Guitars From Out-A Space  (CD) NOT2CD 704
Made In EU
Disc. 1: The Rocket Man/Orange Blossom Special/Hey Good Looking/Amapola/Spanish Gypsy Dance/She She Little Sheila/High Flyin' Scotsman/Den Gamla Moraclocken (Old Clock At Home)/
Midnite Special/Johnny Guitar/Moonshot/Ol' Man River/Spotnick's Theme/What Did I Say/
Thundernest/I'm Going Home To See My Baby/Carry Me Back (Recorded as The Shy Ones)/
Telstar Back (Recorded as The Shy Ones).
Disc. 2: Hava Nagila/Ghost Riders In The Sky/Deep In The Heart Of Texas/Dark Eyes/
Galloping Guitars/Git It/Happy Henrik's Polka/Endless Walk/My Bonny/Nighcap/My Old Kentucky Home/No Yaga Daga Blues/Swing Low, Sweet Chariot/The Old Spinning Wheel/Home On The Range/
Theme From Leningrad (recorded as The Feenades)/Kon-Tiki (recorded as The Feenades). 
Not Now Music Records
Greatest Hits (CD) MCPS-GP 2040
Made In Netherland
Disc. 1: The Rocket Man/Amapola/Johnny Guitar/Hava Nagila/Gunshot/I Listen To My Heart/
Karelia/Last Date/Highway Boogie/Old Faithful/Gape Kennedy/Walking Back To Happiness/
Old Spinning Wheel/Lovesick Blue/The Spotnicks Theme.
Disc. 2: If You Could Read My Mind/Happy Guitar/Love Is Blue/Amazing Grace/Misty/Blue Babyou/
The Entertainer/Love Me Tender/Vuffeli - Vov/Another You/A Handful Of Songs/Nikita/Greensleeves/
One Way Ticket/It's Over/Way Don Yonder In New Orleans/Albatross.Digmode Label
Guitar Heroes - The Spotnicks & Other Heroes (CD) 231954.
Made In Germany
Disc. 1: Ghost Riders In The Sky/Hot Toddy/Avah Ginala/Old Faithful/Highway Boogie/Johnny Guitar/Diamonds/I’ll Remember You/Sleep Walk/Moonshot/Wabash Cannonball/Karelia/Busted/Space Walk/The Old Spinning Wheel/Memories Are Made Of This/Last Date/In The Mood/Tinta Verde/Spanish Gypsy Dance/The Spotnicks Theme/Amapola/Big Jump/Moonshot Special/Ghost Riders In The Sky [Karaoke Version]/Last Date [Karaoke Version]/Amapola [Karaoke Version].
Disc. 2: [Tennessee] Vagabond/[Les Paul & Mary Ford] Tico-Tico/[Bill Justis] Raunchy/[Chet Atkins] Mister Sandman/[Tennessee] Intercity/[Les Paul & Mary Ford] Tiger Rag/[Link Wray] Rumble/[Chuck Berry] Blues For Hawaiians/[Tennessee] Tennessee/[Chet Atkins] St. Louis/[Les Paul & Mary Ford] San Antonio Rose/[Big John Taylor] Money Money/[The Champs] Tequila/[Link Wray] Rawhide/[Les Paul & Mary Ford] Twelfth Street Rag/[Tennessee] Deep In The Heart Of Texas/[Chet Atkins] San Antonio. Membran Music 9th September 2008. 
Guitar Legends  (CD) RRCD 1722
Made In Unknown
Disc. 1: Sentimental Hits If You Could Read My Mind/Last Date/Love Is Blue/
Amazing Grace/Love Me Tender/Nikita/Greensleeves/Blue Babyou/Johnnny Guitar/
Another You/Karelia/Old Faithful/It's Over.
Disc. 2: Greatest Hits The Rocket Man/Riders In The Sky/Hava Nagila/Amapola/Misty/
The Entertainer/Walking Back To Happiness/One Way Ticket/I Listen To My Heart/Cape Kennedy/
Old Spinning Wheel/Lovesick Blues/The Spotnicks Theme. Retroscope Records
Hand In Hand (CD) 322 180
Made In Austria Wilhelm Tell/Space Communication/Some Of These Days/40 Miles Of Bad Road/Hoot Owl/Kötött/Harry Lime Theme/
Goodnight Irene/We're Back Again/Wabash Blues/Blues In 'A' Minor/
Chattanooga Choo Choo/Reversed Boogie/The Hittenön Dance/
Coimbra/Hand In Hand/Wavin' Dreams. KOCH Records
Happy Guitar (CD) 100.052
Made In Germany Happy Guitar/Love Is Blue/Amazing Grace/Misty/
Blue Bayou/The Entertainer/Love Me Tender/Vuffeli-Vov/Another You/
A Handful Of Songs/Nikita/Greensleeves/One Way Ticket/It's Over/
Way Down Yonder In New Orleans/Albatross. 
Vivo Records
Happy Guitar Stars & Schlager (CD) 839 940-2
Made In Germany Happy Guitar/The Taste Of Your Love/Johnny Guitar/
Diamonds/Don't Think Twice It's Alright/Theme From "A Few Dollars More"/
In The Mood/The Flower Of Sarubia [in error printed: Jarubia]/Valentina/
Ol' Man River/Last Date/How Can You Leave Me Like That/Recado/
Cape Kennedy/Ghostriders In The Sky. Karussell Records
Here Are The Spotnicks (CD) 841 781-2
Made In Germany Garden Party/Hootsmoon/Freight Train/You've Got Your Troubles/Bonanza/Nadja's Theme/Don't Tell Me Your Troubles/Take Me To The Mardi Gras/Mr. Bojangles/Hambo Om Bakfoten/Hey Jude/If I Were A Carpenter/
Theme From 'The Persuaders'/Jämtländsk Brudmarsch/Windmills Of Your Mind/
You Made My Life A Song/Speak Softly Love/Indigo. Polydor Records
Highway Boogie  (CD) H 321 439
Made In Austria Besame Mucho/Could It Be Love/Delightful Morning/Dolly H/
Highway Boogie/Just Another Boy/Let It Roll Roll Roll/Lost Propertys/Love Is A Symphony/Mighty Bump/Truckdrivers Dream. 
Bonus Tracks: From & Filur/A Touch Of 'A'/Memories Are Made Of This/De Postkoets/
Three O'Clock Click/Nas Onih. Koch Records
In Acapulco Mexico (CD) RIB CD 014
Made In Hungary A Mi Manera/Come On Home/El Toro Bravo/Extasy/
If You Got A Heart/La Pachava/Little Things/Lousiana Man/Moscow/No La Hagas Sufrir/
Suspicion/Tinta Verde/Wham/You Just Can't Quit/What A Fool I Was. 
Bonus Tracks: Home On The Range/Carry Me Back/Old Faithful/Ajomies/Two Guitars/
Space Creatures/Bottons & Bows/Lumpy Gravy/Habanera/Alabamy Bound/
Jupiter Special/Indigo/Merry Elephant/Ach Du Lieber Augustin. Rock In Box Records
In Berlin (CD) SWECD 417
Made In Sweden I Gotta Baby/Blues Stay Away From Me/Shamus O'Toole/
Just A Dream/Divided City/Doctor Feelgood/Namenlos/Funny Mae/
Ku'damm Promenade/Memphis Tennessee/Touch Me/Walking Back To Happiness/
Karelia/All Right. Swedisc Records
In London "Out-A Space" (CD) SWECD 404
Made In Sweden Orange Blossom Special/Happy Henrik's Polka/Ol' Man River/
Nightcap/The Spotnicks Theme/Highflyin' Scotsman/Moonshot/The Rocket Man/
Dark Eyes/My Old Kentucky Home/No Yaga Daga Blues/Thundernest/
Amapola/I'm Going Home. 
Bonus Tracks: Old Spinning Wheel/Hava Nagila/Midnight Special/Hey, Good Looking/
Ghostriders In The Sky/Home On The Range. Swedisc Records

United Kingdom (CD) 715542. Hallmark Label : Minus Bonus Tracks 2014. 
In London "Out-A Space" (CD) ACMEM250CD
Made In EU Orange Blossom Special/Happy Hendrik's Polka/Ol' Man River/
Nightcap/The Spotnicks Theme/High-Flying Scotsman/Moonshot/The Rocket Man/
Dark Eyes/My Old Kentucky Home/No Yaga Daga Blues/Thundernest/Amapola/
I'm Going Home (To See My Baby).
Non-Album Singles A & B Sides: The Old Spinning Wheel/Ghost Riders In the Sky/
Galloping Guitars/Den Gamla Moralockan (Old Clock At Home)/Endless Walk/Hey Good Looking/
What Did I Say/Hava Nagila/Johnny Guitar/My Bonny/Midnight Special/Home On the Range/
Swing Low Sweet Chariot/Telstar/Carry Me Back. The Feenades: Kontiki/Theme From Leningrad. 
Él Records
In Paris: Dansons Avec Les Spotnicks (CD) SWECD 407
Made In Sweden Just Listen To My Heart/Joey's Song/Old Faithful/Say Mama/
Last Date/Le Dernier Train De L'espace/Hot Toddy/Pony Express/Western Guitar/
Skintops Blues/Blue Blue Day/Happy Guitar/Comme Ci Comme Ca/Trambone. 
Bonus Tracks: My Bonnie/Johnny Guitar/Old Clock At Home/Endless Walk/
What Did I Say/Galloping Guitars. Swedisc Records
The Spotnicks In Spain Bailemos con Los Spotnicks (CD) VMCP-1025 (4988050001047)
Made In Japan Green Eyes/Spanish Gypsy Dance/Anna/Habanera/La Rosita/Romance de Amor (Romance d'Amour)/Andulcia (The Breeze And I)/La Paloma/Coimbra/Spanish Eyes/Spanish Lady/San Antonio Rose/Windy And Warm/Hang On/El Lute/Verde/Button And Bows/Tijuana Jail/
O Coco/Amapola. Vavan Media Records
In Spain: Bailemos Con Los Spotnicks (CD) SWECD 416
Made In Sweden La Rosita/Space Party/Pick A Bale Of Cotton/Drina/
Windy And Warm/Lonesome Old House/Valentina/Space Ship Rendez-Vous/
Bach Goes To Sea/San Antonio Rose/Woe Is Me/Anna/Tijuana Jail/Hang On. 
Bonus Tracks: She She Little Sheila/Spanish Gypsy Dance/Git It/Habanera/
Deep In The Heart Of Texas/Be Bop A Lula. Swedisc Records
In Spain: Bailemos Con Los Spotnicks (CD) MAM 113 3930881
Made In France La Rosita/Space Party/Pick A Bale Of Cotton/Drina/
Windy And Warm/Lonesome Old House/Valentina/Space Ship Rendez-Vous/
Bach Goes To Sea/San Antonio Rose/Woe Is Me/Anna/Tijuana Jail/Hang On. 
Bonus Tracks: Take Five/My Hold Kentucky Home/Swing Low, Sweet Chariot/
Happy Guitar/La Rosita/San Antonio Rose (Alternative Version)/Anna (Alternative Version)/Valentina (Alternative Version N1)/Valentina (Alternative Version N2)/
The Outlaws (EP Mono Version). Magic Records
In Stockholm (CD) SWECD 418
Made In Sweden Boing Meets Girl/Cape Kennedy/Endless Sleep/Hootenanny Express/
I Know A Secret/Low Man On A Totem Pole/Papa Oom Mow Mow/Please Say Yes/
Sabeline/Sentimental Journey/Take Us to Your Leader/Who Cares. 
Bonus Tracks: If You Wanna Be Happy/Susanna/La Route/Swedish Polka Pig/
Bye Bye Birdie/Shine/Buttons & Bows Pense A Moi. Swedisc Records
In Time (CD)  321 854
Made In Sweden Memories Are Made Of This/A Touch Of "A"/
Form & Filur/La Diligense/3 O'Clock Click/Horga Melody/
Theme From "Simon & Simon"/Kapote/Little Gee/Nas Onih/Tomilla/
The Last Wreck. Koch Records
In Tokyo (CD) SWECD 420
Made In Sweden Autumn In Japan/Crying In A Storm/Drum Diddley/
From Russia With Love/Happy Silence/Husky/Look Up To The Evening Star/
Memory Of Summer/Ode To Dawn/Piercing The Unknown/Playboy's Bunny Hop/
The Lonesome Port/The Old Love Letters. 
Bonus Tracks: Sentimental Guitar/Recado/Mood Of Asia. Swedisc Records
In Tokyo (CD) CDSOL-1185
Made In Japan Ode To Dawn/Crying In A Storm/The Lonesome Port/
Memory Of Summer/Happy Silence/Look Up To The Evening Star/
The Old Love Letters/Le Dernier Train De L'espace/San Antonio Rose/
La Rosita/Bye Bye Birdie/Habanera/Trambone/In The Mood. 
Solid Records
In The Groove/By Request (CD) SRCD 514
Made In Sweden In The Groove : Enchanted Elusive/Stay Cool/You Left Me So Alone/
Because I Am A Travelling Man/Querida/Walk On/You Don't Have To Be Pretty/Do It/
Once And Again/Every Day - Every Night/I'm Gonna Make You Love Me/
Now Is The Time.
By Request: Break My Mind/Sea Of Heartbreak/I'm Coming Home Baby/
I Can't Stop Loving You/Oh Lonesome Me/Sleep Walk/All Of Me/Take This Hammer/
Tennessee Waltz/It Hurts Me/You Can Have Her/Eleanor Rigby.  Riverside Records
In The Middle Of Universe  (CD) CLC 5011
Made In Netherland Drop Me In The Middle Of Universe/Time Is Tight/Still The One/
Boat On The River/My Love Will Never Change/Space Truck/Spanish Eyes/Don't Stop/
Gina Lola Breakdown/Help Me Make It Through The Night/Sign Radio/No Such Luck. 
Castle Communications
In Winterland  (CD) SWECD 423
Made In Sweden Auld Lang Syne/Frosty The Snowman/Here Comes Santa Claus/
I Saw Mama Kissing Santa Claus/Jingle Bells/Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers/
Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer/Silent Night/Sleigh Ride/White Cristmas/
Winter Wonderland/Winterland. 
Swedisc Records
In Winterland/Live In Berlin (CD) KICP-277
Made In Japan In Winterland Auld Lang Syne/Frosty The Snowman/Here Comes Santa Claus/
I Saw Mama Kissing Santa Claus/Jingle Bells/Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers/Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer/Silent Night/Sleigh Ride/White Cristmas/Winter Wonderland/Winterland.
Live In Berlin Theme from "For a Few Dollars More"/Jessica/What's Going On/Israeli Dance (Hava Nagila)/Sylvia/If You Could Read My Mind/Hernando's Hideaway/Holiday Hotel/
Tinta Verde/Diamonds/Long Train Running/Wildwood Flower. King Records
International (CD) VMCP 1014
Made In Japan Mona Lisa/Scarborough Fair: The Sound Of Silence-Mrs. Robinson/
Don't Be Cruel/Sealed With A Kiss/I Can't Sto Loving You/Get Back/Breaking Up
Is Har To Do/La Paloma/Lara's Theme/Love Story/A Man And A Woman/The Pink
Panter Theme/Love Is Blue/The Entertainer/Love Me Tender/Amazing Grace/
One Way Ticket/Greensleaves/Misty/The Breeze And I/Happy Guitar/Karelia. 
Mill Records
I'm Come Take You Home (CD) BMG 74321 27808 2
Made In Sweden
BMG Records
Japanska - Manxman (CD) KICP 2309
Made In Japan Blue Night Train/Sentimental Guitar/Dreaming Guitar/Manxman/
Kiri No Rosaria/Biwako Shuukoh No Uta/Watashi No Johkamachi/Taiyoh Ga Kureta Kisetsu/
Kitaguniyuki De/Kekkon Shiyohyo/Niji O Wattate/Salvia No Hana/Tohmei Ningen/Southpaw/
Nagisa No Sindbad/Wanted/S.O.S./Pepper Keibu/U.F.O./Ai Wa Symphony/
Seventeen Years Old. King Records
Join The Spotnicks (CD) VMCP-1017
Made In Japan Ode to Dawn/Crying In A Storm/Lonesome Port/Memory Of Summer/
Happy Silence (Instrumental)/Look Up To The Evening Star/The Old Love Letters/
Le Dernier Train De L'espace/San Antonio Rose/La Rosita/Bye Bye Birdie/Habanera/
In The Mood/Autumn In Japan/I Got A Baby/Ku'damm Promenade/Divided City/
High Flying Scotsman/Doctor Feelgood/Touch Me/Fanny Mae/Shamus O'Toole/
Namenlos/Walking Back To Happiness/Karelia/Just A Dream/Blues Stay Away From Me/
Trambone. Vavan Records
Karelia Rarities (CD) KICP - 2310
Made In Japan Home On The Range/Telstar/Carry Me Back/Old Faithful/Space Creatures/
Button And Bows/Karelia/Johnny Guitar (Alternate Version)/Hava Nagila/Lumpy Gravy/Habanera/
Alabama Bound/Jupiter Special/Indigo/Merry Elephant/Ach Du Lieber Augustin/New Tokaido Line/Yaksoba.  King Record
Karelia (CD) VICP-60435
Made In Japan Karelia/Le Dernier Train De L'espace/Amapola/Johnny Guitar/Drina/Orange Bossom Special/Telstar/The Rocket Man/Dreaming Guitar/Havah Nagila/Moscow/Ghostriders In The Sky/Trambone/Pony Express/Happy Guitar/Nadja Theme/Last Date/Thundernest/Romance
De Amor/Spanish Gypsy Dance/Habanera/Anna/Spanish Eyes/
Spotnicks Theme. Victor Records
Karelia Rarities 2 (CD) KICP - 2431
Made In Japan Ajomies/Two Guitars/Kontiki/Theme From 'Leningrad'/The Last Space Train/
Moonshot/Drum Diddley/Take Five/Be Bop A Lula/Guitar on 45 (The Spotnicks Hit Medley) Amapola - If You Could Read My Mind - Johnny Guitar - Hava Nagila - Moonshot - Ghostriders
In The Sky - Spanish Gypsy Dance - Amazing Stories/Daydream/Lodi/The Taste Of Your Love/
Sentimental Guitar (Another Version)/Big Boss Man/Night Cap/No Yaga Daga Blues/I Am A Trucking Cowboy/Bye Bye Blues/We Don't Wanna Play 'Amapola' No More. King Records
Karelia - The Best Of The Spotnicks (CD) CDSOL-1184
Made In Japan Karelia/The Spotnicks Theme/Happy Guitar/Moonshot/
Drina/Space Party/Orange Blossom Special/Johnny Guitar/Amapola/
The Rocket Man/Space Creature/Hava Nagila/Valentina/Dark Eyes. 
Solid Records
Ketteiban - The Definitive Collection (CD) AXDD-1003-4
Made In Japan
Disc. 1: Karelia/Amapola/Le Dernier D'Espace/Rocket Man/Johnny Guitar/Old Faithful/Hava Nagila/
Petite Fleur/Happy Guitar/Ghostriders In The Sky/Pony Express/Moonshot/Telstar/Johnny Guitar/
Speak Softly Love/Manchurian Beat/Goofus/Last Date.
Disc. 2: Honmoku Marchen/Wakare No Asa/Tekkyo O Wataru To Namida Ga Hajimaru/Today's Shower/Snow In The North/Sayonara O Suru Tame Ni/Yogisha/Wasurenagusa O Anata Ni/
Rainy Day Blues/Biwako Shuko No Uta/The Season Of The Sun/Rosaria In Blue/Winter Story/
The Flower Of Sarubia/Donimo Tomara Nai/Let's Marry/Innocent Blue Skies/Nagasaki Kara Fune
Ni Notte/Love Is A Symphony/Tapiola/Moscow/The Lonesome Port/Ode To Dawn/Look Up To The Evening Star. Access Label
Le Dernier Train De L'Espace (CD) GSO-9088
Made In Japan Orance Blossom Special/Amapola/Johnny Guitar/Happy Guitar/Karelia/Nava Nagila/Le Derner Train De L'Espace/Space Creatures/The Rocket Man/Sentimental Guitar/Dreaming Guitar/Tiumbone/Crying In A Storm/Moscow/The Spotnicks's Theme/Karelia (Live)/ Le Derner Train De L'Espace (Live)/Look Up To The Evening Star (Live) . 
Flamingo Music Records
Live In Berlin '74  (CD) 3930398
Made In France Theme from "For a Few Dollars More"/Jessica/What's Going On/
Israeli Dance (Hava Nagila)/Sylvia/If You Could Read My Mind/Hernando's Hideaway/
Holiday Hotel/Tinta Verde/Diamonds/ Long Train Running/Wildwood Flower. 
Bonus Tracks: Wichita Lineman/Introduction Of The Band By Bo Winberg/
Hey Good Looking/Last Date/Moonshot/Johnny Guitar/Amapola. Magic Records
Live In Berlin '74  (CD) TKCD 1097
Made In Germany Theme from "For a Few Dollars More"/Wichita Lineman/
Hey Good Looking/Hava Nagila/Sylvia/Diamonds/Last Date/
Long Train Running/Moonshot/Wildwood Flower/Johnny Guitar/
If You Could Read My Mind/Amapola. TKCD Records
Live In Japan/Live In Berlin  (CD) KICP 662/KICP 663
Made In Japan
Disc. 1:Live In Sankei Hall (1966) The Spotnicks Theme/
Johnny Guitar/Happy Silence/Havah Nagila/When The Saints Go March/Crying In A Storm/
Karelia/Le Dernier Train de L'Espace/Hey Good Lookin'/Memory of Summer/Over And Over/
Wabash Cannon Ball/What'd I Say/Look Up To The Evening Star.
Disc. 2:Live In Berlin (1974) Theme From 'For A Few Dollars More'/Jessica/What's Going On/
Navah Nagila/Sylvia/If You Could Read My Mind/Hernandos Hideaway/Holiday Hotel/Tinta Verde/
Diamonds/Long Train Running/Wildwood Flower/Wichita Lineman/Hey Good Lookin'/Last Date/
Moonshot/Johnny Guitar/Amapola. King Record
Live 1999  (CD) 5288592
Made In France Ghost Riders In The Sky/Just Listen To My Heart/Tumble Weeds/
Drum Solo/Pony Express/Midnight Special/If You Could Ready My Mind/Hang On/
Jambalaya/Sleep Walk/Moonshot/Orange Blossom Special/Sweet Little Liza/The Old Spinning Wheel.
Bonus Tracks: Fernando/Country Boy/Jambalaya (Studio Version). 
Magic Records
Live 1999  (CD) CDMF 103
Made In United Kingdom Ghost Riders In The Sky/Just Listen To My Heart/
Tumble Weeds/Pony Express/Midnight Special/If You Could Ready My Mind/Hang On/
Jambalaya/Sleep Walk/Moonshot/Orange Blossom Special/Sweet Little Liza/
The Old Spinning Wheel/Fernado/Country Boy.
Magnum Records
Live In Paris (CD) BBRC 00048
Made In France Spotnicks Theme/Presentation Des Spotnicks/The Rocket Man/
Hey Hey Good Looking/Spotnicks Theme/Johnny Guitar/Orange Blossom Special/
Hey Hey Good Looking (Autre Ver.)/Galloping Guitars/Last Space Train. 
MoviMusic Records
Love Is Blue (CD) 100423.9
Made In Germany Why/Blue Bayou/It Was A Sunny Day/Love Me Tender/
Way Down Yonder In New Orleans/Nikita/The Entertainer/Misty/The Breeze And I/
Amazing Grace/Loving You/Greensleeves/Happy Guitar/Albatross/Love Is Blue/
It's Over. Miller Records
Live Rare & Inedit (CD) 3931080
Made In France Hey, Good Looking/Just Listen To My Heart/Moonshot/Johnny Guitar/Hang On/
Summertime Blues/Jambalaya/Sweet Lips/The Old Spinning Wheel/Papa Oom Mow Mow/
Hava Naguila/Jessica/Kansas City/Sleep Walk/Midnight Special/Turista/Last Date/Pony Express/
Espana Cani/Amapola. Bonus Tracks:  The Spotnicks Theme/Ampola. 
Magic Records





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