Alan Hawkshaw
Up-dated 21th August 2009
27 Top TV Themes/Brian Fahey - Time For TV
(CD)HHCD 101
Made In EU
Disc. 1: Alan Hawkshaw The Ironside Theme/Theme From The Persuaders/
Main Theme From The Saint/The Right One/Come Into The Warm/A Matter Of Pride/
Theme From Cade's Country/The Virginian Theme/The Night Rider/
Theme From The W.Somerset Maugham TV Series/Them Fom Upstairs Downstairs/
Bird's Eye Country/Yes I Understand/The Odd Couple/Theme From The Baron/
Man In Suitcase/Theme From Z Cars/Faraway Music/The Girl With The Sun Her Hair/
Crossroads/I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing (In Perfect Harmony)/Poppochoc/
It's All At The Co-Op Now/Blarney's Stoned From The Dave Allen Show/By George! -
It's The David Frost Theme/Braden's Beat/Theme From Shaft.
Disc. 2: Brian Fahey Theme From 'The Power Game'/Main Theme From 'The Saint'/
Batman Theme/At The Sign Of The Swingin' Cymbal/High Wire (Theme Form 'Danger Man)/The Rat Catchers/Thunderbirds/The Avengers/Seaway/Inspector Rose Theme
(From 'Mr Rose')/The Clanger/Theme From 'The Baron'/Theme From 'The Man From Uncle'/The Troubleshooters.
Elements (CD) 1 12907 2
Made In United Kingdom Planet Earth/Aftermath/Great Migration/Sahara/
Glacier/Tempest/Storm Clouds/Immminent Deluge/Ocean Floor/Rain Forest/
Calm/Barren Lands.
 10th April 1995
Girl In A Sportscar  (CD) 1 80712-2
Made In Germany
 Girl In A Sportscar/Scooter Girl/Sunflower/
Warm Hearts/Bluebird/Midnight Rhapsody/Happy Rainbow/Amour/
Blue Note/Grange Hill/Brush Off/Playmate/Flapjack/Knock About/
Lazy Evening Blues/Cruising/A Man Alone/Sky Train/Man Of Means/
Love At First Sight/Beauty Spot/Moody/Sheer Elegance/Blue Haze/
Piccadilly Night Ride/Beat Boutique/Dave Allen At Large/Destination Venus
Impressions (CD)1 12906 2
Made In United Kingdom Baloonist/Naturalist/Explorer/Adventurer/
Dramatist/Purist/Mariner/Winner/Romanticist/Impressionist/Thought Patterns
 10th April 1995
Love De Luxe - Again And Again (CD) atl 50 585
Made In Germany Here Comes That Sound Again/When We Were Dancin'/
Let Me Make It Up To You/I Got That Feeling. 
Bonus Track: Here Comes That Sound Again (Single Version). 
Atlantic Records
Mo' Hawk (CD) 2 95256 2
Made In United Kingdom Girl At The Top/The Millionairess/Hastle/
Hawkwind And Fire/Senior Thump - The Mohawks/Dr Jekyll & Hyde Park -
The Mohawks/Rocky Mountain Roundabout - The Mohawks/Beat Me
'til I'm Blue - The Mohawks/Girl In A Sportscar/Blue Note/Beat Boutique/
Dave Allen At Large/Piccadilly Night Ride/Sweet Motion - Groupie Girl Soundtrack/Squadron Leader Johnson - Rumplestiltskin/Move Move Move/
Powerboat/Action Man/Raver/Drive On.
  28th April 2003
Mysterious Universe (CD)HHCD 101
Made In United Kingdom Opening Titles/Granite Gods/Blackholes And Heavenly Bodies/Vayager/The Supernatural/Time And Space/The Marie Celeste/Mysterious Of East/Crop Circlrs And Wheatfield Patternes/
Hauntings/Messages From Space/Mayan Landscape/Timeslip/Mars/
Earth/Survival/Ancient Civilisations. Hawkshaw Music Label
Phantasia Album (CD) No Number
Made In EU Galactic Dawn/Northern Lights/Claud Chaser/Flamingo/
Stellar Symphony/Martian Landscape/Enraptured/Firefly/Stardust/Earthrise/
Enchantment/Unfolding Mystery/Dragonfly/Orbiter/Flight/Infinity/
Mission Accomplished/Journeys End. Petal Music Records
Rendezvous (CD) LAT1072
Made In Canada Rock And Roll Disco Boogie/Get It While You Can/Stay/
Give It If You Got It. Cam-All Music Ltd
The Venus Legacy (CD) 102
Made In United Kingdom Dawning [Prologue]/Venus Legacy/Opus/
Space Probe/Cosmos/Pillars Of Heaven/Jupiter/Tombs Of Egypt/Nemesis
Of The Regean/Magellan/Prophecy/When the Moon Turns To Blood/Popol Uuh/
Dawning (Epilogue)/Verdict.
 11th January 2000
Oder Online Orchestral Encounters (CD) 001
Made In USA Apollo Overture/The Theme/Fanfare Of The Titan/
The Dawning (Prologue)/Heroes Of The Universe/Armadas Of Space/
The Patriot/Discovery Fanfare/Cyber Cowboys/The Lone Astronaut/
The Venus Legacy/Time Phoenix/Memorial/Assembly Of The Space Marshals/
Terrestrial Pageant/The Spirit Of Enterprise/Universal Anthem/Event Horizon/
The Dawning (Epilogue) .
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