Up-dated 29th September 2008
Casting A Shadow (CD) Volume One
Made In United Kingdom  Candle In The Wind/The Young Ones/
Summer Holiday/Music Of The Night/All I Ask Of You/I Know Him So Well/Theme From 'Missing'/Moonlight Shadows/Turn Around And Touch Me/Tales Of A Raggy Tramline/Telstar/Sacha/Jessica/Local Heroes/Lost City/It's A Man's World/The Miracle/Shadoogie/Gonzales/Apache UB Hank Fan Club Label
UB Hank (CD) SH-SHOM 951
Made In Australia
 Apache/Man Of Mystery/Shindig/Wonderful Land/The Rise And Fall Of Flingel Bunt/Theme From The Deerhunter/
The Boys/The Frightened City/Them For Young Lovers/Dance On/
The Savage/FBI/Guitar Tango/Atlantis/Foot Tapper/ Don't Cry For Me Argentina/Kon-Tiki/Geronimo/The Stranger/Sleepwalk/Stardust.
Sh-Boom Music Label
UB Hank Again (CD) SH-SHOM 962
Made In Australia
 Blue Star/Cosy/Theme From Shane/Theme From Giant/Maria Elena/The Breeze And I/Black Is Black/Brazil/The Lonely Bull/It's Been A Blue Day/Riders In The Sky/Midnight/The Girls/Sweet Dreams/Memory/Blue Sea,Blue Sky,Blue Me/Rodrigo Guitar Concerto/
Somewhere/Spring Is Nearly Here/Find Me A Golden Street/Theme From The Boys/Adios Muchachos/Granada/Las Tres Carabelas.
Sh-Boom Music Label
UB Hank Gold (CD) SH-SHOM 983
Made In Australia
 Shadoogie/Nivram/Genie With The Light Brown Lamp/Mustang/Gonzales/Perfidia/Quatermaster's Stores/Shazam/
Stingray/The Warlord/Stars Fell On Stockton/Round & Round/South Of
The Border/Chu-Chi/Zambesi/1861/The Rumble/Walk Don't Run/
Chattanooga Choo-Choo/Theme From A Filleted Place/Les Girls/
High And The Mighty. Sh-Boom Music Label
UB Hank And Other Heroes (CD) SH-SHOM 984
Made In Australia
 That'll Be The Day/It Doesn't Matter Any More/
Heartbeat/36-24-36/Big Boy/Parisienne Walkways/This Old' House/
Little Princess/Albatross/My Resistance Is Low/Tonight/Because They're
Young/40 Miles Of Bad Road/Rebel Rouser/Dance To The Guitar Man/
The Cruel Sea/Diamonds/Wipe-Out/Wheels/Pipeline/Walk Don't Run/
Hawaii Five-0 Sh-Boom Music Label
UB Hank Two In One CD (Vol 5) (CD) SH-SHOM UBH 005
Made In Australia (Backing Tracks) Oh Boy/Africa/Bossa Roo/
Bright Eyes/Driftin'/Equinoxe Part V/Listen To Me/Nights In White Satin/The Saturday Western/True Love Ways (With Lead Added)
Oh Boy/Africa/Bossa Roo/Bright Eyes/Driftin'/Equinoxe Part V/
Listen To Me/Nights In White Satin/The Saturday Western/True Love Ways. Sh-Boom Music Label
UB Hank Vol 6 (CD) SH-SHOM UBH 006
Made In Australia Oh Boy/Africa/Bright Eyes/Driftin/Listen To Me/
Nights In White Satin/The Saturday Western/True Love Ways/
The Young Ones/Music Of The Night/All I Ask Of You/Moonlight Shadow/Tales Of A Raggy Tramline/Telstar/Sacha/Jessica/Going Home/
Lost City/It's A Manís World/The Miracle. Sh-Boom Music Label
Marvin Master Trax Vol.1 (CD) VMLMMT 1001
Made In United Kingdom A Hard Day's Night/The Sound Of Silence/
The Good The Bad And The Ugly/A Kiss From A Rose/How Deep Is Your Love/Windmills Of Your Mind/ When You Say Nothing At All/Son Of A Preacher Man/Goldfinger/A Groovy Kind Of Love/La Bamba/Theme From Star Wars/My Heart Will Go On/Ain't No Sunshine/Love Is All Around/James Bond Medley (The Bond Theme, From Russia With Love,
You Only Live Twice, On Her Majesty's Secret Service)
Handisc Enterprises (pty) Ltd. 
UB Hank Band - 8th Shadow Music Convention 2006 (CD) None
Made In Germany
Disc. 1: Intro/Main Theme/Driftin'/Now That You're Gone/The Girls/Pipeline/Another Night/Londonderry Air/The Magic Doll/Razzmataz/Wild Geese/Gypsy Woman/The High And The Fly/With A Hmm-Hmm On My Knee/The Tennessee Waltz/Shadoogie. Bonus Tracks: It's Been A Blue Day/Shotgun/The Frightened City/Man Of Mystery/Slaughter On 10th Avenue/Spring Is Nearly Here .
Disc. 2: Main Theme/Driftin'/Now That You're Gone/Thunderbirds Theme/Londonderry Air/With A Hmm-Hmm On My Knee/The Tennessee Waltz
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