Fellows Cliff fans
Hi fellows Cliff fans
Before I begins. I know that I might be alone on this.

But I feels morals that it is wrong to makes bootlegs DVD/CD's also call "Computer" made DVD/CD's.

Special when it is the general situations, where they still are common to get in the shops.

I can only except them, if they are very very rare, and very hard to gets, to a reasonable prices.

Or if they are very rare records that might not ever be re-release on CD's. Such as many Radio/TV shows are.

If we wanted record industry not to rib off our money on bad Merchandizing. Then we should buy their records. Because what happen in the industry is our fault. Because we are not buy as much as we use to.

And the industry is loose a lot of profits these years, because the lack of sale of records. So in the end the only thing they can afford to release is those annoying Compilation records and other bad merchandizing.

Why do you thing the Record company are merger!. So they can became those gigantic money machine. Company are only merger because of economic reason.

If we wanted good quality music in the futures and not just a bunch of "discount music" crap, then we had to pay for it. Good quality doesn't come for free.

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