Masters Of Guitar  (CD) 19 484
Made In Japan Albatross/Amazing Grace/Blue Bayou/Greensleeves/It Was A Sunny Day/
Love Is Blue/Love Me Tender/Misty/Nightshift/Nikita/Only Love/The Breeze And I/The Entertainer/Way Down Yonder In New Orleans/Why. Delta Records

Manchurian Beat (CD) KICP - 2308
Made In Japan Manchurian Beat/host Riders In The Sky/Bilitis/
Speak Softly Love/Feelings/Johnny Blue/Noise From The Attic/
Heartstrings/Dock Of The Bay/Space Salad/Fabian Melody/For No One/
Gyros Pitta/Vaya Con Dios/Japan Knees/Spooky Boogie/Freight Train/
Theme From "Pink Yard"/Theme From "Soap"/From Russia With Love/
Dardanella/Indigo. King Records
Millenium Collection (CD) 20.4028-MI
Made In Germany
Disc. 1: The Rocket Men (With Strings)/Amapola/Riders In The Sky (Ghostriders In The Sky)/Johnny Guitar/Hava Nagila/Gunshot (Moonshot)/I Listen To My Heart/Karelia/Last Date/Highway Boogie/Old Faithful/Cape Kennedy/Walking Back To Happiness/Old Spinning Wheel/Lovesick Blues/The Spotnicks Theme.
Disc. 2: If You Could Read My Mind/Happy Guitar/Love Is Blue/Amazing Grace/Misty/Blue Bayou/The Entertainer/Love Me Tender/Vuffeli-Vov (Shu Bi Dua)/Another You/A Handful Of Songs/Nikita/Greensleeves/
One Way Ticket/It's Over/Way Down Yonder In New Orleans/Albatross.
Never Trust Robots (CD) 3930260
Made In France A World Of Spotnicks/Amazing Stories/Close Discussions Of The Hird Kind/Never Trust Robots/Six Strange World/THX 31250/Ultimate Planet/You're Never Alone.
Bonus Tracks (Chart Toppers): Telstar/Israeli Dance/Petite Fleur/Happy Guitar/Old Faithful/
Orange Blossom Special/Johnny Guitar/Rocket Man/Spotnicks Theme/Amapola/Pony Express/
Karelia/Moon Shot/Drina/Goofus/Last Space Train. Magic Records
Orange Blossom Special/Cape Kennedy (CD) 900.055.2
Made In France Orange Blossom Special/The Spotnicks Theme/Galloping Guitars/Amapola/
Johnny Guitar/Western Guitar/La Rosita/Space Party/Drina/Windy And Warm/Valentina/Space Ship Rencez-Vous/Bach Goes To Sea/San Antonio Rose/Anna/Hang On/Boing Meets Girl/Cape Kennedy/Pense A Moi/Space Creature/Take Me Your Leader/Sabeline/Hootenanny Express/
I Know A Secret/Please Say Yes/Papa Com Mow Mow/Pick A Bale Of Cotton/The Tijuana Jail/
Lonsome Old House. Polydor Records
Old Clock At Home (CD) KICP 2306
Made In Japan Old Clock At Home/Space Party/Space Ship Rendez-Vous/Space Creatures/
Moonshot/Cape Kennedy/Piercing The Unknown/Space Walk/Subject In Orbit/Autumn In Japan/
Playboy's Bunny Hop/Space Salad/The Rocket Man/Telstar/Six Strange World/You're Never Alone/Thx 31250/Never Trust Robots/Amazing Stories/Close Discussion Of Third Kind/
Ultimate Planet/A World Of Spotnicks. King Records
Orange Blossom Special/Johnny Guitar (1962-1966) (CD) 3930617
Made In France Orange Blossom Special/Take Five/Happy Henrik's Polka/Galloping Guitars/Spanish Gypsy Dance/Western Guitar/The Rocket Man/The Spotnicks Theme/
Johnny Guitar/Happy Guitar/Last Space Train/Telstar.
Bonus Tracks: Amapola/Ghost Riders In The Sky/Space Party/Hang On/San Antonio Rose/
Space Ship Rendez-Vous/Cape Kennedy/Pense A Moi/Husky/Happy Silence/
In The Mood/Space Walk. Magic Records
Original Album Classics (CD) B-J74301
Made In EU
Disc. 1: Sleigh Ride/Winter Wonderland/Here Comes Santa Claus/Rudolf The Red-Nosed Reindeer/
Frosty The Snowman/Silent Night/White Christmas/Jingle Bells/Winterland/Parade Of Wooden Soldiers/
I Saw Mama Kissing Santa Claus.
Disc. 2: Auld Lang Syne/In The Mood/I'm Coming Home/Space Walk/You Can Go To Him/Busted/
I'll Never Get You/How Can You Leave Me Like That/One Has My Name/Big Jump/I'm Around/
I Remember You/Walk Right In/Lovesick Blues/I've Lost You/Alabamy Bound/Take Five/
Space Creature.
Disc. 3: Ode To Dawn/Crying In A Storm/The Lonesome Port/Memory Of Summer/Happy Silence/
Look Up To The Evening Star/The Old Love Letters/Le Dernier Train De L'espace/San Antonio Rose/
La Rosita/Bye Bye Birdie/Habanera/Trambone/In The Mood. Sony/BMG Records
Pathetic & Passionate Sound Of Electric Guitar (CD) GA-0104
Made In South Korea Johnny Guitar/Romance D'Amour/Karelia/Dark Eyes/Hababera/Buttons And Bows/Petite Fleur/Telstar/Green Eyes/Hey Jude/Amapola/Speak Softly Love (Godfather Love Theme)/Mandchurian Beat/Besame Mucho/Hava Nagila . 
ARC Records
Papa 'O Back From Space (CD) ATM 3808 AH
Made In Germany  Papa Oom Mow Mow - 1993/Touch Me/Drivin' My Life Away/
I Get Around/Let's Sing Our Song/Murder In Music City/There I Go Again/Sleep Walk/
Why, Why, Why/Home Free/Concrete Cowboy/Beach Boys Surf Medley/Ljus Och Värme/Louise/Cherokee/Oh, Lonesome Me/The Power Of Love/The Old Spinning Wheel/Hey, Good Looking/Space Truck/Cool Street/Love On The Road/La Traviata/
Papa Oom Mow Mow - 1994. ATM Records
Papa O- Carisma From Space (CD) TTMCD 1003
Made In Japan Carisma From Space/Busted/Hey, Good Looking/Last Date/Moon Shot/Why, Why, Why/Big Jump/Amapola/Lonesome Me/Love On The Road/ The Old Spinning Wheel/
Papa Oom Mow Mow/ Le Dernier Train De L'espace/La Traviata. 
Tal & Ton Musikproduktion Records
Rare French 60's Tapes  (CD) 3930259
Made In France Spotnicks Theme/The Old Spinning Wheel/Thundernest/
High-Flying Scotsman/My Bonnie/Hey, Good Looking/Swing Low/Sweet Chariot/
Carry Me Back/Telstar/The Rocket Man/Ghost Riders In The Sky/Home On The Range/My Old Kentucky Home/Old Clock At Home/Galloping Guitars/Johnny Guitar/
Anna/Valentina/La Rosita/San Antonio Rose/Husky.
Bonus Tracks: My Bonnie (Spanish Rare Version)/Valentina (3eme Version)/
Orange Blossom Special (Original Mono Version). Magic Records
Rarities 1959-1982 (CD) 3931078
Made In France The Rebels Love Me Tender/Poor Sam/There'll Never Be Anyone Else But You/
Be-Bop-A-Lula. The Feenades Ajomies/Two Guitars/Kon Tiki/Theme From Leningrad.
The Spotnicks Great Balls Of Fire/Drum Diddley/Be-Bop-A-Lula/Daydream/Lodi/Sentimental Guitar/Big Boss Man/Night Cap/We Don't Wanna Play 'Amapola' No More/Snow In The North/
The Season Of The Sun/Rosaria In Blue/Let's Marry/Over The Rainbow/The Silky Way/
Lonesome City Sadness. Magic Records
(Rock In Box Series) Space Party (CD) RIB CD 024
Made In Hungary Space Party/Space Creatures/Space Walk/Space Ship Rendez-Vous/
Space Salad/Old Clock At Home/Moon Shot/Subject In Orbit/Playboys Bunny/Piercing The Unknown/Autumn In Japan/Cape Kennedy/Telstar/THX 31250/Ultimate Planet/Amazing Stories/
A World Of Spotnicks/Close Discussion Of Third Kino/Never Trust Robot/You're Never Alone/
Six Strange World/The Rocket Man/Woe Is Me/Endless Sleep/Shi Ne. Rock In Box Records





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