20 Karaoke Greats UB Cliff All From 60s (CD)
Living Doll/Summer Holiday/The Young Ones/Forty Days/We Say Yeah/Gee Whizz It's You/
Bachelor Boy/It'll Be Me/Dynamite/Move IT/Dancing Shoes/On The Beach/A Voice In The Wilderness/Please Don't Tease/Funny Feeling/Nine Times Out Of Ten/Travelin Light/I Love You/
Theme For A Dream/A Girl Like You . 
30th Anniversary Tour Boumemouth 1988 (CD) 
Disc. 1: Born To Rock N Roll/Move It/Daddy's Home/All The Time You Need/Devil Woman/We Don't Talk Anymore/Another Tears Falls/Some People/Ocean Deep/Living Doll/The Young Ones/Bachelor Boy/In The Country.
Disc. 2: Visions/The Minute You're Gone/Carrie/True Love Ways/My Pretty One/Miss You Nights/U.F.O/Get It Right Next Time/Rock 'n' Roll Medley/It'll Be Me/Mistletoe And Wine. Private Collection Records
"31st Febuary Street Promo" Cliff Talks Between The Tracks (CD)
31st Of February Street Opening/Give Me Back That Old Familiar Feeling/The Leaving/Travellin Light/There You Go Again/Nothing To Remind Me/Our Love Could Be So Real/No Matter What/Fireside Song/Going Away/Long Long Time/ You Will Never Know/
The Singer/31st Of February Street Closing.. 
40th Anniversary Concert (CD) 
Disc. 1: From A Distance/Do You Wanna Dance/Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow/Softly As I Love You/All That Matters/Daddy's Home/Real As I Wanna Be/I Will Always Love You (With Barratt Waugh)/Miss You Nights/The Twelfth Of Never (With Michelle Wolf)/Through The Fire (With Michelle Wolf)/Some People/Wired For Sound/Move It.
Disc. 2: Even If It Breaks My Heart/Can't Keep This Feeling In/Every Time We Say Goodbye/Hope Faith And You/We Don't Talk Anymore/She Makes Me Feel Like A Man/The Miracle/Butterfly Kisses/Nessun Dorma (With Vincenzo La Scola)/Vita Mia (With Vincenzo La Scola)/Devil Woman/Ocean Deep/It'll Be Me/Peace In Our Time.. Private Collection Records
60th Anniversary Concert (CD) 
Disc. 1: Introduction/Heartbreak Hotel/Peggy Sue/Wake Up Little Suzie/Cliff Introduces The Show/Move It/
Living Doll/Love Me Do/Chat/Summer Holiday/The Next Time/The Young Ones/Chat/The Minute You're Gone/Congratulations/Bright Eyes/Chat/Miss You Nights/Chat/Devil Woman/Devil Woman Play Off.
Disc. 2: Beat It/The Best Of Me/Chat with Ratty's Song/Daddy's Home/Mistletoe & Wine/From A Distance/
Millennium Prayer/All I Have To Do Is Dream/Miracle Of Love/Rise Up/Chat/Reborn/Reelin' And A Rockin'-My Kinda Life/Medley (Instrumental Reprise)/Band Introduction/We Don't Talk Anymore/Reborn Play Off/ From A Distance (rehearsal)/We Don't Talk Anymore (rehearsal)/All I Have To Do Is Dream (rehearsal)/The Young Ones (rehearsal)/Peggy Sue (rehearsal)/Medley (rehearsal)/ Reborn (rehearsal)/Wake Up Little Suzie (rehearsal)/Devil Woman (rehearsal)/Rise Up (rehearsal) . Private Collection Records
75th Birthday Concert (CD) 
Disc. 1: Happy Birthday/Golden/Rock Over Beethoven/Chat/A Little In Love/Living Doll/The Twelfth Of Never/Chat/Cathy's Clown/Memphis, Tennessee/Chat/It's Better To Dream/Reunited/Chat/Miss You Nights/
Chat/Summer Holiday/The Next Time/The Young Ones/When The Girl In Your Arms/Birthday Wishes/
Happy Birthday And More/All My Love/What Car.
Disc. 2: Singing The Blues/Move It/Butterfly/Sweet Little Sixteen/Ocean Deep/Devil Woman/Suddenly/
Rip It Up/We Don't Talk Anymore/Wired For Sound/Wired For Sound (Instrumental Reprise)/
Congratulations/Chat/Medley/Wired For Sound (Instrumental Reprise)/Medley/We Don't Talk Anymore (Instrumental Reprise)/Golden/Memphis, Tennessee/Reunited/Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On/The Young Ones/We Don't Talk Anymore/Roll Over Beethoven. Private Collection Records
1960s TV Songs
Set 1
1960s TV Songs
Set 2
1970s TV Songs
Set 1
1970s TV Songs
Set 2
1970s TV Songs
Set 3
1970s TV Songs
Set 4
A Gospel Concert For Tear Fund (CD) 
The Outlaw/Jesus Is My Kind Of People/Everything Is Beautiful/Lord I Love You/The Joy Of Living/Mr Business Man/I Wish We'd All Been Ready/Help It Along/Love Never Gives Up/I've Got Confidence/Love Song/Didn't He/When I Survey The Wondrous Cross/Up In Canada/We Shall Be Changed/Higher Ground . 
Private Collection Label
After Ten Fellas 10 (CD) 
Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On/Dance On/The Drum Number/Apache/Move It/Willie And The Hand Jive/Do You Wanna Dance/Living Doll/Wonderful Land/F.B.I/The Young Ones/Summer Holiday/Foot Tapper/Bachelor Boy/Guitar Tango/Children Go Where I Send Thee/The Rise And Fall Of Flingel Bunt/The Day I Met Marie/Cool Water/All My Love/In The Country . 
Private Collection Label
Aladdin Rediffusion TV Christmas Special (CD) 
Me Oh My/I Could Easily Fall In Love With You/Act One Aladdin/This Was My Special Day/
Act One Continued/I'm In Love With You/Friends/Act One Continued/There's Gotta Be A Way/
Act One Continued/Make Every Day A Carnival Day/Act Two/I've Said Too Many Things/Snap. Crackle & How's Your Dad/Act Two Continued/Evening Comes/Act Two Contunued (The Genie
Of The Ring-Flying Carpet-Imprisoned Princess/Act Two Continued (Ababaza'r Evil Spell)/
Act Two Continued (Ababazar's Demise-Back To Peking-Abanazar's Reformation)/
Friends (Reprise & End Credites) Private Collection Label
All My Love (CD) 
Congratulations/Little Rag Doll/Wonderful World/Do You Remember/High 'N' Dry/The Sound Of The Candyman's Trumpet/The Day I Met Marie/Time Drags By/All My Love/In The Country/
La La La Song/Finders Keepers. 
Private Collection Label
Access All Areas Tour (CD) 
Disc. 1: Move It/Living Doll/Band Intro/The Young Ones/Film Stardom/Summer Holiday/Technology/Love On (Shine On)/Band Intro/Chart Compettion/It's All In The Game/Silhouettes/Influence of Elvis/That's Alright Mama/Band Intro/Free/Band Intro/Daddy's Home/Please Don't Tease/On The Beach/From A Distance
Disc. 2: Monday Thru Friday/Some People/Little Mistreater/Devil Woman/Miss You Nights/Willie & The Hand Jive/Love Is The Strongest Emotion/Silvery Rain/I Still Believe In You/We Don't Talk Anymore/Mistletoe & Wine/Human Work Of Art/Handle My Heart With Love/Wired For Sound/My Kinda Life/Show Format/Peace In Our Time/Peace In Our Time (Reprise). Private Collection Records
Apollo Show - 18th October 1980 (CD)
Carrie/Miss You Nights/Green Light/A Little In Love/I'm No Hero/Deveil Woman/When Two Worlds Drift Apart/Everyman/Rock That Doesn't Roll/A Heart Will Break/Dremin/
We Don't Talk Anymore/Living Dolll/The Young Ones/The Minute Your Gone/I'm Nearly Famous/
The 12th Of Never/Hey Mr. Dreammaker. 
Apollo Concert 1980 (CD) 
My Kinda Life/Sci-Fi/Devil Woman/D In Love/The Young Ones/Learning How To Rock And Roll/
Dynamite/Daddy's Home/Do You Wanna Dance/Dream/A Heart Will Break/Such Is The Mystery. 
Private Collection Label

Anyone For Tennis 1994 - 2005 (CD) 
26 Songs Including Mistletoe & Wine, Saviour's Day, Little Town, Santa's List, Millennium Prayer, Move It, Living Doll, Apache, The Young Ones, Bachelor Boy Plus Many More Hits & Christmas Carols

Featuring Music By: Cliff Richard/Hank Marvin/Michael Ball/Gordon Giltap/Darren Day/
Jasper Carrott/Mike Read/Brian Conley/Bobby Davro/Daniel O'Donnell/The Saltmine Singers/
Band Of The Royal Marines/Birmingham Citadel Choir/Pete Hawarth,Mick Mullins & Keith Murrell. 
Private Collection Label

Apollo Concert 1981 (CD) 
Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music/Better Than I Know Myself/Son Of Thunder/
You Can't Get To Heaven By Living Like Hell/Fool's Wisdom/Take Me Where I Wanna Go/Under The Influence/I Wish We'd All Been Ready/Lost In A Lonely World/The Rock That Doesn't Roll.

Apollo/Tube Live/Gospel Show (CD) 
Apollo Show 1980: Living Doll/The Young Ones/The Minute You're Gone/I'm Nearly Famous/
The 12th Of Never/Hey Mr. Dreammaker/Learning How To Rock n Roll/Heartbreak Hotel/
Dreamin. Cliff On Tube Live Special 1983: Love And Friends/Heart User/Lucille/Walking In The Light. Cliff On The Gospel Show 1985: It's Christmas Time/Little Town/Jesus Christ The Lord Is Born (With Sheila Walsh). Private Collection Label
An Audience With Cliff (CD) RISKY 22
Move It/A Little In Love/Carrie/Devil Woman/Some People/Dreamin/Can't Keep This Feeling In/
Summer Holiday/Bachelor Boy/Living Doll/The Young Ones/Vita Mia/Miss You Nights/We Don't Talk Anymore/When The Girl In Your Arms/The Minute You're Gone/All In The Game/Millennium Prayer/Power To All Our Friends/Congratulations/Do You Wanna Dance/Dynamite. Risky Label
An Evening With Cliff Richard (CD) 
Healing Love/Peace In Our Time/Perhaps,Perhaps.Perhaps/Frenesi/The Only Way Out/Lord I Love You/It's A Small World/Love And A Helping Hand/Lord Here We Stand/His Love Covers Our Sin/
Jesus Is The Answer/Passing Strangers/All By Myself/When Will I Beloved/Long Tall Sally-Rip It Up/All I Have To Do Is Dream/Oh Boy/The Lord Of The Dance/Not Afraid To Rock 'n' Roll/Let's Go Out/Did He Jump/We Sure Do/The Girls Back Home/Turn Me Loose . Private Collection Label
An Evening With Cliff Richard 1991 (CD) 
All Shook Up/Move It!/Better Than I Know Myself/The Only Way Out/My Soul Is My Winess (with Helen Shapiro)/From A DistanceWhere You Are/Discovering/Breath Of Heaven (Chris Eation)/Yesterday, Today, Forever/Lost in a Lonely World/When I Survey the Wondrous Cross/Flesh and Blood/Make Me New/Shine Jesus Shine (With Helen Shapiro). 
Private Collection Label
An Evening With Sir Cliff Palace Theatre 2004 (CD) 
Disc. 1: Move It/Dreamin/Something Is Goin On/Baby I Could Be So Good At Loving You/We Don't Talk Anymore/Simplicity/I Cannot Give You My Love. .
Disc. 2: What Car/Miss You Nights/Sometimes Love/I Don't Wanna Lose You/Devil Woman/Faithful One/Thousand Miles To Go/Saviours Day/Little Town . Private Collection Label
At The Movies (CD) 
To The Movies/Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines/Don't Forget To Catch Me/I'm In Indian Too/Gotta Dance/Chicago (The Shadows)/I,I,I Like You Very Much/Temptation/Talk To The Animals/Magical Mrs. Clamps (The Shadows)/Well Didjah Evah/A Matter Of Moments/Marianne/Happy Ending/In The Country/Mean Streak/Blue Turns To Grey . 
Private Collection Label
Bank Hoiday Special 31st Aug. 1970 (CD)
The Joy Of Living/Hitchin' A Ride/It's All In The Game/Bonnie & Clyde Sketch (Cliff Hank & Una)/
Goodness Gracious Me (Cliff & Una)/Sacha (Hank Marvin)/Horse Guard Sketch (Cliff Hank & Una)/
I Say A little Paryer (Aretha Franklin)/Spanish Harlem (Cliff & Hank On Guitar)/Bird Dog (Cliff & Hank On Guitar)/Rolling On A River (Cliff & Hank)/Plane Sketch (Cliff Hank & Una)/Don't Plat That Song (Aretha Franklin)/Nelson Sketch (Cliff Hank & Una)/When I'm Sixty Four (Cliff With The Breakaways)/Ain't Got Time Anymore (Cliff With The Breakaways)/I Saw The Light (Cliff With The Breakaways, Hank & Orchestra)/Visions. 
BBC Live Concert 75 (CD) 
The Singer/Travellin' Light/No Matter What/The Leaving/You Will Never Know/ Yesterday,Today,Forever/Love On/Nothing To Remind Me. 
Private Collection Label

BBC Radio - Hammersmith Odeon 1980 (CD) 
Live Recording for BBC Radio 13-14-15 December 1980 Unissued
Rock 'N' Roll Juvenile/If You Walked Away/I'm Nearly Famous/Hot Shot/Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music/Sci-Fi/Carrie/My Luck Won't Change/Green Light/Miss You Nights/
Do You Wanna Dance/Monday Thru' Friday/Devil Woman/We Don't Talk Anymore. 
Private Collection Label
BBC Show Of The Week (CD) 5th April 1966
Quiet Night Of Quiet Star (Cliff & BBC Orchestra)/Everybody Needs Someone To Love
(Cliff & BBC Orchestra)/On The Beach (Cliff & The Shadows)/Somewhere (The Shadows)/Bachelor Boy (Cliff & The Shadows)/My Colouring Book (Cliff & BBC Orchestra)/Big B (The Shadows)/What'd I Say
(Cliff & The Shadows)/My One And Only Love (Cliff & BBC Orchestra)/Wind Me Up (Let Me Go)
(Cliff & The Shadows)/Never On Sunday (The Shadows)/Blue Turns To Grey (Cliff & The Shadows)/
The Rise And Fall (The Shadows)/I'm On My Way (Cliff & BBC Orchestra)/Wonderful Land (Playout)(The Shadows)Private Collection Label
Besides Cliff (CD) RISKY 31
D In Love/Chu Chi (The Shadows)/I Wonder/Alice In Sunderland (The Shadows)/The Night/
Bombay Duck (The Shadows)/The La la la Song/I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Arthur
(The Shadows)/Mumblin Mosie/Do You Want To Dance/My Grandfathers Clock (The Shadows)/
Schoolboy Crush/Quatermassters Stores (The Shadows)/Somewhere (The Shadows)/We Say Yeah/
Shazam (The Shadows)/Watch What You Do With My Baby/Late Night Set (The Shadows)/
Girl You'll Be A Woman Soon/I Want You To Want Me (The Shadows)/It's Been A Blue Day
(The Shadows)/Finders Keepers/It's A Mans World (The Shadows)/No One Waits/Dancing Shoes/
Little Princess (The Shadows)/A Matter Of Moments/Cricket Bat Boogie (The Shadows)Risky Label
Best Of The Best (CD) 
Dance The Night Away/Dance The Night Away (Cliff)/You Keep Me Hangin On/Willie & The Hand Jive/Summer Holiday (Alternate)/It's All In The Game (Alternate Version)/She Love You/The Most Beautiful Girl In The World/Help It Along (Alternate Version)/Don't Talke To Him (Alternate Version)/
Living Doll (Alternate Version)/It Doesn't Matter Anymore/Travelin Light/No Matter What/Nothing To Remind Me/Girl You Be A Woman Soon/The Young Ones (Alternate Version)/Good Luck Charm/
Sugar Pie Honey Bunch/All My Love (Alternate Version)/Silver Rain (Alternate Version)/In The Country (Alternate Version)/
The Love I Lost/If You Don't Know Me By Now/In A Matter Of Moments (Alternate Version)/Pigeon (Alternate Version)/
Visions (Alternate Version)/Hey Girl. Private Collection Label
Bold As Brass (CD) 
Disc. 1: Happy Birthday Fly Me To The Moon/Somewhere Over The Rainbow-What A Wonderful World/Don't Forget To Catch Me/Dreamin'/The Twelfth Of Never/Theme For A Dream/Fools Rush In/The Time In Between/All My Love/Devil Woman/Songwriters/Miss You Nights/Sway/Golden/The Day I Met Marie
Disc. 2: Michael Omartian Introduction/I've Got You Under My Skin/Bold As Brass talk/Love Me Or Leave Me/(Up A) Lazy River/Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye/I Just Want To Make Love To You/They Can't Take That Away From Me/When I Take My Sugar To Tea/Let's Fall In Love/I Didn't Know What Time It Was/Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive/Teach Me Tonight/Don't Get Around Much Anymore/Night And Day/Night And Day (Instrumental Reprise)/Bewitched, Bothered And Bewildered/Band And Crew Introduction/We Don't Talk Anymore/We Don't Talk Anymore (Instrumental Reprise)/Dreamin' (Rehearsal)/The Time In Between (Rehearsal)/Golden (Rehearsal)/Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye (Rehearsal). Private Collection Records
Bratislava 1974- 75 (CD) 
Congratulations/(You Keep Me) Hanging On/Take Me High/You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'/
Constantly/When I Survey The Wondrous Cross/Party/Johnny B. Goode/Soul Medley/
Sing A Song Of Freedom.
Bratislava 1975 (CD) 
Congratulations/(You Keep Me) Hanging On/Take Me High/You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'/Power To All Our Friends/Constantly/When I Survey The Wondrous Cross/Let Have A Party/Johnny B. Goode/The Love I Lost/If You Don't Know Me/Love Train/Sing A Song Of Freedom/Help It Along. 
Private Collection Label
Beyond Time Tour (CD) 
I'm Alive/Money/All I Want/A World Of Difference/All By Myself/His Love Covers Our Sins/
Promotional Appearances: Some People/I Could Easily Fall (In Love With You)/
Live Dave Clark's Time Performance: Born To Rock 'n' Roll/In My Defence/
It's In Every One Of Us.

Birmingham 1996 (CD) 
Move It/True Love Ways/Softly As I Leave You/We Don't Talk Anymore/Be With Me Always/
Born To Rock 'n' Roll (CD) 
Born To Rock 'n' Roll/Move It!/Devil Woman/Another Tear Falls/Ocean Deep/Living Doll/
We Don't Talk Anymore/Carrie/Miss You Nights/Thief In The Night-UFO/Get It Right Next Time/
It'll Be Me/Mistletoe & Wine. Private Collection Label
Castles In The Air (CD) 
Disc. 1: Heartbreak Hotel/Move It/Cliff introducesthe show/No Particular Place To Go/Gee Whizz It's You/
Always/Cliff talks about early success/The Young Ones/Summer Holiday/Bachelor Boy/Without You Baby I Could Be So Good At Loving You/Please Don't Tease/On The Beach/Medley of Doo-Wop: Baby It's You- Save The Last Dance For Me-Donna-Silhouettes/We Say Yeah/Good Golly Miss Molly/Good Golly Miss Molly (Instrumental Reprise)
Disc. 2: Somewhere Over The Rainbow-What A Wonderful World/Miss You Nights/We Don't Talk Anymore/
Dreamin'/Cliff welcomes Cilla Black/It Takes Two (w/Cilla Black)/From A Distance/Cliff talks about his new album/Faithful One/I Don't Wanna Lose You/The Day That I Stop Loving You/I Cannot Give You My Love/
Sometimes Love/What Car/Cliff announces the band/Willie And The Hand Jive/We Don't Talk Anymore (Instrumental Reprise)/Thousand Miles To Go/Wired For Sound/Wired For Sound (Instrumental Reprise). 
Private Collection Records
Cinderella (CD) OP 8128
Welcome To Stoneybroke/Why Wasn't I Born Rich/Peace And Quiet/The Flyder And The Spy/
Poverty/The Hunt/In The Country/Come Sunday/Dare I Love Him Like I Do/If Our Dreams Came True/Autumn/Kings's Place/Peace And Quiet (Reprise)/She Needs him More Than Me/Hey Doctor Man .  Private Collection Label
Complete Tracks From Dave Clark's Time (CD) 
More Details 
Private Collection Label
Cliff On TV 1963 - 1965 (CD) 
More Details 
Private Collection Label
Christmas Carols (CD)
Mary's Boy Child/Sleigh Ride-Santa Clause Is Coming To Twon-Winter Wonderland-Jingle Bells-White Christmas/Good News/Carnival/Summer Holiday/Moonlight Bay/Sweet Little Jesus Boy/
Angels Sing/Christmas Day-Silent Night-God Rest You Merry Gentlemen/Mary's Little Boy Child/
Little Town/Another Christmas Day/Sweet Little Jesus Boy/Little Town/Born In A Manger/
God Rest You Merry Gentlemen/In The Bleak Midwinter/Unto Us A Bou Is Born/While Sheperds Watched/The Holly And The Ivy . 
Christmas With Cliff Richard (CD) 1968
Sleigh Ride/Santa Claus Is Coming To Town/Winter Wonderland/Jingle Bells/White Christmas/
Good News/Carnival/Summer Holiday/Moonlight Bay/Sweet Little Jesus Boy/Mary What You Gonna Name That Pretty Baby/It Came Upon A Midnight Clear/I Saw Three Ships/Silent Night/
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen End Credits/All Repeted Again. BBC London. 
Christmas With Cliff Richard (CD) 
Sweet Little Jesus Boy/Jesus Is The Answer/Song For Sarah/The Rock The Doesn't Roll/Medley: O Little Town Of Bethlehem-Silent Night-In The Bleak Midwinter-Away In A Manger/The Twelve Days Of Christmas/Lovers And Friends/Heart User/Walking In The Light/His Love Covers Our Sin/I Will Follow You/Loard I Love You/That's What Friends Are For/We're All One/You Can't Get To Heaven/I Wish We'd All Been Ready/Everyman/Do You Wanna Dance. 
Private Collection Label
Cliff & Hank Marvin Live (CD) 
Move It/Living Doll/The Young Ones/Apache/Don't Cry For Me Argentina/Riders In The Sky/
Everything I Do (I Do If For You)/Apache (Clif & Hank On Guitars)/American Pie/Apache-Dance One-Guitar Tango/Travelling Light/Apache (Hank Taling About Tune)/Fender Demo (Hank). 
Private Collection Label
Cliff Live In Apollo Manchester 30th April 1983 (CD) 
Son Of Thunder/Young Love/Wired For Sound/Summer Rain/Dreamin/Once In A While/The Next Time/The Day I Met Marie/Don't Talk To Him/Miss You Nights/We Don't Talk Anymore/Move It/Stood Up/Daddy's Home . 
Private Collection Label
Cliff Live On Stage 1: 1984-1994 (CD)
Knebworth 30th June 1990:On The Beach/Good Golly Miss Molly/Do You Wanna Dance/
Living Doll. October 1992: Monday Thru Friday/Willie And The Hand Jive/Please Don't Tease/
Joanna (London 16-17 June 1989).Sheffield 15 December 1994:  Gee Whiz It's You/
Nine Times Out Of Ten/It'll Be Me. London 16-17 June 1989: In The Country/The Young Ones/
Miss You Nights (A Cappella)/The Best Of Me.  Australia Oct/November 1984: Donna/Lucille/
Shooting From The Heart/The Next Time (Sheffield 15 December 1994)/Love On (October 1992)/
All By Myself (Unreleased Version)
Cliff Live On Stage 2: 1984-1994 (CD)
The Only Way Out/Love Stealer/Where You Are/Lovers & Friends/Ocean Deep/Some People/
Little Mistreater/Love Is The Stronger Emotion/It's All In The Game/On The Beach/Handle My Heart/My Kinda Life/Constantly/Fall In Love With You/Voice In The Wilderness/On The Beach (2)/Do You Wanna Dance/Shakin' All Over . 
Cliff Richard & Olivia Newton-John: The 40th Anniversary Australian Tour (CD) 
Disc. 1: The 40th Anniversary Medley/From A Distance/Do You Wanna Dance/It's All In The Game/
Softly As I Leave You/All That Matters/Daddy's Home/Physical*/Hopelessly Devoted To You*/Suddenly
(Duet Olivia)/The Twelfth Of Never (Duet Olivia)/Some People/Wired For Sound.
Disc. 2: Move It/After This Love/Butterfly Kisses/Everytime We Say Goodbye/We Don't Talk Anymore/
Hope Faith And You/I Honestly Love You*/All I Ask Of You (Duet Olivia)/Magic (Duet Olivia)/Miss You Nights/
A Woman And A Man/Devil Woman/Rock N Roll Medley/It'll Be Me/Peace In Our Time (Duet Olivia). 
Private Collection Label
Cliff & Olivia 40th Concert In Sydney (CD) Febuary 1998
We Don't Talk Anymore-Carrie-Some People-We Don't Talk Anymore (Philiharmonic Orchestra)/
From A Distance/Dialogue/Do You Wanna Dance/Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow/It's All In The Game/Softly As Leave You/Dialogue/All That Matters/Daddy's Home/Intro Olivia Newton John -Physical/Hopelessly Devoted To You (Oliva)/Suddenly (Cliff & Olivia)/Dialogue/Twelfth Of Never (Cliff & Olivia)/Some People/Wired For Sound/Wired For Sound (Replay) . 
Private Collection Label
Cliff & Olivia 40th Concert New Zealand (CD) 
Overture/From A Distance/Do You Wanna Dance/Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow/It's All In The Game/Softly As I Leave You/All That Matters/Daddy's Home/Physical (Olivia)/Hopelessly Devoted To You (Olivia)/Suddenly (Cliff & Olivia)/The Twelfth Of Never (Cliff & Olivia)/Some People/Wired For Sound . 
Private Collection Label
Cliff & Olivia At The BBC Duets Collection 1970 - 1974 (CD) 
Don't Move Away (The Cliff Richard Show 24-12-1970)/Don't Move Away (It's Cliff Richard Show 06-02-1971)/
Love The One You're With (It's Cliff Richard Show 06-02-1971)/Walk On By-The Look Of Love (It's Cliff Richard Show 06-02-1971)/United We Stand (It's Cliff Richard Show 20-03-1971)/Don't Move Away (Get Away With Cliff 30-08-1971)/I Got You Babe (It's Cliff Richard Show 01-01-1972)/Let It Be (It's Cliff Richard Show 08-01-1972)/Baby It's You (It's Cliff Richard Show 15-01-1972)/Baby I'm A Want You (It's Cliff Richard Show 05-02-1972)/If I Was Close To You (The Case 02-09-1972)/I'm Leaving It All Up To You (It's Cliff Richard Show
/All I Have To Do Is Dream (It's Cliff Richard Show 28-09-1974)/Proud Mary (It's Cliff Richard Show 28-09-1974)Private Collection Label
Cliff & Olivia Live In Australia (CD) 
Physical/Hopelessly Devoted To You/Suddenly/The Twelfth Of Never/I Honestly Love You/
That's All I Ask Of You/Magic. Private Collection Label
Cliff Richard & Olivia Newton-John - The Case Songs (CD) 
Friends/Move It/Living In Harmony/Early In The Morning/Living In Harmony/Sing A Song Of Freedom/If I Was Close To You (With Olivia)/Just A Little To Much (Olivia)/Banks Of Ohio (Olivia)/Rock N Roll Medley: That Good Old Rock n Roll-Rock N Roll Music-Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On/I'm A California Man-Do You Want To Dance/Can't Let You Go/Can't Let You Go (Reprise)/Friends . 
Private Collection Label
Cliff From The Hip (CD) 
We Don't Talk Anymore/Devil Woman/Miss You Nights/Always There (Marti Webb)/All I Ask Of You/Leather Jackets (by Elton John)/If I Say Yes (by Five Star)/When The Going Gets Tough,
The Tough Get Going (by Billy Ocean)/Slow Rivers (with Elton John)/Move It (The Shadows)/
Living Doll (The Shadows)/Never Say Die (Give A Little Bit More)/All By Myself . 
Private Collection Label
Cliff In Fairfield Hall Croydon (CD) 1975
Disc. 1: The Outlaw*/Jesus Is My Kinda Of People*/Everything Is Beautiful*/Lord I Love You/The Joy Of Living/Mr. Business Man*/I Wish We'd All Been Ready/Help It Along/Love Never Gives Up*/I've Got Confidence* .
Disc. 2: Cliff Intro, Love Song/Love Song*/He Didn't*/When I Survey The Wondrous Cross/Up In Canada/We Shall Be Changed/Higher Ground/The Praise Of The Lord* . Private Collection Records
Cliff In Scandinavia 1970 (CD)
Summer Holiday/In The Country/Girl You'll Be A Woman Soon/Congratulations/Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head/Something (Hank Marvin)/The Day I Met Marie/Zorba Dance/Down By The Riverside (The Christians)/Oh Happy Day/The Way To San Jose (Cia Lowgren)/I Remember It Well/
Rock N Roll Medley: C'mon Everybody-Johnny B Goode-Yellow River-Move It-Wake Up Little Susie-Do You Wanna Dance. 
Cliff With Bruce At The Talk Of The Town 1975 (CD) 
Rock N Roll I Gave You All The Best Years Of My Life/I Can't Let You Go/You Keep Me Hangin On/Do You Want To Dance/When A Man Loves A Woman/You've Lost That Loving Feeling/When I'm 64/I'd Wish We'd All Been Ready/When I Survey The Wondrous Cross/Let's Have A Party/Johnny B Goode/Bachelor Boy/Living Doll/Let Me Be The One (With Bruce)/Power To All Our Friends (With Bruce)/If You Don't Know Me By Now/Love Train . 
Private Collection Label
Cliff Richard 1979-1988 (CD) 
Some People/Wired For Sound/Carrie/Remember Me/Dreamin/A Little In Love/Daddy's Home/
Never Say Die/The Only Way Out/Please Don't Fall In Love/My Pretty One/She's So Beautiful/
Two Heart's/We Don't Talk Anymore/Where Do We Go From Here/Mistletoe And Wine. 
Private Collection Label
Cliff Richard At The Lakeside Club, Camberley (CD) 25-02-1996
A Shadows Medley/Move It/Living Doll/Lucky Lips/Travellin' Light/Summer Holiday/All Shook Up/All I Have To Do Is Dream/Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On/The Young Ones/On The Beach/
The Chairman Of The Hospice Committee (Rhod Lofting) Thanks Cliff/Gee Whizz It's You/
Bidding To Meet Cliff Backstage.  Private Collection Label
Cliff Richard & Bruce Welch On BBC Radio 1977 (CD) 
Move It/Living Doll/Apache/Please Don't Tease/F.B.I/Bachelor Boy/Don't Talk To Him/Don't Make My Baby Blue/In The Country/Time Drags By/The Day I Met Marie/Congratulation/Throw Down A Line/Power To All Our Friends/Faithfull/Miss You Nights/I'm Nearly Famous/Devil Woman/I Can't Ask For Anymore Than You . 
Private Collection Label
Cliff Richard CD Singles (1-8) (CD) 
More Details
Private Collection Label
Cliff Richard Film Versions Vol. 3 (CD) 
Midnight Blue/Winning/Why (Duet Antony Andrews)/The Game/Life/The Game/Take Me High/
Join The Band/The Word Is Love/Brumburger/Way Back In The Sixties (Bolland)/She's So Beautiful (Special Mix 7)/Born To Rock n Roll (7" Inch Version)/She's So Beautiful (Time Version). Private Collection Label
Cliff Richard Film Versions Vol. 4 (CD) 
Two A Penny/Twist And Shout/I'll Love You Forever Today/Questions/His Land/His Land/
Jerusalem/Over In Bethlehem/Keep Me Where Love Is/He's Everything To Me/It's Only Money. 
Private Collection Label
Cliff Richard Life With Johnny (CD) 
Life With Johnny/England/Love Is More Than Words/Help/No One Seems To Care/Compassion Road/Johnny On The Rocks/Life With Johnny/He Does It For The Money/Now I've Gone And Done It/Nearly A Nasty Moment/Forgive Me/Life With Johnny/Small World/Turn It Into Cash/That's My Kind Of Life/I Will Arise And Go/Celebrate/The Fellow Next To Me/Johnny/Don't Blame Me/Johnny Wake Up To Reality/Where Is That Man/Life With Johnny/Happy World/Seeing In Believing/
Till Winter Follows Spring/Is There An Answer?/The Carnival Just For Me. 
Private Collection Label
Cliff Richard Live In Japan Tokyo 1969 (CD) 
Shout/Move It/It's All In The Game/Good Times Better Times/Something Good-If Ever I Should Leave You/Nothing But A House Party/Throw Down A Line/The Day I Met Marie/La La La La/
A Taste Of Honey (Cliff Instr.)/The Lady Came From Baltimore/Big Ship/The Young Ones/
Living Doll/In The Country/Bachelor Boy/Early In The Morning/When I'm Sixty Four/
Congratulations/Visions. Private Collection Label
Cliff Richard Vol. 1 Limited To 20 Copies This Is No 7/20 (CD) 
Introduction By Pete Murray/Lucky Lips (BBC)/Dancing Shoes (BBC)/Introduction By Pete Murray/Bachelor Boy (BBC)/Summer Holiday (BBC)/Since I Lost You (Canadian Stereo Version)/
Spanish Harlem (South Africa Live Version)/Dancing Shoes (South Africa Live Version)/
Unchained Melody (South Africa Version)/Another Tear Falls (Live 1989)/Get It Right Next Time (Live 1989)/Peace In Our Time (Unissued Radio Mix/New Edit)/Message For Clifford T. Ward/
Up In The World (Live 1982)/Message For Miss You Nights (Danish Radio 1976)/Miss You Nights (Promo Version 2000)/This Love (Original Solo Recording) . Private Collection Label
Cliff Richard Vol. 2 Limited To 20 Copies This Is No 7/20 (CD) 
Help/Small World, Small View/Celebrate/Turn It Into Cash/This Is My Kinda Life/Washer Woman/
Finders Keepers/I Wonder/I Only Live To Love You/Two A Penny Advert 55 sec/Two A Penny Advert 25 sec/Two A Penny Advert 25 sec/ Two A Penny Advert 25 sec/Two A Penny Advert 15 sec/Two A Penny Film Version/I'll Love You Forever Today Film Version/Interview With Dick Straut/Cliff Richard Comments/Shoom Llama Boom Boom/Power To All Our Friends/Mean Streak/Blue Turns To Gray.  Private Collection Label
Cliff Richard & The Drifters: Play Butlins-Clacton On Sea-August 1958 (CD)  20152
Twenty Flight Rock/Jailhouse Rock/Breathless/Money Honey/Heartbreak Hotel/
Hound Dog/I Gotta Woman/Milk Cow Blues/Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On. 
Emidace Private Collection Label
Cliff Richard & The Shadows By Special Request (CD) 
Honky Tonk Angel/Little Rag Doll/Sternengold/Maria/If I Give My Heart To You/It's Wonderful To Be Young/Elevenis/Since I Lost You/Secret Love/Thinking Of Our Love/"D" In Love/Things We Said Today/Save The Last Dance For Me/Where Is Your Heart. 
Private Collection Label
Cliff Richard & The Shadows- Hits am laufenden Band (CD) 
I´m Gonna Get You/You And I/I Cannot Find True Love/Evergreen Tree/She´s Gone/Left Out again/You´re Just The One To Do It/Lamp of Love/Choppin´n´Changin/We Have Made It/Tell Me/Gee Whiz It´s You/I Love You So/I´m Wlling To Learn/I Dont Know/Working after School . 
Private Collection Label
Cliff Richard & The Shadows Paris Olympia 61-64 (CD) 
December 1961: Shazam!/Shadoogie/The Frightened City/Man Of Mystery/Nivram/Kon-Tiki/
Midnight/Apache. September 1962: Stranger On The Shore/Do You Want To Dance.
May 1963: Hang Up My Rock n Roll Shoes/Dancing Shoes/It'll Be Me. May 1964: Nivram/
The Rise And Fall Of Flingel Bunt/A Little Bitty Tear/Apache/Da Do Ron Ron/The Young Ones/
Boum/It's All In The Game/Constantly/Do You Want To Dance/Lucky Lips/La Mer/Bachelor Boy/We Say Yeah. Private Collection Label
Cliff & The Shadows: Live BBC Radio 1965-1966 (1-4) (CD) 
More Details
Private Collection Label
Cliff & The Shadows Live At Last (CD) 
Move It/Don't Talk To Him/Please Don't Tease/It's All In The Game/Lucky Lips/Wonderful Land (The Shadows)/Intro 1 (The Shadows)/Cavantina (The Shadows)/F.B.I (The Shadows)/Living Doll/Intro 2
(Cliff Richard)/Bacelor Boy/Summer Holiday/Intro 3 (Cliff Richard)/The Young Ones/Do You Wanna Dance/Visions/On The Beach/Up In Canada/Miss You Nights/Intro 4 (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)/
All Shook Up/Devil Woman/Oh Boy Medley: King Creole-TV Hop-Rockin' Robin/Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On/In The Country/Silhouettes/That'll Be The Day/True Love Ways/Day By Day.  
Private Collection Label
Cliff & The Shadows Memories Are Made Of This (CD) 
ITV 1964: Willy Did The Cha Cha/On My Word/Boum (English-French)/It's No Secret (Special Piano Version). At The Movies: To The Movies/Those Magnificent Man/Don't Forget To Catch Me/I'm An Indian To/Broadway Rhythm-Gotta Dance/Chicago (The Shadows)/I Like You Very Much/Temptation/Talk To The Animals/The Magical Mrs. Clamps (The Shadows)/Well Didjah Ever/Marianne/Happy Ending/We Kiss In A Shadow (Rolf Harris 67). Jimmy Tarbuck Show 64 Fly Me To The Moon/Dancing Shoes/Bachelor Boy/Summer Holiday/Memories Are Made Of This/Intro+ Memories Are Made Of This. Private Collection Label
Cliff At City Hall - February 18 1968 (CD) 
Praise My Soul The King Of Heaven/Resume Of Cliff's Career/Cliff Interview #1/How Great Thou Art/Cliff Interview #2/We Shall Be Changed/Cliff Interview #3/It Is No Secret/Cliff Interview #4/
Good News/Cliff Interview #5/What A Friend We Have In Jesus/Cliff Interview #6/Can It Be/
How Great Thou Art/What A Friend We Have In Jesus.
Cliff At The Movies BBC (CD)
Cliff At The Movies 1
Cliff At The Movies 2
Cliff At The Movies 3
Cliff At The Movies 4.
Cliff Ahoy Rotterdam 3 May 1999 ( (CD)
Disc. 1: From A Distance/I Could Easily Fall In Love/Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow/Daddy's Home/
I'm Dreamin'/Remember Me/Miss You Nights/Real As I Wanna Be/The Twelfth Of Never (W/ Michele Wolff)/
Butterfly (By Michele Wolff)/Song From Heathcliff/In The Country/Some People/Wired For Sound/
Wired For Sound Replay Intermission/Move It/A Little In Love.
Disc. 2: Asward Gold Disc (Hans V Wilgenburg)/Can't Keep This Feeling In/Hope Faith And You/
We Don't Talk Anymore/She Makes Me Feel Like A Man/The Miracle/Butterfly Kisses/Lucky Lips/Ocean Deep/
Devil Woman/Summer Holiday/Power Medley: Congratulation-Do You Wanna Dance-Dynamite/
Power To All Our Friends/Lets Dance/Cliff Presenting The Band/Peace In Our Time.
Cliff's Danish "Unplugged" (CD) 
Opening (Host)/Interview With Keld Heick/Move it/Chat With Keld/Living Doll/About Career/The Young Ones/Travelling Light (Hank Marvin)/Chat About Hank/Lucky Lips/Old Stars Chat/Devil Woman/Crazy Fans/Even If It Breaks My Heart/Musical Chat/We Don't Talk Anymore/Time Talk/
She's So Beautiful/Heathcliff Interview/Heathcliff/Tennis Lessons/Can't Keep This Feeling In. 
Private Collection Label
Cliff Goes East  ( (CD)
Disc. 1: The Rise And Fall Of Flingel Blunt/Mr. Sun/Apache/Lonesome Wolf/Tiny Robin/A Thousand Conversations/Bye Bye Love/Can't Let You Go/Have A Little Talk With Myself/Sunny Honey Girl/
The Minute You're Gone/Flying Machine/The Day I Met Marie.
Disc. 2: Silvery Rain/My Way/Move It/Living In Harmony/Walk On By -The Look Of Love/Early In The Morning/Goodbye Sam, Hello Samantha/Living Doll/Bachelor Boy/The Young Ones/Congratulations/
Rock'n Roll Medley: The Girl Can't Help It -Great Balls Of Fire- Lucille -Jailhouse Rock-Good Old Rock'n
Roll -Do You Want To Dance/Sing A Song Of Freedom. 
Cliff's Hit Singles 1 - 13 (CD) 
More Details
Private Collection Label
Cliff In Concert 1978 Fairfield Hall Croydon (CD)
I'm Nearly Famous/My Kinda Life/Every Face Tells A Story/When Two Worlds Drift Apart/
Summer Holiday-Living Dall-Bachelor Boy/Please Don't Tease/Give Me Love Your Way/
Try A Smile/Up In Canada/Yes He Lives/Miss You Nights/You've Got To Give Me All Your Loving/
Move It/Devil Woman. 
Cliff In Scotland (CD) 
Medley Over The Sea To Skye/Miss Henrietta Bell Courtin' In The Kitchen/O Soldier, Soldier, Won't You Marry Me/Let's Have A Ceilidh Highland Man's Umbrella/I Have Heard The Mavis Singing/Scotland The Brave .  Private Collection Label
Cliff Live In Germany Sixties (CD) 
1965: The Minute You're Gone/Time Drags By/Spanish Harlem/In The Country. 1967: Apache/Lucky Lips/Move It/Time Drags By/F.B.I/What I'd Say.1968: Congratulations/The Rise And Fall Of Flingel Bunt/The Minute You're Gone/Somewhere/Times Drags By/Spanish Harlem/A Little Bitty Tear/In The Country. 1964: Apache/Forty Days/Maria No Mas/Zuvuel Allein/Nivram/Constantly/Lucky Lips-Rote Lippen Soll Man Kussen/Cliff Interview 1964. 
Private Collection Label
Cliff - Produced Artist Backed (CD) 
There'll Never Be Anyone Else But You (Richard Loring & Cliff)/Confidential
(Richard Loring & Cliff)/Wonderful Summer (Richard Loring & Cliff)/Are You Sincere  
(Richard Loring & Cliff)/Interview (Richard Loring & Cliff)/Growing Up To Be A Child (Sheila Walsh & Cliff)/
Under The Gun (Sheila Walsh & Cliff)/Surrending (Sheila Walsh & Cliff)/Triumph In The Air (Sheila Walsh & Cliff)/I Will Follow You (Sheila Walsh & Cliff)/It's You (Dave Pope & Cliff)/We're All One
(Dave Pope & Cliff)/Standing On The Rock (Bryn Hayworth & Cliff)/Luxury Liner (Bryn Hayworth & Cliff)/
Do You Wanna Dance (Marietta & Cliff)/You're Only Lonely (Marietta & Cliff)/Son A Gun (B.A. Robertson & Cliff)/
Yes He Lives (Sheila Walsh & Cliff)/It Only Goes To Show (Dave Pope & Cliff)/Love Songs (Dave Pope & Cliff)
Private Collection Label
Cliff Richard (CD) 
I'm Walking/That's My Desire/Here Comes Summer/Embraceable You/I'll String Along With You/Pointed Toe Shoes/Down The Line/Baby I Don't Care/Donna/Don't Bug Me Baby/Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On/I Got A Feeling. 
Private Collection Label
Cliff On The Steve Wright Show. BBC Radio Live (CD)
I Could Easily Fall/Living Doll/Evergreen Tree/The Young Ones/All Shook Up/Stood Up Live '82/
We Don't Talk Anymore/Congratulations (W/ Choir)/Blackbird-Bye Bye Love/Razzle Dazzle-Blackbird/Tulips From Amsterdam/Abide With Me/Save The Brave-National Anthem/Summertime/All My Love (Live 67)That's Where Friends Are For (Live Rehearsal) . 
Cliff Richard 1998 (CD)
Diana Tribute Concert/Live Bulgaria/November Night/Phill Chill Mix/This Love (Solo Version)/
The Lord's Prayer/From Something Special: Great Balls Of Fire/All That Matters/Living Doll. 
Cliff Richard Et Les Shadows Live At Olympia 24-5-1964 (CD)
Nivram/The Rise & Fall Of Flingle Bunt/A Little Bitty Tear/Apache/Da Doo Run Run/The Young Ones/Boum/Its All in the Game/Constantly/Do You Wanna Dance/Lucky Lips/La Mer/Bachelor Boy/We Say Yeah/What'd I Say.  Private Collection Label 
Cliff Richard & Friends (CD) 
The Air That I Breath(Albert Hammond)/He Knows, She Knows(Majella O'Donnell)/Love That Knows No End(Aleksander Mezek)/Look Up Look Down(Brothers Olsen)/Find A Little Faith (Olivia Newton John)/
I Could Be Persuaded (Bellamy Brothers)/Let It Be Me (Olivia Newton John)/This Love (Tammy Wynette)/I'll Mend You Broken Heart (Phil Everly)/Miss You Night (Live) (Elaine Page)/Living Doll (Brothers Olsen)/Only You (Sarah Brightman)/We Being Many (Helen Shapiro)/Lost Jovense
(Los Mustang)/Rock That Doen't Roll (Live). (Larry Norman) Bonus Track: Remix: C'mon Everybody (The Shadows)Private Collection Label
Cliff Richard Live (CD) MFP 50307
The Minute You're Gone/The Day I Met Marie/Move It/Living In Harmony/Walk On By/
The Look Of Love/Early In The Morning/Goodbye Sam Hello Samantha/Living Doll/
Bachelor Boy/The Young Ones/Congratulations/The Girl Can't Help It/Great Balls Of Fire/
Lucille/Jailhouse Rock/Good Old Rock 'n' Roll/Do You Want To Dance/Sing A Song Of Freedom. MFP Label
Cliff Richard Live In The USSR (CD) 
Intro/The Young Ones (Acoustic)/If You Walked Away/I Wish You'd Change Your Mind/
Miss You Nights/You've Got To Give Me All Your Lovin'/Devil Woman/Such Is The Mystery/
I'm Nearly Famous/ Drift Away/Press Interview. 
Private Collection Label
Cliff And The Shadows 'Live On Stage' (CD) 
All Day/Heartbreak Hotel/I Saw The Light/Do You Want To Dance (Long Version 1989)/Dynamite/
D In Love/Turn Me Loose/Shakin' All Over/Please Don't Tease/Stood Up/Rock That Doesn't Roll/
Me And My Shadows/Save My Soul/Sweeter Than You/Walk Right In/Greensleeves/Sweet Molly Malone/I Gotta Woman. Dynamite Records
Cliff Richard & The Shadows - Live & Rare 5 (CD) 
Diamonds (90's Version)(Jet Harris)/Sag 'No' Zu Ihm(Cliff Richard)/Take The Time (John Farrar)/
Bachelor Boy (US Stereo Version)/Please Mr. Please (Bruce Welch)/Fassbender (Brian Bennett)/
Love On (Shine On)/Leave My Woman Alone (The Shadows)/Flingel Sounds (Hank Marvin)/Move It/
True Love Ways (The Shadows)/Pipeline (Hank Marvin & Duane Eddy)/Look Don't Touch/
The Rise And Fall Of Flingel Bunt/Ein Sonntag Mit Marie/Broken Hill (Hank Marvin)/The Stranger (The Shadows)/Nothing Left For Me To Say/Captain Haddock Is Missing (The Shadows)/
It's Every One Of Us. Private Collection Label
Cliff Richard & The Shadows: Our Friends (CD) SMC 983890
I Want You To Know/True Love Will Come To You/Main Theme/Why Don't They Understand/
The Drum Number/Unchained Melody/Sentimental Journey/Where The Four Winds Blow/
The Lute Number/I'm Afraid To Go Home/I Live For You/Ranka-Chank/Temptation/What'd I Say. 
Private Collection Label
Cliff Richard & The Shadows "Radio Luxembourg Shows 1960 - 1961"(CD) EMIDACE2014
Made In Belgium Intro: Me & My Shadows/Forty Days/I've Got A Funny Feeling/Rosalee/
Willy Did The Cha Cha/Hang Up My Rock 'n' Roll Shoes/Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On/
Mean Woman Blues/Blue Suede Shoes/I Lost My Heart/I Gotta Know/All I Do is Dream Of You/
Reelin' & Rockin'/Don't Bug Me Baby/Sick & Tired/Down The Line/My Babe/Where Is My Heart 
THE SHADOWS Apache/Barney's Blues/Cerveza/Driftin'/Shadoogie/Shazam/The Savage/
Shazam #2/Gonzales/Man Of Mystery.Outro: Me & My Shadows. 
Cliff Richard & The Shadows The Alternative Takes (CD) 
Never Mind (1959 Take 10)/Dynamite (1959 Take 4)/Fall In Love With You (1960 Take 21)/
Nine Times Out Of Ten (1960 Take 6)/I Love You (1960 Take 2)/Midnight (1961 Take 2)/
A Girl Like You (1961 Take 2)/Find Me A Golden Street (1961 Take 3)/Now's The Time To Fall In Love (1961 Early Take)/Poor Boy (1961 Take 13)/When The Girl In Your Arms (1961 Take 3)/Kon-Tiki
(1961 Take 2)/Got A Funny Feeling (1961 Take 4)/Willie & The Hand Jive (1961 Alternative Take)/
We Say Yeah! (1961 Take 13)/Do You Want To Dance (1961 Take 1)/The Next Time (1962 Take 3)/
Wonderful Land (1962 Take 8)/Bachelor Boy (1962 Take 9)/Guitar Tango (1962 Take 2)/Wonderful Life (1964 Take 18)
Private Collection Label
Cliff Richard & Olivia Newton John (CD) 
If I Was Close To You/Don't Move Away/Suddenly/Walk On By-The Look Of Love/Oh Boy (Cliff, Elton John & Andy Gibb)/Suddenly (Gala 1988)/I'm Leaving It All Up To You/Alll I Have To Do Is Dream/Roling On A River/Had To Be/Had to Be (Live 95)/Don't Move Away (Live 71)
Private Collection Label
Cliff Rarities (CD) 
Home Loving Man/No Name No Fame/When I'm Dead And Gone/Run For Shelter/Flesh And Bood/Nothing Rhymed/If I Do/The Letter/Postmark Heaven/My Way/The Love Of My Life . 
Private Collection Label
Cliff Sings Elvis Songs (CD)
Angel/King Creole/Don't/One Night/I Gotta Know/Blue Suede Shoes/All Shook Up/Money Honey/
There's A Honky Tonk Angel/Baby I Don't Care/That's All Right Mamma/Wonderful World/
Heartbreak Hotel/Teddy Bear/Take Good Care Of Her/My Way/His Latest Flame/How Great Thou Art/Jailhouse Rock/Love Letters/Blue Moon/Unchained Melody/Lawdy Miss Clawdy/Softly As I Leave You/Can't Help Falling In Love/I Just Can't Help Believin'. Private Collection Label
Cliff Sings For The Young Ones (CD) 
The Young Ones/Nothing's Impossible/All For One/Lessons In Love/No One For Me But Nicky/
We Say Yeah/I'll See You In My Dreams/When I Grow Too Old To Dream/First Lesson In Love/ Dream/All I Do Is Dream Of You/It's You. Private Collection Label
Cliff's Songs (CD) 
Mumblin 'Mosie/Theme For A Dream/Thinking Of Our Love/Willie & The Hand Jive/Little Things Mean A Lot/"D" In Love/Love/I'm The Lovely One/Move It!/Schoolboy Crush/Please Don't Tease/
Where Is My Heart/Never Mind/Don't Be Mad At Me/Mean Streak/Watch What You Do With My Baby. Private Collection Label
Cliff & The Shdows On TV 1960 -1962 (CD) 
Theme For A Dream/Ready Teddy (Play out)/King Creole/Wille And The Hand Jive/Whole Lotta Shakin (Cut)/Gee Whiz Its You/Travellin Light/Balling The Jack/Happy/The Song Is You/FBI
(The Shadows)/What'd I Say (Short Clip)/Move It (ATV Spectacular 21 May 1960)/Travellin Light
(ATV Spectacular 21 May 1960)/Fall In Love Wit You (ATV Spectacular 21 May 1960)/Please Don't Tease (ATV Spectacular 21 May 1960)/Nine Times Out Of Ten (Cliff ATV Series Feb 1961)/
I Love You (ATV Val Parnell Spec. New Years Eve 31-12-1960)/Gee Whiz It's You (Cliff Sat. Spec ATV 30-07-1960)/
Wonderful Land (The Shadows)/The Young Ones/I'm On My Way/Do You Wanna Dance (Royal Variety 1962)/The Frightened City (The Shadows Crackerjack 27th April 1961)/Dim Dim The Light (Kingston 1962)/Save My Soul (Kingston 1962)/I Gotta Woman (Kingston 1962).  Private Collection Label
Cliff Story Radio 2 ' 86/Special Herman Stok (CD) 
Intro Radio/Move It - Interview/Living Doll Medley/Devil Woman/King Creole/Miss You Nights/
The Day I Met Marie (Italien)/Power To All Our Friends Chat/Honky Tonk Angel/Wired For Sound/
Why Should The Devil. Chat Harman/Film Medley/Born To Rock/Instrumental/Ever Green Tree/
Moonlight Shadows. Private Collection Label
Collectors Choice LMPS 5885
Its Only Me You've Left Behind/Fender Bender(Shadows)/Wouldn't You Know It(Got Myself A Girl)/Rusk(Shadows)/Perhaps Perhaps/Perhaps/Run Billy Run(Shadows)/ Equinoxe Part V(Shadows)/Don't Be Mad At Me/Song Of Yesterday(Bruce Welch)/I Wonder/Sweet Saturday Night(Shadows)/Where Is My Heart. Showad Label [10 "] 
Croydon 1978 (CD) 
I'm Nearly Famous/My Kinda Life/Every Face Tells A Story/When Two Worlds Drift Apart/Summer Holiday-Living Doll/Bachelor Boy/Please Don't Tease/Give Me Love Your Way/Try A Smile/
Up In Canada/Yes He Lives/Miss You Nights/You've Got To Give Me All Your Lovin/Move It/
Devil Woman.
Dave Clark's Time The Album (CD)
Disc. 1: (Cliff Richard) Born To Rock'n'Roll/(Ashford & Simpson) Time Talkin'/(Freddie Mercury) Time/(Mike Moran) Music Of The Spheres/(Chris Thompson, Miriam Stockley, Michael Mullen) Law Of The Universe/(John Christie)
The Time Lord Theme/(John Christie) The Charge/(Leo Sayer) One Human Family/(Dionne Warwick) What On Earth/(Leo Sayer) I Know I Know/(Jimmy Helms) Your Brother In Soul/(John Christie) Case For The Prosecution/
(Ashford & Simpson) Starmaker/(Julian Lennon And Stevie Wonder) Time Will Teach Us All/(John Christie) I Object!/
(Freddie Mercury) In My Defence.
Disc. 2: (Dionne Warwick And Burt Bacharach) Within My World/ (Julian Lennon) Because/(Jimmy Helms) Move The Judge/(Cliff Richard) She's So Beautiful/(Laurence Olivier) Beauty,Truth,Love,Freedom,Peace/(Julian Lennon)
If You Only Knew/(Murray Head) We're The UFO/(Laurence Olivier) The Theme From Time/(John Christie) Harmony/(Dave Clark, John Christie) The Return (Instrumental)/(Freddie Mercury) Time (Reprise)/
(Cliff Richard) It's In Every One Of Us. 
Dessert Island Discs Present Cliff Richard Okt. 1960 (CD) 
Sleepy Lagoon Opening /Chat/Beat Out Dat Rhythm On A Drum/Chat/Tammy/Chat/Heartbreak Hotel/Chat/My Funny Valentine/Chat/How You Say It/Chat/That's My Desire/Chat/Rock Around The Clock/Chat/Am I Blue/Chat/Sleepy Lagoon Closing. 
Private Collection Label
Duets With Cliff Richard (CD) CDR 74
We Being Many/This Love/That's What Friends Are For/Whenever God Shines His Light/
I'll Ment You Broken Hearts/As Times Goes By/Slow Rivers/Two To The Power/To A Friend/
Driftin'/Only You/Strong Is The Current/Don't Move Away/Jesus Call You Lambs/Whenever God Shines His Light [Maxi-Version]/One For All/I Could Easily Fall [In Love With You]/I Believe In Music/For You/Living Doll.
Duets With Cliff Vol. 2 (CD) 
Move It (Hank Marvin)/Medley: In The Country-On The Beach-Do You Want To Dance (Darren Day)/
The Wedding (Helen Hobbson)/If Ever I Would Leave You (Helen Hobbson)/Close To You (Olivia)/
The Young Ones (Cheryl Baker)/Weihnachtzeit (Claudia Jung)/Saviours Day (Claudia Jung)/Always There-All I Ask Of You (Marty Webb)/All I Have To Do Is Dream (Michael Ball)/Mistletoe & Wine (Gordon Giltrap)/
Singing The Blues (Jasper Garrott)/Bachelor Boy-Gee Whizz Its You (Darren Day)/Devoted To You (Denise Black)/Don't Talk To Him-achelor Boy (Bruce Welch)/Walk On By-The Look Of Love (Olivia)/
Nothing's Impossible (Grazina Frame)/Bye Bye Love (Hank Marvin)Private Collection Label
Duets With Cliff Vol. 3 (CD) 
Baby I Love You To Want Me (Nolan Sisters)/Love Song (Nolan Sisters)/Seven Little Girls Sitting In The Back Seat (Roy Skinner)/Fire And Rain (Labi Sifre)/Lets Twist Again (Nolan Sisters)/Blowing In The Wind (Nolan Sisters)/Shake Me Take Me (Irene Sheer)/Age Of Aquarius (Nolan Sisters)/Let The Sunshine In (Nolan Sisters)/Guitar Men (David Gates)/I'm Leaving It All Up To You (Olivia)/All I Have To Do Is Dream (Olivia)/Rollin On A River (Olivia, Nolan)/Love Train (The Tree Degrees)/Wake Up Little Susie (Michael Ball)/
All I Have To Do Is Dream (Michael Ball)/Bird Dig (Michael Ball)/Walk Right Back (Michael Ball)/Boom
Boom (Dame Etna)/Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head (Cia Lowgren)/Do You Remember (Susan Hampshire)/On Broadway (Mike Douglas)/Who Want To Be A Millionaire (Cilla Black, Dickie Hendersen)/The Look Of Love (Cilla Black)/Passing Strangers (Cilla Black)/Move It (Hank Marvin)/Vita Mia (Vincenzo La Scola)/The Twelfth Of Never (Michele Wolf)/Miss You Nights (Eilane Page)
Private Collection Label
Especialy For You (CD) 
I Love You (Alt. Take)/Some Of These Days/Apron Strings (Alt. Take)/Dynamite (Alt. Take)/
Do You Wanna Dance (Alt. Take)/Swinging On A Star/Yours's A Real Good Friends (With Frank Ifield)/The Holy And The Ivy (With Frank Ifield)/Silent Night (With Frank Ifield)/God Rest You Merry Gentleman (With Frank Ifield)/Ding Dong Merrily On Hight (With Frank Ifield)/Merry Christmas (With Frank Ifield)/He Didn't He ?/Happy Day/This Guy's In Love With You/Sound Of Music Songs/Lord I Love You/Move It/Get Ready/Streets Of London/Got To Get You Into My Life/The Very Thought Of You/When/Why Do Fools Fall In Love .  Private Collection Label
Every Face Tells A Story (CD) 
Please Remember Me/Honky Tonk Angel/Goodbye Sam. Hello Samantha/When Two Worlds Drift Apart (Alt. Version)/Wouldn't You Know It/Don't Turn The Light Out/Every Face Tells A Story/
It's Only Me/Please Don't Tease/Hot Shot (Live)/When I Survey The Wonderous Cross/Going Home/Hey Watcha Say/Move It (Live '78)/My Kinda Life (Live '78)/Please Don't Tease (Live '78). Private Collection Label
"Every Face Tell" Promo Cliff & Bruce Traking Between Tracks (CD)
My Kinda Life/Must Be Love/When Two Worlds
Drift Apart/You Got Me Wondering/Every Face Tells A Story/Try A Smile/
Hey Mr Dream Maker/Give Me Love Your Way/Up In The World/Don't Turn
The Light Out/It'll Be Me Babe/Spider Man. 
Extended Versions (CD)
She's So Beautiful (Special Extended Mix)/It's Everyone (Extended Mix)/Born To Rock 'n' Roll (Special Extended Mix)/Living Doll (12" Maxi Version)/Some People (Extended Version)/Heart User (Extended Version)/Live In World/Baby You're Dynamite (Extended Mix)/Never Say Die (Extended Version)/We Don't Talk Anymore (12" Version)/Tutti Frutti/Teaddy Bear .
Extended Version Vol. 2 (CD)
Remember Me (12" Version)/Stronger Than That (Extended Version)/Scarlet Ribbons (12" Version)/We Don't Talk Any More (Remix 1991)/I Just Don't Have The Heart (Special Remix)/She's So Beautiful (Extended Mix)/My Pretty One (Extended Mix)/Lean On You (Extended Mix)/Share A Dream (Special Mix)/Two Hearts (Extended Mix)/Peace In Our Time (Extended Mix) . 
European Tour 1979 Hammersmith Oden (CD) 
Disc. 1: Move It/Doing Fine/The Young Ones/Cliff Greets The Audience/Rock 'n' Roll Juvenile/If You Walked Away/I'm Nearly Famous/Cliff Untroduces The Oldies/Theme For A Dream/Spanish Harlem/Did He Jump/
Why Should The Devil Have All the Good Music/Brian Matthews Talks About The Concert (Incomplete)/
My Kinda Life (Studio)/Brian Matthews Talks About Cliff's Start In Show Business/Living Doll (Studio)/
Cliff & Bruce Welch Talk About The Shadows/Apache By The Shadows (Studio)/Brian Matthews Talks Of Cliff's TV appearances/I'm Lookin' Out The Window (Studio)/The Split Of Cliff & The Shadows/In The Country (Studio)/Cliff On His Conversion To Christianity/Why Me (Studio)/Brian Matthews Intros The
Second Half Of The Concert (Incomplete).
Disc. 2: Sci-fi/Carrie/Cliff Cha/Never Even Thought/My Luck Won't Change/Green Light/Miss You Nights/
Band Introduction/Do You Want To Dance/Monday Thru Friday/Devil Woman/Devil Woman (Instrumental Reprise)/We Don't Talk Anymore/Audience Cheering/Cliff Chat/Summer Holiday/Audience Cheering/
Living Doll.
Film Versions (CD)
No Turning Back/Living Doll/Mad About You/Love/A Voice In The Wilderness/The Shrine On The Second Floor/Got A Funny Feelin'/Nothing's Impossible/The Young Ones/All For One/Lessons In Love/Lesson In Love (Dorinda)/What D'you Know,We're Got A Show-Vaudeville Routine/
When The Girl In Your Arms/We Say Yeah/What'd You Know, We've Got A Show/The Young Ones/
Seven Days To A Holiday/Summer Holiday/Let Us Take You For A Ride/Stranger In Town/
Bachelor Boy/A Swingin' Affair/Really Waltzing/All At Once . 
Film Versions 2 (CD)
Dancing Shoes/The Next Time/Big News/Summer Holiday/Wonderful Life/A Girl In Every Port/
Home/A Little Imagination/On The Beach/In The Stars/We Love A Movie/What've I Gotta Do/
Do You Remember/All Kinds Of People/A Matter Of Moments/You'th And Experience/Finder Keepers/Time Drags By/Washerwoman/La La La Song/My Way (The Shadows)/Oh Senorita/
This Day/Pella/Times Drags By/Fiesta-Spanish Music . 
For You (CD) LPSM 1074
Two To The Power (With Janet Jackson)/For You With Sue Shifrin (Unreleased 1976 Live Recording)/
Tracy/Sugar Sugar (Unreleased Live Recording)/Suddenly (With Olivia Newton John)/Think Again (Unreleased Live Recording)/Keep On Looking/Hey Girl (Unreleased Live Recording)/Love On Shine On/
(The Shadows) Shazam/Guitar Boogie/Sleepwalk/FBI (All These Four Tracks Are Live f & Taken From The Live At The Coliseum EP)/TV Theme/Cliff Richard: Rock N Roll Juvenile (Unreleased Live TV Version)/
No One Waits/(The Shadows) Never On. 
For Teenagers Only (CD)
What'd I Say/Blue Moon/When The Girl In Your Arms/Got A Funny Feeling. 
Private Collection Label





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