Hank, Bruce & Brian Interview 1983 (CD) 
Foot Tapper/Apache/Wonderful Land/Atlantis/F.B.I/Guitar Tango/Lady Of The Morning(Alternate)/
Dance On/John Friesen Talk With Hank,Bruce and Brian/All Day (LP Thunderbirds Stereo)/Nivram (Hank & Mark Knopfler)/The Miracle/In The Mood (Stereo)/Captain Haddock Is Missing/True Love Ways (Bruce Welch)/Redback (Hank Live 95)/London Kid (Hank & Jean Michel Jarre)/Fassnender
(Brian Bennett)/Diamonds (Jet Harris Alternate)Private Collection Label
Hallo, Shadows (CD) 
The Miracle/Main Theme/The Rise And Fall Of Flingle Bunt/The Drum Number/This Hammer/
Stingray/Alice In Sunderland/Guitar Boogie/Rhythm & Greens/Mary Anne/Genie With The Light Brown Lamp/ It's A Man's World/Little Princess/Chu-Chi. 
Private Collection Label
In Den Haag 1983 Vol. 1 (CD)
The Frightened City/Foot Tapper/Atlantis/Temptation/The Thrid Man/Runaway/Chi Mai/
Shadoogie/Wonderful Land/Riders Of The Ranch/Equinox Part 5/Don't Cry For Me Argentina/
Treat Me Nice/Nivram . 
In Den Haag 1983 Vol. 2 (CD)
Nut Rocker/Roll Over Beethoven/Shindig/Time Is Tight/Missing/The Rise And Fall Of Flingle Bunt/No Dancing/Oh Boy/Let It Be Me/If You Want See Me/Arty's Party/The Deerhunter/Apache/Charriots Of Fire/Riders In The Sky/FBI . 
In Trondheim (CD)
Shazam/Man Of Mystery/Kon Tiki/Marmaduke/Atlantis/Don't Throw It All Away/Shadoogie/Guitar Tango/Please Don't Tease/Summer Holiday/The Day I Met Marie/Bachelor Boy/I Could Easily Fall In Love With You/In The Country/Shindig/Apache/Foot Tapper/The Rise & Fall Of Flingel Bunt/Dance On/Nivram/Walk Don't Run/Don't Make My Baby Blue/Theme For Young Lovers/The Frightened City/Little B/Sleepwalk/Let Me Be The One/FBI. Private Collection Label 
Live & Kicking (CD)
From Radio: Jet Black/Bongo Blues/Dooby Dooby Wah/Three Thirty Blues/Barneys Blues/
Cerveza/Walk Don't Run/The Stranger/Gonzales/From Television: Brazil/Wonderful Land/Genie With The Light Brown Lamp/The Rise & Fall Of Flingel Bunt/Mary Ann/Live On Stage At The Glasgow Empire: Brazil/Foot Tapper/Apache/Don't Make My Baby Blue/Let It Be Me/The Rise & Fall Of Flingel Bunt/Stingray/Tonight.  Private Collection Label 
Live & Rare 2 (CD) RISKY 21
Tribute To The Legends/Wonderful Land (The Shadows)/We Don't Talk Anymore/Green Onions
(Brian & Warren Bennett)/Hey Mister/Honourable Puff Puff (The Shadows)/Whenever God Shines His Light/Party Megamix/The Boys (The Shadows)/Summer Holiday/Boogie Juice (Brian Bennett)/When Will I Be Loved/Maroc 7 (The Shadows)/Share A Dream/Canvas (Brian Bennett)/The Miracle/Johnny B Goode (Live With Jimmy Tarbuck). Risky Label
Live & Rare 3 (CD) RISKY 23
Boom Boom/Look In My Eyes Maria/Wonderful Land (Unissued Stereo Version)/Just Don't Say Goodbye/The Twelfth Of Never (Live With Michelle Wolf)/Stingray (The Shadows)(Extended Version)/
A Little Bitty Tear (The Shadows)/Throw Down A Line/Duane Stays Mainly On the Plane (Jet Harris)/
Devil Woman/All That Matters/Move It/Putting On The Style (The Shadows)/The Joy Of Living/
Hope Faith & You/True True Lovin/Solitary Man/Stood Up Broken Hearted Again/Rock & Roll Juvenile. Risky Label
Live & Rare 4 (CD) RISKY 26
Limited Slip (Hank, Warren & Brian Bennett)/That's Alright Mama/Suddenly/Love Deluxe
(The Shadows)/Misunderstood Man (Instrumental)/Remember/Don't Talk (Hank Marvin)/Atlantis
(The Shadows)/The Millennium Prayer/Genie With The Light Brown Lamp (The Shadows)/Peace In Our Time/Shadowmix (The Shadows)/Slow Rivers/On The Beach/Do You Want To Dance/
More To Life/Don't Make My Baby Blue (The Shadows)Risky Label
Live & Vintage (CD) RISKY 25
Move It (TV Show 1960)/Please Don't Tease/Living Doll/Nine Times Out Of Ten/I Love You
(TV Show 1960)/The Young Ones/Do You Wanna Dance/Bachelor Boy/Summer Holiday/Lucky Lips/
It's All In The Game/Don't Talk To Him/The Twelth Of Never/I Could Easily Fall In Love With You/
The Minute You're Gone (TV Show 1965)/Congratualtions/Visions/Power To All Our Friends/
Let Me Be The One (Cliff On Backing Vocals)/I Love You (Acoustic Version)/Do You Wanna Dance
(Royal Command Performance)/Bachelor Boy (Ed Sulivan Show 1963)/Congratulations (Eurovision 1968)/
Power To All Our Friends (Eurovision 1973)Risky Label
Live At Nothingham 1987 (CD)
The Rise & Fall Of Fingle Bunt/Atlantis/Time Is Tight/Rodrigo's Guitar Concerto/Foot Tapper/
Summer time Blues (Vocal)/La Bamba (Vocal)/Pulaski/The Frightened City/Walking In The Light/Shadoogie/Nivram/Nut Rocker/Wonderful Land/Equinoxe (Part V)/Everything I Own (Vocal)/Arty's Party.  Private Collection Label  Released 1996. 
Live At The Gaumont Theatre In Boumemouth (CD)
Chattanoogga Choo Choo/Dance On/Introduction To John Rostill/That's The Way It Goes/In The Mood/Theme For Young Lovers/Foot Tapper/Alittle Bitty Tear/Big B/FBI. 
Live At The Lakeside Club  1989 (CD)
Riders In The Sky-The Stranger-Kon-Tiki-Atlantis-Theme From The Deer Hunter-The Rise & Fall Of Flingle Bunt/True Love Ways/That'll Be The Day/Foot Tapper/Mountains Of The Moon/
He Ain't Heavy/Shadoogie/Wonderful Land/Don't Know Me/Dance On/Don't Cry For Me Argentina/Apache/Equinoxe/F.B.I.  Private Collection Label 
Released 1996. 
Live At The Liverpool Empire (CD)
Riders In The Sky/The Stranger-Kon-Tki/Atlantis/Theme From The Deer Hunter (Cavatina)/
The Rise And Fall Of Flingle Bunt/True Love Ways/Foot Tapper/Shadoogie/Time Is Tight/The Frightened City/Wonderful Land/Dance On/Gaptain Haddock Is Missing/Apache/FBI .  Escort Music Label Released 1993. 
Live In Australia 1964 (CD)
In The Mood/Dance On/Let It Be Be/Dear Old Mrs Bell/Lara's Theme/Don't Make My Baby Blue/
Nivram/Apache/Foot Tapper/San Francisco/A Little Bitty Tear/Putting On The Style/
Rise & Fall Of Fingle Bunt/Somewhere/F.B.I./Interview Australia.  Private Collection Label 

Released 1996. 
Live In Australia 1985 (CD)
Riders In The Sky/Man Of Mystery/Atlantis/Foot Tapper/Kon Tiki/Memory/The Day I Met Marie/
Shadoogie/The Deer Hunter/Let Me Be The One/Wonderful Land/Equinoxe/Chariots Of Fire/
Lucile/Rip It Up/Blue Suede Shoes/Sleep Walk/The Boys/How Do I Love Thee/Hammerhead/
Time Is Tight/Nivram/The Rise & Fall Of Flingel Bunt/Sacha/Dance On/Always On My Mind/
You Wont See Me/Honourable Puff Puff/Apache/Interview.  Private Collection Label 

Released 1996. 
Live BBC Studio 67'-68' (CD)
Brian Matthews Presenting: Interview: Bruce Welch-Jigsaw/Interview: Hank Marvin - Tennessee Waltz/Bombay Duck/Interview: Hank Marvin - Lara's Theme/Interview: Bruce Welch - Snap Crackle And How's You Dad/Wild Roses

Cliff Richard Presenting: Barney's Blues/The Savage/Shadoogie

Cliff Richard & The Shadows: Forty Days/Funny Feeling/Roseilea/Me And My Shaodws.The Shadows: Chigago/Cool Water/Cliff Richard & The Shadows: Guests On The Star Show: Bachelor Boy/Summer Holiday . 
Live In Birmingham City (CD) JDA 007
Made In Malaysia Apache/Don't Cry For Me Argentina/Riders In The Sky/Shadoogie/Time Is Tight/Cavatina/Equinox/Wonderful Land/The Young Ones (With Cliff Richard)/Move It/Apache (Reprise)/FBI. ASIRI Label 
Live In Bournemouth 1964 (CD) 
Chattanooga Choo Choo/Dance On/An Introduction To The New Bass Player John Rostill/That's The Way It Goes/In The Mood/Theme For Young Lovers/Foot Tapper/A Little Bitty Tear/Big B/FBI. Private Collection Label    
Live In Concert 1990 At USK (CD)
The Stranger/Kon Tiki/The Frightened City/Atlantis/Don't Cry For Me Argentina/Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic/Don't Make My Baby Blue/Devoted To You/Foot Tapper/Mountains Of The Moon/Equinoxe/The Day I Met Marie/Make You Believe In Me/Guitar Tango/Wonderful Land/Theme From The Deer Hunter/Riders In The Sky/Apache/FBI.  Private Collection Label  Released 1996. 
Live In Japan At Sankei Hall, Oct 1969 (CD) 
Shazam/Dance On/Nivram/Apache/Exodus/Foot Tapper/Little Bitty Tear (Vocals)/Putting On The Style (Vocals)/Slaughter on 10th Avenue/Don't Make My Baby Blue (Vocals)/The Rise And Fall Of Flingel Bunt/Somewhere/Little B/FBI.   
Live In London  1986 (CD)
Wonderful Land/Time Is Tight/Foot Tapper/Don't Cry For Me Argentina/I'm Nearly Famous/
Living Doll/Moonlight Shadow/Wonderful World/All My Sorrows/Honourable Puff-Puff/
Theme From The Deerhunter/Riders In The Sky/Apache/F.B.I.  Private Collection Label  Released 1996. 
Live In Paris 1962 (CD)
Shazam/Shadoogie/Stranger On The Shore/The Frightened City/Man Of Mystery/Nivram/
Do You Want To Dance (Vocal)/Kon-Tiki/Midnight/Apache.  Private Collection Label 
Released 1995. 
Live In Rotterdam: November 1980 Vol.1 (CD)
Man Of Mystery/Atlantis/Temptation/Albatross/Shadoogie/Let Me Be The One/Equinoxe (Part V)/
Theme From The Deer Hunter/Nivram/Wonderful Land/Foot Tapper/Johnny B Goode/Sleepwalk/
The Frightended City/The Rise And Fall Of Flingle Bunt/Change Of Address .  Private Collection Label   Released 1995. 
Live In Rotterdam: November 1980 Vol.2 (CD)
Cliff Hall Solo/Nut Rocker/Classical Gaz/Hello Mary Lou/Crying In The Rain/All Shook Up/
Don't Cry For Me Argentina/Mozart Forte/Apache/(Ghost) Riders In The Sky/FBI . 
Live In Rotterdam De Doelen Theatre - 2 April 1980 Vol. 1 (CD)
The Frightened City/Man Of Mystery/Kon-Tiki/Atlantis/Shadoogie/Parisienne Walkways/(Ghost) Riders In The Sky/Foot Tapper/Let Me Be The One/Don't Cry For Me Argentina/Wonderful Land/Johnny B Goode/Walk Don't Run/Dance On/
Nivram/The Rise And Fall Of Flingle Bunt/Rodriges Guitar Concerto. Private Collection Label   Released 1993. 
Live In Rotterdam De Doelen Theatre - 2 April 1980 Vol. 2 (CD)
It Doesn't Matter Anymore/Dream/All Shook Up/Honaurable Puff Puff/Theme From The Deer Hunter/Apache/Sleepwalk/Peace Pipe-Guitar Tango/Medley:
Lucille-Rip It Up-Blue Suede Shoes/(Ghost) Riders In The Sky/F.B.I. 
Private Collection Label   Released 1993. 
Live In Tokyo 1967 (CD)
Omoide No Nagisa/Kimi To Itsumademo/Londonderry Air/The Tokaido Line/Alentejo/Evening Glow/The Wild Roses/Gin-Iro No Michi/Naughty Nippon Nights/A Thing Of Beauty/Let Me Take You There/Holy Cow.   
Live On Tour 78 (Live In Den Haag) (CD)
Kon Tiki/Marmaduke/Atlantis/Don't Throw It All Away/Shadoogie/Guitar Tango/Shindig/Apache/
Foot Tapper/Flingel Bunt/Dance On/Nivram/Walk Don't Run/Theme For Young Lovers.
"Another Side Of Des O'Connor" With Hank Marvin Can't Help Myself/Silver Lady/Almost Like A Song/Feel The Warm/Goodtime Charlie/Massachusetts Turnpike/Chicago/Sam. 
Private Collection Label   Released 1995. 
Live On TV In Japan 1967 (CD)
Apache/Interview/Dance on/Nivram/Spring Is Nearly Nere/Foot Tapper/Bombay Duck/
Don't Make My Baby Blue/Somewhere/Little B/The Rise & Fall Of Flingel Bunt/Apache/
In The Mood.  Private Collection Label 
Live Vocals Of The 80's (CD)
More Than I Can Say/Don't Talk/Roll Over Beethoven/You Wont See Me/Travellin Light/Always On My Mind/I'm Nearly Famous/What A Wonderful World/All My Sorrows/Living Doll/Summertime Blues & La Bamba/Everything I Own/True Love Ways/That'll Be The Day/If You Don't Know Me Now/If You Don't Know Me By Now/You Can Believe In Me/Green Door/Sweet Little Sixteen/
So Sad/Death Of A Clown.  Un known Label 





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