Stand Up For Cliff BBC/Wetten Dass 3 Tracks/Visit Holand/Diana Ect (DVD) TV Shows
Wetten Dass: Can't Keep This Feeling In/Medley: Lucky Lips-Some People-We Don't Talk Anymore/BBC Documentary 40 Years/Stand Up For Sir Cliff:Present By Jill Dando/
Featuring Many Songs Hank Marvin-Olivia Newton John-Jill Dando Living Doll/Move It/Do You Wanna Dance Ect. Diana Trubute 1993: All That Matters/Move It/Summer Holiday/Do You Wanna Dance. Cliff Visit In Holland 40 Years/ATV Interview and Show Nieuws With Some Songs etc. Living Doll (With The Young Ones)/Move It and Congratulations/Power To All Our Friends and Many More .
Still Cliff - Songs Of Praise - Top Of The Pops (DVD) TV Shows
45 Years Still Cliff/Songs Of Praise/Top Of The Pops/Santa's List-Songs/Documentary etc./December 2003/From TV to DVD .
Sir Cliff Richard On TV 2004 (DVD) TV Shows
All You Need Is Love (5 Dec)/Somethin' Goin On/Topgear (13 Dec)/Sunday Style (18 Dec)/SBS Nieuws (4 Dec)/The Royal Vareity Performace (14 Dec)/I Cannot Give You My Love/The 12th Of Never (Duet With Olivia Newton John)/Somethin's Goin On (Video Clips)/Santa's List (Video Clips)/Dear Father (25 Dec)/Cliff In Blitz (Austria Nov)/Hier Un Heute (Nov)/Cliff In Brisant (Nov)/Chart Show (Nov)/We Don't Talk Anymore/Lucky Lips- Rote Lippen Soll Man Kussen/Cliff In Vesa (Nov)/Somethin's Goin On/Lucky Lips- Rote Lippen Soll Man Kussen/Cliff In Hi Soclely (Austria Nov)/Cliff In Welcome To Mu World/Cliff In Bibel TV/Great Balls Of Fire/Cliff Tennis Classic (Sound Check). 
Sir Cliff Richard On TV 2004 Volume 2 (DVD) TV Shows
Cliff In De Rode Loper (7 Jan 2005)/Grief Never Grows Old/Cliff In Songs Of Praise (9 Jan 2005)/
Cliff In Claude Francoise Show (28 Jan 1968)/The Day I Met Marie/All My Love/Shout/
Bachelor Boy (Duet With Claude)/Cliff In Elvis 50 Celebrate/It's Wonderful To Be Young
(USA Film Trailer)/Cliff In Judy Show (Nov. 2004)/Something's Going On/When I'm 64/
Cliff In Audience With Des O Conner/Cliff In Heathrow (Nov 2004)/Cliff In Go Morgen Denmark
(Nov 2004)/Cliff In Go Aften Denmark (Nov 2004)/Cliff In Twist And Shout (Nov. 2004) . 
Private Collection Label
Thank You Very Much/The Video Connection (DVD) Video to DVD
Thank You Very Much End Of The Show (Thank You Very Much)/Turn Me Loose/Love (Expresso Bongo)/The Young Ones/Move It/Summer Holiday/The Look Of Love/We Say Yeah/When I'm 64/Do You Want To Dance/The Day I Met Marie/FBI/Let Me Be The One/Willie & The Hand Jive/Move It/Up In Canada/Yes He Lives/Miss You Nights/All Shook Up/Devil Woman/Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music/End Of The Show (Thank You Very Much).
The Video Connection My Kinda Life/Wired For Sound/A Little In Love/Hey Mr Dream Maker/
Summer Holiday/Miss You Nights/Devil Woman/Baby You're Dynamite/Please Don't Fall In Love/
Never Say Die/Carrie/The Young Ones/Dreamin'/Daddy's Home/We Don't Talk Anymore.
The Best Of Brithis (DVD) TV Shows
The Best Of Brithis Interviews 1958 2 I's Coffee Bar & Snippets Of Serious Charge/The Cliff Richard Show/Power To All Our Friends/Devil Woman/Wimbledon Ect. Etc.

Peter Kraus Show Rock N Roll Medley:Great Ball Of Fire/Saturday Night Party/Lucille Eva/
Lucky Lips (UK & German Sings) With Peter Kraus Duet

My Kinda Life French Video Born To Rock/Devil Woman/Lean On You/We Don't Talk Anymore/
Lucille/My Kinda Life (Rare Version)/Please Don't Fall In Love/Some People/Remember Me/
My Pretty One/I Just Don't Have The Heart/Stronger Than That

Jos Brink Op 1 Talk About Early Years/Living Doll Snippets/Interviews & Snippets/
Can't Keep This Feeling In.

The Cliff Richard Show ATV Spectaculair (CD) 16th March 1961
There's A Small Town/Lamp Of Love/Time Goes By/I'm In Trouble/Where Did You Learn To Dance/Apache (Cliff Richard on Lead Guitar)/Don't Be Mad At Me/Good Morning Good Morning/Come To Me/The Three Peggies With Cliff/Yes Sir That's My Baby. 
Private Collection Label
The Cliff Richard Show 2 ATV Spectaculair (CD) 18th September 1965
A Carnival Day/The Girl From Ipanema (The Shadows)/Carnival/Guitar Tango (The Shadows)/
Beat Out That Rhytmm On A Drum/Kinda Coll (The Shadows)/Bachelor Boy (Hank On Piano)/
Willie Did The Chat Cha/On My Word . 
Private Collection Label
The Cliff Richard Show 3 ATV Spectaculair (CD) 22th September 1965
Angel/Five Hundred Miles (The Shadows)/Sway/My Blue Heaven/Big B (Brian Bennett)/
I'm Looking Ot The Window/You've Got To Have Heart (The Shadows)/Friends/Dance Routine/
I'm On My Way. 
Private Collection Label
[ The Hit List Live - Palatium Tour ] The Hit List Platinum Tour (DVD) South Africa TV
Pretoria in South Africa, April 1995: Cliff Sings follow Songs: Wired For Sound/Lucky Lips/
Please Don't Fall In Love/I Could Easily Fall In Love With You/Carrie/Gee Whizz It's You/
Some People/When The Girl In You Arms/Forty Days/The Twelfth Of Never/The Best Of Me/
Do You Wanna Dance/Daddy's Home/Visions/Please Don't Tease/A Voice In The Wilderness/
When Will I Be Loved/All I Have To Do Is Dream/Mov It/Summer Holiday/Evergreen Tree/
Travellin' Light/Congratulations/The Young Ones/All My Love/Misunderstood Man/
Sleep Of The Good/Had To Be/Living Doll/Bachelor Boy/Devil Woman/Miss You Nights/
Dreamin'/We Don't Talk Anymore/From A Distance. 
[ The Case ] The Case 1972 (DVD) Danish DR 1
TV film/sketch from the midddle of the 70's. We follow Cliff on not a quite problems free
journey through Finland, Sweden and Norway.

Intro/Friends (with Tim Brooke-Taylor)/Move It/Living In Harmony/Early In The Moring/Living In Harmony/Sing A Song Of Freedom/If I Was Close To You (with Olivia Newton-John)/Just A Little Too Much (by Olivia Newton-John)/Banks Of Ohio/Rock N Roll Medley: The Good Old Rock N Roll Music-Whole Lotta Shakin Going On-I'm A California Man-Do You Want To Dance/Can't Let You Go/Can't Let You Go Reprise/Friends.

The Gospel According To Cliff Richard & The Hits I Missed (DVD) 
The Gospel According To Cliff: From A Distance/Free/Night Of Nights/Stable Child/All That Matters/Let The Flame Burn Brighter/When I Survey The Wondrous Cross/There's No Power In Pity/Hope, Faith And You/Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music. ()
The Hits I Missed: All Shook Up/Right Here Waiting/When You Walk In The Room/What's Love Got To Do With It/Moon River/Chain Reaction/You Are/Lay All Your Love On Me/You've Got A Friend/Somewhere Over The Rainbow/What A Wonderful World/Let Me Be The One. 
Private Collection Label
The Hits I Missed (DVD) 
All Shook Up/Right Here Waiting/When You Walk In The Room/What's Love Got To Do With It/
Moon River/Chain Reaction/You Are/Lay All Your Love On Me/You've Got A Friend/Somewhere Over The Rainbow/What A Wonderful World/Let Me Be The One.
Bonnus Tacks: The Millennium Prayer (Top Of The Pops Live) . 
Private Collection Label





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