Still On Tour  (CD) 393 0624
Made In France Jessica/Summertime Blues/Quizas, Quizas, Quizas/Turista/
Give Me A Kiss (Just One Sweet Kiss)/Patricia/Pick A Bale Of Cotton/Animal Medley: Alley Cat-Baby Elephant Walk-Doogie In The Window/Liza Jane/Wagon Train/Dougie Boogie/Brazil/Sweet Dreams/C Jam Blues.
Bonus Tracks : Theme For Lizzie/Säâki Järven Polka. Magic Records
Still On Tour  (CD) TSRCD 004
Made In Sweden Jessica/Summertime Blues/Quizas, Quizas, Quizas/Turista/
Give Me A Kiss (Just One Sweet Kiss)/Patricia/Pick A Bale Of Cotton/Animal Medley: Alley Cat-Baby Elephant Walk-Doogie In The Window/Liza Jane/Wagon Train/Dougie Boogie/Brazil/Sweet Dreams/C Jam Blues.  Wista Records
Spotnicks Best (CD) SWECD 403
Made In Sweden Moonshot/Cape Kennedy/Amapola/Johnny Guitar/Walking Back
To Happiness/Last Date/Bye Bye Birdie/Happy Guitar/I Remember You/Space Walk/
Big Jump/Highflying Scotman. Swedisc Records
Spotnicks In Japan (CD) CDSOL-1186
Made In Japan The Spotnicks Theme/Johnny Guitar/Happy Silence/Hava Nagila/
When The Saints Go Marching In/Crying In A Storm/Karelia/Le Dernier Train De L'espace/Hey Good Looking/Memory Of Summer/Over And Over/Wabash Cannon Ball/What Did I Say/Look Up To The Evening Star. Solid Records
Something Like Country (CD) 825 450-2
Made In Germany If You Could Read My Mind/Jolie Blonde/The Ipcress File/
Don't Think Twice It's Alright/You Ain't Goin' Nowhere/Mexican Whistler/Norwegian Wood/Livin' In The Country/The Real McCoy/Last Date/Tennessee Stud/Tokins. 
Polydor Records

Japan (CD) KICP - 2434 King Record
Suspicion (CD) KICP 2307
Made In Japan Just Listen To My Heart/Joey's Song/Old Faithful/Say Mama/Last Date/
Hot Toddy/Pony Express/Western Guitar/Blue Blue Day/Skintop's Blues/Happy Guitar/
Comme Ci, Comme Ca/Endless Walk/C'est La Vie/Galloping Guitars/Valentina
(Save The Last Dance For Me)/What'd I Say/Bach Goes To Sea/Scotland The Brave/
My Bonnie/Nadja's Theme. King Records
Surfin' In Outer Space (CD) JASCD 971
Made In United Kingdom Spanish Gypsy Dance/Galloping Guitars/She She Little Sheila/Ghost Riders In The Sky/The Old Spinning Wheel/Hey Good Looking/Johnny Guitar/Git It/Deep In The Heart Of Texas/Endless Walk/My Bonnie/
Den Gamla Moralockan (Old Clock At Home)/Midnight Special/Hava Nagila/
Orange Blossom Special/Happy Henrik's Polka/Ol Man River/Nightcap/The Spotnicks' Theme/High Flying Scotsman/Moonshot/The Rocket Man/Dark Eyes/
My Old Kentucky Home/No Yaga Daga Blues/Thundernest/Amapola/I'm Going Home (To See My Baby)
/What'd I Say/Home On The Range/Swing Low Sweet Chariot/The Feenades - Kontiki/The Feenades -
Theme From Leningrad/The Shy Ones - Telstar/The Shy Ones - Carry Me Back. Jasmine Records

28 July 2017. 
Tapiola (CD) VMCP - 1028
Made In Japan The Silkway/Lonesome City Sadness (Lonesome Avenue)/Tapiola/
Kyo No Niwakaame/Winter Story/Sayonarao Surutameni/Moscow/Tekkyouo Wataruto/
Nagasaki Kara Funeninotte/Pink No Ringo/Ame No Ballad/Ame No Hino Blues/The Lonesome Port/Yogisya/Yogisya No Onna/Moeru Koibito/Happy Silence/Wasurenagusao Anatani. 
Polydor Records
The Best Of The Spotnicks (CD) VMCP-1024
Made In Japan Karelia/Last Space Train (stereo)/Amapola/Johnny Guitar/
Sentimental Guitar (stereo)/Moscow (stereo)/Crying In A Storm (stereo)/
Drina March (stereo)/Orange Blossom Special/Rocket Man/Hava Nagila/
Dark Eyes/Pony Express (stereo)/Geisterreiter/Nadja's Theme (stereo)/
Dreaming Guitar (stereo)/Happy Guitar (stereo)/Trambone (stereo)/
Spotnicks Theme/Karelia (live - stereo). Vavan Records
The Best Of The Spotnciks Vol. 2 (CD) 3930941
Made In France Spotnicks Theme/The Old Spinning Wheel/Endless Walk/
Ol' Man River/Swing Low, Sweet Chariot/Home On The Range/Space Party/
Windy And Warm/Pick A Bale Of Cotton/Bach Goes To Sea/I'll Remember You/
Valentina/Cape Kennedy/Anna/Walk Right In/In The Mood/Space Walk/Drina/
Sentimental Journey/La Rosita/Tijuana Jail/Low Man On A Totem Pole/Papa Oom Mow Mow/Space Ship Rendez-Vous/Bonus Tracks Medley:Be Bop A Lula/
There'll Never Be Anymore/Else But You For Me. Magic Records
The Complete President Tapes Vol.1 (CD) 3931040
Made In France
Disc. 1: High Flying Scotman/Happy Henriks Polka/Moonshot/Thundernest/Telstar/The Spotnicks Theme/
Galloping Guitars/Carry Me Back/The Rocket Man/Orange Blossom Special/Hey, Good Looking/Old Clock At Home/Johnny Guitar/My Bonny/Amapola/Hava Naguila/Pony Express/Western Guitar/My Old Kentucky Home/Happy Guitar/Comme Ci, Comme Ca/Last Space Train/Swing Low, Sweet Chariot/Endless Walk/
Midnight Special/Say Mama/She She Little Sheila/Espana Cani (Spanish Gypsy Dance)/Blue Blue Day/
The Spotnicks Theme (Play Back)/Western Guitar (Play Back)/Galloping Guitars (Play Back)/
Last Space Train (Play Back)/Happy Guitar (Play Back)/Comme Ci, Comme Ca (Play Back) .
Disc. 2: La Rosita/Space Party/Pick A Bale Of Cotton/Drina/Windy And Warm/Lonesome Old House/
Valentina (Save The Last Dance For Me)/Space Ship Rendez-Vous/Bach Goes To Sea/San Antonio Rose/
Woe Is Me/Anna/Tijuana Jail/Hang On/Take Five/Cape Kennedy/Hootemanny Express/Pense A Moi/Papa Oom Mow Mow/Space Creatures/Sabeline/Who Cares/Take Me To Your Leader/I Know A Secret/Boing Meets Girl/Sentimental Journey/Please Say Yes/Trambone/No Yaga Daga Blues/Buttons And Bows/
Joey's Song/Say Mama (Play Back)/Blue Blue Day (Play Back) . Magic Records
The Complete President Tapes Vol.2 (CD) 3931043
Made In France In The Mood/Space Walk/I Remember You/Big Jump/The Old Spinning Wheel/
Just Listen To My Heart/Habanera/Dark Eyes/I'll Never Get You/I'm Around/How Can You Leave Me Like That/I'm Coming Home/Winterland/Here Comes Santa Claus/Cen'est Qu'un Au Revoir (Auld Lang Syne)/Jingle Bells (Vive Le Vent)/Piercing The Unknown/Autum In Japan/Playboy's Bunny Hop/Look Up To The Evening Star/Drum Diddley/The Old Love Letters/Crying In A Storm/
Memory Of Summer/Husky/From Russia With Love/Happy Silence/Ode To Dawn/Husky
(Frence EP Version)/Enchanted Eluxive (Rare Single Tracks)/Because I'm A Travelling Man (Rare Single Tracks). 
Magic Records
The Otherside (Of The Moon) (CD) TSRCD 002
Made In Sweden The Otherside (Of The Moon)(Ver 2)/Alltid Pa Väg/Ain't Nobody Home/
Det Var Längesen Jag Plocka Nagra Blommor/Theme For Lizzie/Ingen Ar Som Ann/Dile Que La Quiero/Gitarren I Himlen/Cielito Lindo/Falling Like A Rock/Sääkijärven Polka/September Song. Wista Records
The Premium Best Collection TECH-35155-6
Made In Japan
Disc. 1: Karelia/The Rocket Man/Space Party/Orange Blossom Special/Trambone/
Moonshot (version 2)/Johnny Guitar (*)/Crying In A Storm/Last Date/Old Spinning Wheel/Moscow/Dreaming Guitar/Diamonds/Cape Kennedy/Space Walk/Recado/
Dark Eyes/Memory Of Summer/San Antonio Rose/Ghostriders In The Sky/
Sentimental Guitar/Havah Nagila (with strings and chorus)/El Toro Bravo/
In The Mood/Thundernest/Blue Night Train/Telstar/The Spotnicks Theme.
Disc. 2: Last Space Train/Subject In Orbit/Green Eyes/Happy Guitar/Divided City/
Hang On/Look Up To The Evening Star/Manxman Island/La Rosita/Drina/Amapola/
Old Clock At Home/Buttons & Bows/Ode To Dawn/Spanish Gypsy Dance/Just Listen To My Heart/Piercing The Unknown/Nadja's Theme/Space Creature/Habanera/
Namenlos/Pony Express/The Lonesome Port/Jupiter Special/Tapiola/Valentina
(Save The Last Dance For Me)/Suspicion/Last Space Train (Live). EMI Label
The "Real" Amapola (CD) TSRCD 005
Made In EU The 'Real' Amapola/It Had To Be You/Runaway Train/Caravan/Locomotion/
Johansson/Puttin' On The Ritz/The Breeze And I/Moliendo Café/Three Little Words/Charade/
Tango Persienne/Sweet Georgia Brown/Oh Wilbur/Kentaboo Shuffle. Wista Records
The Spotnicks 2  (CD) MP3 4619497 404015
Made In Russia This MP3 CD contains tracks from 10 Albums:
Around The World By Request 20 Besta The Other Side Of The Moon The Spotnicks Feelings Today Fren Boken Om The Spotnicks Go. Go. Frelunda Go-Singel The Great Snowman Shades Of The Spotnicks
The Spotnicks 1997 (CD) RRCD 101
Made In Sweden Amapola/Cape Kennedy/Ghostriders In The Sky/
Havah Nagila/Highway Boogie/Just Listen To My Heart/Johnny Guitar/
Karelia/Last Date/Lovesick Blues/Moonshot/Old Faithful/Old Spinning Wheel/The Rocket Man/The Spotnicks Theme/Walking Back To Happiness. Riverside Records
The Spotnicks/Bo Winberg #1 (CD) 74321 12590 2
Made In Sweden And They Played Our Song/Gonna Find My Angel/
How Could I Live Without You/It Started With A Love Affair/Kissing In The Moonlight/My Summer With You/Oh Susie/Some Day/Tema Destination Nordsjñn/Ten O'Clock Postman/The Way You Are/
What's The Colour Of Love/Who's Gonna Follow You Home. 
RCA/BMG Records
The Spotnicks Instrumental Monsters (CD) PHCA-89
Made In Japan Time Is Tight/Boat On The River/Space Truck/Spanish Eyes/Gina Lola Breakdown/Sign Radio/Highway Boogie/Lost Properties/Mighty Bump/Dolly H./Delightful Morning/Memories Are Made Of This/A Touch Of 'A'/Form & Filur/La Diligense/Three O'Clock Click/Horga Melodie/Theme From 'Simon & Simon'/Kapote/Little Gee/Nas Onih/Tomilla/
The Last Wreck. Philips Records
The Spotnicks (CD) 152.414
Made In EU The Rocket Men/Just Listen To My Heart/Moonshot/
Karelia/Ghostriders In The Sky/Johnny Guitar/Amapola 99/Last Date/
Highway Boogie/Old Faithful/Cape Kennedy/Walking Back To Happiness/
Old Spinning Wheel/Havah Nagila/Lovesick Blues/The Spotnicks Theme. 
Lollipop Music Records
The Spotnicks (CD) GRN 60
Made In Japan Karelia/Orance Blossom Special/Locket Man/Theme Of Naja/
Ghost Riders In The Sky/Happy Guitar/Last Space Train/Amapola/Johnny Guitar/Drina/Spotnicks Theme/Israeli Dance (Havah Nagila)/Black Eyes/
Pony Express. AILE Records

Germany (CD) R-190278 Vavan Label
The Spotnicks Big Artist Album (CD) GRN EX 3070
Made In Japan Karelia/Orange Blossom Special/Rocket Man/Thema From Narja/Ghost Riders In The Sky/Happy Guitar/Last Space Train/Amapola/Johnny Guitar/Drina/Soutbucjs Theme/Israeli Dance/Dark Eyes/Pony Express . 
AILE Inc Records
The Spotnicks Amapola (CD) 232478
Made In Germany Ghost Riders In The Sky/Hot Toddy/Avah Ginala/
Old Faithful/Highway Boogie/Johnny Guitar/Diamonds/I'll Remember You/Sleep Walk/Moonshot/Wabash Cannonball/Karelia/Busted/Space Walk/The Old Spinning Wheel/Memories Are Made Of This/Last Date/
In The Mood/Tinta Verde/Spanish Gypsy Dance/The Spotnicks Theme/
Amapola/Big Jump/Moonshot Special/Ghost Riders In The Sky */
Last Date*/Amapola*. [*Karaoke Version]. Membran Music
The Spotnicks: EP Collection (CD) RRCD 2103
Made In EU
Disc. 1: Old Spinning Wheel/Ghostriders In The Sky/The Spotnicks Theme/Orange Blossom Special/Old Clock At Home/Endless Walk/The Rocket Man/Galloping Guitars/My Old Kentucky Home/Home On The Range/Ol' Man River/Swing Low/
Sweet Chariot/High-Flying Scotsman/Thundernest/Moonshot/Happy Henrik's Polka/Havah Nagila/Midnight Special/My Bonny/Johnny Guitar/Spanish Gypsy Dance/She She Little Sheila/Git It/Deep In The Heart Of Texas/Western Guitar/
Trambone/Dark Eyes.
Disc. 2: Hot Toddy/Drina/Pick A Bale Of Cotton/Bach Goes To Sea/If You Wanna Be Happy/Take Five/Windy And Warm/Bye Bye Blues/Be Bop A Lula/Habanera/
Hang On/Space Party/Space Creatures/Sabeline/Lovesick Blues/Endless Sleep/
Merry Elephant/Cape Kennedy/Papa Oom Mow Mow/Pense A Moi/La Route/Bye Bye Birdie/Swedish Polka Pig/Susanna/Telstar/Carry Me Back. Riverside Label
The Spotnicks: Rare Collection (CD) RRCD 2105
Made In EU
Disc. 1: Kontiki/Theme From Leningrad/The Old Spinning Wheel/Two Guitars/
Ajomies/Sekvens 007/Watermelon Man/Husky/Drum Diddley/Ach Du Lieber Augustin/Stagger Lee/C'Mon Everybody/What A Fool I Was/You Don't Have To Be Pretty/I'm Gonna Make You Love Me/Manxman Island/Jupiter Special/Romance D'Amour/High Noon/Tapiola/Diamonds/Lumpy Gravy/Gentle On My Mind/I'm Gonna Knock On Your Door.
Disc. 2: I Got A Baby/Namenlos/Memphis/Big Boss Man/Great Balls Of Fire/Shine/
All Right/Ku'Damm Promenade/Hootenanny Express/Shamus O'Toole/Funny Mae/
Boing Meets Girl/Big Jump/I'm Around/How Can You Leave Me Like That/You Can Go To Him/I'll Never Get You/Space Walk. Riverside Label 

The Spotnicks - Sixties EP Collection (CD) 3930427
Made In France
French EP No 1 3930080
Orange Blossom Special/
The Spotnicks Theme/
Galloping Guitars/
The Rocket Man.
French EP (Around The World) 
3930276  I'll Never Get You/
I'm Around/
How Can You Leave Me Like That/
I'm Coming Home.
French EP No 2 3930101
Hey Good Looking/
Old Clock At Home/
Johnny Guitar/
My Bonnie.
French EP (Hang On)  3930277
Hang On/
Windy And Warm/
Space Ship Rendez-Vous/
Space Party.
French EP No 3 3930184
Hava Nagila/
Last Space Train/
Comme Ci Comme Ca.
French EP (I Know A Secret) 
3930278 I Know A Secret/
Sentimental Journey/
Please Say Yes/
Who Cares.
French EP No 4 3930239
Pick A Bale Of Cotton/
She She Little Sheila/
Espana Cani/
Western Guitar.
French EP No 9 (Touring France) 
3930313 San Antonio Rose/
My Old Kentucky Home/
Space Party/
Swing Low Sweet Chariot.
French EP No 5 3930273
Take Five/
The Outlaws/
The Tijuana Jail/
Happy Guitar. Magic Label
French EP No 10 (Instrumental) 
3930314 In The Mood/
Space Walk/
I Remember You/
Big jump.
The Spotnicks Special Best (CD) P28P 20210
Made In Japan Karelia/Johnny Guitar/Petite Fleur/Telstar/Bilitis/
Israeli Dance (Havah Nagila)/Rocket Man/Maybe/Orange Blossom Special/
Last Space Train/Speak Softly Love/If You Could Read My Mind/Feelings/
Theme From "For A Few Dollars More"/Happy Guitar (Exotic Guitar)/Amapola/
Last Date/Spotnicks' Theme. Polydor Records
The Spotnicks (CD) 3030 ADD
Made In Germany Blue Bayou/Nikita/Misty/It's Over/Albatros/
Nightshift/The Entertainer/Amazing Grace/The Breeze And I/
Greensleeves/Why/It Was A Sunny Day/Love Me Tender/
Love Is Blue/Another You/Way Don Yonder In New Orleans.
The Spotnicks (CD) 831 999-2
Made In Germany Orange Blossom Special/The Spotnicks' Theme/
Ghostriders In The Sky/Galloping Guitars/The Old Spinning Wheel/
Thundernest/She She Little Sheila/Amapola/Havah Nagila/Moonshot/
The Rocket Man/What Did I Say/Hey,Good Looking/Spanish Gypsy Dance. Polydor Records





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