The Spotnicks - In Paris - Vol. 1 (CD) 5256402
Made In France High-Flying Scotsman/Happy Henrik's Polka/
Moonshot/Thundernest/Telstar/The Spotnicks Theme/Galloping Guitars/
Carry Me Back/The Rocket Man/Orange Blossom Special. 
Bonus (EP): Hey, Good Looking/Old Clock At Home/Johnny Guitar/
My Bonnie/Amapola/Havah Nagila.
Extra Bonus : Ol' Man River/Nightcap/What I'd Say/Thundernest (Alternative Version)/Havah Nagila (Alternative Version)/
The Spotnicks Theme (Alternative Version)/Galloping Guitars (Alternative Version)/
Johnny Guitar (Alternative & Rare Version)/High-Flying Scotsman (Alternative Version)/
Ol' Man River (Alternative Version)/Moonshot (Alternative Version)/Orange Blossom Special (Stereo Version)/The Rocket Theme (Stereo Version). Magic Records
The Spotnicks - Vol. 2 (CD) 5256412
Made In France Pony Express/Western Guitar/My Old Kentucky Home/
Happy Guitar/Comme Ci, Comme Ca/Last Space Train (Le Dernier Train De L'espace)/Swing Low/Sweet Chariot/Endless Walk/Midnight Special/
Say Mama. 
Bonus (EP): She She Little Sheila/Espana Cani (Spanish Gypsy Dance)/Trambone/No Yaga Daga Blues/Buttons & Bows/Joey's Song.
Extra Bonus: I'm Coming Home/Ghostriders In The Sky/Home On The Range/Hot Toddy/
Skintops Blues/Blue Blue Day/Espana Cani (Rare & Alternative Version)/My Old Kentucky Home (Alternative Version)/Last Space Train (Alternative Version). Magic Records
The Spotnicks - Vol. 3 (CD) 5262102
Made In France Space Party/Hang On/La Rosita/Pick A Bale Of Cotton/Valentina/Windy And Warm/San Antonio Rose/Anna/Tijuana Jail/Space Ship Rendez-Vous. Bonus (EP): Take Five/The Old Spinning Wheel/Just Listen To My Heart/Habanera/Dark Eyes Extra Bonus: Lonesome Old House/Woe Is Me/Be Bop A Lula/Enchanted Elusive
(Rare Track)/Drina/Bach Goes To Sea/Git It/Deep In The Heart Of
Texas/Because I'm A Travelling Man (Rare Track)/San Antonio Rose (French Version)/
La Rosita (French Version)/Anna (French Version)/The Old Spinning Wheel (Alternative Verion)/Valentina (French Version). Magic Records
The Spotnicks - Vol. 4 (CD) 5267332
Made In France Cape Kennedy/Hootemanny Express/Pense Á Moi/
Papa Oom Mow Mow/Space Creatures/Sabeline/Who Cares/Take Me To Your Leader/I Know A Secret/Boing Meets Girl/Sentimental Journey/
Please Say Yes. Bonus (EP): I'll Never Get You (French Version)/
I'm Around (French Version)/How Can You Leave Me Like That (French Version)/I'm Coming Home (French Version)/Winterland/Here Comes
Santa Claus/Ce N'est Qu'un Au Revoir (Auld Lang Syne)/Jingle Bells (Vive Le Vent). 
Extra Bonus : Low Man On A Totem Pole/If You Wanna Be Happy/Endless Sleep/La Route/Bye Bye Birdie/Susanna/Shine/Swidish Polka Pig. Magic Records
The Spotnicks - Vol. 5 (CD) 5270932
Made In France Piercing The Unknown/Autumn In Japan/Playboy's Bunny Hop/Look Up To The Evening Star/Drum Diddley/The Old Love Letters/Crying In A Storm/Memory Of Summer/Husky/From Russia With Love/Happy Silence/Ode To Dawn.
Bonus (EP): In The Mood/Space Walk/I Remember You/Big Jump. Extra Bonus: Plättlagen/Busted/Merry Elephant/Old Faithful/Last Date/
Walk Right In/What Now My Love (Et Maintenant)/Husky (French EP Version). Magic Records
The Spotnicks - Vol. 6 (CD) 5274762
Made In France Karelia/Blues Stay Away From/Memphis Tennessee/
Shamus O' Toole/Namenlos/Touch Me/Walking Back To Happiness/
Divided City/Great Balls Of Fire/Ku Damm Promenade/Recado/
The Worrying Kind/Green Eyes/Uska Dara/Steel Guitar Rag/Subject In Orbit/El Toro Bravo/Suspicion/Romance D'amour/Tapiola/Jupiter Special/High Noon/Diamonds/Lumpy Gravy. Magic Records
The Very Best Of The Spotnicks (CD) 2 322 627
Made In Austria Memories Are Made Of This/Sealed With A Kiss/
Medley- Simon & Garfunkel/Reversed Boogie/Coimbra/La Paloma/
I Can't Stop Loving You/Besame Mucho/Wilhelm Tell/Highway Boogie/
Kötött/Theme From Love Story/Space Communication/Dr Zjivago Theme. Koch Records
The Very Best Of The Spotnicks (CD) PHCA-4140
Made In Japan Spotnicks Theme/Karelia/Le Dernier Train De L'espace/Johnny Guitar/Aapola/Rocket Man/Hava Nagila/Drina/Orange Blossom Special/Old Faithful/Telstar/Happy Guitar/Moonshot/Ponny Express/Speak Softly Love [Godfather Love Theme]/Theme From "Few Dollars More"/Petite Fleur/Old Spinning Wheel/Goofus/Bilitis/Last Date/Ghostriders In The Sky/Mandchurian Beat. Mercury Records
Tribute To The Spotnicks (CD) None
Made In Sweden The Spotnicks' Theme/Diamonds/Havah Nagila/If You Could Read My Mind/
Last Space Train/Moonshot/Dardanella. 
Top Twenty (CD) SRCD 511
Made In Sweden Orange Blossom Special/Last Date/Amapola/
Ghostriders In The Sky/Old Faithful/Happy Guitar/Drina (Mars Na Drini)/Cape Kennedy/Old Spinning Wheel/Johnny Guitar/Walking Back To Happiness/Karelia/Moonshot/Old Clock At Home/If You Wanna Be Happy/Spanish Gypsy Dance/Space Walk/Busted/I Remember You/
The Spotnicks Theme. Riverside Records
Top Twenty - Vol. 2 (CD) SRCD 512
Made In Sweden The Rocket Man/Just Listen To My Heart/Havah Nagila/Lovesick Blues/Joey's Song/In The Mood/Highflying Scotsman/
Dark Eyes/Habanera From Carmen/Last Space Train/Diamonds/
Hot Toddy/Comme Ci Comme Ca/Happy Henric's Polka/Alabamy Bound/
Hang On/Buttons And Bows/Anna/Valentina/Shamus O'Toole. 
Riverside Records
Tracks  (CD) 74321 26465 2
Made In Sweden Midnight Blue/My Guitar/Waiting For A Train/Red Sails In The Sunset/
I'm Gonna Take You Home/Spariver/A.A./Stardust/Kentucky My Old Home/Summertime/
Bye Bye Love/Who Can Sail/If You Could Read My Mind/As Time Goes By. 
Mill Records
Unlimited (CD) MICD 5040
Made In Sweden Blues In A Minor/Chattanoga Choo Choo/Forty Miles Of Bad Road/Goodnight Irene/Hand In Hand/Harry Lime Theme/Hoot Owl/Kötött/Last Date/Reversed Boogie/Some Of Theese Days/Space Communication/The Hittenön Dance/Wabash Blues/We're Back Again/
Wilhelm Tell. Bonus CD: Coimbra/40 Miles Of Bad Road/Wavin' Dreams. Mill Records
Unplugged & Plugged But Alive (CD) None
Made In Germany Sweet Lips/Driving My Life Away/The Old Spinning Wheel/
There I Go Again/Albatross/I'll Be Your Baby Tonight/If You Could Read My Mind/It's Up To You/Tennessee Waltz/Singing The Blues/Sweet Little Lisa/
Sweet Lips/Drum Solo/Diamonds/Arne's Medleu/Cottonfields. 
EMI Records





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