52 Florence Road (CD) ARCD 4505
Made In United Kingdom Quite A Party/Just Listen To My Heart/
The Mexican/Gunshot/Some Are Lonely/Iron Horse/One Mint Julep/Tico Tico/
Orange Blossom Special/What A Wonderful World/Lisa/Blue Bells. 
Het Laatste News
Aim High  (CD) RPM290
Made In United Kingdom Sidetrack/Boogie Juice/Aim High/Sportsday/
Ergon/In Motion/Prelude & Groove Part 2/Metropolis Suite Part 1/
Reflections On A Misty Morning/Sunset/Honey Days/Glass Tubes/
Cobweb/Traffic Patterns/Speed & Efficiency/It’s A Crazy World/Grand Funk/
Keep Truckin'/Rocking Horse/Image. RPM Records
Compose by: Brian Bennett
Brian Bennett's Collage MISTY (CD) C5CD 610
Made In United Kingdom Wave/Laura/Misty/(They Long To Be)
Close To You/Madrid/Love For Sale/Who Can I Turn To/The Shadow Of Your Smile/What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life?/Blue Handkerchief.
See For Miles Label
 Compose by: Brian Bennett
Brian Bennett: Drama Montage Volumes 1 & 2 (CD) 2CDSML 8511
Made In Germany
Disc. 1: A comprehensive theme set of modern dramatics 
Drama Montage/Drama Montage link 1/Drama Montage link 2/In Danger/In Danger link 1/Surveillance/
Getting Close/Maniac/Heavy Traffic/Getaway/Fast and Furious/Flying Fists/Prowler/Darkside/In Suspense/
Thoughtful/The Plot/The Plot link 1/Routine Check/Thug/In Terror/Startle 1/Startle 2/Pussy Foot/Pussy Foot as above with regular bars/Foiled/Foiled Again/Foiled Again tag only.
All titles composed by Brian Bennett.
Disc. 2: A comprehensive set of modern dramatic movement, suspense & atmosphere 
Mr Big/Mr Big link 1/Mr Big link 2/Villain/Spiv/Hip Joint/Hip Joint link/Psychopath/Psychopath link/
Knuckleduster/Knuckleduster link/Thrash 1/Thrash 1 Link 1/Thrash 2/Thrash 2 Link 2/Got It Made/Got It Made Link/Blueprint For Murder/Stealth/Watchful Eye/Watchful Eye Link/Fuse/Fuse Link/Timewatch/
Waiting/Eye-opener 1/Eye-opener 2/Girl Alone/Day Off
All titles composed by Brian Bennett. Vocalion Records
Brian Bennett - Shadowing John Barry (CD) DRAMCD0108
Made In Japan Thunderball/Out Of Africa/You Only Live Twice/
The Appointment/The Man With The Golden Gun/Somewhere In Time/
On Her Majesty's Scret Service/The Ipcress File/We Have All The Time In The World/Romance For Guitar & Orchestra/Midnight Cowboy/Goldfinger/
The Beyondness Of Things/Born Free. Dramatico Records
Change Of DirectionWith The Best Of Illustrated London Noise Plus.(CD) SEECD 205
Made In United Kingdom Slippery Jim De Grize/Canvas/Whisper Not/Memphis/Tricycle/
Sunshine Superman/On Broadway/Sunny Afternoon/Little Old Lady/98.6/Con Alma/
Change Of Direction/Love & Occasional Rain/I Heard It Through The Grapevine/Chameleon/
Just Lookin'/Rocky Raccoon/Ticket To Ride/Wichita Lineman/General Mojo's Well Laid Plan/
In The Heat Of The Night/Soul Mission/Take Me In Your Arms And Love Me/Air. 
See For Miles Label
  Compose by: Brian Bennett
Change Of Direction (CD) ODR-6669
Made In Japan Slippery Jim De Grize/Canvas/Whisper Not/Memphis/Tricycle/Sunshine Superman/Oh Broadway/Sunny Afternoon/Little Old Lady/98.6/Can Alma/Change Of Direction. 
Oldays Records
29 December 2018. 
Classic Guitar Moods (CD) 5-29056-2
Made In United Kingdom Love Theme Form Romeo And Juliet/Your Song/
Bamboleo/En Aranjuez Con Tu Amor/Begin The Beguine/Cavatina
(Theme From Deer Hunter)/The Girl From Ipanema/Theme From 'Morse'/
The Music Of The Night/El Condor Pasa/Wonderful Tonight/Me & Julio Down By The Schoolyard/The Long & Winding Road/Classical Gas/Fernando/Theme From 'The Knock'/Unchained Melody/The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face.
Polygram Label
  Compose by: Warren Bennett, Mike Christer & Mark Griffiths - Album Produced by Brian Bennett
Close To The Hedge (CD)WMCD 1
Made In United Kingdom Last Train Home/Chariot/The Car & The Great Salt Lake/Old Town/Adventures In Wonderland/Geronimo/Man Of Mystery/
If You Don't Love Me/Theme From Big Falls/Cave Creek/Peace Pipe/Flying
Axis Label
 Compose by: Warren Bennett
Dreaming  (CD) 033853-3
Made In Germany The Magician/Moondance/Eternal Reoccurrence/
Butterfly/Heavenly/Karmic/Tree Talk.  Sondcord - Club Exclusive Released in Germany
 Compose by: Brian Bennett
Global Sunrise CD OCD 002
Made In United Kingdom Planet Earth/Sydney Harbour/Turtle Reef/
Eagles Of Hokkaido/Annapurna/African Dawn/Arctic Circle/Norfolk Coast/Rio/
Crystal Springs/Yellowstone/Mauna Kea/Full Circle/Ocean Deep.
Compose by: Brian Bennett
Greatest Guitar Hits Volume One (CD) PMF 90101-2
Made In Netherland Apache/Foot Tapper/Time Is Tight/Memphis/Raunchy/
Walk Don't Run/Shazam/Wipe Out/Chariot/Pipeline/Red River Rock/
Telstar/Man Of Mystery/Perfidia.
 Compose by: Brian Bennett
Greatest Guitar Hits Volume Two (CD) PMF 90102
Made In Netherland Cavatina/Sleepwalk/Green Onions/Let There Be Drums/The Cruel Sea/Beatnik Fly/Peter Gunn/Albatross/Riders In The Sky/
Diamonds/Scarlett O'Hara/FBI/Sylvia/Samba Pati.PMF Label
1990-Reissued 1994 
Greatest Guitar Hits..3CD Box set PMF 90101/2
Made In Netherland Apache*/Foot tapper*/Time Is Tight*/Memphis*/
Raunchy*/Walk Don't Run*/Shazam*/Wipe Out*/Chariot*/Pipeline*/
Red River Rock*/Telstar*/Man Of Mystery/Perfida/Cavatina/Sleepwalk/
Green Onions*/Let There Be Drums*/The Cruel Sea*/Beatnik Fly/Peter Gunn*/
Albatross*/Riders In The Sky*/Diamonds/Scarlett O'Hara/FBI/Sylvia/
Samba Pati. 3rd CD is Golden Melodies Vol.3 (PMF 90.173-2, UK 1994) by The Golden Sound Orchestra PMF Label   Compose by: Brian Bennett
Heat Exchange (One Step Ahead)(CD) SEECD C5CD 609.
Made In EU  You're Gonna Love This/Shake Down/Love Is The Reason/
One Step Ahead/Check It Out/Lost On You. Polygram Label

Compose by: Brian Bennett

Illustrated London Noise (CD)SOS007
Made In United Kingdom Love And Occasional Rain/I Heard It Through
The Grapevine/Chameleon/Wichita Lineman/Just Lookin'/General Mojo's
Well-Laid Plan/In The Heat Of The Night/Soul Mission (with 15 second drum breaks!)/Take Me In Your Arms & Love Me/Rocky Racoon/Air/Ticket To Ride. 
Bonus Tracks: Canvas/Tricycle/Little Old Lady/Change Of Direction. 
Stamp Out Shoes Label
Irish Mist Music Reminiscent Of The Emerald Isle (CD) CRF277
Made In EU
 Irish Mist/Emerald Isle/Song For Sunday/Last Farewell/
Dingles Boy/Crystal Gazw/Kathleen/Top Of The Morning/The Magic Of Moloney/Without You/Teresa's Love/You're Still Within Me/Lonely Leprechaun/
Sea Of Peace/Kindred Spirits/The Tables Have Turned/Rippling Shores/
Mother's Milk/Never Gonna Give You Up/I'm Coming Home (v)/Passage West/
Jiggle-de-piggle-de. Tring International Records Label
La Mort De Henri  (CD) WMLDEP 5
Made In United Kingdom Produced by Warren Bennett Magnificent Seven/The Quite Welcome Death Of Henri Leconte/From Russia With Love/
Across The Border/Blue Shadows*/Sheraton Park Tower Incident*. Plus 3 Backing Tracks: Magnificent 7/Across the Border/Life Story. 
Waffles Music Label
 Released 23rd September for Shadowmania   
* Brian Bennett on Drums
Living Britain (CD) BBML001
Made In United Kingdom Music from the award winning TV series,original score composed and produced by Brian Bennett: Morning/Above The Clouds/
Living Britain/Warm Summer Breeze/Changing Seasons/Awakenings/
Hebredian Landscape/Early Spring/Moorland Magic/Areial Ballet/A Day At The Seaside/Green And Pleasant Land/Nocturnes/Man And Nature/The Still Of Evening BBR Label
  Compose by: Brian Bennett
Left To My Own Devices (CD) WM7
Made In United Kingdom I Tried To Call You When I Was In Liverpool-Allez Alex Antonisch/The Kaleidoscope Affair/Where Were You Last Night?/
Dreaming Of You-California Girls-Can't Sleep Again Tonight/I Go To Sleep/
My Winding Wheel/Raul Moonshine (Left To His Own Devices)/Please Do Not
Let Me Go/Ghosts/Dear Chicago/Rhinestone Cowboy/Don't Wait To Long/
The Spies In My Head-Dreaming Of You (Reprise)/You're A Big Girl Now/
Son Of A Drum/Sorrow/The Godfather/Angels & Demons-Ghosys (Reprise)/Save Me A Place. 
London's Burning (CD) 7243521944-2-1
Made In EU  London's Burning/Chris Rescues George/Lift Rescue/
All Work And No Play/Heroes/Remembering Nick/Heat/Day To Day/
Break In At Chris' Flat/Man In A Monkey Suite/London's Burning
(Long Version)/Blue Watch/Blue Watch (Long Version)/Rest With Simon
Brint & Roddy Matthews: Dixie’s Rescue/The Bus/Naked Fear/Bogus Fireman/
Skace Race/Helicopter/The Junkies/Basketball. EMI Gold Label
Compose by: Warren Bennett
Moondances (CD) 516247
The Magician/Moondance/Eternal Recurrence/Butterfly/Heavenly/
Karmic/Tree Talk. Castle Music Label

Compose by: Warren Bennett
Music To Picture (CD) FLYCUB 20111
Wexford's Theme/The Mystery Waltz/Escape From The Asylum/Nomads Of
The Wind/Terminal Choice/Decadence In Blue/Pulaski/Night Flight/
Alice's Theme/The Shackleton Variations/Yellowstone/October Suite/
Dear Roy Love Gillian/Mountains Of The Moon/The Knock/Dirty Work/
Square Deal/Fanfare For All Nations/Opening Ceremoney/The Magistrate/
Moon Power/Chase Side Shoot-Up/David Jason In His Element/
Murder In Mind/View Of The Earth. Released 11th April 2004 Compose by: Brian Bennett
Nomads Of The Wind(CD) 4-50147-22
Made In EU The Faraway Heaven/Nomads Of The Wind/Voyaging/
In Search Of Paradise/Under The Southern Cross/Beneath The Coral Reef/
The River/Jewels Of Fiji/The High Islands/The Dolpins/Crossroads Of The Pacific/Last Voyage Of The Bounty/The Storm/The Polynesian Triangle/
Landfall/The Story Of The Fairy Terns/The Tonga Trench/Ghosts Of The Past/
The Masked Paddlers Of Ku/The Dark Side Of Paradise/Easter Island/Distant Horizons Belart Label.
  Compose by: Brian Bennett
Official Bootleg Album Volume One  (CD) WM 6
Made In United Kingdom Ridin' On The Gravy Train/Bubble Drum/
Chaseside Shoot Up/Pegasus/Canvas/Love & Occasional Rain/Blowin Tin/
Soul Mission/Jonty Jump/Thunderbolt/Clearing Skies/Slow Burn/
Outrider/Wallop/Big Noise From Winnetka/Road To Montebello/
Saturday Night Special/Farewell To A Friend/Jack's Good/The Bat.
Released 23rd September 2006. 
Compose by: Brian Bennett
Pathways To Love (CD) NWCD 185
Made In United Kingdom  The Eternal Flame/A Time To Remember/
Journey To The Heart/Moon Play/Tenderness/The Forgotten Legend/
Unicorn Dreams/The Eternal Flame (Reprise).
New World Music Label
  Compose by: Warren Bennett
Rock Dreams/Voyage (CD) C5HCD 661 
Made In EU
 Rock Dreams (Introduction)/Rock And Roll Dreamer/
Banja Booga/Rave On/Milwaukee Massacre/C'mon Everybody/
Thunderbolt/Saturday Night Special/The Girls Back Home/Wallop/
Farewell To A Friend/Drum Odyssey/Rock Dreams (Finale)/Voyage/
Solstice/Chanin Reaction/Pedulum Force/Air Quake/Ocean Glide.
See For Miles Label
 Compose by: Brian Bennett
Secrets Of The Heart (CD) NWCD 264
Made In United Kingdom  The Magician/Moondance/Eternal Recurrence/Butterfly/Heavenly/Karmic/Tree Talk. 
New World Music Label
  Compose by: Warren Bennett
Shut It - The Music Of The Sweeney
(CD) SANCD092 Made In United Kingdom
 Music from the TV series, This includes four Brian Bennett tracks:Flying Squad/Thug/The Heist/
Investigator Sanctuary Label
CD cover ..other picture is Cardboard over cover
Sugar Vallone (CD) 8287 6601752
Made In United Kingdom [Ace] How Long/[Nilsson] Everybody's Talkin/
[Bruce Hornsby & The Range] The Way It Is/[Stealers Wheel] Stuck In The Middle With You/[Noise Mechanics] Sugar's Theme*/[Shara Nelson] Down That Road/[Gerry Rafferty] Baker Street/[Daryl Hall & John Oates] She's Gone/[Vallone's People] Road To Montebello*/[Maria Muldaur] Midnight At The Oasis/[Bread] Make It With You/
[Eileen Hunter] Falling*/[Billy Paul] Me & Mrs. Jones/[Sylvia] Pillow Talk/[Brian Bennett]
Chaseside Shoot Up *(New Version)/[Nancy Sinatra] Sugar Town/[Fifth Dimension] Wedding Bell Blue Jive/Zomba Records   Involved by: Brian Bennett *
The American Way (CD) FLYCUB 20109
Comin' In/The American Way/Night Flight/Radio Yee-Ha/"A Good Day To Die"/
Cockpit/Stars And Stripes Forever/The Captain's Blues/Visions Of War/
The Presidents Own/People Get Ready/Blues A La Quirk Part 1/
Missile Attack Pt.1/Ace The Face/"That Was Close"/I Wanna Be Loved/
Blues A La Quirk Pt.2/Killing Fields/Jive Ass Turkey/Missile Attack Pt.2/
The Green Man/S&MTV/The Service/Bakersfield 3/Blues A La Quirk Pt.3/
Timebomb/Storm Riders/Accapuloco/Hallucination/Pissed In Accapolco/Station In The Sky.
Released 20th September 2004 Compose by: Brian Bennett
The Man Who Replaced His Wife With A Cat (CD) WMLDEP 6
Made In United Kingdom Thunderbolt/Pancho's Villa/The Man Who Replaced His Wife With A Cat/Cappuccino Kid (2007 Remix)/The Bibendum Conspiracy/
Ghost Of Old Compton Street (2007 Remix). 
Backing Tracks: Thunderbolt/Pancho's Villa/Cappuccino Kid/
Ghost Of Old Compton Street. Waffles Music Label

Compose by: Warren Bennett
The Ruthe Rendell Mysteries (CD) Pwickwick 546
Made In United Kingdom The Ruth Rendell Mysteries [Wexford's Theme]/
Suite From 'A Sleeping Life'/Suite From 'No Crying He Makes'/
Suite From 'A Guilty Thing Surprised'/Suite From 'Shake Hands Forever'/
The Rute Rendell Mysteries [Wexford's Theme][Reprise].
Pickwick Label

Compose by: Brian Bennett
The Ruthe Rendell Mysteries 2 (CD) Polydor 8475242 
Made In United Kingdom
 The Ruth Rendell Mysteries [Main Theme]/
Suite From 'No More Dying Then/Suite From 'An Unkidness Of Ravens'/
Suite From 'Some Lie And Some Die'/Suite From 'The Best Man To Die'/
Fasbender [From Put On By Cunning].Polydor Label
Compose by: Brian Bennett
The Ruthe Rendell Mysteries (CD) EMI 7-80692-2
Made In United Kingdom  The Ruth Rendell Mysteries [Theme]/
Wexford In L.A/Put On By Cunning/The Search For Mina/Love Form Doon/
The Castle/Kissing The Gunner's Daughter/An Unwanted Woman/
A New Lease Of Death/Let Me Believe/Letters From The Past/
A Cry From The Tomb/Strange Confessions/Corsica/A Day In Provence/
Achilles Heel/Mouse In The Corner/Mother And Daughter/A Means Of Evil/
Premonition/Speaker Of Mandarin EMI Label
Compose by: Brian Bennett
The Ruthe Rendell Mysteries (CD) 7243 5 20687 2 
Made In United Kingdom The Ruth Rendell Mysteries [Theme]/
Wexford In L.A/Put On By Cunning/The Search For Mina/Love Form Doon/
The Castle/Kissing The Gunner's Daughter/An Unwanted Woman/
A New Lease Of Death/Let Me Believe/Letters From The Past/
A Cry From The Tomb/Strange Confessions/Corsica/A Day In Provence/
Achilles Heel/Mouse In The Corner/Mother And Daughter/A Means Of Evil/
Premonition/Speaker Of Mandarin EMI Gold Label
Compose by: Brian Bennett
"Works" Special Edition 4 CD Box Set FLYCUB 20110
Made In United Kingdom
Terminal Choice Terminal Choice (CD) FLYCUB 20110 Terminal Choice (Main Theme)/The Death Of Lylah Crane/Hospital Landscape/Betting On Death/
The Computer Room/Reflections In A Mirror/The Poisoning Of Mary/
Anna's Apartment/The Killing Of Mary O'Connor/Go To Freeze Frame/
Lings Basement/The Secret Room/The Killing Of Chauncy Rand/
Sit With Me A Second/Get Frank/Morphine & Love Theme/Rimmers End/
End Of The Game/Terminal Choice (End Titles) .
The Harpist The Harpist (CD) FLYCUB20112 Escape From The Asylum/Prelude No 1/
At First Sight/The River/The Concert/Meeting Rebecca/View From The Heart/
Secrets/The Hidden Eye/Bad Blood/Cathedral/Following Rebecca/
A Quiet Kill/Dark Shadow/The Hidden Truth/The Dark Side Of Love/
House Of Memories/The Barn/The Harpist (End Titles 'Pavane For Harp').
Great Natural Wonders Great Natural Wonders Of The World (CD) FLYCUB 20111 
View Of Earth/South To Antarctica/The Journey West/An American Landscape/
High Sierra/Snake River/Monument Valley/Grand Canyon/Yosemite/
Land Of The Navaho/Mount Fuji Sunrise/Ice Caves/Everest Time Laps/
Kilimanjaro/A View To Forever/Angel Falls/The Beautiful Planet/Milford Sound/
View Of Earth (End Titles).
Moon Power Moon Power (CD) FLYCUB 20113 Rhythm Of The Moon/Ascension/
Theme From Moonpower/Walking On The Moon/The Dark Side/Eclipse/
Power Of Tides/Moon Over Manhatten/Changing Tides/Collision Course/
Moonchild/The Black Dragon/The Stones Of Callanishi/Moonpower End Titles/Theme From Moonpower (Reprise). Cube Soundtracks Label
Compose by: Brian Bennett
Wunthering Heights (CD) CDWEEK 108
Made In United Kingdom Wunthering Heights-Main Theme/
Lockwood's Arrival/The Window/Heathcliff's Arrival/Lapwings-Hareton Is Born/
A Person From Gimmerton/Isabella And Cathy's Distrees/Ghoste/
Heathcliff And Catherine/Discovery And Destruction-Cathy's Grave/
Lockwood's Arrival Revisited/The Garden/Heathcliff's Resolution/End Title/
Wuntering Heights - Love Theme. Polydor Label
Compose by: Warren Bennett
Voyage (CD) CRJAM002D
Made In EU
Disc. 1: Voyage/Solstice/Chain Reaction/Pendulum Force/Air Quake/Ocean Glide.
Disc. 2: Pendulum Force (7" Edit)/Ocean Glide (7" Edit)/Previously Unissued Working Mixes.Voyage/Solstice/Chain Reaction/Pendulum Force/Air Quake/Ocean Glide. Cherry Red Records
Zoo Keeper  (CD) WM 3
Made In United Kingdom Elephant/Hipponosis/Owl/F. Pig/Penguin/
Cow/Suave Fox/Penguin(A Different One)/Frog In A Frightened City
Waffles Music Label

Compose by: Warren Bennett/Ben Marvin

© Copyright: 2000 - Ulla Sorensen