Sings (CD) 
San Francisco/The Letter/The Day I Met Marie/Last Train To Clarksville/A Better Man Than I/
500 Miles/One Way To Love/London's Not Too Far/Let It Be Me/Bombay Duck/Somewhere/
A Little Bitty Tear/Tomorrow`s Cancelled/In The Past. Private Collection
Surprises From Shadows (CD) 
Johm Peel Show Sound On Sunday 1974
Apache/Wonderful Land/Jungle Jam/Nivram/Dance On/Turn Around & Touch Me/The Rise & Fall Of Flingel Bunt/The Frightened City/Sweet Saturday Night/Rusk/Run Billy Run/Fender Bender/
Fouth Man/It'll Be Me Babe/The Shady Lady/Love De Luxe/Elevenis . 
The Best Of Radio Luxembourg 60-63 (CD)
Walk Don't Run/Three Thirty Blues/Bongo Blues/Guitar Boogie Shuffle/Gonzales/Quatermassters Stores/Apache/Barneys Blues/Cerveza/Man Of Mystery/Shazam/Shadoogie/Midnight/Little B/The Savage.  Private Collection  Label Released 1990.  
The Final Tour (CD)
Disc. 1: Intro: Apache/Riders In The Sky/The Frightened City/Theme For Young Lovers/Peace Pipe/The Savage/
Let Me Be The One/The Stranger - Kon-Tiki/Going Home/Dance On/Nivram/Lady Of The Morning/My Home Town/Guitar Tango/Geronimo/Sleepwalk/36-24-36/Shazam/Don't Cry For Me Arhentina/
Equinox (Part V).
Disc. 2: Mountains Of The Moon/Shadoogie/Gonzales/Don't Make My Baby Blue/The Rise And Fall Of Flingle Bunt/Atlantis/Shindig/Man Of Mystery/Foot Tapper/Please Don't Tease/In The Country/I Could Easily Fall/
The Day I Met Marie/Gee Whiz It's You/Summer Holiday/Bachelor Boy/Little 'B'/The Deer Hunter/Wonderful Land/F.B.I./Apache. 
The Final Concert In Southampton 1990 (CD) 
The Rise & Fall Of Flingel Bunt/The Stranger/Kon Tiki/The Frightened City/Atlantis/Don't Cry For Me Argentina/Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic/Crocketts Theme/Don't Make My Baby Blue/Devoted to you/Foot Tapper/Mountains Of The Moon/Shadoogie/Nivram/Dance On/Time Is Tight/Equinox/Make You Believe In Me/Wonderful Land/The Outriderr/Riders In The Sky/Apache/FBI.  Private Collection Label  Released 1996. 
The Krew Kats Collection (CD) 
Jack's Good/Peak Hour/Samovar/Trambone/The Bat/Jungle Drums/Hello Bluebird
(Unissued Track)/Bass Boogie (Unissued Track)/Licorice (Unissued Track)/Peak Hour
(BBC Radio 1961)/Trambone (BBC Radio 1961)/The Bat (BBC Radio 1961). 
Private Collection Label
The Last Concert Southmapton 1 Dec 1990 (CD)
The Rise And Fall/The Stanger-Kon Tiki/The Frigthned City/Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic (Intro Bruce)/Crocketts Theme/Don't Make My Baby Blue/Devoted To You/Mountains Of The Moon/Shadoogie/Nivram (Into Hank)/Time Is Tight/Equinoxe/The Day I Met Marie/Believe In Me/Bennett Theme/Rider In The Sky/Apache/FBI. 
The Shadows '67 (CD)
Tennessee Waltz/Jigsaw/Prelude In E Major/Cathy's Clown/Stardust/Semi Detached Surburban Mr James/Trains And Boats And Planes/Friday On My Mind/Winchester Cathedral/Maria Elena/
With A Hmm-Hmm On My Knee/Green Eyes. 
The Shadows Deluex (CD) 
Spring Is Nearly Here/Perfidia/Foot Tapper/Mary Anne/South Of The Border/Driftin'/Little B/
Blue Star/Apache/500 Miles/Brazil/Geronimo/Nivram/Shadoogie. 
Private Collection Label
The Shadows Live At The Heineken Music Hall Amsterdam (CD)
Disc. 1: Intro Apache-Riders In The Sky/The Frightened City/Theme For Young Lovers/Peace Pipe/The Savage/Let Me Be The One/The Stranger/Kon-Tiki/Going Home Local Heroes/Dance On/Nivram (Acoustic/Lady Of The Morning (Vocal)/My Home Twon (Vocal)/Guitar Tango/Geronimo/Sleepwalk/36-24-36/Shazam/Don't Cry For Me Argentina/Equinox .
Disc. 2: Mountains Of The Moon/Shadoogie/Gonzales/Don't Make My Baby Blue/The Rise And Fall Flingle Bunt/Atlantis/Shindig/Man Of Mystery/Foot Tapper/Please Don't Tease/In The Country/I Could Easily Fall/The Day I Met Marie/Gee Whizz Its You/Summer Holiday/Bachelor Boy/Cavatina/Wonderful Land- We Will Come Back Anyway/FBI/Apache . 
The Shadows Rarest No.1 (CD) 
Summertime Blues (The Vipers)/Livepool Blues (The Vipers)/Teenage Love (5 Chesternuts)/
Jean Dorothy (5 Chesternuts)/Perfidia (Shadows Alt Version)/FBI (Shadows USA Version)/
Geni With The Light Brown Lamp (Acoustic Version)/All Day (Alt. Version)/Little 'B' (Alt. Version)/
The Bat/Jacks Good/Peak Hour/36-24-36 (Studio Intro)/A Place In The Sun (Alt. Version)/
I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Arthur (Alt. Version)/Maroc 7 (Spoken Intro)/Dancin' In The Dark (Extended Mix)/Clearing Skies/Janine/Pegasus/Buenos Aires/The Trouble With Me Is You/Jointy Jump/Bubble Drum. World Star Label Released 1993. 
The Shadows Live In Bristol (CD) 
The Rise And Fall Of Flingel Bunt/The Stranger. Kon-Tiki/The Frightend City/Atlantis/Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic/Crockett's Theme/Don't Make My Baby Blue/Devoted To You/Mountains Of The Moon/Shadoogie/Nivram/Dance On/Time Is Tight/Make You Believe In Me/Wonderful Land/The Eve Of The War (Brian Bennett Drum Solo)/Rider In The Sky/Apache/FBI .
Released 1996. 
The Shadows Marvin Band Live On TV (CD) 
(Freddy Star Show 84) Riders On The Sky/Time Is Tight/(Paul Daniels Show 85) Shadoogie 83'/
(De O'Conner Show 83) Riders Of The Range/The Yong Ones (Des O'Conner and The Shadows)/
(Little & Large 84) Shadoogie 83'/Willie & The Hand Jive/(Terry Wogan Show 86) Moonlight Shadows/
(Hitlist '80 German TV) Equinoxe Part V/(Duch TV) Mozart Porte/(Yorshire TV 81) Memory/
(Debbie Mills 85-86') Pulaski/Dancing In The Dark/(BBC TV Shows 89') When The Going Get Touch/
(BBC Live) Thing Me Jig/(Shakin Stevens - Hank Marvin) Teardrops/(Live Concert Dire Straits) Local Hero/
(Des O'Conner Show) Wonderful Land/It Doesn't Matter Anymore (Des O'Conner With Hank Marvin)/
(BBC TV) Medley: Apache-Dance On/Heartbeath/(Charity Show 96') Guitar Tango/(BBC) Living Doll (Cliff and Hank Marvin) . Private Collection Label
The Shadows More Live Hits 1 (CD) 
3.30 Blues (Radio Luxembourg)/Quatermaster's Stores (Radio Luxembourg)/Bongo Blues/Hello Mary Lou/The Letter/Let It Be Me/Peter Gunn/All Shook Up/It's All Over/Always On My Mind/You Gotta Have Skin/Medley: Please Don't Tease. Summer Holiday.TheDay I Met Marie.Bachelor Boy, I Could Easily Fall. In The Country/The Savage/Peace Pipe/Three Times A Lady/Shinding/Don't Make My Baby Blue/Theme For Young Lovers/Walk Don't Run/Love Deluxe .
The Shadows Rarest 5 Radio Luxembourg (CD) 940401
Shadoogie/Apache/Barneys Blues/Gonzales/Guitar Boogie Shuffle/Bongo Blues/Little B/Man Of Mystery/Midnight/Quatermassters Stores/The Savage/Cerveza/Shazam/Three Thirty Blues/Walk Don't Run.  World Star Label Released 1994.  
The Shadows - Silver Album (CD)
Disc. 1: Theme From The Deer Hunter/Mozart Forte/Chi Mai/Classical Gas/Chariots Of Fire/Don't Cry
For Me Argentina/Memory/Just The Way You Are/Up Where We Belong/The Third Man/You Don't Have To Say You Love Me/Equinoxe Part V.
Disc. 2: Shadoogie/Queen Of Hearts/Walk Don't Run/Hats Off To Wally/Diamonds/Time Is Tight/
Albatross/One Day I'll Fly Away/Going Home/Africa/A Whiter Shade Of Pale/If You Leave Me Now/
Imagine-Woman.. Private Collection Label





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