My Kinda Life (CD) 
My Kinda Life BBC D In Love/Dynamite/Move It/Do You Wanna Dance/All I Have To Do Is Dream/A Heart Will Break/Sci-Fi/Daddy's Home/Devil Woman/You Me And Jesus

TV Tracks BBC It's In Every One Of Us/Living Doll/White Christmas/A World Of Difference/
She's So Beautiful/All I Ask Of You/My Pretty One/Summer Holiday (Accoustic)/Some People/
Baby Your Dynamite/I Will Follow You (With Sheila Walch)/Why Should The Devil (Rare Live Rock)/Love Stealer/Ocean Deep . 
Private Collection Label

My Kinda Life/Private Collection (CD) VHS to DVD
My Kinda Life Born To Rock 'n' Roll/Devil Woman/Lean On You/We Don't Talk Anymore/Lucille/
My Kinda Life/Please Don't Fall In Love/Some People/Remember Me/My Pretty One/I Just Don't Have The Heart/Stronger Than That.  Private Collection Some People/Wired For Sound/Carrie/
Remember Me/Dreamin/A Little In Love/Daddy's Home/Never Say Die/The Only Way Out/
Please Don't Fall In Love/My Pretty One/She's So Beautiful/Two Hearts/We Don't Talk Anymore/
Where Do We Go From Here/Mistletoe & Wine. (Run Time: 107 min). Private Collection Label
Musikbutikken (DVD) Danish DR 1
Hank Marvin: Musikbutikken 30/10-98
It begins with Cliff and Hank Marvin and Cliff Richard Play "Travelling Light". Then a spot where Hank is looking on a gutar in the window and then Cliff came by, and the two old mate say Hello. And Hank ask Cliff if he should be on the show?. No was the answer and Hank say get lost.
Then Cliff turn around and say But I will be back next week.
And then Hank Play "Peggy Sue" and is being interview by Keld. And the show end with
Keld and Hank Play "Guitar Tango"
Musikbutikken 7/11-98
Cliff Sings "Even If It Breaks My Heart". And is being interview by Keld. 
Musikbutikken Special 25 Dec 1998 - Unplugged 1998 (DVD) DR 1
Opening/Interview with Keld Heick/Move It/Chat With Keld/Living Doll/About Career/
The Young Ones/Travelling Light (W. Hank Marvin)/Chat about Hank/Lucky Lips/Old Stars Chat/
Devil Woman/Crazy Fans/Even If It Breaks My Heart/Musical Chat/We Don't Talk Anymore/
Time Talk/She's So Beautiful/Heathcliff Interview/Heathcliff/Tennis Lessons/Can't Keep This Feeling In. Bonus Tracks: UK TV Somewhere Over The Rainbow & Move It Live/
The Young Ones and Belgium TV Somewhere Over The Rainbow And Interview. 
Private Collection Label
Ohnne Filter Germany TV Plus More (DVD) TV Shows
Cliff & Alexander Mezek: To A Friend/To A Friend (Watten Dass) Ohnne Filter We Don't Talk Anymore/Daddy's Home/Money/Mr. Business Man/Devil Woman/Living Doll/Move It/Lucky Lips/ Rote Lippen Soll Man Küssen/My Pretty One/Some People/Remember Me/Share A Dream/Little Town Tube Compilations Supper Channel Lovers And Friends/Heart User/Lucille/Walking In The Light 40 Years Israel The Lord Is My Shepherd Dame Edna Experience Some People/
I Could Easily Fall Joy To The World BBC
WWF Club (Only Fair Qality)  Donna/Lucille/Ocean Deep/Never Say Die.
Private Collections/Live And Guaranteed 1988 (CD) 
Private Collections:  Some People/Wired For Sound/Carrie/Remember Me/Dreamin/A Little In Love/Daddy's Home/Never Say Die/The Only Way Out/Please Don't Fall In Love/My Pretty One/
She's So Beautiful/Two Hearts/We Don't Talk Anymore/Where Do We Go From Here/
Mistletoe & Wine. 
Live & Garanteed:  Remember Me/Always Guaranteed/Two Hearts/Devil Woman/All The Time You Need/Living Doll/The Young Ones/Miss You Nights/Some People/Medley: UFO,Thief In The Night, I Wish We'd All Been Ready/We Don't Talk Anymore.
Private Collection Label
Rarties 1958 - 1960 (CD) TV-Shows
The Age Of A Teenager
Jack Good/Rock N Roll/Soho Coffee Bar/Living Doll/Mad About You/No Turning Back/Living Doll Reprise/Serious Charge/Mean Streak/When The Saints Go/Turn Me Loose/Early In The Morning/Radio Luxembourg/Rare Tracks/Pat Boone Show USA 1960/Royal Film Performance/News Interview/What'd I Say/I Love You . 
Private Collection Label
Rock n Roll Juvenile (DVD) 
Rock n Roll Juvenile BBC  Rock n Roll Juvenile/Broken Hearted/Move It/Turn Me Loose/
Shakin All Over/Gee Whiz Its You/Whole Lotta Shakin/Blue Suede Shoes/When Will I Be Loved/
Teady Bear/Rip It Up.TV Tracks BBC  I Could Easily Fall In Love With You/Some People/
The Fleets Here/Mistletoe And Wine/Lean On You/When God Shines His Light/Saviours Day/
Fighter-Thief In The Night/Sweet Little Jesus Boy/Away In A Manger/Lovers & Friends/
Heart User-Lucille/With The Eyes Of A Child/Little Town/The Water Is Wide/
Christmas Time-Jesus Christ The Lord Is Born. 
Private Collection Label
Royal Performance, Tennis Classic, Paul O Grady Sky News 2004 (DVD) TV Shows
All You Need Is Love/Somethin' Is Going On.
Royal Performance 2004: Somethin' Is Going On/The Twelft Of Never (Feat: Olivia Newton-John). Tennis Classic 2004: Mistletoe And Wine/I Cannot Give You My Love/Little Town/Silent Night/Millennium Prayer. Clilla Black Living TV: Move It. Paul O Gready Show: Cliff Talk & Dance Sketch/What Car/Somethin' Is Going On. Sky News: Snippets Of Cliff In The Shadows Last Tour .  Private Collection Label





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