45 Years Of Shadows Music 1958-2003  (CD)
Disc. 1: The Rise And Fall of Flingel Bunt/The Saturday Western/Shindig/The Miracle/Summer love '59/
Thing Me Jig/Peace Pipe/Riders Of The Range/Let Me Be The One/Runaway/Wonderful Land/I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Arthur/Return To The Alamo/Now That You're Gone/Foot Tapper/Going Home/
Equinox V.
Disc. 2: Oh Boy/All Shook Up/Crying In The Rain/The Savage/Honourable Puff Puff/The Deerhunter/
Riders In The Sky/Apache/F.B.I. 
Access All Areas (CD)
Opening Chat/11 Years Old/Rock 'n' Roll Years/Disappointed Chat-Hank Marvin/Question FBI/My Mate Bruce!!/Shadoumania/Marriage Olivia/Roy's Question To Bruce/Apache/Anger Again/Closing CHAT With Tunes Of The Shadows . 
[Bruce Welch's] Shadows Live Shadowmania 2002 (CD)
Disc. 1: The Rise And Fall of Flingel Bunt/The Frightened City/Theme For Young Lovers/The Deerhunter/
Foot Tapper/Wonderful Land/Cricket Bat Boogie/That's The Way It Goes/Don't Make My Baby Blue/
Had To Be/Mozarte Forte/Let Me Be The One/Please Don't Tease/Summer Holiday.
Disc. 2: Another Night/Going Home/Parisienne Walkways/Equinox V/Lady Of The Morning/A Thousand Conversations/Believe In Me/The Savage/Riders In The Sky/Guitar Tango/Something/Apache/We Say Yeah/F.B.I..  
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