40th Anniversary Concert Ipswich 1998 ( (CD)
Disc. 1: Shadoogie/Devil Woman/Atlantis/It Doesn't Matter Anymore/Peggy Sue/Wonderful Land/
Gonzales/Mystery Train/Do You Wanna Dance/ Cavatina/Oxygene/The Savage/Peace Pipe/The Young Ones/Foot Tapper .
Disc. 2: Nivram/Eleanor Rigby/That's All Right/Guitar Tango/Sacha/Argentina/Phantom Of The Opera/
Medley: Man Of Mystery/The Frightened City-Kon Tiki-424252-The Stranger-Dance On-Midnight/
The Rise & Fall Of Flingel Bunt/Sleepwalk/FBI/Apache . 
Brighton Dome 1997 (CD)
Disc. 1: Apache/The Young Ones/Wonderful Land (Hank Introduces The Band)/Oh Boy!/Raining In My Heart/
Foot Tapper/Hound Dog/Mystery Train/Travellin' Light/It Doesin't Matter Anymore/Flingel Bunt/Cavatina/
Disc. 2: That'll Be The Day/The Savage/Live And Let Die/Guitar Tango/Hand Jive/Everyday/Atlantis/
Peggy Sue/F.B.I/We Say Yeah/Argentina/Medley: Man Of Mystery-Sleepwalk-Kon Tiki-Apache/
Demo Hank Stratocaster. 
Dockland Arena 98 (CD) 
The Rise AAnd Fall Of Flingle Bunt/Kon Tiki/Cavatina (Deerhunter/Wonderful Land/The Savage/Apache. 
In Concert Birmingham 15 December 1995  (CD)
Disc. 1: Live And Let Die/Heartbeat/Atlantis/Devil Woman/Summer Holiday/Foot Tapper/Sacha/Lucille-Rip It Up-Blue Suede Shoes/Sleep Walk/Redback/Pipeline/The Savage/The Young Ones/Travellin' Light .
Disc. 2: Eleanor Rigby/Guitar Tango/Hound Dog/Mystery Train/Oxygene/Them From The Deerhunter/Shadoogie/The Rise And Fall Of Flingel Bunt/Apache/Move It With Cliff Richard . 
Live In The Hague - 19th April 2000 ( (CD)
Disc. 1: Shindig/Theme For Young Lovers/Live And Let Die/Dance On/Find Me A Golden Street/Sound Of Silence/A Hard Days Night/Argentina/Atlantis/It Doesn't Matter Anymore/Lucille-Rip It Up-Blue Suede Shoes/Qxygene/Pipeline/Mustang/Gonzales.
Disc. 2: The Good The Bad And The Ugly/Man Of Mystery/Foot Tapper/James Bond Theme/Goldfinger/At All, At All" Darker-Stranger-Guiness/Nivram/Jessica/Guitar Tango/Cavatino/Flingle Bunt/Riders In The Sky/Wonderful Land/We Say Yeah/Apache. 
Live On Tour Leisure Centre Breatwood 1995 ( (CD)
Disc. 1: The Red One/The Savage/The Young Ones/Traveling Light/Eleanor Rigby/Guitar Tango/Hound Dog/Move It/Mystery Train/Oxygene/The Deerhunter/Shdoogie/Flingle Bunt/Apache .
Disc. 2: Live And Let Die/Heartbeat/Atlantis/Devil Woman/Summer Holiday/Foot Tapper/Sacha/Living Doll/Lousile - Rip It Up - Blue Sudede Shoes/Sleepwalk/Redback/Wonderful Land/Wired For Sound . 
Music Live 1999 (CD)
Demo- Clinics-Playing

Intro: Hank Marvin/Rise & Fall Of Flingle Bunt/Kon'Tiki/Hank Demo's/Cavatino/Explain & Demo/
Guitar Tango/Demostration/Foot Tapper/Echo Talking/Wonderful Land/The Savage/Apache . 

Something Extra ( (CD)
Race With The Bass/The Secret Life Of Sqimby Nurox/Broken Hill/Bingle Sound/How Strange The Change/Conquest Of Space/The Rise And Fall Of Flingle Bunt/A Shadow In Time/Human Desert/Nivram (Live)/Kon'Tiki (Live)/Foot Tapper (Live)/Wonderful Land (Live)/The Savage (Live) . 
Sounds Like The Sixties (CD)
Interview/First Contract/Feeling Fine/Who Could Be Blue/Apache Talk/CHat/Kon Tiki/Old Time Hero/Wonderful Land - Talk About Guitar Tango/Interview About Making Movies/The Young Ones/Chat Again/Don't Make My Baby Blue/Shadows Split Up/Throw Down A Line/Sacha/Shoba Closing Chat. 
The Guitar Player Tour (CD)
Disc. 1:  The Good, The Bad And The Ugly/The Frightened City/Atlantis/Sacha/The Sound Of Silence/
The Savage/Introduction Of The Band/Petite Fleur/Sunny Afternoon/Benny's Toon/The James Bond Theme/
Live And Let Die/Theme From The Deer Hunter/Shadows Medley: Find Me A Golden Street-Mustang-Kon Tiki-Sleepwalk-The Stranger-Dance On-Shazam .
Disc. 2: Wired For Sound/Jessica/Man Of Mystery/Gonzales/Killing Me Softly/Midnight At The Oasis/
A Tall-a Tall Dark Stranger/It Dosn't Matter Anymore/Rock 'n' Roll Medley: Move It-Ready Teddy-Mystery Train/Don't Cry For Me Argentina/Foot Tapper/Wonderful Land/Encore: The Rise And Fall Of Flingle Bunt/
Apache. 16 Jun 2002. 
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