Diamonds And Other Grems (CD) DERAM 8-20634-2
Made In Germany Diamonds/Hully Gully/Footstomp/Scarlett O'Hara/Applejack/The Tall Texan/
Song Of Mexico/Kings Go Fifth/Besame Mucho/Chills And Fever/Clap Your Hands (Once Again)/
The Man With The Golden Arm/Wild One (Real Wild Child)/Some People (Not The Same As
Cliff's Hit Song)/Rave/Man From Howhere/Big Bad Bass/Rifka/Lonesome Part Of Town/Again. 
Dream Label
Diamonds And Other Grems (CD) G-RETRO825
Made In Germany Besame Mucho/Chills And Fever/Rave/Main Title Theme/Some People
(Not The Same As Cliff's Hit Song)/Wild One (Real Wild Child)/Clap Your Hands (Once Again)/
Man From Howhere/Lonesome Part Of Town/Again/Diamonds/Footstomp/Scarlett O'Hara/
Hully Gully/Applejack/The Tall Texan/Song Of Mexico/Kings Go Fifth/Big Bad Bass/Rifka.
 Rough Trade Distribution
Jet Harris & Tony Meehan Dimond Geezers (CD) JHCDR001
Made In United Kingdom Diamonds/Hully Gully/Footstomp/Scarlett O'Hara/AppleJack/
The Tall Texan/Song Of Mexico/Kings Go Fifth/Besame Mucho/Chills And Fever/Clap Your Hands (Once Again)/The Man With The Golden Arm/Wild One (Real Wild Child)/Some People
(Not The Same As Cliff's Hit Song)/Rave/Man from Nowhere/Big Bad Bass/Rifka/
Lonesome Part Of Town/Again. Bonus Tracks: Jet Black/Nivram/Theme For A Fallen Idol. 
Jet Harris "Fistful Of Strings (And A Bit Of Chat)" (CD) 10PTING 190
Made In United Kingdom 36-24-36/Real Wild Child/In Love With The Guitar Man/Cloud 9/
Big Bad Bass From Texas/Love Me Tender/Mechanism/Walk Don't Run/The Creep/
Theme For A Fallen Idol/Nivram/Trilogy. Jet Harris Fan Club
Jet Harris (& The Diamonds) "Fistful Of Strings Vol. II" (CD) 10PTING 206
Made In United Kingdom
 Diamonds/Spanish Harlem/Ghost Riders In The Sky/Midnight/
Time Is Tight/The Tall Texan/Scarlet O'Hara/Apache/Don't Cry For Me Argentina/FBI/
Nivram/Wonderful Land.

Jet Harris & Midnight Shadows (Arnos Hotel, Bristol 3rd July 2004)
Apache/The Stranger/The Friightened City/Kon-Tiki/Nivram/Sleep Walk/Peace Pipe/
Wonderful Land. Jet Harris Fan Club

The Best Of Jet Harris & Tony Meehan (CD) 544268 - 2
Made In United Kingdom Diamonds/Footstomp/Scarlett O'Hara/Hully Gully/AppleJack/
The Tall Texan/Song Of Mexico/Kings Go Fifth/Besame Mucho/Chills And Fever/Lonesome
Part Of Town/Again/Man from Nowhere/Rave/Big Bad Bass/Rifka/Some People/
Man With The Golden Arm. Spectrum/Universal records Ltd
50th Anniversary Tour Live Collection (CD) No Number
Made In United Kingdom Main Title Theme/Jet Black/Gonzales/Scarlett O'Hara/Apple Jack/Tall Texan/Wonderful Land/Nivram/Apache/No Other Baby
(feat: Dillie Davis). 
Back In Our Rock 'n' Roll Days (CD) NONE
Made In United Kingdom
1-Track. Private Records
Back In Our Rock 'n' Roll Days 
Made In United Kingdom Played-A-Live (The Bongo Song)/Snakefood/A-Gusta/Samb-Adagio/
Everything/Everything Epilogue/Crazy Benny/Baya Baya/Adagio.
Diamonds 40th Anniversary (CD) 
Diamonds (Jerry Lordan Demo)/Diamonds (Jet Harris & Tony Meehan)/Diamonds (Jet Harris &
The Innocents)
/Diamonds (Jet Harris & The Diamonds)/Diamonds (Jet Harris & Tangent)/
Diamonds (Jet Harris)/Diamonds (Jet Harris & The Diamonds)/Diamonds (Jet Harris & The Rapiers)
Fan Club Release
New CD 2002 Diamonds Are Trumps (CD) SLTD 116
Made In United Kingdom Dance With The Guitar Man/Wipe Out/You Can't Sit Down/
Diamonds/Theme For A Fallen Idol/Time Is Tight/Man With The Golden Arm/Gonzales/
No Other Baby/Soul Limbo/Barney's Blues/Watermelon Man/Theme For Something Really Important/Tequila. Featuring Bobby Gramham

31st July -1st August 2002. 
Insider Jet Harris (CD) CNC 4022-2
Made In Germany The Stranger/Medley: Perfidia/Blue Moon/Sleepwalk/
Dance On/Wonderful Land/FBI/Spanish Harlem/Apache Riders In The Sky/
Nivram/Diamonds/Scarlett O'Harar/Shazam. CNC Label
reissue Rollercoaster RCCD 3010
Jet Harris Anniversary Album (CD) CDMM 1038
Made In United Kingdom Diamonds/Jet Black/Besame Mucho/36-24-36/Big Bad Bass/
Scarlett O'Hara/Applejack/Man From Nowhere/Nivram/Theme For A Fallen Idol/The Tall Texan/
Again/Theme From The Man With The Golden Arms. Q Records Label
Jet Harris Wish A Merry Christmas
Made In United Kingdom  Hello it is only jet.
Just want to wish you a happy Chrismas, and thank you, real thank you for the support, as you know I'm a bloke of few words, but I'm tell you don't left to much voluble over the christmas or you only fell badt in the morning O me love
I get out to clean my car now.
Live At Sturminster Marshall Memorial Hall Nov 30th 1996 (CD) 1JS9701018-2
Made In United Kingdom
Riders In The Sky/The Stranger/Dance On/Spanish Harlem/The Frightened City/Kon Tiki/
Apache/Man Of Mystery/Nivram/When You Walk In The Room*/Angel Of The Morning*/
Tell Him*/I've Got Something On My Mind*/Stormy*/Scarlet O Hara**/Wonderful Land**/
The Tall Texan**/Diamonds**/Don't Cry For Me Argentina/FBI.
* Vocals Billie Davis ** Jet Harris on Lead Private Label
No Other Baby Live
1. No Other Baby Live
San Antonio (CD) CLRCD0601
1. San Antonio
2. Ignition
Scarlett O'Hara 40th Anniversary (CD) 
Scarlett O'Hara (Jerry Lordan)/Scarlett O'Hara (Jet Harris & Tony Meehan)/Scarlett O'Hara
(Jet Harris & The Diamonds)/Scarlett O'Hara (Jet Harris & The Strangers)/Scarlett O'Hara (Jet Harris)/
Scarlett O'Hara (Jet Harris & The Fontanas)/Scarlett O'Hara (Jet Harris, The Rapiers & Cliff Hall)/
Scarlett O'Hara (Jet Harris & Bobbt Graham)Fan Club Release
The Journey  (CD) CLRCD0602
Made In United Kingdom In The Beginning/San Antonio (Old Skool Mix)/It Bites/Krakatoa/
The Journey/Ignition/The 4th Man/Hello Sid/Play It Down/Song For Tony/Shot To Pieces/
San Antonio (Inst...)/El Vampiro/Diamonds. Crazy Lighthouse Records
Released October 1999 The Phoenix Rises (CD) JET 001
Made In United Kingdom Theme From Something Really Important/Scarlett O'Hara 2000/
Last Train Home)/Beater Blocker/Simply Jerry/Dreamland/Theme 18/Phoenix/Spivram/
Mechanism/Here I Stand/Diamonds 2000/Man From Nowhere/Duane Stays Mainly
On The Plane. Mustang records Ltd
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