[Warren Bennett] 10 Years Of Life - Mysteries & Enigmas (CD) 
Flying So High/Rained/Great Day Tomorrow/Lost/Eighteen/Burn/Forever Gone/Take My Dreams Away/Feeling Your Pain/Possibilty/New Information/Suspicious Vibes/Night Sky/Mysteries/
Enigmas/Strange Dreams/Heartbeat/Acceptance/Anticipation/Brief Respite/Closing Scene. 
Private Collection Label
[Cliff Hall] Shadows In Ivory (CD) HONEY 100
Made In United Kingdom Frightende City/Guitar Tango/Foot Tapper/Rider In The Sky/
Man Of Mystery/Kon-Tiki/Wonderful Land/Atlantis/Let Me Be The One/Argentina/Mozart Forte/
Colorado Songbird/Apache/The Deer Hunter.
Brian Bennett At KPM Vol. 1 (CD) KPMCD1
Our Valley/Sunset/Mrs. Morton/Hello You./Green Gilbert Street/Weeny Bopper/Do It Yourself/
Little Miss Britol/Sugar & Spice/Fresh Appeal/Shop Around/Grand Funk/Steel Band Reggae/
Prelude & Groove Part 1/Prelude & Groove Part 2/The Folks Of Scotland/Collision Course/
The Executive/Hovercraft/Big Black Cadillac/Deadline/Hit Me, Hit Me/Forum/Where The Actions Is/Getting It Together/Helter Skelter. Private Collection Label
Brian Bennett At KPM Vol. 2 (CD) KPMCD2
Alto Gilide/Mermaid/Dennis The Menace/Follow The Leader/Stepping Stones/Lost Child/New Horizons/Image/Children Of Devon/Music Bad 1-6/Metropolis Suite Part 1/Metropolis Suite Part 2/Hideout/Hideout Shock/Hideout Let Down/Flying Squad/Adventure Story/Adventure Story Link 1/Adventure Story Link 2/The Investigator/Speed Trap/Speed Trap Link/Scream/Take You Time/
Daytrip/Midnight Mellow/Ladybird/Speed And Efficiency/Ergon/In Motion/Class Tubes/
Morning/Traffic Patterns/Cogweb/Bourbon/Samba School.  Private Collection Label
Brian Bennett 1973-74 (CD) 
Prelude & Groove Part (1)/Prelude & Groove Part (2)/Grand Funk/Reggae Bounce*/Steel Band Reggae/Fresh Appeal/Shop Around/Our Vally/Sunset/Mrs. Morton/Hello You/Green Gilbert Street/Weeny Bopper/Do It Yourself/Sugar and Spice/The Folks of Scotland/Dennis The Menace/Follow The Leader/Stepping Stones/Lost Child/Children Of Devon/New Horizons/Music Bed 1/Music Bed 2/Music Bed 3/Music Bed 4/Music Bed 5/Music Bed 6/Image/Presentation 1/
Presentation (Link 1)/Presentation 2/Presentation (Link 2)/Presentation 3/Presentation 4/
Big Link/Full Link/Doc Link/Logo Link/Soap Link/Laughter Link/Time Link/Sleepy Link/Nursery Link/Baby Link/Dream Link/Love Link/Sad Link/Soft Link/Placid. Private Collection Label
Brian Bennett 1975-76 (CD) 
Speed And Efficiency/Ergon/In Motion/Glass Tubes/Morning/Traffic Patterns/Cogweb/Bourbon/
Samba School/Quantum/Unknowing Surveillance/Line Of Enquiry/The Heist/The Intruder*/
Daytrip/Ladybird/Midnight Mellow/Holy Mackerel!/Metropolish Suite Part (1)/Metropolish Suite Part (2)(Alternative Version)/Laurel And Who!/One Girl And Her Dog/Take It Steady/Rocking Horse/Keep Truckin'/Honey Days/Summer Reverie/Reflections On A Misty Morning/Aim High/
It's A Crazy World/Sportsday. Private Collection Label
Brian Bennett 1976-78 (CD) 
Falling In Love/Hideout/Hideout (Shock)/Hideout (Let Down)/Flying Squad/Aventure Story/
Aventure Story (Link 1)/Aventure Story (Link 2)/The Investigator/Speed Trap/Speed Trap (Link)/Scream/Sequence Of Events/Nuplex/ Boogie Juice/Sidetrack/Corridors Of Power/
String Boogie¤/Thrilling Spectacle/Good Going/Mediterranean Sun/Window Shopping/Tender Images/Restful Images/Lonely Images/Dreamy Images/Dissolving Images/Siamese Cat/
Our Special Guest Tonight/The Funk Lives On*/Top Of The Table#/We Come In Peace/
Fire Me Up#/Parker's Groove#. Private Collection Label
Chartbusters (CD) 
Stoned/Glittering Mud/Crock Rock/Rocking Horse/Who's Who/Rocking Rollers/All That Glitters/
Queen Wasp/Keep Truckin'/Honey Days/Slow Spirals/Frute And Nutbush/Bay City . 
Private Collection Label
[Brian Bennett] Rock Dreams (CD)
Rock Dreams (Introduction)/Rock & Roll Dreamer/Banja Booga/Rave On/Milwaukee Massacre/C'mon Everybody/Thunderbolt/Saturday Night Special/The Girls Back Home/
Wallop/Farewell To A Friend/Drum Odyssey/Rock Dreams (Final). 
[Brian Bennett] Misty Collage (CD)
Wave/Laura/Misty/(They Long To Be) Close To You/Madrid/Love For Sale/Who Can I Turn To?/
The Shadow Of Your Smile/What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life?/Blue Handkerchief. 
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