At Dominion Threatre 1982 (CD)
Don't Cry For Me Argentina/Treat Me Nice/Nut Rocker/Roll Over Beethoven/Shindig/Time Is Tight/Life In The Jungle/Missing/The Rise & Fall Of Flingle Bunt/No Dancing/Oh Boy/Let It Be Me/Travellin Light/If You Want See Me/Charriots Of Fire/Riders In The Sky/FBI/Apache .  Private Collection Label   Released 1995. 
At Radio Luxembourg (CD) 
Me And My Shadows - Oċening Tune/Apache/Barney's Blues/Bongo Blues/Cerveza/Feelin Fine/Gonzales/Guitar Boogie/Liquorice/Little B/Man Of Mystery/Midnight/Me And My Shadows (Short Inter Link)/Quartemasters Stores/Quarter To Three/Shadoogie/Shazam/Shadows Blues Aka 12 Bar Blues/The Boys/The Savage/Walk Don't RUN/Me And My Shadows - Cliff's End Teme Sponsored By Ever Ready . 
Private Collection Label
At The Royal Albert Hall (CD)
Man Of Mystery/Kon-Tiki/Atlantis/Shadoogie/Three Times A Lady/Guitar Tango/Love DeLux/
Summer Hioliday/The Day I Met Marie/Foot Tapper/Apache/Sweet Little Sixteen-Johnny B Goode/
Walk Don't Run/Dance On/Nivram/The Rise And Fall Of Flingle Bunt/The Frightened City/
It Doesn't Matter Anymore/All I Have To Do Is Dream/All Shook Up/Honourable Puff Puff.  Private Collection Label  Released 1995. 
An Open Ended Interview With Hank & Bruce (CD)
Let Me Be The One/Stand Up Like A Man/Don't Throw It All Away/Teenage Love/Driftin/Bongo Blues/The Miracle/We'l Believe In Loving/Love Is Falling In Love Again/The Air That I Breath/
You've Got To Have Heart/Hello Mary Lou/The Girl From Ipanema/This House Run On Sunshine/
Like Stranger/More Than I Can Say/True Love Ways/Devoted To You/Make You Believe In Me . 
BBC Radio Two Special: The Story Of The Shadows Hosted by Cliff Richard (CD) 
One Hour Special Show Covering the groups history from the early days right. 
up to the present day.

Packet full of hits, and comments from group members: Hank Marvin, Bruce Welch, Brian Bennett, Jet Harris, Tony Meehan with additional comments by Cliff Richard.

This recording first transmitted in 1998.  Private Collection Label

Bruce And Hank In Italy (CD) 
Bruce's Shadows Story In 4 Minutes/Do You Wanna Dance (Pierre Paolo- Bruce Welch)/Rider In The Sky (Local Heroes With Bruce)/FBI (Local Heroes With Bruce)/Guitar Boogie (Reflections With Bruce)/Theme For Young Lovers (Reflections With Bruce)/Frightened City (Guitar Syndicate With Bruce)/The Deerhunter (Guitar Syndicate With Bruce)./Slaughter On The 10th Avenue (Guitar Syndicate)/Hank & Ben Marvin Intro Clinic Apache/Peggy Sue/Wonderful Land/Kon-Tiki/Rise And Fall Of Flingle Bunt/Cavatina/Guitar Tango/The Savage/Apache. 
For The Collector (CD) 
Summertime Blues/Liverpool Blues (The Vipers)/Teenage Love/Jean Dorothy (The Five Chesternuts)/
Driftin (The Drifters) Orig Live Stereo Version)/FBI (USA Edited Version)/Some Are Lonely (Alternative Version)/Some Are Lonely (Stereo Alternative Version)/Genie With The Light Brown Lamp (Alternative Version)/All Day (Alternative Version)/Running Out Of World (Alternative Version)/Would You Believe It (Hank Marvin)/Chicago/Cool Water. Private Collection Label
For Teenagers Only The Shadows (CD) 
Private Collection Label





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