Bruton Music
1970's Drama And Crime (CD) BRJ 47 CD
Made In United Kingdom Drama Montage*/Crime Fighter [1-2]/
Gunrunner/Indianapolis 2/Hit Man/Motordown/Pentagon 2/In Danger*/
Prowler*/Man On The Move [1-2]/Man On The Run/Pounding Chase/
Surveillance*/Face Of Danger/Face Of Great Danger/Hooligan/
To The Death/The Speed Of Sound#/Deadline Destination/Tearaway.
plus 0:60 and 0:30 secs commercial cuts of the above tracks
Bruton Label
Compose by: *Brian Bennett/#Alan Hawkshaw
Airscapes (CD) BRN 24
Made In United Kingdom Mountains In The Sky [1-2]/Sky Vision [1-2]/Soaring/Clear Sky/Impactin/Vision (7,2 Index Point/7,3 Index Point)/Airline [1-2-3]/Big Wide World [1-2-3]/Lovers Doncerto [1-2]/
Broadcast [1-2-3]/Majo Montage [1-2]/Peoples Choice [1-2]/
Wings Of Eagles [1-2-3]/Industry & Commerce/Charisma [1-2-3]/
United Nations [1-2]/Commercial Cut Of The Above 0,59 And 0,29 Sec) Bruton Music Label 
  Compose by: Brian Bennett
Alan Hawkshaw & Brian Bennett At Bruton Music (CD) 
Saturn Rings/Sky (take 1)/Voyager Fuel Injection/Beach Journey/Mini Micro/Soft Throttle/
The Speed Of Sound/Crystal vision/Glistening/Hawkwind And Fire/Countdown/The Prowler*/
Discovery*/Disco Fever*/Fantastic Journey*/Insistance*/The Swan (take 2)*/The Sea*/
Make Our Escape*/Megapower*/Hip Joint*/Don't stop!*#/Digital Dreams¤. 
Private Collection Label

Compose by: Alan Hawkshaw/Brian Bennett*/Cliff Hall#/Ray Russell & Warren Bennett¤
Bullets (CD) BRH 32
Made In United Kingdom Miami Trax/Time Zone/Soundwaves/
Kiss And Tell/Skymaster/Hearts Desire/Summer Sounds/Automatic Moves/Party Girl/All Chill Out (*)/Club Nouveau/Beat Mania/Holyland/
Heaven Sent(*). plus 0:60 and 0:30 secs commercial
cuts of the above tracks Bruton Label
Compose by: Warren Bennett,* Warren B/Dave Barton
Conquering America (CD) BRN 20
Made In United Kingdom Corporate Raiders/White Knight/Conquering America/News Profile/Echo Of Glory/Nations Cup/High Over Houston/
Smart Money/World Match/Royal Standard/Power Network/Calgary/
Big Country/The Quest 1/The Quest 2/The Quest 3.
[Commercial Cut Of The Above 1.00 And 0.30] Bruton Label
  Compose by: Alan Hawkshaw
Communication Link (CD) BRL 34 CD
Made In United Kingdom Bright Outlook/Another Day/The Way Ahead/Production Line/Robot Dreams/Fluidty/Ghost In The Machine/
Breaking/Headline/Hidden Depths/Community/Project Alpha/Futurekind/
As The Sun Sets.Bruton Label
Compose by: Warren Bennett
Drama/Crime 2 BRCD 16
Made In United Kingdom Mr Big/Drama Montage/Spiv/Knuckleduster/
Thrash/In Danger/Surveillance/Getting close/Maniac/Heavy Traffic/
Getaway/Fast & Furious/Flying Fists/Routine Check/Thug. 
Bruton Label 
Compose by: Brian Bennett
Dream The Future (CD) BRI 29
Made In United Kingdom Coming Of Age/Urban Nights/The Serpents Kiss/Life Style/Crazy Colours/Dream The Future/Wave Of Confidence/
Time Keeps Moving/Starcraft/Modules/Metallica/Catch A Whisper/
Ricochet/Perfect Beat/Wind Down.
plus 0:59 and 0:29 secs commercial cuts of the above tracks  
Bruton Label
Compose by: Warren Bennett
Earth Atmospheres BRI 36
Made In United Kingdom Sky tech [1-2]/New science [1-2]/
Microcosm [1-2]/Good Earth [1-2]/Futurescape [1-2]/
A New Age [1-2]/Cloud Chaser/Evoloution/Earth Atmospheres/
Journey To The 29 and 59 second commercial cuts 
Bruton Label

Compose by: Warren Bennett
Fanfares/Links/Bridges/Stings 1.2.3 (CD) BRCD 5/14/15
Really Moving*/Xenon Lights*/In The Groove*/Master Mix*/Electro Nights/Mix It Up*/Tight Fit*/
Megapower/Conquest Of Space+/Fighter Plane+/Evening News/Big Wide World 1/Big Wide World 2/Airline*/Sky Tech*/New Science*/Microcosm*/Good Earth*/Futurscape*/A New Age*/Evening News/Evening News Link/Advision 1 - ¤/Vision On 1 - 18/Pre-Vision 1 - 18 /Pop Vox /Bulletin Link 1 - 7/Broadcast/Pausing/Watching/Foiled/Foiled Again 1/Foiled Again 2/Drama Montage 1/
Drama Montage 2/Startle 1/Startle 2.  Private Collection Label

Compose by: + Hawkshaw-Marvin/* Warren Bennett/¤ Brian Bennett-Jay T. Virgo
Fanfares, Idents, Logos 4 (CD) BRA 01
Made In United Kingdom Opening Shots/World Events/Local Business [1-2]/Stately News/
News Reviewer/Surprise [1-2]/News Crisis/New Identity [1-3]/Talks [1-4]/News Chat [1 - 2]/
Daytime Report [1-2]/Today [1-2]/Now [1-2]/Hello World/Info Line [1-2]/Fashion Fanfare/
Hi Chic/Glamour News/New Man [1-2]/Weekly Sports News/The New Olympics/Sports Item/
Wondergirl [1-2]/Endless Summer/Around Town/New Power/Wake Up [1-2]/Bright Life [1-2]/
To Get Gold [1-5]/Smiling Suns [1-2]/Back On Track [1-4]/Olympic Heights [1-2]/Fortune [1-2]/Bright Ideas [1-3]/
Caring & Sharing [1-2]/Expo [1-2]/Attraction [1-2]/Photographica [1-2]/Corporate Games [1-2]/Live TV Shows/
Keep In Shape [1-2]/Designer [1-3]/Style & Look [1-3]/Olympic City [1-3]/Competitor [1-2]/The Main Rival [1-3]/
Summer Fun [1-2]/Mannequins/Animaltronics [1-4]/Trouble Shooters [1-3]/Fashion Tips [1-5]/Kooky [1-3]/Rebels [1-3]/Shining Dawn [1-3]/Power Dressing [1-3]/Boys On Film [1-2]/Saturday Shopping/Magnetic Core/
Gravitation [1-2]/Entrance [1-2]/Bubbling/Approach [1-2]/Exposurer [1-2]/Above & Beyond [1-2]/The Eternal Sea/
Reaching For The Moon/Eagles Fly/Spirit Of The Earth [1-2]/Enigmatic Beauty [1-2]/Spin The Wheel [1-4]/Explore Worldwide [1-2]/Photofusion [1-2]/Plans & Dreams [1-3]/Gossamer Wings/Happy Kiddies/Alligator [1-3]/Green Dolphin [1-5]/Waffles [1-3]/Fun With Jessie [1-3]/Silly Man [1-6]/Red Balloon [1-10]/Cartoon Feature [1-6]/
Topper [1-4]/Budgie/Murder At The Vicarage/Melodramatic/Inspector/Private Eye/Criminal/Investigates/
Undercover Work/Drama Suspense/Demons Of The Street/Blackmailer/Act Of Murder/Smoke Screen/
Born To Be Bad/Intent To Kill/Covert/Foreign Intrigue/Fear In The Night/FX-Sting [1-15]. Bruton Label
Compose by: Warren Bennett
Fashion/Glamour BRH 50
Made In United Kingdom Glaourize/Pop stars (1 & 2)/Retail Rebels/
Look Out World/Power Dressing/High Heels/Fashion Victim/Dance In Time/Shopaholics/Technovisuals/Kitsch Yet Funky/Photomontage/
Diy Couture/Customise/Retro Man/Bounce/Emporium. plus 29 & 59 commercial cuts of these tracks Bruton Label  
Compose by: Warren Bennett
Feel The Groove MHS - 54
Made In United Kingdom Hitching A Ride [1-2]/Sundown Talk [1-2]/
Hanging Out 1/City Beat 1/Time Drifts By [1-2]/Together Times [1-2]/
Carefree Days 1/Going Downtown 1/Take Your Time 1/Why Hurry 1/
The City Never Sleeps 1/Winners [1-2]/Life Is For Living [1-2]/
Free Time 1/Country Morning 1/Colour Me Cool 1/Truckers 1. ud af 49. 
Bruton Label
 Compose by: Mo Foster
Filmic Drama (CD) BRJ 36
Made In United Kingdom Saga Of Revenge/On The Edge/Promises To Keep [1.2]/Dark Impulse/Bitter Rivalry/Lost Spirit/Deadly Score/The Deadly Charmer/Hidden Secrets/Frozen Hearts/Land Of Illusions/Love Unknown/In Distant Hills/Bates Motel/Country Of Strangers/Treading On Shadows. [Commercial Cut Of The Above 1.00 and 0.30 Sec.]
Bruton Label
 Compose by: Alan Hawkshaw
Human Desert (CD) BRJ 31
Made In United Kingdom Atomic City [1-2-3]/Magnetic Dance [1-2]/
Meltdown/Electro Eyes/Video Active [1-2-3]/Epitaph [1-2][Z]/
Search & Destroy [1-2-3] [*]/Human Desert [*#.] 
[Commercial Cut Of The Above 0.59 And 0.29 Sec] Bruton Label
Compose by: Lee Ryda/Zoe De Sousa/*Alan Hawkshaw/#Hank Marvin
In Search Of Excellance BRL 19
Made In United Kingdom Energy Consumption*/Proving Ground*/
Soft Focus*/Telegraphics*/Talking Science*#/Datation*/Vision Plus*/
Elements At Work*/Planned Production/Timetable/Systematization/
High Performance/Technomedia/Digital Dreams/Software.
[Commercial Cut Of The Above 1.00 and 0.30 Sec.] Bruton Label  
Compose by: Warren Bennett/*Ray Russell/#Mo Foster
Industrial Forum BRL 22
Made In United Kingdom  Automotive Industry/Industrial Communications/Wild System/Image Wizzard/Style Injection/Television Graphics/Technical Awakening/Digital Network/Industry Designer/
Paramedics [1-2]/Retail Marketing/Interfactor...
plus 29 & 59 second commercial cuts Bruton Label  
Compose by: Warren Bennett
Industry Today BRL 27 CD
Made In United Kingdom Industry Now/City [1-2]/News Analysis
[1-2]/Industry Today/Reportage/Broadcaster/Corporate World/
Energised/Opportunity/Technology/Industrial Powerbase/The Main Story [1-2]/Media World/Global Challenge/New Ventures.
plus 0:59 & 0:29 secs commercial cuts of the above tracks except tracks 3, 5 and 14. Bruton Label
 Compose by: Warren Bennett
Impact (CD) BRN 22
Made In United Kingdom Impact [1-3]/Oil Rig [1-3]/Dark Beauty
[1-4]/Dark Dream [1-4]/Super Tanker [1-2]/Communications/
Enlightenment [1-2]/New Challenges [1-2]/New Age Girl [1-2]/
Air Of Expectancy [1-2]/Sheer Elegance/High Impact [1-2]/Interaction [1-3]/Big Beat [1-2]/Aerial Fanfare [1-2]/Best Endeavours/Videoscape. Bruton Label
 Compose by: Alan Hawkshaw
Jingles BRB25
Made In United Kingdom All Action/Drift Away/Power Base/In Fashion/Forbidden Fruits/Starry Eyes/Great Choice 1/Great Choice 2/
Counting Down/Toy Cars/Purity/Au Natural/Angelic Voices/Cherub/
Evergreen/Jazzy Jez/Cannonball Jazz/Jazz Swing/Coltranes Song/
Jazz Cellar/Bo's Blues/Really Cool/Harmonic Blues/Holiday Time/
Schools Out/Child Play/Rolling Along/A Better Time/Summer Smile/
Quo/Chocolate Chip/Fun Run.
(plus 0:39,0:20 & 0:15 sec commercial cuts of these tracks except track 8) Bruton Label
Leisure/TV/Themes BRG 45
Made In United Kingdom  Take Up The Challenge/Flying Away [1.2]/
Summer Locations*/Home Coming/Happy Snaps*/Angies Place/Body Clock/Midnight/Sensation[1.2]/Entertaiment USA/Long Winding Road*/
Our Dream*/Brothers/Love Hurts.
[Commercial Cut Of The Above 1.00 and 0.30 Sec.]  Bruton Label

Compose by: Warren Bennett/*Plus Dick Plant
Momentum & Motivation BRK 12
Made In United Kingdom Fashion Factory/The New Champions
[1-2]/Power Contact/Sound Machine/Danceeteria/Pit Stop/
Run The River/Catwalk [1-2]/Image Galaxy/Rhythm King/
Playing Power/ 29 and 59 commercial cuts.
Bruton Music Label
 Compose by: Warren Bennett
Nature Watch (CD) BRD 37
Made In United Kingdom The Cornfield/Early Spring/Earthborn/
The Swan [1-2]/The Sea/Sun Sparkle/Surf/The Long Journey/
Electric Rainbow/Daydream/Girl Alone. (Comercial Cut Of The Above 0,9 Sec)/(Commercial Cut Of The Above 0,29 Sec).
Bruton Music Label
 Compose by: Brian Bennett
New World News (CD) BRN 35
Made In United Kingdom News Network*/World Report*/Headline News/Late Edition/The Pentagon/Hidden Camera/Secret Investigation/
Urban Gossip/History And Hope*/At The Scene*/Playing The Game/
Newsmakers/Uplink/Critical Debate/Inside Potitics*/Axis Of Power*/
Newsnight/Inside Story/Current Affairs. Bruton Music Label
  Compose by: *Warren Bennett
Olympiad (CD) BRN 31
Made In United Kingdom Victory Fanfare/Golden Achievement/
Fame And Glory/Grand Opening Fanfare [1.2]/Will To Win/Colossus/
Sweet Victory/Olympic News [1.2]/Titan Fanfare/United World [1.2].[Commercial Cut Of The Above 1.00 and 0.30 Sec.] Bruton Label
Compose by: Alan Hawkshaw
On Air BRH 41
Made In United Kingdom Fashion Glamour/City Sights/Cult Heros
[1-2]/Dream Model [1-2]/Hot Shot [1-2]/Waves/Cheers/Shadow World/Dance Energy/New Images/Into The Night/New Style [1-2]/
Todays Scene/Behind The Image. Plus 29 second commercial cuts 
Bruton Label
 Compose by: Warren Bennett
Orchestral Corporate BRN 29
Made In United Kingdom Celebration Time [1.2]/Gladiator/Open Market [1.2]/Anthem/Company Format [1.2]/Market Report [1.2]/
Formula For Success/The Lions Share/Premier League/Power Structure*/Heartland [1.2][Commercial Cut Of The Above 0.59 & 0.29 Sec] Gladiator [0.16/0.30/0.08]/Anthem [0.55/0.33]/Formula For Success [0.25]/News Item [0.16/0.17/0.20]/The Lions Share [0.07]/
Premier League [0.04]*. Bruton Label 
Compose by: Brian Bennett/*Plus Jonathan Bennett
Panache BRH 35
Made In United Kingdom Paramount/Principles/Panache/Protocol/
Paparazzi (1-2)/Progress. Plus 59 second & 29 second commercial cuts of these tracks Bruton Label
 Compose by: Warren Bennett
Setting Targets (CD) BRN 28
Made In United Kingdom International/Power Brokers/Setting Targets [1.2]/End in Sight/Face The Challenge/Business World/Final Achievement/Industrial Pageant/Grand Launch/Sporting Heroes/Royal Crest/Olympian Spirit/Granite [1.2]/March Of Progress/Turning Point/
Confidence.[Commercial Cut Of The Above 0.59 And 0.29 Sec]
Bruton Label
 Compose by: Alan Hawkshaw
Summerland (CD) BRG 42 CD
Made In United Kingdom Have A Great Day/Summerland/Street Dreams/Cruising Along/The Road Home/Ocean Drive/Sunset Glide/
Jump/Way To Go/Easy/Fotgotten Dreams/Sea Of Dreams/Getaway Now/
Dream On/Heading South/Early Days*.
[Commercial Cut Of The Above 1.00 & 0.30 Sec.] Bruton Label Compose by: Brian Bennett/*Jonathan Bennett
The Power And The Glory (CD) BRN 32
Made In United Kingdom Thunder Mountain/The Final Charge/
Hope Lives/Clear Horizon/Make It Count/Riding The Waves/Full Throttle/
Phantasm/The Time Is Now/As The World Turns/Fields Of Justice/
Thunder Mountain/The Final Charge/Hope Lives/Clear Horizon/
Make It Count/Riding The Waves/Full Throttle/As The World Turns/
Fields Of Justice. [Commercial Cut Of The Above 1.00 & 0.30 Sec.] 
Bruton Label
 Compose by: Alan Hawkshaw
The Natural World (CD)BRD 36
Made In United Kingdom Renaissance [1-2-3]/Solitarie/Butterfly Sanctuary/The Shephered/Our Village [1-2]/Homestead [1-2]/
A Time To Reflect/Lily Of The Walley/Migration/Moorland Mist [1-2]/
Drifting Shapes/Forgotton Garden/Season Of Sorrow/Predator/Running Free [1-2]/Running Scared/Twilight Zone/Strange Encounter/
Quiet Waters [1-2]/Passing Shapes/Changing Shapes/Appearing Shapes/Ascending Shapes/Evolving Shapes. Bruton Music Label
Compose by: Brian Bennett
Tranquility (CD) BRD 44
Made In United Kingdom Ripples In A Pond/Gentle Rain [1-2]/First Vision/Natures Child/Innocence/The Homecoming/Poetry [1-2]/
Return To Forever [1-2]/Poignant Memories [1-2]/Floating Eagles.
[Commercial Cut Of The Above 1.00 & 0.30 Sec.] Bruton Label
Compose by: Alan Hawkshaw
Tribute To The 60's 1 (CD)BRH 59
Made In United Kingdom  Surfing Crazy/Chelsea Chicks*/Pizzicato Popstar/Shooting Star/Saturday Night Jive/Going, Going, Gone/
Let It All Hang Out*/Tijuana Babe/Feelin' Good*/Wandering Souls/
Let's Jive/Sixties Attitude/True Romance/Vietnam Experiment#/
Psychedelic Haze/Heavy Duty Heroes#/Movin' Along/Smokin' Blues#/
Ballad Of The Sixties *.[Commercial Cut Of The Above 1.00 & 0.30 Sec.] Bruton Music Label
Compose by: Warren Bennett/*Chris Marshall/#Steve Byrd
Tribute To The 60's 2 (CD) BRH 60
Made In United Kingdom  Guitar Man/Nevada Night/Teenage Love/
The Beat Goes On/The Merseysound/Heartbreak/Don't Break My Heart/
Detroit Sound/Hit It/Californian Smile/Surfing Sounds/Play That Sax/
Swinging Sixies/West Coast '67/Flower Power/Hey Man/The Mod Era/
Blues Of The Rising Sun/Folk Rock/The Detectives/Mini Skirt/Hippy Dreams/Psychedelic Blues/Let's Rock.
[Comercial Cuts Of The Above 0,30 Sec]. Bruton Music Label
Compose by: Warren Bennett
Tribute To The 70's No. 1 (CD) BRH61
Made In United Kingdom Soulful Funk/Funky Summer Daze/
Wondergroove/Hawkwind And Fire/Superdude/Boogie Nights Of Love/
Light My Fire/Funky Beat/Soul Brothers/Seventies Pop/Partytime/
Give It All You Got/Fuel Injection/Reach Out/Disco Party/Come On Dance. Plus 0:60 and 0:30 secs commercial cuts of the above tracks. 
Bruton Music Label
Visions Of Success (CD) BRN 30
Made In United Kingdom  Visions Of Success [1-3]/Open Horizon
[1-4]/Take Up A Challenge [1-2]/New - Business Drive [1-4]/People Power [1-2]/Feeling Great [1-4]*/Wonderful World [1-4]/Power & Glory [1-5]/Strategy & Vision [1-2]/Cultural Metropolis [1-3]/
Confident Expression [1-3].[Commercial Cut Of The Above 1.00 & 0.30 Sec.] Bruton Label
Compose by: Warren Bennett/*Plus Mark Griffiths
Voyager (CD) BRI 38
Made In United Kingdom Heroic/Space March/Crusader/Terrestrial Fanfare/Land For Heroes/Frontiers Of Science/Glory [1-3]/To Visual Effect/Communication/Living World/Exploration/The Long Sunset [1-2]/
Heavenly/Space Odyssey/Wonderment/Probe/Sky/Saturn Rings.
Bruton Label  

Compose by: Alan Hawkshaw
Wallpaper (CD) BRD 43
Made In United Kingdom Track 29: "Good Morning Groove" by Brian Bennett/Cliff Hall/Track 34: "Montego Bay" by Brian Bennett Bruton Label released 1996
World News (CD) BRN 18
Made In United Kingdom Money Market/Special Envoy/A Study Of
The Arts/Sales Team/Industrial Landscape/Foreign News/Network News/
Pride In Our Heritage/Grand Hotel/Foreign Exchange/Silk And Steel/
The Week Ahead/Parliament & Politics/Protecting Your Future.
Plus 0:59 and 0:29 secs commercial cuts of the above tracks. 
Bruton Label
 Compose by: Warren Bennett
Classic Televison & Radio Themes/Jingles, Bumpers & Donuts/TV Times (CD) 
Headlines 1/Headlines 2/Communique 1/Communique 2/Scoop 1/Scoop 2/Telecast 1/
Telecast 2/Telecast 3/Boogie Man Boogie 1/Boogie Man Boogie 2/Boogie Man Boogie 3/
Boogie Man Boogie 4/High Seas 1/High Seas 2/Good Morining/This Christmas/Channel 9 Cricket/Rugby Special/Grange Hill/Dave Allen At Large/Angels/Rock Shop/Zap It To Me 1/
Zap It To Me 2/Bumper/Catchphrase/Document/Elation/Fizz/Gutsy/Herald/Viewpoint. 
Private Collection Label
Compose by: Alan Hawkshaw- Brian Bennett
Made In United Kingdom Funky Fanfare AKA Soul Train/Cuban Groove/Music to Drive By/Funky Express/Blockbuster/Dave Allen At Large/Grange Hill Theme AKA Chicken Man/Countdown Theme (Excerpt)/Channel 4 News At 7 Theme AKA Best Endevours (Excerpt)/
Beat Boutique/That's What Friends Are For/Loving You/Hit Me Hit Me/
Sports Medley (Big Match, Wimbledon, Grandstand)/Superstars/
Don't Have Sleepless Nights/Second Cut/Girl In A Sportscar/Senior Thump/The Champ/
21 Denmark Street/Everlasting Love. KPM Records
Power (CD) KPM 36
Made In United Kingdom Impact (a)/Impact (b)/Gold/Brute Force (a)/
Brute Force (b)/Brute Force (c)/Brute Force (d)/Giants of Industry (a)/
Giants of Industry (b)/Giants of Industry (c)/Giants of Industry (d)/
All Action (a)/All Action (b)/Light Waves (a)/Light Waves (b)/Light Waves (c)/Salute To The Future (a)/Salute To The Future (b)/
International News/Grand Occasion/Power (a)/Power (b)/Replay/
The Hard Facts (a)/The Hard Facts (b)/Consequences (a)/Consequences (b)/
Consequences (c). [Commercial Cut Of The Above 0.59 And 0.29 Sec] KPM Label  
Compose by: Alan Hawkshaw
The Seventies KPM 238
Made In United Kingdom  Grange Hill/Channel 9 Cricket (Australia)/
Angels/Scooter Girl/San Francisco Beat/Powerhouse Rock/Harlem Affair/
Girl In A Sportscar/Dizzy Fingers/Your Smile/Love Is AllThe Fuzz/
Hideout.KPM Label Release 1992  
Compose by: Alan Hawkshaw/Brian Bennett/Alan Parker
The Sixties (CD) KPM 194
Made In United Kingdom  Big Tom Cat/Break-Thru/Let's Dance/Discothik/Raver/Beautiful Girls/City To City/Duke Of Carnaby/Setting The Trends/Stick Around/Dream Machine/Everyday Sunshine/Make It With Me/Soft Winds/World Of Sport/This Is Your Life/Chase That Car/Fisticuffs/
Lonely Stranger/Danger Man/Secret Agent/Dave Allen At Large/Non Stop/Blue Peter/Captain Pugwash/Animal Magic/World In Action/Emergency Ward 10/Charlie Chester Show/
Terry And June/The Masked Avenger/The Big Match/Piccadilly Night Ride/Beat Boutique/Chat Show/
The Riviera Affair/Soul Organ Blues/The Loner/Convenience Shopping/Meet The Family/Miss World '66/
Soft Lights And Music/Penthouse Suite/Hit The Glitz/Talking Point. KPM Label  
Compose by: Alan Hawkshaw (Bold one only)
Music House Label
Atmospheres MH 5 
Made In United Kingdom Far From Madding Crowd/Picture Gallery £/
Gentle On My Mind $/Soft & Simple $/Gods Own Country/Free As The Wind £/Printemps/Wishing Well $/Pride & Joy/Land Of The Young/
Gentle Currents/Amy's Song/Ophelia*/Widerness Man/Chorale/
Saw The Planet/Ocean Floor#/Discovery/Devastation/
Celestial Cantabile/Modern Mythology/Ethnic Panorama/Bamboo Jive/Lotus Flower $/
Abyss/Lost Soul/Glorious Days/Baraque Guitar $/Sinfonietta. Music House Label
Compose by: *Brian Bennett/"Warren Bennett/#Alan Hawkshaw/£Cliff Hall/
$Mo Foster
Bad Guys - Good Guys: Entertainment 6 (CD) MHE-6
Made In United Kingdom  On The Level/Black Leather/Streetwise/
Build Up/Hells Angels/Frame Up/Trafficjam/Fast Bends/Heavy Muscle/
Mob-Busters/Trucker/Trucker - Submix/Onwards/Brass Dance/
Off Your Head/Funky Town/Country Casuals/Rhythm Machine/
Six O'Clock Spot/Got That Swing.Music House Label released (1988)
Compose by: Warren Bennett/Derrick Parris
Candid Camera/Daytime Live/IT - Information Technology/Live Action/Panorama/Television Today/
Window Of The World (CD) 
Manhattan Joyride/Chase That Banjo/Vintage Hollywood/The Painter/Off Beat/The Odd Couple/
The Stalker/Off To School/Decadance/Eurosport/Sports News/Surf Rider/Playback/Neck & Neck/
The Journey/Politics/Night Out/Film Preview/Sporty/Racing/Ice Hockey/Bowling Ally/
Watch This Space/Join In The Fun/Festive/Children's Graphics/You're A Winner/Silk Cut/
Charisma/Popcorn/Loony Tune/Take You Pick/Hight Spirits/Morning Forum/Let's Talk/Lunch Box/
Morning All/Fly Away/Happy Talk/A Question Of Art/Village People/Currently Classical/Rural Retreat/Garden Talk/
Round Table/Game Play/Flash Harry/Star Struck/Mad Moments/Rejoice/Viva Le Sport/Best In The Business/
Regional News/Welcome News/Breaking News/Political Forum/Financial Times/Fire Fire Fire/Troubled Lives/
Mountain Scenery/Greenpeace/Quiet Pastures/Arts Class. Private Collection Label

Compose by: Alan Hawkshaw/Warren And Brian Bennett
Charbusters: Entertainment 37 (CD) MHE-37
Made In United Kingdom Want You Back 1/Want You Back 2/Alright/
On The Beaten Track/Smart Dancing/Mad On Men/Dancing On Glass/
Sensation/Eurasure/Red Simple/Lover/Tears In The Rain/Break It Back/
Dire Trouble/Heart & Soul/Up Against It/Light Fantastic/Simply Cool/
Nevada (#)/Alright - Grooves/Eurasure - Grooves/Tears In The Rain - Grooves/Against All Odds - Grooves/Simply Cool - Grooves
plus 0:29 short versions of the above tracks 1. to 19. Music House Label
Compose by: Warren Bennett/#S.& D.Loveday
Thanks to James Smith Corporate/Industry  MH 4
Made In United Kingdom Final Achievement/Peace On Earth/Arena#/
Power Game#/Money Matters/Airscape/Cityscape#/Nerves Of Steel#/
Traditions/Headline/Forum/The News*/Emergency Service#/
Networking/Getting There/Fly The Flag#/Progress Report/High Peaks/
Building Tomorrow/Corporate Progress/New Blood/Tough Stuff/
Energy Flow/Classic/Design For Leisure/Digital Arts/Smooth Progress/
Video Business+/Conservation/Fast Breeder/Fax"/Automania/Fast Forward/Enterprise/
Speed/Successful Enterprise/Pathfinders. Music House Label
Compose by: *Brian Bennett/#Alan Hawkshaw/+Mo Foster/"Warren Bennett
Corporate Progress - Impressions - Piano By Night - Prime Time -
Sounds Orchestral - Surrealism - Rainbow Warrior
Naturalist/Purist/Romantic/Winner/Fatal Attraction/Tender Touch/Banner/Broadsheet/In The News/Make My Day/Dedication/Homeward Bound/Nature's Harvest/Sleepy Shores/Honeymoon Hotel/Summer Festival/Young And Foolish/Cyberchase/2050/Humanity/Incredible Dream/Mind Mirage/Vanities/Pegasus. Private Collection Label
Dance Energy MH 2
Made In United Kingdom Phantom At The Opera/Model One/Fever*/
Dr Treck/The Beat Goes On"/Vogue Dancing*/Feel The Force"/Bust*/
Starting Line/The Race/Risky Business/Go For It/On The Level"/
Hells Angels"/Winning/Pacemaker#/Victory/Cut To Music/Colorvideo/
Highlights#/The Runner/Winter Sports#/Athlete/Start The Day Right/
The Week Ahead#/Viewpoint#/World Of Sport/Blue Riband#/Cobra*. Music House Label
Compose by: *Brian Bennett/"Warren Bennett/#Alan Hawkshaw
Dance Works: Entertainment 35 (CD) MHE-35
Made In United Kingdom  6. Ah-Hah (*)(2:18)/7. Energiser (3:28)/
8. Drumbeats (*)(2:40)/9. Sparks (2:55)/10. Easy Loving (3:28)/
11. Stud (*)(3:28)/12. Kiss (*)(2:42). Music House Label
1993.  Compose by: Warren Bennett; * Warren B/Simon Smart
Dance Works - Film Scores - Director's Cut - Film Scores 2 - Adventure Sport (CD) 
Ah-Hah/Drumbeats/Easy Loving/Energiser/Kiss/Sparks/Stud/
Genesis Theme 1/Genesis Event/Genesis Capsule/Good Earth Of Ours Theme/
Civilization/Lifestyle/Patriot Theme/Patriot Underscore 1/Heartland/Pastoral Heritage/
Love Of A Lifetime/Uncertain Journeys/Looking Back/A New Beginning/Tide Of Memories/
When We Were Young/Heavy Action/Prepare To Race/Run Up/Trainer/Distant Haze/
Riding To Surf/Relaxing/Sky Diver/Wave/Heavy Rock/Weightlifter/On The Rodeo/Backing Track/
Surfing USA. Private Collection Label
Dangerous Games: Entertainment 25 (CD) MHE-25
Made In United Kingdom Feel The Force(WA)/Aerobics(WA)/Against Time
(WD)/Assault Course(DA)/Stay With It(WA)/Dangerous Bends(DA)/
Punchball(WA)/Rough Ride(DA)/Skateboard(WDA)/Slalom(WDA)/Top Gear(WA)/Making Ready(DA)/Get Ready(DA)/Dangerous Play(R#)/Midnight Runner(R#)/Risky Business(R#)/Flyer(R#)/Freedom(R#)/Windsurfer(*P)/
Hard & Fast(WM)/Go Kart(WM)/Speedrunner(WM)/Matchwinner(WM).
[Commercial Cut Of The Above Last Six 0.29]  Music House Label
Compose by: W Bennett/A Harry/D Parris/M Christer/R Emanuel/#D Taylor/*R Russell/P Van Hooke.
Digital Pictures - Megabye - Technicolour - Drumtrax (CD) 
Energy Barrier#/Hard Sell#/Action Packed#/Express Delivery#/In Motion#/Better Ways#/
Go Ahead#/Arena*/Celebration*/Guidelines*/Jazz Animation*/Power Game*/Bold Horizons/
Futurama/Video Business¤/Fast Graphics¤/Anything Goes¤/Up To The Minute¤/Two Lane Blacktop¤/Fashion Wise¤/Traffic¤/Built By Robots¤/Easy Rider¤/Smooth Running¤/Fast Fax¤/
Top Marks¤/Training¤/Glitterbox¤/Output¤/Invision¤/Market Research¤/Hard Hat¤/
Get It Together¤/Rhythm Stick¤/The Beat/Acid House/Pop Chart/Easy Ride/Positive Percussion/Outrider/Go Cart Go/Battle Of The Giants/Bust/Top Cat/Girls From Brazil/Free Fall/Band On The Run/Soho Runner/Rescue/Hot House/
Smooth Drive/Touch And Go/Running Bass/Kids Stuff/Drum Thief/Chase The Cymbal.  Private Collection Label

Compose by: Brian Bennett/Warren Bennett#/Alan Hawkshaw*/Mo Foster¤
Discovery (CD) MHA 25
Made In United Kingdom Back To Nature/Aromatherapy/Moon Stone/
Feel Good/Making Friends/Colour Therapy/Nebula/Visualise/Wind Chimes/Thai Chi/Meditation/Levitation/Dew Drops/Formations/
Belltones/Out Of The Blue/Eno/Sands Of Time/Health Care [1-2-3]/
Community Care [1-2-3]/Child Care/Gentle Care [1-2-3]/
Caring For You [1-2]/Friendly Care [1-2-3]. Music House Label
Drama (1995) MH 6
Made In United Kingdom Silent Threat/Nightmare/Deadly Nightshade/Deadly Pursuit/Cold Sweat/Mystery Man/Death World/17. Heavy Mob/18. Frantic/20. Sorcerer/24. On The Level (*)/25. Fast Bends (*)/29. Rescue.  Music House Label 
Compose by: * Warren Bennett/Derrick Parris
Drama 2: Thriller (CD) MHD-2
Made In United Kingdom Heavy Mob/Premonition/Nightmare/
Spine Chiller/Occult/The Fog/Wet Night/Schizo/Dark Shadows/Dark Fear/The Strangler/Foot Chase/Run For Cover/Deadly Nightshade
[1-2]/Plan Of Attack/Set Up/Sniper/Cobra [1-2]/Deadly Pursuit [1-2]/
Burning Rubber/Ultimate Terror/Heartbeat [1-2]/Drugged/Psychotic/
Who's There?/Worried/Shocker [1-2-3]/Low Chord/Shock [1-2]/
Resolve/Close Up/Close In/Chord/O.K./Dark Chord/Low Shock[1-2]. Music House Label
Drama 3: Villain (CD) MHD-3
Made In United Kingdom Silent Threat [1-2]/Silent Threat - Sting/
Danger In Waiting/Wait Until Dark/Fatal Trap/Cold Sweat [1-2]/
Cold Sweat - Submix/Girl In A Bookshop/Terror Struck/Dangerous/
Satanic Hills/Release/Slow Mystery/Dark Valley/City Sleeps/
Mystery Man/On The Run/Frantic [1-2]/Shock Panic Kill/Manic Chase/
Fast Chase/In The Shadows/Shadow/Ugly/Oh No!/Horror Monster/
Stabber/Light Suspense/Linking [1-2]/Nailbiter.Music House Label
Drama 4: Horror (CD) MHD-4
Made In United Kingdom The Plan/Tension Builder/Chiller [1-2]/
Cold Fear/Silent Tension/Dark Plague [1-2]/Death World [1-2]/
Satanic Rites [1-2-3]/Spooky/The Chill/Dark Angel/It's Coming/
The Fuse/Sorcerer/Cloak Of Darkness/The Contract/Plotting The Hit/
Hit & Run/Triads/Love Scene/Dissolve/Light Links [1-9]/Drama Link
[1-42]/Two Car Chase/The Driver. Music House Label
Electric Pictures (CD) MHI 24
Made In United Kingdom Electric Pictures [1-2]/Full Speed Ahead
[1-2-3]/Hi Spec [1-2]/Digital Design [1-2-3-4]/Silicon World [1-2]/
Probe [1-2]/Sound Solution [1-2]/Creative Pause [1-2]/Brand New
[1-2]/Mechanics [1-2]/Hit Factory [1-2]/Test Track [1-2]/Lightworks
[1-2]/Insight [1-2]/Travel In Style [1-2]/Interaction [1-2].
(Commercial Cut Of The Above 0,29 Sec). Music House Label
Made In United Kingdom Big Feature [1-4]/Great Adventure [1-3]/
Roof Of The World [1-4]/Epic [1-4]/Heroes Of Sport [1-3]/Open Spaces [1-3]/Inspirations [1-3]/United Forces [1-3]/Big Screen [1-3]/Dark Force [1-3]/Unity [1-4]/Eurostar [1-4]/Winning Team [1-3]/
Independence Day [1-4].Music House Label
Compose by: Alan Hawkshaw
Essential Rhythm: Entertainment 60 MHE 60
Made In United Kingdom 1.Hot Ticket (1)/2.Hot Ticket (2)/3.Cool Ticket/4.Cool Shaker/5. Funky Bassline/6. Happy People/7. Mesmerise/
8. Groove Fever/plus 29 second cuts of the above Music House Label
1998.  Compose by: Warren Bennett & Simon Smart
Hawk's Hammond Lounge (CD) MHE-76
Made In United Kingdom Here's the Hawk [1-3]/Lounge Lizard [1-4]/
Yeah Baby [1-4]/Dirty Harry [1-2]/Crazy Fingers [1-4]/Jukebox [1-5]/
On A Roll [1-5]/Austin Powders [1-4]/Set 'Em Up Joe [1-3]/Last Dance
[1-3]/Parisian Jazz [1-4]/Blues For Organ [1-3]/Huggy Bear [1-5]/
Mojo [1-4]/Blockbuster [1-5]/I'm The Champ [1-5]/Funky Junky [1-3]/
Quirky Turkey [1-3]/Jam Session [1-3]/Samba Queen [1-3]/Coast Road
[1-5]/Rollin' [1-4]/Live Show [1-4]/Inn On The Park [1-3]/High School Hop [1-3]/Smooth Seduction [1-3]/Riders In The Night [1-3].Music House Label  
Compose by: Alan Hawkshaw
High Drama (CD) MHD-06
Made In United Kingdom Battalions Of Space/Dark Surprises/
Dangerous Night/Gathering Forces/Anxiety/Lost Hope/Target Imminent/Regrets/Dangerous Moonlight/Lost Continent/Don't Look Back/Fearsome/Stranger Than Fiction/Horror Theme/Riviera/Sleazy/
Highway Patrol/Reminiscences/Love Of Life/Young Love/Dismay/
Hurting/Content/Expectancy/Conclusion/Threat/Night Run/Wealth/
Hotel/Teaser [1-2]/Rats/Thief/Bedtime/Depressed/Cocky/Smile/Sax Link [1-8].
Music House Label
Compose by: Alan Hawkshaw
Highlights (CD) MHE 8
Made In United Kingdom Highlights [1-2-3]/Go Go [1-2-3]/
Bold Is Beautiful [1-2-3]/Sportsworld [1-2-3-4]/Winter Sports
[1-2-3-4-5]/Fun Sports [1-2-3-4-5]/Major Event [1-2-3-4]/Track Winner [1-2-3]/Slo-Mo [1-2-3]/Mogul Run/Olympians [1-2]/Prelude/
Athlete/Sun Dance/Oracle [1-2]/Quicksilver [1-2]/Aggressor [1-2]/
Final Ascent [1-2]. Music House Label
Hit  (CD) MHE 9
Made In United Kingdom Chart Review/Pop News/Dirty Dancing/
The Beat Goes On [1-2]/Rub-A-Dub/Dry Ice/Going Good/Wired For Sound/Psychic [1-2]/Roadie/Sampled Sound/Fly Me/Talking Heads/
Shakatak/Health Kick/Sweet Shop Girls/Stretch/Craftwerk/Scratch Mix/Chart Review.(29 Second Version) Pop News/Dirty Dancing/
The Beat Goes On/Rub-A-Dub/Dry Ice/Good Going/Wired For Sound/
Roadie/Sampled Sound/Fly Me/Talking Heads/Shakatak/Health Kick/
Sweet Shop Girls/Psychic. Music House Label
Hi Band: Entertainment 1 (CD) MHE-1
Made In United Kingdom Funky Movies/Curtain Up/The Week Ahead [1-2-3]/Peacmaker [1-2]/Sports Report [1-2-3]/Round Up/Cutting Edge [1-2-3-4]/Speedway [1-2-3]/Roller Coaster/Ridding The Wave [1-2]/
In Review/Going For Gold/Sports Review/Flags Unfurled/Saturday Arena/Campaign/The Fastest Time Music House Label 
Compose by: Alan Whakshaw/R Russell/P Van Hook/Warren Bennett
I Can See The Light (CD) MHA 9
Made In United Kingdom Realisation/Speed Of Light/Confidence/
Purpose/High Destiny/Thunderbird/Research/Statiscope/Flowing Current [1-2]/Mysteries Of Nature [1-2]/Call Of The Sea/Back To The Future/Transparent/Aerospace/Airship/Tropical Waters/Deep Sea/
Magic Eye/Underwater World/Grand Scale [1-2]/Black Mass/Traffic Nightmare/Stacicity/Destruction/Nuclear Reactor. Music House Label
Impressions (CD) MHA 1
Made In United Kingdom Balloonist/Impressionist/Naturalist/
Feminist/Northern Lights [1-2]/Mirage. Music House Label
Jingles (CD) MHE-57
Made In United Kingdom Coffee Break/Tea Shop/Pets Corner/
Shopping Bag/Jamaica Rum/Have Fun/A Little Of What You Fancy
[1-2]/Stay Lucky/Andy's Cap/Cat & Mouse/Tippy Toes/Catch A Cold/
Charlie/Jolly Farmer/Cheeky Chappy/Buster/Slapstick Movie/
Trainspotter/Teddy/A Summers Day/The Great Outdoors/Returning Home/Tenderly/Early Spring/Soft Breezes/Dancing Flute/Rolling Fields/
Longing For Killarney/Yorkshire Dales/On The Farm/Village Fair/
Homecoming/Country Tale/Restful/Heavenly Voices/Dance Of The Ballerina/Butterflies In The Breeze/Counterpoint/Fairies [1-2]/Everybody Loves A Baby [1-2]/Little Kisses/
Looking Glass/Old Lace/Love Letters/Ensign/National Heritage/Main Event/Tribute/
News Pending/Get Ready ! [1-2]/Let's Go [1-2]/Feel The Force ! [1-2]/Have A Great Day [1-2]/Nobody Does It Better [1-2]/The Summer's Never Far Away [1-2]/You Can Feel It [1-2]/Sales Are On [1-2]/Detective/Look Behind You/Naughty/Dallas [1-2]/Worry/
Darkness [1-2]/Lady In Black/Open Arms/Sexy Lady/Strip Club/Glitzy/Pink As A Panther/
Lounge Music/Black Satin/Screen Romance/Sad Sax/Living Easy [1-2]/Legs [1-2]/Nice
[1-2]. Music House Label
Compose by: Alan Hawkshaw
Jukebox Anthology MHE 58
Made In United Kingdom all Titles by Warren Bennett except 48 with Mark Griffiths. a Series of 59 second music pop style tracks of the 50.s, 60., and 70's. Rock Around The Sax/
High School Bop/Holly Beat/Chuck's Chevy/The King/Blueberry Thrill/
The Twist/Be Bop Guys/Be Bop/Do Wop Girls/Do Wop/Drive In/
Echoes Of The Alamo/Pulp Guitar/Surf Shack/Cool Cadillac/Surf City/
Swingin London/Bongo Expresso/Soho Scene/Cappuccino/Teen Idol/
Shadow Walking/Pick Of The Pops/Guitar Party/Sax Party/Groove Party/Sputnik/
London Beat/Mersey Beat/Carnaby Street/Whoes Generation/Get Stones/Beatlemania/
Guitar Man/Leading The Pack/Soul Commitments/Soul Groove/Supreme Love/Blues Brothers/Blues Brothers Groove/Hippy Babe/Bright Fire/No Direction/Psychedelia/
Kaleidoscope/Wild Rider/Driftwood Blues/Lead Ballon/Glam Rock/Glam Rock Groove/
Glitter Rock/Get It Off/Rockin The World/Love Unlimited/Disco Hustle/Dance Fever/
Dance Fever Groove/Take Me To The Bridge/Funky Brass/Hydrogene/Punk Rock/Police Message/Synthwerk/Decadia/Fanfare For The People/Don't Talk/Rock FM/Blues Harp Blues/Stadium Rock. Music House Label released 1997
Light Industry (CD) MHI-25
Made In United Kingdom Classic Energy [1-2]/Tomorrow's Technology [1-2]*/Overnight [1-2]*/Progress [1-2]*/Consumer Goods [1-2]*/Fibre Optics [1-2]*/The Train [1-2]*/Laying Back [1-2]*/First Class [1-2]*/Space Messenger [1-2]/Time And Space [1-2]/Lightworks [1-2]/Factory Fresh [1-2]/E-mail [1-2]/Motion Plus [1-2]/Moving Parts [1-2]/Datanet [1-2]/Finished Product [1-2]/Democrat [1-2]/Liberal
[1-2]. Music House Label
Compose by: *Alan Hawkshaw
Modern Classics - Modern Jazz Quartet - No Mans Land - Bonus Tracks (CD) 
High Velocity/Humoreque/Paths Of Progress/Cocktails/Plaza Suite/Modern Jazz Quartet/
Smoochy/Shearing/Martini/Touch Of Class/Jazz Bach/Debutante/Jazz Waltz/Polo Lounge/
Happy Hour/Claridges/Soft Lights/Play Bach/Good Vibes/Amourous/Sentimental/Round Midnight/
Classical Vibes/Concord/Remote/Underground/Here's Love My State/You Kissed Me Once. 
Private Collection Label
Movie Images (CD) MHD-13
Made In United Kingdom Power To Deliver [1-9]/Armadas Of Steel
[1-5]/Legions In The Sky [1-4]/American Glory [1-3]/Flight To Danger [1-5]/The Feel-Good Factor [1-4]/Mighty Forces [1-8]/Man With No Name [1-3]/Media Baron [1-4]/Mission Accomplished [1-5]/Epilogue
[1-3]/The Ultimate Adventurer [1-5]/City Lives [1-5].
Music House Label  
Compose by: Alan Hawkshaw
Mystery & Imagination (CD) MHA-24
Made In United Kingdom Gods Of Stone/Past Mysteries/
Goddess Of Light/Prisms/Seabed Discoveries/Mermaid/Ocean Predator/
Awakening/Labyrinth/Famine/Stargate/Alpha Images/Catacomb/
Cavern/Procession/Dark Mission/Windjars/Tension/Amazon/Oceans/
Wonderful/Equinox/Coral Reef/Song Of Darkness/First Sight/Silence/
Strange Silence/High Places/Graveyard. Music House Label  
Compose by: Alan Hawkshaw
Off The Wall (CD) MHE 62
Made In United Kingdom Wall Of Sound/Off The Wall/Big Dipper/
Girl Sport/Bike Messenger/Shape Up/Life Guard/Virtual Journey/
Ready Steady Go/Slow Progress/Proud Moment/Warm Reprise/
Nickelodeon/Apollo/Track Record/Dj Scratch/Ticket To Ride/Cricket Crazy/Speedy Gonzales/Steam/Bodyline/Think Tank/El Nino/
Shamrock/Wall Of Sound.
(29 Second Version) Off The Wall/Big Dipper/Girl Sport/Bike Messinger/Shape Up/
Life Guard/Virtual Journey/Ready Steady Go/Slow Progress/Proud Moment/Warm Reprise/Nickelodeon/Apollo/Track Record/Dj Scratch/Ticket To Ride/Cricket Crazy/Speedy Gonzales/Steam/Bodyline/Think Tank/El Nino/Shamrock. Music House Label
Picturesque (CD) MHA 16
Made In United Kingdom Gentle On My Mind/Southern Comfort/Lazy Bones/American Folk/
Out In The Country/Green Hills/Soft & Simple/Dream Guitar/Town And Country/Back On The Road/Cactus/God's Own Country/Feelings/Winding Road/Dreaming/Love Hurts/Thoughts/
Ophelia/Sea Cruise/Josephine/Free As The Wind/Free As The Breeze/Bluebird/Dreamland/
Silverstream/Printemps/Home/Our Village/Loving Care/Wishing Well/Downland/Glow/
Rose Garden/Water-Colour/Running Water/Farming. Music House Label
Planet Earth MHA-14
Made In United Kingdom Evolution/Towering Peaks/Turbulent Forces/
Wings Of Eagles/Endangered Species/Natural Habitat/Save The Planet/
Nature's Energy/Concrete Jungle/City Skyline/Natural Anthem*/
Gathering Clouds*/Flying Low*/Locust Plague*/Killer Instinct*/
Ocean Floor*/Life On Earth*/Great Heights*/Utopia*/Plant Life*/Calm*/
Barren Lands*. Music House Label
Compose by: Mike Vickers/Alan Hawkshaw *
Pleasure MH 3 
Made In United Kingdom Penny Spring/Daytime Live/The Good Life/
Top Of The Morning#/Focus On/Club Med/TV Times*"/Like You Like Me/
Leaps And Bounds/Sweet Shop Girls"/Fresh Air/Preview/Game Show/
Just A Minute/Party Beach/Magic/Open Air/Barcelona/Mahogany Run/
Pretty As A Picture/Sunny Side Up$/Sunshine/Oracle/Here Comes Summer/Running Late/Chase The Sun/Vintage Hollywood#/Simple Simon/Paper Boy.Music House Select Label
Compose by: *Brian Bennett/"Warren Bennett/#Alan Hawkshaw/$ Mo Foster
Promos & Trailers 1 - 2: Entertainment 20/39 (CD) MHE-20/MHE-39
Allo Allo*/Bumper*/Document*/Fever*/Fun Sports/Go Go/Happy-Go-Lucky/Highlights/Major Event/Playback/Round Up/Sports News/Sports Report/Stadium/ Take To The Sun/The Beat Goes On¤/The Week Ahead/Top Of The Morning/Track Winner/TV Times/Viewpoint/Winter Sports/
Zap It To Me/Arena/Changes/Emergency Service/Pop Chart/Power Game/The Beat. Native*/Friendly Places/Happy Families/Pink Python#/Nashville Tennessee#/Sunny#/
Breakfast Time#/Touchdown Boogie¤/Bottleneck Blues#/Pick A Tune#/Cowboy Boots#/Old Timer#/Swing Thing#/
Daytripper#/Gone Fishing#/Vogue Dancing*/Right*/Bold Is Beautiful/Sportsworld/Superbowl*/Music Please*/
Busted*/Don't Stop*/Kickin'*/Outswinger*/Teatime*/Sunday*.  Private Collection Label

Compose by: Alan Hawkshaw/*Brian Bennett/¤Warren Bennett/#Mo Foster
Pop/Sport/Entertainment MH 7
Made In United Kingdom  Smart Dancing 2.36/Dancing On Glass 2.36/Heart And Soul 3.41/Stud 3.28/Wonderful World 3.15  
Music House Label
Compose by: All Warren Bennett tracks Plus Tea Time 0.29 (Brian Bennett)
Rainbow Warrior - Industry 14 (CD) MHI-14
Made In United Kingdom Conservation/Ecology/Clean Machine/Clean Living/
Greenways/Source Of Energy/Promised Land/Flagship/Element Of Tension/
Enterprise/Pegasus*/Media Business*/Fly The Flag*/Supermark/Showroom/
Business Class/Skyline*. Music House Records
Compose by: Geoff Bastow-Trevor Bastow/Alan Hawkshaw*
Serious Business (CD) MHI-17
Made In United Kingdom Alan Hawkshaw: Cityscape 1/Cityscape 2/
Cityscape 3/Panther 1/Panther 2/Panther 3/Panther 4/News Gathering 1/
News Gathering 2/Liberty 1/Liberty 2/Liberty 3/Liberty 4/Liberty 5/
World Series 1/World Series 2/World Series 3/News Network 1/
News Network 2/News Network 3/News Network 4/Energy Matters 1/
Energy Matters 2/Breakthrough 1/Breakthrough 2/Breakthrough 3/
Year End Report 1/Year End Report 2/Corporate Underscore/Expansion/Newsnight/Latest News 1/Latest News 2/
Hard News/B Bennett: City Desk/M Vickers: Tune In/P Lawrence: Update/Z Laurence/A Hayles: Serious View 1/Serious View 2/Serious View 3/Serious View 4/Z Laurence: Interview 1/Interview 2/News 1/News 2/News 3.
Soft Scenery/Video Friendly 1-2-3 Plus (CD) 
Precious Memories/Colorglow/Oakwood/Swan Lake/Five Star/Bikini Beach/Sunlight/Happy Families/Holiday Inn/Take To The Sun/Tender Care/Seasport/Friendly Places/Play For Today/
Old Dog/Happy-Go-Lucky/Quiztime/Master Quiz (*)/Golf(*)/Fashions(#)/Peaceful(#)/Beach Girls(*)/Trivial Pursuits(#)/Points Of View(*)/Scenic Drive/Antique Fair. 
Bonus Track:  Sunny Side Up. Private Collection Label

Compose by: Alan Hawkshaw- *Warren Bennett- #Warren B/Derrick Parris
Sounds Of The 60's & 70's - 1 & 2 (CD) 
Flashback/Dangerous Assignment/Club 69/Showtime Organ/Hot Pants/Chic Boutique/Organ Blower/Good Thing Going/Soul Organ Impromptu/Bluebird/First Affair/Calendar Girl/Friends & Neighbours/Bristol Bounce/Clear Waters/Happy Rainbow/Holiday Commercial/Move With The Times. Private Collection Label Compose by: Alan Hawkshaw- Alan Parker
Shorty 1 & 2 (CD) MHE-26/MHE-27
Tribune/Market Report/Money/Light News/Newsflash/Question Time/Parliament/Troublespot/
Natural/Native/Lead In/Diary/Tell Me/Tell Me More/Hobby/Movies/Newsport/Walk On/Pops/
Private Collection Label
Compose by: Brian Bennett
Spectacle: Entertainment 23  (CD) MHE-23
Made In United Kingdom Blue Riband *(2.19/0.29/0.59)/Great Race *(3.10)/Race Day *(1.58/0.29)/Smooth Sails (3.27/0.29/0.59)/Show Guide (2.34/0.29/0.59)/Goal Of The Day (3.16/0.29/0.59)/TV Tonight
(2.17/0.29/0.59)/Winning (2.36/0.29/0.59)/Freewheeler (2.49/0.29)/
High Jump (0.59/0.29)/Summer Fizz (2.09/0.29)/Burn Up (2.03/0.29)/
Play The Game #(2.36/0.29)/Catchy Captions (2.33)/Hollywood
Reporter *(3.16/0.29/0.59)/Simply The Best +(1.39/0.29)/Touchdown Boogie @(2.02/0.29).Music House Label 
Compose by: * Alan Hawkshaw; + with B. W. Bennett; # B. Bennett; @ W. Bennett & Mike Christer
Songs Of Peace (CD) MHA-19
Made In United Kingdom Springs & Waterfalls*/Dreamy#/Promises¤/
Pride & Joy"/Song Of Thanks"/Glider#/Surrealist#/Wavestation#/Skylark#/
Chorale€/Soft Space£/Slow Motion£/Wistful€/Sweet Dreams£/Song Of Love"/
Song Of Peace"/Floating"/Blue Sky£/Boating"/After Eight*/Magic Moment#/
Latin Lover"/Swingle Song"/Roundelay£. Music House Records
Compose by: Errol Reid*/Bradely -Stewart James#/Geoff -Trevor Bastow¤/
Steve Gray"/Alan Hawkshaw#/Liane Carroll€/Patrick Wilson£
Sunsport: Entertainment 30  (CD) MHE-30
Made In United Kingdom Sunburst 1/Scoreboard 1/Hip Hop/Join The Fun/Sombrero/Sports Trail 1/Ahead Of The Game 1/Silly Samba 1*/
Hardback Rider*/Sports Update*/Pray For Wind*/Motorcross*/Fairway/
Sportman/Top Team/Top Shot/Mo-Bike/Smooth Moves/High Roller/
Destruction Derby/Muscle Man/Time Trial/Tough Sweat/Wait For It/
Big Wave/Running For Gold/Sunburst 2/Scoreboard 2/Sports Trail 2/
Ahead Of The Game 2/Silly Samba 2* Music House Label
Compose by: * Warren Bennett
Summer Holidays (CD) MHE 52
Made In United Kingdom Route 99/Travel Card/Oobleedo/Dizzy/Flirt/
Jazz On A Summers Day/Summer Holidays/One For The Road/Choo Choo/Spring Lamb/Jeans/Runabout/Time Out/Holiday Bossa/Lucky Strike/Talk Back/Broadway/Blaster/Touch Of Your Hips/Carnival Samba/
Cafe Continental [1-2]/Just Good Friends/Femme D'amour [1-2]/
Keep Smiling/Good To Be Young/Walk In The Park/Joie De Vivre.
(29 Second Version) Route 99/Travel Card/Oobleedo/Dizzy/Flirt/Jazz On A Summers Day/Summer Holidays/One For The Road/Choo Choo/Spring Lamb/Jeans/Runabout/
Time Out/Holiday Bossa/Lucky Strike/Talk Back/Broadway/Blaster/Carnival Samba/
Cafe Continental [1-2]/Just Good Friends 1/Femme D'amour [-2]/Keep Smiling/
Good To Be Young/Walk In The Park/Joie De Vivre. Music House Label
The Living Orchestra (CD) MHE-49
Made In United Kingdom Big Night Out[1-3]/Opening Night [1-3]/Basie's Bounce [1-3]/
Show Biz/Athletics [1-4]/Sports Heroes [1-3]/Young Contenders [1-3]/On The Ball [1-5]/
Gladiators [1-4]/Fame At Last [1-4]/Grand Line Up [1-4]/Choices [1-4]/Skyway [1-4]/Main Title [1-4]/Statesmen [1-4]/President [1-4]/Congress [1-5]/European Heritage [1-4]/Zircon [1-4]/Salute To A Nation/International Anthem/Hands Across The Sea/Ins And Outs [1-7]. Music House Label
Compose by: Alan Hawkshaw
The Piano Vol. 1 (CD) MHS - 24
Made In United Kingdom  Cafe Rouge (2.02)(*)/First Light (4.09)/Picture Book (1.43)/
Pause For Thought (3.44)/True Love (2.03)(#)/Pianissiom (2.27)(@) Music House Label 

Compose by: *Brian Bennett/#Alan Hawkshaw/@Cliff Hall
The Piano - Vol 2 (CD) MHS-25
Made In United Kingdom Forgotten Dreams/Old Chelsea/Eloise/Sarah/Ballerina*/
Graceful*/Sleepy*/(30 sec) Forgotten Dreams/Ballerina*/Graceful*. A Hawkshaw/*C Hall
Trax: Entertainment 16 (CD)MHE-16
Made In United Kingdom Music Please/Busted/Vogue Dancing/
Don't Stop/Dark Streets/Kickin'/Waiting For Zero/Waiting For Zero
- No Vocals/Outswinger/Fever/Fever - No Vocals/Crisp/Hammer/Sailing/
Right/Allo Allo/Marina*/Bowled Out*/Wheels*/Crash Hat*/Steel Pulse¤. [Commercial Cut Of The Above 0.29 Sec] except "Sailing" 
Music House Label released 1990
Compose by: Brian Bennett; * Russell Emanuel-Dolphin Taylor/¤Derrick Parris-Aaron Harry
Window Of The World - Atmosphere MHA-10
Made In United Kingdom Greenpeace/Quiet Pastures/Arts Class. 
Music House Label 

Compose by: Brian Bennett/Alan Hawkshaw

World Sport: Entertainment 43 (CD) MHE-43 
Made In United Kingdom
 1:Wonderful World (3.15)/18: Global Life (3.25)/20: Echoes Of A Nation (3.25)/21: World Dance (2.25) Plus 29 second cuts of same. Music House Label 

Compose by: Warren Bennett

Noise Pump Label
The Big Screen (CD) NPM-A3
Made In United Kingdom Giants Of The Screen/Devoted Life/The Precious Soil/Starlet/
Windmills & Waterfalls/The End Of The Rainbow/Men Of Courage/Worlds At War/Starfighter/
The Winners/Force Of One/The Mission. Noise Pump Records
Compose by: Alan Hawkshaw
The World Around Us (CD) NPM A-2
Made In United Kingdom In The Beginning/Time Capsule/Blue Planet/Mysteries Of The Past/
Mysteries Of The past 2/Land Of The Unknown/Deep Waters/Tall Ships/Celtic Shore/The Search For Paradise/Natures Glory/Natures Ballet/Polar Regions/Came The Rains/Flight To Safety 1/
Flight To Safety 2/Flight For Survival/Geodyssey/Dawn Song/Misty Morning/Seasons Of The Year/
Ever Changing World/Raging Planet/Top Of The World/Distant Galaxies/Celestial Voyager/
Elliptical Orbit/Forests & Frozen Wastes/Mighty Forces/Turbulent Mass/Amazing Places. 
Noise Pump Records
Compose by: Brian Bennett
Magpie (CD) RPM 260
Made In United Kingdom Magpie/Whole Lotta Love/Belfast Boy/
Hot Pants/The Good Word/TC Theme I/Another Love/Man Of Action/
Whatever Happened To You/Chopper/Loots The Root/Thank You Baby/
Waiter/Laughing Sam/The Family Theme/The First Theme/Tarot/
Rumplestiltskin/Spirit In The Sky/Neville Thumbcatch. RPM Records
Reliable Source Music
Classic & Modern Funk (CD) RSM 042
Made In United Kingdom Fat Dog/First Time Connection/Fade To Black/
Rush Hour/Director's Cut/Body Works/Jump Cut/Ambush/Yellow Cab/
Quicksilver/Pin-Point/Black Dog/Listen Up/Hard Eight. RSM Records

Compose by: Warren Bennett
Channel Hopping (CD) RSM 055
Made In United Kingdom Jay Walking/Cheesy Vegas/Snake In A Basket/Whistling Vibes/Starsky And Who/Left Bank Cool/The Art Of Seduction/Toot Sweet/Soft Shoe Shuffle/Bottles And Cans/Shed Building/Cartoon Detective/Cuban Dance Crisis/Animal Magic.
Plus Groove Mixes 59 secs/59 secs with FX/29 secs. Without FX. RSM Records
Corporate Choice (CD) RSM 065
Multi-Tasking/Paradigms/Strategies/Conncectivity/First Achievement/Awakening/
Melodic Dreaming/Guitar Fantasy/Crowning Point/New Direction/Rejuvin8/On The Money/
Pendulum*/World Wide Watch*/Business Class*/For The Record*.
Compose by: *Warren Bennett
Modern Corporate (CD) RSM 024
Designer Dialogue/Lucky Strike/Research & Development/Image Design/Power Hungry/Subliminal/Summersault/
City Price/Eurostar/Executive Freeway/Corporate Power/Fast Track/New Product. RSM Label 
Compose by: Warren Bennett) 
Dance (CD) RSM 046
Made In United Kingdom Forever And Ever/Bar On The Beach/
Breathe In The Sunshine/Tirbemen/Temple Of Doom/Fat Dog/Higher*/
Nothing But The Best*/Call Me*/Ricochet/All I Need/Ray Gun/Silk Trade/Up Close. Plus 29 second and 59 second cuts of the tracks.  
RSM Records Compose by: *Warren Bennett
Emotional Evocative (CD) RSM 013
Made In United Kingdom Still Waters/Breezin/Starscape/First Light/
Country Life/Still Life/Astralagy/Aerial Ballet/Heartplay/Heartbeat.
plus 60 second and 30 second cuts of the tracks RSM Label 

Compose by: Brian & Warren Bennett
Film & TV Style- A-Likes Vol.2 (CD) RSM 045
Made In United Kingdom Friday Night Fever/The Ring Lord/The Boy Wizard/Dam Breakers/50's B Movie/The Spectacular/The Purple Panther/Chariots Of Water/In To Africa/Phantastical/Dancing In The Rain/Devil Damien/Beautiful America*/Dances At The Frontier*/
Climatic Paradise*/The Windmill Affair*/Redemption*/The Fifth Man*/
Stardoor/Fluffy Vampire/25/The Captive/Thunder Wings/Bonza Cowboy/
Wonky Towers/The Low Chaparral/Midnight Zone/Masterminded/The Wiltons/Who Wants To Be Loaded/Blues On The Hill*/Seine Language*/The Blue Line*/An Inspector Calls*/
Strange Town*/Princes Of Thieves*. Plus 60 second and 30 second cuts of the tracks. 
RSM Label  Compose by: *Warren Bennett
I Love The Eighties (CD) RSM 076
Made In United Kingdom Video World/Miami Straits/Drum Tribe/
Young Romantics/Techno Vinyl/Dance Synth/Cloning/Bad Boy/
Pop Culture/Funk Master/Madchester/Clean Cut/Student Days/
Pop Queen/Kinda Cool/Moonwalking/The Hit Factory/Pure Pop/
Rock The World/EZ Rockin'. RSM Records
Prime Time Volume Two (CD) RSM 007
Made In United Kingdom Majestic Sail* (1-5)/Raggle Taggle Gypsy (6-9)/Murder Most Foul (10-12)/Satellites (13)/Midnight Escape*(14-18)/Sierra Rides* (19-21)/St. Patrick's Theme
(22-24)/Time After Time (25-27)/Enduring Love*(28-29)/Rendezvous (30)/Child's Play (31-32)/
The Road Show* (33-34)/Sporting Life (35-38)/Team Games* (39-42)/The Big Game* (43-46)/
Kick It (47-49)/Shaking The Blues (50-52)/Express (53-54)/American Energy(55-56)/
Salad Days (57-58)/Focus On The Day (59-60)/Full House (61-62)/Nice Price (63-64)/New Yourk Street Life
(65-66)/Trafalgar Square (67-69)/Broadsheet (70-72)/Circles (73-77)/Review (78-79)/Front Page (80-81)/
Ligic (82-83)/Looney Bird (84)/Roundabout (85)/Intensive (86).  RSM Label  
Compose by: *Brian Bennett.
Pure Pop (CD) RSM 066
Made In United Kingdom Feeling Used/My Favourite Insomniac/
Star/Oh Bay Please/What D'Ya Think I'm Here For/Shake Your Body/
Life On The Edge/Uh Huh Huh/In Between Dreams/Tag Line/Bright Young Things/Breezin/Lazy Sundays/Happy Go Lucky/Radio.

Plus 60 second and 30 second cuts of the tracks RSM Records

Romance (CD) RSM 044
Search For Love/Coming Home*/A Dance With Angels/St Patrick's Theme/Heat*/Early Morning/
Cocktail Bar/Gauze/Extreme Close Up/Enduring Love*/The Vision/Country Life*/First Light*/
Out Of The Shadows. RSM Label. Compose by: Warren Bennett
Emotional Evocative (CD) RSM 014
Still Waters/Breezin/Starscape/First Light/Country Life/Still Life/Astralagy/Aerial Ballet/
Heartplay/Heartbeat. RSM Label
Theme Titles & Commercials (CD) RSM 012
Remote Control/Hot Shot/Super Hero/Beach Party/Inside Sport/Sportsmaster/Jet Stream/
High Flyer/Playstation/Grandstand/Software Update/Comfort Zone. RSM Label. 
Compose by: Warren Bennett
Travel World Music (CD) RSM 014
World City/African Skies/The River/World Landscape/World Achievement/World Rhythm/
Travelogue/Birth Of A Nation.  RSM Label
Trailers Vol. 2 (CD) RSM 081
Made In United Kingdom Cartoon Loon/Hoedown/Late Again/There Goes The Hood/
Ghost In The Closet/A Summer Tail/ Comedy/Reflections/Toy Soliders*/The Waltz Of My Life*/Catch Me If You Can*/Best Foot Forward*/Easy Street*/Best In Show*/Family Tree*/To Catch A Mouse*/Passionata*/Heaven Can Wait*/Life Story*/Where The Heart Is*/Family Values/
Consequences. RSM Records
Compose by: *Warren Bennett. 
V/A Label
Dramatic Funk Themes Vol. 1 (CD) Showup02
Made In EU Les Hurdle – Soul Train/Alan Hawkshaw – Flashpoint/Kenny Salmon – Flying Squad/
Alan Parker – Sweeny Todd/David Lindup – The Observer/Kenny Salmon – Get Up and Go/
Alan Hawkshaw – High Diver/Madeline Bell & Alan Parker – Soul Slap/Keith Roberts – Override/
Mike Moran – El Zoro/Alan Tew – Scenechange 6a/David Lindup – At Risk/Johnny Pearson
Work Force/James Clarke – The Heavies/Alan Hawkshaw & Brian Bennett – Oddball/Alan Tew – Headlights/Alan Hawkshaw – Speed Run/David Lindup – Inside Information/Mike Moran
The Pick-Up/Alan Hawkshaw – The Investigator. Show Up Records
Dramatic Funk Themes Vol. 2 (CD) Showup04
Made In EU T. Elerth - Beatin It/John Hawksworth - Flash Barrier/Frank Macdonald & Chris Rae - Soul City/Keith Mansfield - Hot Property/Nick Ingman - Thrust/Brian Bennett - Drama Montage/
John Cameron - The Great Escape/Steve Gray - Nevada Junction/Dave Gold - City Police/
Alan Hawkshaw - Fuel Injection/Keith Mansfield - Jagged/Johnny Pearson - Product Efficiency/
Duncan Lamont - Punch Drunk/Martin Kershaw - Riff Raff/Sound Prospect - Hit Man/
Frank Macdonald - Fast Drive ft.Chris Rae, Gerry Shury/John Saunders - Gun Man/Nich Ingman - Tense Preparation.  Show Up Records
Love Hurts (CD) EMI 7 81327 2 (CDSTM 4)
Made In United Kingdom Love Hurts (Tessa's Theme)/A Chance Encounter/
St.Petersburg/Frank's Theme/Marisha/Jade's Theme/Nikolai/Everyone Needs Someone To Love/New Beginnings/Lynne's Theme/A Crisis For Diane/
Jade Confides In Mum/Frank & Tessa/Simon & Diane/Jade Joins Seed/
Frank Owns Up/Love Hurt (Closing)  EMI Label

Compose by: Alan Hawkshaw
© Copyright: 2000 - Ulla Sorensen