Marvin Welch & Farrar (CD) 
Throw Down A Line/You're Burning Bridges/Faithful/Silvery Rain/Lady Of The Morning/Brownie Kentucky/Marmaduke/Lonesome Mole/Mr. Sun/You're Burning Bridges (Top Of The Pops 1971)/
Faithful (Top Of The Pops 1971)/My Home Town (Top Of The Pops 1971)/Mr Sun (W/ Cliff Richard 1972)/Music Makes My Day (As Marvin & Farrar 1974)/Willie And Hand Jive (As Marvin & Farrar with Cliff Richard 1974). Private Collection Label
Me & My Shadows - Radio Luxembourg (CD)
Quatermassters Stores/Three Thirty Blues/Apache/Walk Don't Run/Man Of Mystery/Shazam/
Gonzales/Little B/Guitar Boogie/Shazam/Sleepwalk/Bo Diddley/Quatermassters Stores. 
Private Collection  Label Released 1995.   
Out Of The Shadows Vaults (CD)
Live Radio Luxembourg 1961: Shadoogie/The Savage/The Boys/Dance On. Live BBC Radio 1965: Lucky Lips/Watch What You Do With My Baby/Somebody Loses/Bombay Duck (Alternate Version 1967)/My Lady (Jet Harris 67')/You Don't Live Twice (Jet Harris 67')/Trying To Forget The One You Love(Alternate Version 1968)/Shadoogie (Re-Recording 1983)/Dancing In The Dark (7" Remix 1986)/Nivram (Live Australia 1987)/All By Myself(Live Australia 1987)/Big Bad Bass From Texas (Jet Harris 1988)/Hank Marvin Live 1995: Osegene/Redback/Sacha/Shadoogie . 
Rarest Vol. 2 (CD)
Local Hero/When The Going Gets Tough (Live TV 1991)/An American Trilogy/
Guitar Man/Peggy Sue/Riders Of The Range (Live 1986)/The Young Ones/F.B.I. (Live TV 1961)/Ranka Chank (Film Version)/The Drum Number (Film Version)/
Main Theme (Film Version)/The Lute Number (Film Version)/Rhythm And Greens (Film Version)/The Third Man (Live 1982)/Classical Gas/Dance On/Gracie/Let Me Be The One (Eurovision Song Contest)/Willem Duys TV Theme/Teardrops. 
Rarest Vol. 3 (CD)
F.B.I. (Live 1964)/The Savage (Film Version)/Surfazer (Cervaza)(Live 1961)/Driftin' (Live 1961)/Bobby Blues (Nivram)(Live 1961)/Shazam (Live 1961)/Apache (Live 1961)/Jigsaw (Live 1966)/Tennessee Waltz (Live 1966)/Bombay Duck (Live 1967)/Lara's Theme (Live 1967)/Snap, Crackle & How's Your Dad (Live 1967)/The Wild Roses (Live 1967)/Love, Truth And Emily Stone (Unreleased Demo)/Throw Down A Line (Unreleased Demo)/Take Special Care (Unreleased Demo)/Willem Duys TV Theme (Live 1977)
Rarest Vol. 4 (CD)
Live In Birmingham 1984: Shadoogie/Time Is Tight/Theme From The Dearhunter/Equinoxe Part V/Wonderful Land/Apache/Let Me Be The One/
FBI/Guitar Man (Jet Harris)/Chase Side Shoot Up (Brian Bennett)/Chicago/Cool Water/Never On Sunday/Bongo Blues/Les Girls/Round & Round/Foot Tapper/
London Kid (Hank Marvin & Jean-Michel Jarre) World Star Label Released 1993. 
Rarities And Live TV (CD) 
John Farrar: With Rain On My Mind/John And Mary. Marvin Band: Another Day In Paradis (Pebble Mill 1994)/Johnnny B Goode (Hank Marvin, Jimmy Tarbuck Show)/Heartbeat (Pebble Mill 1994)/
Jessica (Pebble Mill 1994)/Medley: Apache-Dance On-Guitar Tango/Travellin Light (With Cliff)/
Living Doll (With Cliff)The Shadows: Don't Cry For Me Argentina (UK Gold 1980)/Pulaski (At The Palladium)/Medley: Apache-FBI (At The Palladium)/Riders In The Sky (Live TV)/Mozart Forte (Live TV)/
Apache (Royal Variety Performance)/Willie And Hand Jive-We Don't Talk Anymore (With Cliff - Royal Variety Performance)/Apache (Duch TV)/Missing (Duch TV)/FBI (Crackerjack)/Jet Harris & Tony Meehan: Diamonds (With Chris Wayne & The Echoes Pol Winners Concert 1962)
Rockin 'Guitars (CD) 
Shazam/The Stranger/Shotgun/Theme From 'Shane'/Quatermaster's Stores/Jet Black/ FBI/Midnight/Mustang/Theme From 'Giant'/Man Of Mystery/Apache
Round And Round With The Shadows (CD) 
Valencia/Theme From "Shane"/Mustang/Sweet Dreams/Theme From "A Filleted Place"/Find Me A Golden Street/Nivram/ Granada/See You In My Drums/The Girls/Round And Round/Shotgun/Theme From "Giant"/Stand Up And Say That. 
Private Collection Label





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