chats/Be Bop A Lula/Chats/
Feelin' Fine/Chats/Theme From Shane/Baby My Heart See You In My Drums/
Chats/See You In My Drums /Chats/Rhythm & Greens/Chats/The Man With The Golden Arm/
36-24-36/ Jet Harris Chats/Jet Black/Jet Harris Chats/Scarlett O'Hara/Jet Harris Chats/Applejack/
Jet Harris Chats/The Tall Texan/Jet Harris Chats/Dance With The Guitar Man/Besome Mucho/
Nivram/Theme From Something Really Important/Jet Harris Chats Thanks to The Rapiers/
Diamonds. Private Collection Label
Shadowmania 2007: Seaside Shadows (CD) Saturday 22-09-2007
Blue Hawaii/Geef Mij Je Angst/Quartermasters Store/Seaside Shadows Conquest Of Paradise/Sukiyaki/Only A Fool. 
Private Collection Label
Shadowmania 2008: Bruce Welch's Shadows (CD) Saturday 20-09-2008
Riders In The Sky/The Rise And Fall Of Flingel Bunt/Time Is Tight/High Noon/
Sleepwalk/That's The Way It Goes/Fandango/Theme From Shane/Gonzales/
Cosy/Lucky Lips/The Frightened City/Foot Tapper/Some Are Lonely/Apache/A Sigh (Un Sospero)/
Blue Star-Peace Pipe/Peggy Sue Got Married/Equinoxe/Perfidia/Theme From A Summer Place/
Telstar/So Sad/Putting In A Style/Don't Cry For Me Argentina/Wonderful Land/Thanks The Band/
FBI. Private Collection Label
Shadowmania 2010: Jet Harris & The Shadowers (CD) Saturday 18-09-2010
Cosy/My Resistance Is Low/Mustang/Theme From Giant/Sound Of Silence/
Ghost Riders In The Sky/Theme From Missing/36-24-36 (Jet Harris)/Kon-Tiki
(Jet Harris)/Gonzalez (Jet Harris)/Scarlett O'Hara (Jet Harris)/Besome Mucho (Jet Harris)/
Nivram (Jet Harris)/Sleepwalk (Jet Harris)/Theme For Something Relly Important (Jet Harris)/
Here I Stand (Jet Harris)/The Tall Texan (Jet Harris)/Song For Tony (Jet Harris)/Diamond
(Jet Harris)/Riders In The Sky/Equinoxe/Mountain Of The Moon.  Private Collection Label
Shadowmania 2010: The Runaways - Warren Bennett & Friends (CD) Saturday 18-09-2010
The Runaways Temptation/Black Is Black/Jessica/Cavatina/Shindig/South Of The Border/Saturday Night At The Duckpond/Midnight/Do You Wanna Dance/Goldfinger/
Rodrigo's Guitar Concerto D Aranjuez/Stranger On The Shore/Another Brick In The Wall.
Warren Bennett & Friends That's All Right Mama/Find Me A Golden Street/Twenty Flight Rock/
Jack's Good/Bad Boy/Matchbox/Pipeline/Cause We've Ended As Lovers/Start It Up/Peace Pipe/
Tough Enough/Benno San/All Night Boogie/Big Boy. Private Collection Label
Shadowmania 2010: Bruce Welch's Shadows (CD) Saturday 18-09-2010
Outdigo/Flingel Bunt/Moonlight Shadows/Theme For Young Lovers/Dance On/
Atlantis/Guitar Tango/Geronimo/Albatros/Time Is Tight/You Were Always On My
Mind/Lucky Lips/Shadoogie/Blue Sky, Blue Sea, Blue Me/One Day I'll Fly Away/Wichita Lineman/
Don't Make My Baby Blue/Summer Holiday/Apache/Dialogue/The Savage/You'll Never Walk Alone/Wonderful Land/FBI.  Private Collection Label
Shadowsmania 2011: The Foot Tappers (CD) Saturday 17-09-2011
Quartermast Stores/The Boys/Jungle Jam/Stingray/Theme From Shane/The War Lord/Big Boy/
Fender Bender/Shazam/I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Arthur/The Frightened City/
Saturday Night At The Duckpond/Dakota/Blue Shadows/Round & Round/Spring Is Nearly Here/
Geronimo/Guitar Tango/The OL' House. Private Collection Label
Shadowsmania 2011: The Runaways (CD) Saturday 17-09-2011
Moonlight Shadow/Black Is Black/Going Home/Sleepwalk/Shindig/Goldfinger/
Another Brick In The Wall/Crazy/Don't Cry For Me Argentina/Hit And Miss/Temptation 80/
Parisienne Walkways. 
Private Collection Label
Shadowsmania 2011: Bruce Welch's Shadows (CD) Saturday 17-09-2011
Outdigo/Chattanoga Choo Choo/Man Of Mystery/The Breeze And I/Stardust/
Mozart Forte/Dance On/That's The Way It Goes/Granada/National Provincial
Samba/The Rise And Fall Of Flingel Bunt/Devoted To You/Ghost Riders In The Sky/One Day I'll Fly Away/Perfidia/Mona Lisa/Foot Tapper/Apache/The Best Is Yet To Come/The Savage/Softly/
Wonderful Land/FBI and Ending.  Private Collection Label
Shadowsmania 2011: Jet Harris Tribute/The Rapiers/Warren Bennett & Friends (CD) Saturday 17-09-2011
Jet Harris Tribute The Man With The Golden Arm/Besame Mucho/Them For Something Really Important/36-24-36/Nivram/Scarlett O'Hara/Applejack/
Diamonds. The Rapiers Shadoogie/The Stranger/Baby My Heart/Be Bop A Lula/Saturday Dance/I Want You To Want Me/Jet Black/Rhythm And Greens/See You In My Drums.
Warren Bennett & Friends
 That's All Right Mama/Theme For Young Lovers/Twenty Flight Rock/
Peace Pipe/Green Onion/Grange Hill/Good Rocking Tonight/Gonzales/High Heel Sneekers/
Tales Of Raggy Timeline  Private Collection Label
Shadowsmania 2012: Bruce Welch's Shadows (CD) Saturday 15-09-2012
Outdigo/Shadoogie/Theme For Young Lovers/Going Home/Chariots Of Fire/
I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Arthur/Peggy Sue Got Married/Mona Lisa/
Apache/Granada/So SadCavatina/Theme From The Magnificent Seven/Theme From A Summer Place/Let Me Be The One/Believe In Me/Wonderful Land/Riders In The Sky/Scarlett O'Hara/
I Could Easily Fall (In Love With You)/Atlantis/Telstar/You'll Never Walk Alone/Foot Tapper/FBI.
 Private Collection Label
Shadowsmania 2012: Legend/The Foot Tappers (CD) Saturday 15-09-2012
Legend Main Theme/It's A Man World/The Miracle/Quando/In The Mood/
The Warlord/Bossa Roo/Tennessee Waltz/The Lost City/Blue Sky. Blue Sea,
Blue Me/Zambesi/Friends/Maroc 7/In My Life/The Flyder And The Spy/Naughty Nippon Nights.
The Foot Tappers Shindig/36-24-36/Shazam/Round And Round/Genie With The Light Brown Lamp/Flingel Bunt/Peace Pipe/A Tall A Tall Dark Stranger/Lonnie Donegan Medley/Gee Whiz It's You/Some People/The Frightened City-Kon Tiki/Don't Cry For Me Argentina/Little B. 
Private Collection Label
Shadowsmania 2012: The Reflection/The Shadowers With Brian Locking (CD) Saturday 15-09-2012
The Reflection  Chattanooga Choo Choo/Man Of Mystery/Brazil/Sleepwalk/
Gonzales/The Boys/Tonight/The Dark Man/Gypsy Woman/Johnny Ringo/
Temptation/Saturday Night At The Duckpond/Quartermaster Stores-Red River Rock.
The Shadowers With Brian Locking  Mountains Of The Moon/The Savage/Some Are Lonely/
My Resistance Is Low/Find Me A Golden Street/Theme From Giant/Equinoxe (Part V)/Midnight Cowboy/Geronimo/Dance On/Spring Is Nearly Here/Guitar Tango/Wonderful World/Nivram/
Blue Shadows/Theme From Missing/Dakota. Private Collection Label
© Copyright: 2000 - Ulla Sorensen