Alan Hawkshaw (CD) KPM 1027/1076/1077/1122/1123/1124
The Millionaries/Girl In A Sportscar/First Affair/Calendar Girl/Ginger Bread/Centrepoint/
Scooter Girl/Hastle/Action Replay/U.S.A. Groove/Powerboat/Rally Car 1/Rally Car 2/Thrills & Spills/Hells Angels/Troubleshooter 1/Troubleshooter 2/Traffic/Move With The Times/Rat Race/
Undergroove/Man Of The World/Freeway/Here Comes The Blues/Road & Rail/Soul Organ Blues/
Pop Sports/Sand Yachting/The Champ (Live At Jazz Cafe)/Landscape (Live At Jazz Cafe)/
Girl In A Sportscar (Live At Jazz Cafe)/Beat Boutique (Live At Jazz Cafe)/Theme From Dave Allen At Large (Live At Jazz Cafe)/Senior Thump (Live At Jazz Cafe)/Senior Thump. 
Private Collection Label
  Compose by: Alan Hawkshaw
Arp Odyssey- Beat Incidental-The Big Beat (CD) 
Complex/Complex Rhythm (Underscore Version)/Rock Fugue/Percussion Power/Things To Come/Transcendental Meditation/Bass Moog/Bumpy Ride/Joy Ride/First Encounter/Star Ride/
Separate Ways/Lost Summer/Pageant/Pageant (Echoed Version)/Moog Bullet 1-25/
The Action Scene/The Brisk Scene/The Passing Scene/The Passing Scene 2/The Feminine Scene/
The Busy Scene/The Tense Scene/The Suspense Scene/The Expectant Scene/The Waiting Scene/
Scene Link 1/Scene Link 2-9 (Link Sting)/Studio 69/Rocky Mountain Runabout/Beat Me 'til I'm Blue/Roving Reporter/Senior Thump/Tap Footer/Delivery Date/A Touch Of Nonsense/Man Of The Move/Debsviile  
Bonus Tracks:  Happy Homecoming/Towards Tomorrow/Challenger/The Night Rider/Holiday Commercial. 
Private Collection Label
Compose by: Alan Hawkshaw
Beat Industrial - Music For A Young Generation - Vaudeville (CD) 
Autopulse/Production Line/Freight Line/Mobilisation/Electromotion/Day Shift/Drive In/Mini Tour/
Story Board/Purity/Soft Image A/Soft Image B/Pollution March Of The Iron Moster/Move Move Move/Go Go Go/Speed Speed Speed/Overdrive/Fading Away/One Step Ahead/Coast To Coast/
Take To The Sky/Statosphere/The Morning Sun/Movin' On/Where Are We Going/Where Are We Going (Link)/Lazy Evening Blues/Strummin' That Old Banjo/Strummin' That Old Banjo (Faster). 
Private Collection Label
  Compose by: Alan Hawkshaw - Alan Parker
Contemporary Contrasts - Progressive Pop - The Vinyl Remixes (CD) 
Motivation/Weekend/Echoplex/Time Barrier/Wizz Kid/Expanding Horizon/Hot Shot/Cystal Cascade/Cystal Cascade (Link)/Sweet Dreams/Rainy Sunday/Rainy Sunday (Link 1)/Rainy Sunday (Link 2)/Rainy Sunday (Link 3)/Cool Cruiser/Beauty Spot/Beauty Spot (Link 1)/
Beauty Spot (Link 2)/Blue Haze/Sporting Speed 1/Sporting Speed 2 (Alternative Version)/
Maximum Thrust 1/Maximum Thrust 2 (Alternative Version)/Do I Look Good In This/
Do I Look Good In This (Instrumental)/Bunking Off/Slinky Afro. 
Bonus Tracks  Hot Pants/Lazy Evening Blues. Private Collection Label
Compose by: Alan Hawkshaw - Alan Parker - Mike Moran
Synthesis & Hot Wax (CD) 
Collision Course/The Executive/Hovercraft/Big Black Cadillac/Deadline/Hit Me, Hit Me/Forum/
Where The Action Is/Getting It Together/Helter Skelter/Alto Glide/Mermaid/Capitol City/Wallop/
Full Throttle/Dossier/Big Haul/Name Of The Game/Bob On The Rocks/Corn Ball. 
Private Collection Label
  Compose by: Alan Hawkshaw- Brian Bennett
Synthesizer And Percussion (CD) 
Mon Amour/Oddball/Daytripper/Mile High Swinger (Vers. A)/Mile High Swinger (Vers. B)/
Auto-Pilot/Pacesetter/Home Run/Drving Force/Action Man/Funky Chicken/Jolly Roger/Dumbo/
Plain Song/Fanfair.  Private Collection Label

Compose by: Alan Hawkshaw- Brian Bennett
The Road Forward - Classical Synthesiser (CD) KPM 1192/1193
Current Affairs/Current Affairs (Alternative Version)/The Road Forward/Sky Train/Sky Train (Underscore Version)/Get Ready,Get Set-Fly/Man Of Means/Destination Venus/Merry Go Round/
Strangelands/Sheer Elegance/Cruising/Mystique Voyage/Strangeways/A Man Alone/Frenetic Fuge A/Frenetic Fuge B/Bow Windows/Toccata Synthesis/The Joy Of Jesus/Rhapsodie Gentille/Sonata In The Moonlight/Song Of Mary/Elise/Poetic Prelude/Largo Vivace.  Private Collection Label
Compose by: Alan Hawkshaw
Alan Hawkshaw At KPM 1973-1975...Plus (CD) 
Bluebird/Sunflower/Amour/Blue Note/Warm Hearts/Midnight Rhapsody/Happy Rainbow/
Here Comes The Blues/Man Of The World/Move With The Times/Traffic/Troubleshooter/
Undergroove/Brush Off/Playmate/Flapjack/Knock About/Sunshine Special/Exhilaration/
Happy Homecoming/Preview/Challenger/Towards Tomorrow/A Little Jazz In The Night/
Callin' The Tune/Errol's Choice/Lounging At Dave's/Beat Match Until I'm Blue/Sharp Shooter/
Rocky Runabout Remix/Turntablist In A Sportscar/Tap To The Rhythm. Private Collection Label
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