30 Years Cliff Richard + WWF Club Special (DVD) TV Shows
Terry Wogan Show: Intro/Wired For Sound/Move It/Doorbell/Bachelor Boy/Mistletoe & Wine/
Some People/Solid Gold Award WWF Club German TV: Donna/Lucille/Interview/Ocean Deep/
Never Say Die.  Private Collection Label
Acces All Areas - The Tour 1992 (DVD) VHS to DVD
Move It/Livin' Doll/The Young Ones/Summer Holdiday/Love On/It's All In The Game/Silhouettes/
That's Alright Mama/Free/Daddy's Home/Please Don't Tease/On The Beach/From A Distance/
Monday Thru' Friday/Some People/Little Mistreater/Devil Woman/Miss You Night/Wille And The Hand Jive/Love Is The Strongest Emotion/Silvery Rain/I Still Believe In You/We Don't Talk Anymore/Mistletoe And Wine/Human Work Of Art/Handle My Heart/Wired For Sound/My Kinda Life/Pease In Our Time. (Run Time: 135 min)
Always Guaranteed/Live & Guaranteed (CD) VHS to DVD
Always Guaranteed  My Pretty One/Some People/Remember Me/Two Hearts.
Live & Guaranteed 1988  A Live Concert From Odense, Fyns Forum 1988 Denmark.
Remember Me/Always Guaranteed/Two Hearts/Devil Woman/All The Time You Need/
Living Doll/The Young Ones/Miss You Nights/Some People/Medley: UFO,Thief In The Night,
I Wish We'd All Been Ready/We Don't Talk Anymore. and with exclusive backstage interviews which reveal how his personal ambition, drive and energy have made him a much-loved celebrity for over thirty Years.(Run Time: 78 min) Private Collection Label
Cliff 2000 The Millenium Hype + Brue Forsyth Show + Many More (DVD) TV Shows
RTL 4 Dutch Televison Rehursel Ahoy/Award Presentig/Snippet Living Doll/Congratulations/
The Millennium Prayer/Top Of The Pops No 2. Children In Need The Millennium Prayer/
Interview Top Of The Pops Millennium Prayer No 1/Shownieuws Promo RKK 1 Ned TV Interview/Somewhere Over Th Rainbow - What A Wonderful World Swingpaleis Somewhere Over Th Rainbow - What A Wonderful World/Interview Children In Need Move It (Accoustic Guitar/The Young Ones Rich & Famous Interview by Cliff's Home Tros TV Ivo Niehe Interview/Snippets Questions And Chats/Can't Keep This Feeling In'/Cliff UK Interview
Bruce Forsyth Show Interview/Tennis/Pat Cash/Questions/My Kinda Life/Good Rockin Tonight Music Award Monte Carlo Special Version/We Don't Talk Anymore. Private Collection Label
Cliff At Christmas 1990 - Christmas With Cliff 1995 (DVD) TV Show
Cliff At Christmas 1990: We Wish You A Merry Christmas/Little Town (with Chris Eaton)/Little Town Of Bethlehem (by Duncan Watt)/Fighter-Thief In The Night/Mary's Boy Child (by Duncan Watt)/Sweet Little Jesus Boy (Acoustic)/Mistletoe And Wine/Breath Of Heaven (by Chris Eaton)/
Away In A Manger (Acoustic)/Saviour's Day (with Chris Eaton). 
Christmas With Cliff 1995:  Sally Magnusson Interviews With Cliff Richard, Incl. Various TV Clip of Away In A Manger/When Will I Be Loved/Little Town/Turn Me Loose/We Say Yeah/Move It/
Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music/It Is No Secret/(Elvis Presley) It Is No Secret/
When I Survey The Wondrous Cross/How Great Thou Art (The Chobham Handbell Ringers)/
How Great Thou Art. Private Collection Label
Cliff In Bulgaria And Promo Real As I Wanna Be + Progression N. Is Difficult (DVD) TV Shows
Cliff In Bulgaria Songs Of Praise Love Never Gives Up/Beauty For Brokeness/May God Protect Bulgaria/The Wondrous Cross/Living Doll/All That Matters/Loved Into Life

Promotion Video Real As I Wanna Be Photo Shoots Algarve/She Likes Me Feel Like A Man/
Can't Keep This Feeling In/Butterfly Kisses/Woman And Man/Vita Mia

Progression Linzer Klangwolke Cliff Sings A Duet With Vincenzo La Scola/Nothing Is Difficult/
Differetn Is Beautiful Finaly With All Artist
Other Artis Are Jennifer Page, Michelle Wolff, Peter Wolff eva.

Cliff In Copenhagen 1975 (CD) Danish DR 1
Travellin' Light/Hit Medley: Move It-Living Doll-Do You Want To Dance-Theme For A Dream-Bachelor Boy-Lucky Lips-Congratulations/Cliff is interviewed (by Danish press)/31st Of February Street/The Singer/The Joy Of Living/Throw Down A Line/Cliff walk onto a balcony/Winning/
The Day I Met Marie/Give Me Back That Old Familiar Feeling/Cliff walks into empty theatre stage/It's Only Me You've Left Behind/Celestial Houses/Help It Along. Private Collection Label 35 min
Cliff In Concert 1975 & 1980 (DVD) 
In Concert 31 Febr. Street 1975
The Singer/Travellin' Light/No Matter What/The Leaving/You Will Never Know/Yesterday, Today, Forever/Love On/Nothing To Remind Me

In Concert London 1980
Carrie/Miss You Nights/Green Light/A Little In Love/I'm No Hero/Devil Woman/When Two Worlds Drift Apart/Everyman/Rock That Doesn't Roll/A Heart Will Break/Dreamin/We Don't Talk Anymore Bonus Clips: Devil Woman/La Gonava/Thief In The Night/The Wondrous Cross .

Cliff In Concert Antwerpen 1995 (DVD) Concert
Opening/Wired For Sound/Some People/Move It (W. Hank Marvin)/Miss You Nights/The Young Ones/Living Doll/I Wish You Change Your Mind/All I Have To Do/Misunderstood Man/Had To Be (W. Olivia)/We Don't Talk Anymore/Mistletoe And Wine.
Dame Etna Experience:  Some People/I Could Easily Fall.
Tros TV Show:  Intervieuw/Devil Woman/We Don't Talk Anymore/Miss You Nights/Wired For Sound/Dreamin/Some People.
Cliff In Kobienz Wetten Dass:  Peace In Our Time/Rotte Lippen.
Palace Party:  Living Doll/Move It.
Cliff In Eddy Go Round Special (DVD) TV Shows
Eddy Go Round Opening Theme/Power To All Our Friends/Interview/Living Doll/Interview/
Devil Woman/Interview/Lovers/Interview/Nothing Left For Me To Say/Interview/Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Sue Shifrin)/Interview/First Prayer/Interview/I Can't For Anymore Than You/Interview/For You (Duet With Sue Shifrin)/Interview/Miss You Nights/Interview/
I'm Nearly Famous.
Cliff In London (DVD) TV Shows
BBC Live 1975  The Singer/Travellin' Light/No Matter What/The Leaving/You Will Never Know/
Yesterday,Today,Forever/Love On/Nothing To Remind Me.

In Concert London 1980 Intro/Living Doll/Cliff Chat/The Young Ones/Cliff Chat/The Minute You're Gone/I'm Nearly Famous/The Twelfth Of Never/Hey Mr. Dream Maker/Learning How To Rock 'n' Roll/Cliff Chat/Heartbreak Hotel/Carrie/Miss You Nights/Green Light/A Little In Love/I'm No Hero/Devil Woman/When Two Worlds Drift Apart/Cliff Intro Everyman/Everyman/The Rock That Doesn't Roll/A Heart Will Break/Dreamin'/Intro the Band/We Don't Talk Anymore

Cliff In Open Houses, And In Barbados (CD) TV Shows
Open House With Gloria Hunniford 1 -6
Open House Barbados With Gloria Hunniford 1-5. 
Private Collection Label
Cliff In Scandinavia 1970 (DVD) TV Shows
Summer Holiday/In The Country/Girl You'll Be A Woman Soon/Congratulations/Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head/Something (Hank Marvin)/The Day I Met Marie/Zorba Dance/Down By The Riverside (The Christians)/Oh Happy Day/The Way To San Jose (Cia Lowgren)/I Remember It Well/
Rock N Roll Medley: C'mon Everybody-Johnny B Goode-Yellow River-Move It-Wake Up Little Susie-Do You Wanna Dance.
Cliff Rare TV Footage (CD) 
Devil Woman (TOTP)/We Don't Talk Anymore (TOTP)/Mr. Dreammaker (TOTP)/My Kinda Life (TOTP)/
Look Of Love (With Cilla Black)/Friends (With Cilla Black)/This Day (From Finders Keepers)/It's Only Me You Left Behind (TOTP)/Can't Ask For Anymore Than You (TOTP)/Please Remember Me (TOTP)/Healing Love (TOTP)/Little Town/This New Year/Peace In Our Time (TOTP)/Never Let Go/
Someone To Watch Over Me/Had To Be (With Olivia Newton John)/The Wedding (TOTP) (With Helen Hobson)/All That Matters (Lottery Show)/Medley With Michael Ball: Wake Up Little Suzy-
All I Have To Do Is Dream/Bird Dog/Walk Right Back . 
Private Collection Label
Cliff Richard - Des O'conner Show 6th April 2002 (CD) TV-Shows
Interview Des O'Conner With Cliff/Des O'Conner Tonight/Old Black & White Snippets/Shooting Star/Everytime You Walked In The Room/Interview: Elvis ect. Movies/Power To All Our Friends (New Version) Accoustic Cliff On Guitar/Interview: Desm Cliff About Wine And Calling A Waiter, Witch Is Hank Marvin/American Pie - Cliff & Hank Marvin/Let Me Be The One (Newest Single)/
Interviw - About Diana & The Boys/Great Ball Of Fire (With Des)/Wholla Lotta Shakin Going On . 
Private Collection Label
Cliff Richard The Concerts (DVD) 
With The London Philharmonic Orgchestra:  Green Light/We Don't Talk Anymore/
True Love Ways/Softly As I Leave You/Carrie/Treasure Of Love/Galadriel/Miss You Nights/
Thief In The Night/Up In The World/Discovering Devil Woman. 
Rockspell  Where Do We Go From Here/The Only Way Out/Devil Woman/Take Me To Where You Are/La Gonave/The Rock That Doesn't Roll/UFO (Larry Norman)/Under The Gun/Better Than I Know Myself/Thief In The Night/When I Survey/Rock n Roll Juvenile. 
From The Hip  We Don't Talk Anymore/Devil Woman/Miss You Nights/All I Ask Of You
(Duet Martie Webb)/Slow Rivers (Duet Elton John)/Move It (With The Shadows)/Living Doll
(With The Shadows)/Never Say Die/All By Myself. Private Collection Label
Cliff Richard Duets With..... (CD) 
I Believe In Music (Nana Mouskouri)/Miss You Nights (Berg Steiner Choir)/Share My Dream
(Asward The Event)/I Could Easily (Dame Edward)/Slow Rivers (Elton John)/Bye, Bye Ms American Pie (Hank Marvin)/You Cant' Go To Heaven (Nutshell)/Love Is The Key(Cilla Black)/The Rock That Doesn't Roll (Larry Norman)/Had To Be (Olivia Newton-John)/Suddenly (Olivia Newton-John)/Until The 12th Of Never (Olivia Newton-John)/Let It Be Me (Eleane Page Live In The Park)/Strangers Can Be Lovers
(Cilla Black)/Dreamin (Marylin McCoo)/Total Eclipse Of The Heart (Marylin McCoo)/All I Have To Do Is Dream (Phil Everly)/Drifting (Sheila Walsh)/To A Friend (Alexander Mezek)/You Are (Atomic Kitten)/
Some People (Another Level)/All I Have To Is Dream '80 (Phil Everly)/I Will Follow You (Sheila Walsh)/
All I Ask Of You (Marti Webb)/Suddenly (Dionne Warwick)/For You (Sue Shiffrin)/All I Have To Do Is
Dream (Phil Everly Hit List)/Living Doll (The Young Ones)/Whenever God Shines His Light (Van Morrison)/It Were Up To Me (Vincenzo La Scola)/Vita Mia (Vincenzo La Scola)/Goodnight Girl (Wet Wet Wet)/Dreamin (Marily McCoo)/Move It (Brian May Palace Party)/Miss You Night (Eleane Page)/That's Were Friends Are For (Cilla Black)/Everybody Got A Crises In The Hearts (VA)/We Don't Talk Anymore (Marline McCoo)/Pipi langstrømpe (Eddie Skoller)/It Takes Two (Cilla Black)/
Chain Reaction (Steps)/All I Ask Of You (Sarah Brightman)/Anyone Who Had A Heart (Private Recording Live Tour)
Private Collection Label
Cliff Richard & Hank Marvin Bankholiday 1970 (CD) TV-Shows
The Joy Of Living/Hitchin' A Ride/It's All In The Game/Bonnie & Clyde Sketch (Cliff, Hank & Una)/
Goodness Gracious Me (Cliff & Una)/Sacha (Hank Marvin)/Horse Guard Sketch Sketch (Cliff, Hank & Una)/I Say A Little paryer (Aretha Franklin)/Spanish Harlem (Cliff & Hank On Guitar)/
Bird Dog (Cliff & Hank On Guitar)/Rolling On a River (Cliff & Hank)/Plane Sketch Sketch (Cliff, Hank & Una)//Don't Plat That Song (Aretha Franklin)/Nelson Sketch Sketch (Cliff, Hank & Una)/
When I'm Sixty Four (Cliff & The Breakaways)/Ain't Got Time Anymore Four (Cliff & The Breakaways)/I Sa The Light Four (Cliff & The Breakaways, Hank & Orchestra)/Visions.
The Royal Variety Performance 1960: Living Doll/Ready Teddy.  Private Collection Label
Cliff Richard & The Shadows At The Movies 1968 (DVD) 
Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines/Don't Forget To Catch Me (When I Fall In Love With You)/I'm An Indian Too/Gotta Dance/Chicago - Shadows/I Like You Very Much - Cliff & Hank/Temptation/If I Could Talk To The Animals/The Magical Mrs. Clamps - Shadows/Well Did You Ever/Marianne/Happy Ending/In The Country.  Bonus Tracks:  Old Snippets Cliff & Shadows/Cliff Apache/Snippets From Bank Holiday Show 1970 . 
Private Collection Label
Cliff & The Shadows: At The Movies 68 + Top Of The Pops Show 67 (DVD) TV Shows
Top Of The Pops Show 1967:  Great Black And White TV Show Performed By: The Beatles/The Bee Gees/Dave Dee, Dozy Beaky Mic And Tich/Engelbert Humperdinck/Lulu/Scot McKenxie/Diane Ross And The Supremes/The Rolling Stones/The Mokeese/Procol Harum e.v.a/Cliff Richard Performes All My Love

At The Movies 1968: Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines/Don't Forget To Catch Me/I'm An Indian Too/Gotta Dance/Chicago - The Shadows/I Like You Very Much - Cliff & Hank/
Temptation/If I Could Talk To The Animals/The Magical Mrs. Clamp - The Shadows/Well Did You Ever/Marianne/Happy Ending In The Country.

Cliff & Shadows: In Nederlands (6th & 7th April 1962) (DVD) TV Shows
Cliff & The Shadows Op Schiphol 6th April/Cliff & The Shadows Ahoy Hall 7th April/Living Doll/
Do You Wanna Dance/Cliff & The Shadows In Rudi Carell Show 6th April 1962/Wonderful Land/Do You Wanna Dance/When The Girl In Your Arms/The Young Ones . 
Private Collection Label
Cliff & The Shadows Live 1964-1965 (DVD) TV Shows
Valkenburg 18th September 1965:  The Young Ones - Living Doll - Lucky Lips - Bachelor Boy/
What I'd Say. In Luik 8th May 1964: Do You Wanna Dance/Dancing Shoes/Lucky Lips/
The Young Ones/I Got A Woman/Bachelor Boy/Constantly/Maria No Mas/La Mer/I'm The Lonely One/We Say Yeah. The Shadows: The Rise And Fall Of Flingle Bunt/Apache/Sleepwalk/FBI. 
Bonus Tracks: The Hit List: I'm Looking Out The Window/Bachelor Boy/Do You Wanna Dance. 
Cliff And The Shadows: Move It-Unforgettable.
Cliff On Cilla Black Shows 1968/69 + More (DVD) TV Shows
Morecambe & Wise: Hey There Mister/Living Doll (Practising) Steps/Sketches.
The Nana Mouskouri Show: Give Me Back That Old Familiar Feeling/Hey Mister Dreammaker (Jubilen) Show/What've We Got (Cliff,Vera Lynn,New Snekers and Lulu ect).
Cilla Black Show: Who Want To Be A Millionaire/Don't Forget To Catch Me/Good Times Better Times/The Look Of Love-Walk On By.
Cilla Show 1968: Do You Remember Baby/High And Dry/The Sound Of The Candyman's Trumpet/Congratulations/Little Rag Doll/Wonderful World.
Return Of All 6 Songs With Comment Of Cliff.
Cliff Meet Ester & Gloria Hunniford 2001 (DVD) TV Shows
Open House Gloria Hunniford 2001  Somewhere Over The Rainbow/You Are You Are/
Talk About Wine With Gloria/Wine Tasting Cliff/A Missunderstood Man/Talking Have You Meet Elvis/Move It Starting Career/Wonderful Life/Hug From Una Stubbs/It's So Funny/Cliff's Sister Joan/Let Me Be The One.
40 Years Royal Performance:  Living Doll/Summer Holiday/We Don't Talk Anymore/
Saviour's Day/Congratulations.
Esther Meets Cliff:  Somewhere Over The Rainbow/Esther Talks With Cliff/Six O Clock News/
Oh Boy Snippets/Living Doll Acc. Guitar/Millennium Prayer No. 1/Devil Woman/1973
Morcambe & Wise/Questions Public/Let Me Be The One.
Cliff's Pro Celebrity Classic Tennis 2002/3 (DVD) TV Shows
2002: Classic Tennis/Living Doll/Interview/Mistletoe And Wine/Millennium Prayer/
2003: Classic Tennis/The Young Ones/Interview/Saviour's Day/O Come All Ye Faithfull/
Pro Tennis 1987:
With Sue Barker-Elton John/Cliff Richard and Others/Comments By Cliff/
Pro Tennis 1988: Mistletoe And Wine/Dream (With Mike Read)/Whola Lotta Shakin Going On/Come All Ye Faithfull/Silent Night/Salvation Band Ends/Snippets From Wimbledon: Summer Holiday/The Young Ones/Bachelor Boy Etc.
Cliff Richard & The Shadows: Royal Performance & ZDF 2009 (DVD) TV Shows
ZDF 2009 Carmen Nebel: I Could Easily Fall In Love/Chat With Camen Cliff Rotte Lippen/
Lucky Lips/Singing The Blues/Royal Performance 2008: The Young Ones/Willie & The Hand Jive/Move It/Songs Of Praise Special 2008: Little Town/Its No Secret/No Power In Pity/
Saviours Day/Wondrouss Cross/Millennium Prayer/Faitfull One. 
Cliff Richad In De Doelen Live Concert 24 October 1977 (CD) TV Shows
Heartbreak Hotel/Living Doll/Outlaw/You Got Me Wondering/Such Is The Mystery/Every Face Tells A Story/Love Into Live/Why Me Lord/Nightime Girl/Hey Watcha 'Say/When I Survey/
Up In Canada/Going Home/You Can't Get To Heaven By Living Like Hell/
Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music/Yes He Lives. 
Private Collection Label
Cliff & Shadows Together - Live in Birmingham 1984 (DVD) VHS to DVD
Move It/Don't Talk To Him/Please Don't Tease/It's All In The Game/Lucky Lips/
Wonderful Land/The Theme From The Deerhunter (Cavatina)/F.B.I/Living Doll/Bachelor Boy/
Summer Holiday/The Young Ones/I Love You/The Day I Met Marie/The Twelfth Of Never/
Congratulations/Let Me Be The One/Power To All Our Friends/On The Beach/I Could Easly Fall/
Do You Wanna Dance/We Don't Talk Anymore/Visions/We Don't Talk Anymore (Reprise).
[ Dressed For The Occasion ] Dressed For The Ocassion 1982 (DVD) English TV
The concert behind the Album. Cliff Sings
Green Light/We Don't Talk Anymore/True Love Ways/Softly As I Leave You/Carrie/Treasure Of Love/Galadriel/Miss You Nights/Thief In The Night/Up In The World/Discovering/Devil Woman. 
From The Hip & Knebworth (Complete)(DVD) TV Shows
From The Hip  We Don't Talk Anymore/Devil Woman/Cliff Chat/Miss You Nights/Cliff introduces Marti Webb/Always There/Cliff & Marti talk about her song/All I Ask Of You/Intumition/Leather Jackets (by Elton John)/Cliff introduces Five Star/If I Say Yes (by Five Star)/Cliff thanks Five Star & introduces Billy Ocean/When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going (by Billy Ocean)/
Cliff joins Elton/Slow Rivers (with Elton John)/Move It (with The Shadows)/Living Doll (with The Shadows)/Never Say Die (Give A Little Bit More)/All By Myself/All By Myself (Instrumental Reprise)(Running Time: 60 min) The Knebworth Festival 1990 Move It/Summer Holiday/
The Young Ones/On The Beach/Living Doll/Good Golly Miss Molly/Bachelor Boy/I Could Easily
Fall (In Love With You)/Do You Wanna Dance/In The Country/It'll Be Me/Shake, Rattle & Roll/
We Don't Talk Anymore.

From The Hip & Knebworth (DVD) 
From The Hip 1988 We Don't Talk Anymore/Devil Woman/Intro/Miss You Nights/Always There (w Marty Webb)/All I Ask Of You (w. Marty Webb)/Intro/Slow Rivers (w Elton John)/Move It
(w The Shadows)/Living Doll (w The Shadows)/Never Say Die/All By Myself.
Knebworth June 30th 1990 On The Beach/Good Golly Miss Molly/Do You Wanna Dance/
Living Doll/We Don't Talk Anymore/The Young Ones/In The Country/It'll Be Me. 
Private Collection Label





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