Had To Be - The Duets Album With Olivia Newton John  (CD) CX2001 
Made In unknown
Had To Be/The 12th Of Never [Live 1988]/I Got You Babe [TV 1972]/
Choosing When It's Too Late/I'm Leaving It All Up To You [TV 1974]/All I Ask Of You [Live 1988]/
If I Was Close To You My Love [TV 1972]/Suddenly/Walk On By-Look Of Love/Dream Tomorrow/
Don't Move Away/Magic [Live 1988]/All I Have To Do Is Dream [TV 1974]/I Do Not Love You Isabella/Oh Boy [TV 1980](With Andy Gibb & Elton John)]/Don't Move Away [Alt Take From
"Runaway With Cliff"]
.Queen Label 
Hammersmith Odeon 4th Show (CD) CDRIO 82
Made In EU Songs Of Thunder/Young Love/Better That I Know Myself/Wired For Sound/
Broken Doll/Summer Rain/Dreamin'/Once In A While/Lost In A Lonely World/Don't Talk To Him/
Miss You Nights/We Don't Anymore/Honky Tonk Angel/Wouldn't You Know It.
Hammersmith Oden Concert 1981 (CD) 
Rock 'n' Roll Juvenile/Daddy's Home/Stood Up/Move It/Shakin' All Over/Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On/Teddy Bear/All I Have To Do Is Dream/When Will I Be Loved/Tribute To The Legends: Blue Suede Shoes-Great Balls Of Fire-Lucille-Long Tall Sally-Rip It Up-Gee Whizz It's You.
Have A Party LPMS 1075
Love Never Gives Up (From LP Live At Spree)/Evening Comes (Hank Marvin)/Lets Have A Party (Unreleased TV Recording)/Jonty Jump (Brian Bennett)/Sinner Man (Unreleased TV Recording)/
The Trouble With Me Is You (Hank Marvin)/Back In Vaudeville/That's Why I Love You/Trambone (Krew Kats)/FBI (Unreleased TV Recording)/Bongo Blues (The Shadows)/The Shrine On The Second Floor (Unreleased Film version)/Chase Side Shoot Up (Brian Bennett)/Bye Bye Love (Unreleased
TV Recording)/Soul Deep (Unreleased TV Recording)That's What The Cover Says!...The Record Plays Lets Have A Party (Unreleased TV Recording)/Dancing In The Dark (The Shadows)/Love Never Gives Up/Jonty Jump (Brian Bennett)/Sinner Man/The Trouble With Me Is You (Hank Marvin)/Back In Vaudeville/Play The Guitar Man (Jet Harris)/That's Why I Love You/Peak Hour (Krew Kats)/FBI (Vocal)(Unreleased TV Recording)/Bongo Blues (Shadows)(Unreleased Film Recording)/The Shrine On The Second Floor (Unreleased Film Recording)/Evening Comes (Hank Marvin)/Bye Bye Love (Unreleased TV Recording)/Soul Deep (Unreleased TV Recording) Gold Star Label 
Hank, Brian & Cliff (CD) RISKY 18
Move It/Heartbeat (Hank Marvin)/Jessica (Hank Marvin)/Travellin Light/Living Doll/Nivram
(Hank Marvin)/Summer Holiday/The Young Ones/Bachelor Boy/Congratulations/Wonderful Land
(Hank Marvin)/Memphis (Hank Marvin)/Mistletoe & Wine (Claudia Junge)/Batman Theme
(Brian & Warren Bennett)/This Love (Tammy Wynnette)/The Rise & Fall Of Flingel Bunt/The Millenium Prayer  Risky Label
Hier Ist Cliff (CD)
Twist im Blut/Zärtliche Sekunden/Shoom Llama Boom Boom/Story Ohne Happy End/Wonderful World/Marianne/Geh' Deinen Weg Nicht So Allein/Stell' Mich Deinen Eltern Vor/Ooh-La-La/
Deine Augen Träumen Mary/Mr. Niemand/Die Liebe Ist Immer Nur Heut'/Fragen.
Bonus Tracks: Kein Zug Nach Grata Green/Kleine Taube/Lucky Lips (Rote Lippen Solll Man Küssen).
Highlights From The Countdown Concert (CD) RISKY 39
Move It/Living Doll/Rock Aound The Clock/Be Bop A Lula/When/Teddy Bear/All Shook Up/Jailhouse Rock/The Young Ones/I'm In Love With You/Needles & Pins/She Loves You/Apache (Hank Marvin)/I'm Nearly Famous/Bright Eyes/I Just Don't Have The Heart/Some People/A Little In Love/Remember Me/Riders In The Sky (Hank Marvin) Can't Keep This Feeling In/Everything I Do/Saviours Day/The Millennium Prayer . 
Risky Label
Highlights From Cliff's Gospel Concert Apollo (CD) 25 May 1993 BBC
The Only Way Out/From A Distance/Song For Sarah/Healing Love/Saviours Day/Flesh And Blood/Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music/Small World/Peace In Our Time . 
It's All In The Game (CD) 
Secret Love/I'm In The Mood For Love/ I Only Know I Love You/Fly Me To The Moon/Where The Four Winds Blow/Kiss/Since I Lost You/I Only Came To Say Goodbye/It's All In The Game. 
Private Collection Label
It's Cliff Richard Series 1970 - 1 (CD)
The Joy Of Living/Shout/With The Eyes Of A Child/Intros To Hank, Una & Cheryl Kenedy/Chelsea Boot (Hank Marvin)/Play: Rose Marie (Cliff, Cheryl, Hank & Una)/Throw Down A Line (Cliff & Hank)/
Sketch Medical/Oh Happy Day/Go Where I Sent Thee/Visions/The Joy Of Living/Good Times Better Times/Twist And Shout/Comedy Sketch/Play On And On (Daliah Lavi)/Play - Mata Hari/
This Guy's In Love With You (Cliff & Hank)/The Super Sixties Song & Dance Medley With Cliff as Tiny Tim Una as Mary Hopkin/Those Were The Days/Visions.  Private Collection Label
It's Cliff Richard Series 1970 - 2 (CD)
The Joy Of Living (Opening Intro)/One Fine Day/Words/Hankovision - Mustaches (I Doodle) (Hank)/
Maggie's Samba (Hank Marvin)/Sketch (Hank,Una,Cliff)/The Light Is Dark Enough (Judith Durham)/
Cliff's Favourite Film Sketches/Play Ned Kelly/Soul Deep/Show Songs: Famous Musical Songs - Farewells - Vision/The Joy Of Living/With Th Eyes Of A Child/Hitchen A Ride/Wrong Telephone Number Sketch/Curly Headed Red Rosters (Una & Dancers)/Cliff & Hank Talk About The Sheik/
The Lady Came From Baltimore/Wake Up Little Susie (Cliff & Hank)/Play: The Sheik
(Cliff, Hank & Una Cheryl)/Froosen Foods (Hank Marvin)Private Collection Label
It's Cliff Richard Series 1970 - 3 (CD)
The Joy Of Living/Move It/Historical Sketch/Wonderful Land/(Cliff & Pat) Hates Barber Sketch/
Hey Girl/Comedy Dance Sketch/Foot Tapper/Sketch - (Hank & Una)/Early In The Morning Of -
Mary Hopkin/The Girl Can't Help It - Great Ballls Of Fire - Lucille - Jailhouse Rock - Rock N Roll Music - Do You Wanna Dance/The Joy Of Living/Tracy - Sugar Sugar/The Minute Your Gone/
Sketch/Classical Gas (Hank Marvin)/Footprints Sketch (Cliff)/Save The Last Dance For Me
(J. Rowles)/Sketch With John & Una/Flower On The Wall - He'll Have To Go (Cliff, Hank & John)/
Hey Good Looking. Private Collection Label
It's Cliff Richard Series 1970 - 4 (CD)
The Joy Of Living - Big Ship/Intros: Sketch: Valentine's Day (Hank)/Please Love Song (Daliah Lavi)/
Sketch Cliff's Traffic Signs/The Girl That I Married-Folk On The Hill/Comedy Sketch/Hankovision My Grandsfaters Clock/Song At The Movies/Farewells-Visions/The Joy Of Living-Angel/Sketch 12 Sonny & Cher/Down Waterloo Road (The Settlers)/BBC Canteen Sketch (Cliff & Hank)/Let It Be Me/
Hankovision Spanish Sketch/Honey Pie/Play: Samson & Deliah/Good News - What You Gonna Name That Pretty Little Baby (Cliff & The Settlers)/We Shall Be Changed (Cliff & The Settlers)
Private Collection Label
It's Cliff Richard Series 1970 - 5 (CD)
The Joy Of Living - Nothing But A Houseparty/Intros: Historical Matches (Hank,Una,Cliff)/
One Note Samba (Hank & Una Dancers)/Cliff's Soap Opera/The Joy Of Living (Cliff & Hank)/
Hankovision - Hooter Song (Hank)/What'd You Know We've Got A Show/Comedy Chat
(Cliff ,Hank & Norrie Paramor)/I Saw The Light (Cliff. Hank, Norrie & Una)/Farewells-Visions/
The Joy Of Living-Congratulations/Intros: Mary Hopkin/Eurovision Talk/The Joy Of Living Playout/
The Joy Of Living-My Baby Loves Love/Itros And Results-Hooter Song (Hank)/All My Sorrows (Mary Hopkin)/Train Passengers (Cliff, Hank & Una)/The Joy Of Living/Bye Bye Love (Cliff & Hank)
Private Collection Label
It's Cliff Richard Series 1970 - 6 (CD)
The Joy Of Living - On The Beach/Travelling Light/Intros: Una. Hank & Nannette/Flying Machine (Naneth)/Cliff With Dummies (Hank & Una)/Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars/Una's Overacting Sketch/
Rock Medley: Rip It Up - See You Later Alligator - All Shook Up - Rock Around The Clock - Peggy Sue - Razzle Dazzle/Farewells - Visons/The Joy Of Living/Intros: Hank, Cilla Serenada/Una's Loveless Spinster Song/Sweet Inspiration (Cilla Black)/Hank's Sweater Sketch/Slippin And Sliding (Una & Dancers)/Cliff's Hat Sketch Piano Playing/Sacha (Hank Marvin)/Play: Octavious (Hank, Una, Cilla & Cliff)/Dancing Shoes - Bachelor Boy - Living Doll - Do You Wanna Dance. 
Private Collection Label
It's Cliff Richard
1971 Set 1
It's Cliff Richard
1971 Set 2
It's Cliff & Friends 1974
It's Cliff & Friends 1976
It's Cliff & Friends 1975
It's Cliff & Friends 1976: 1
It's Cliff & Friends 1976: 2
It's Cliff Richard & The Shadows Show 31st January 1970 (CD) 
The Joy Of Living/Move It/Historical Comedy Sketch/Wonderful Land/Cliff Talk About Pet Hates-Barber Sketch(Cliff & Hank)/Hey Girl/Comedy Sketch (Disco-Ballroom-Charleston)/Foot Tapper- Young Generation Dance Joined by Cliff & Una/Mary Hopkins In (Song For Europe)/Early In Morning Of Your Live/Cliff & Una Chat-Una Introduce Cliff & The Shadows/The Girl Can't Help It/Great Balls Of Fire/Lucille/Jailhouse Rock/Rock n' Roll Music/Do You Wanna Dance . 
Private Collection Label
"I'm Nearly Famous" Promotional (CD) Cliff Traking Between Tracks
I Can't Ask For Anymore That You/I'm Nearly Famous/Lovers/Junior Cowboy/Miss You Nights/I Wish You'd Change Your Mind/Devil Woman/You've Got To Give Me All Your Lovin/If You Walked Away/ Alright It's Alright. . 
In Concert 31st Febr. Street (CD) With Barry Guard Orchestra
The Singer/Travellin' Light/No Matter What/The Leaving/You Will Never Know/Yesterday, Today, Forever/Love On/Nothing To Remind Me . 
In Concert London 1980 (CD) TV Shows
Intro/Living Doll/Cliff Chat/The Young Ones/Cliff Chat/The Minute You're Gone/I'm Nearly Famous/The Twelfth Of Never/Hey Mr. Dream Maker/Learning How To Rock 'n' Roll/Cliff Chat/
Heartbreak Hotel/Carrie/Miss You Nights/Green Light/A Little In Love/I'm No Hero/Devil Woman/
When Two Worlds Drift Apart/Cliff Intro Everyman/Everyman/The Rock That Doesn't Roll/
A Heart Will Break/Dreamin'/Intro the Band/We Don't Talk Anymore. Private Collection Label
In De Doelen 1977 Gospel Concert (CD)
Heartbreak Hotel (Acoustic)/Living Doll (Acoustic)/The Outlaw (Acoustic)/You Got Me Wondering/
Such Is The Mystery/Every Face Tells A Story/Why Me Lord (Acoustic)/
Night Time Girl (Acoustic)/Hey Whatcha' Say/When I Survey The Wondrous Cross/Up In Canada/
Goin' Home/You Can't Get To Heaven (Living Like Hell)/Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music/Yes He Lives.  Bonus Tracks:  All My Love/Evergreen Tree/Rock N Roll Medley:Blue Suede Shones-Great Balls Of Fire-Lucile-Long Tall Sally-Rit It Up/Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On/The Twelfth Of Never/Learning How To Rock N Roll/Heartbreak Hotel. 
In Einhoven Part 1 (CD) 
Made In United Kingdom
I'm Nearly Famous/You've Got To Give Me All Your Lovin'/Try A Smile/When Two Worlds Drift Apart/It Must Be Love/Every Face Tells A Story/Hey Watcha Say/Travelling Light/
Summer Holiday/Living Doll/Bachelor Boy/On The Beach/Power To All Our Friends.
In Einhoven Part 2 (CD) 
Made In United Kingdom
Heartbreak Hotel/Give Me Love Your Way/Up In Canada/Yes He Lives/Don't Turn The Light Out/
Miss You Nights/Up In The World/My Kinda Life/Rock 'n' Roll Juvenile/Move It/Devil Woman/
Why Shoudl The Devil Have All The Good Music/It's No Use Pretendin.
In Italy Rai TV Shows (CD)
Some People (Live "Festival Di San Remo 1989 1)/Some People (Live "Festival Di San Remo 1989 2)/Congratulations (Live "Europa Europa" RAI-TV Show)/We Don't Talk Anymore(Live RAI-TV Show)/Don't Forget To Catch Me (Italian)/On The Beach (Italian)/I Get The Feeling (Italian)/The Day I Met Marie (Italian)/Congratulations (Italian)/I Only Live To Love You . 
In Person Cliff Richard 1975 BBC Presenting (CD)
Move It\Let It Be Me\Rock Medley: The Girl Can't Help It-Great Balle Of Fire-Lucille-Jailhouse Rock-Good Ole Rock 'n' Roll-Do You Wanna Dance\A Taste Of Honey\The Day I Let Marie\I Who Have Nothing\I Saw The Light . 
In Skansan 1970 (CD)
Norrie Paramor Orchestra makes the intro: Congratulations. And Cliff Sings: Move It/Goodbye Sam. Hello Samantha/Walk On By/The Look Of Love (Medley: The Girl Can't Help It/Great Balls Of Fire/Lucille/Jailhouse Rock/Good Old Rock 'n' Roll/Rock 'n' Roll Music/Do You Wanna Dance)/ The Day I Met Marie/La La La La La/The Lady Came From Baltimore/The Young Ones/ Living Doll/In The Country/Bachelor Boy/When I'm 64/Congratulations. 
International Again The 70's (CD)
The Days Of Love/Tomorrow's Rising/Ashes To Ashes/Celestial Houses/To Do El Poder A Los Amigos/Love Is Here/Jusus Is My Kind Of People/Il Faut Chanter La Vie/You're The One/Honky Tonk Angel/Wouldn't You Know It/Love Enough/Love Never Gives Up (Live)/Je Suis Formidable/
Je T'aime Pour Toujours Ce Jour/Releve Mon Defi/That's Why I Love You/Please Don't Tease (1978)/Needing A Friend . 
International Again The 90's (CD)
Imagine Love/Yes He Lives (Greenbelt Live)/Keep On Lookin'/Hold On/Shakin' Alll Over/Back In Vaudeville/It's In Everyoe Of Us (Choral Version)/Too Close To Heaven/Tiny Planet/Law Of The Universe/I Will Follow You (Live)/Born To Rock 'n' Toll (Time Version)/It's In Everyone Of Us (Time Version)/Reunion Of The Heart/The Lord Is My Sheperd/As Times Goes Boy
(Duet With Michel Schanze) . 
International (CD)
Never Knew What Love Could Do/Somebody Loses/La La La La La/I Got The Feelin/Our Story Book/Sweet Little Jesus Boy/Bilder Von Dir/Oh No No/Immagina Un Giorno/Ah Quelle Historie/
Nigh 'n' Dry/Mir. Nice/Que Buena Suerte/What's More I Don't Need Her/Ich Kann Treu Sein/
Congratulations (Italian)/Mrs. Emily Jones/Non Dimenticare Chi Ti Ama/Chi Lo Sa/Wonderful World/Do You Remember/The Sound Of The Candymans Trumpet/Sternegold/Occasional Rain
Japan Tour 74' Vol.1 (CD)
Winning/Do You Wanna Dance/You Keep Me Hanging On/Make It Easy On Yourself-The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore/Get Back/Fireside Song/Travellin' Light/Give Me Back That Old Familiar Feelin'/Early In The Morning/Take Me High/Hit Medley: Congratulations-In The Country-Dancing Shoes-The Day I Met Marie/On The Beach/Sing A Song Of Freedom . 
Japan Tour 74' Vol.2 (CD)
Constantly/You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'/Gospel Medley: Jesus-Amazing Grace-Jesus Is My Kind Of People/Don't Talk To Him/Bachelor Boy/Don't Meet The Band/Rock Medley: His Latest Flame-Chntilly Lace-Bonie Maronie-Do You Wanna Dance-Crococdile Rock/Higher Ground/Sing A Song Of Freedom/Visions/Power To All Our Friends . 
Knebworth House Performance (CD) 30 June 1990:
Move It/Summer Holiday/The Young Ones/On The Beach/Living Doll/Good Golly Miss Molly/
Bachelor Boy/Fall In Love With You/Do You Wanna Dance/In The Country/It'll Be Me/
Shake, Rattle And Roll/We Don't Talk Anymore.
Live In The UK (CD) JDL 242
Made In Malaysia Move It/Dreamin'/Human Work Of Art/Living Doll/When/Congratulation/
Do You Wanna Dance?/Can't Keep The Feeling In/The Young Ones/I'm In Love With You/
Needles & Pins/Bright Eyes/We Don't Talk Anymore/Miss You Night (With Elaine Page)/
Summer Holiday/Daddy Home/A Little In Love/Everything I Do/Vita Mia (With Vicenzo La Scoda)/
It's in Everyone of Us. JD Records.
Licenced by MCM Tontragor GmbH for Patty Boom Music.
Live at Skansen 1970 (CD) 
Move It/Goodbye Sam. Hello Samantha/Something Good-If Ever I Should Leave You/Medley: The Girl Can't Help It-Great Balls Of Fire-Lucille-Jailhouse Rock- Rock 'n' Roll Music-Do You Wanna Dance/The Day I Met Marie/La La La La La/The Lady Came From Baltimore/Hit Medley: The Young Ones-Living Doll-In The Country-Bachelor Boy/When I'm 64/Congratulations/Friends/
Move It/If I Was Close To You My Love/Rock N Roll Medley: Good Old Rock 'n' Roll-Rock 'n' Roll Music/Whole Lotta Shakin Going On-I'm A California Man- Do You Wanna Dance/I Can't Let You Go/Friends (Instrumental)/Theme Pipe Langkous/Everybody Gots Broken Hearts . 
Private Collection Label
Live In Amsterdam 2005 (CD) 
Medley Intro By Dutch Metrople Orchestra/We Don't Talk Anymore/Move It/A Little In Love/True Love Ways/Some People/Dreamin/I Don't Wanna Lose You/I Cannot Give You My Love/ Summer Holiday/Bachelor Boy/Lucky Lips/Devil Woman/Miss You Nights/Somewhere Over The Rainbow-What A Wonderful World/What Car/Ocean Deep/Congratulations/Living Doll/Somethin' Is Goin' On/Everytime We Say Goodbye/Faithful One/Wired For Sound/ A Thousand Miles To Go/From A Distance/We Don't Talk Anymore (Reprise).
Live In Copenhagen 1961 (CD)
Shazam/Shadoogie/Man Of Mystery/More Than I Can Say (Vocal)/Apache/Midnight/Frightened City/F.B.I./Move It/Willie & The Hand Jive/Living Doll/Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On/Tea For Two/
Long Tall Sally/Please Don't Tease/My Blue Heaven/Lets Have A Party/With A Girl Like You/
What I Say.  Private  Label
Live In Copenhagen 1976 (CD) 
Living Doll/Do You Wanna Dance/Lucky Lips/When A Man Loves A Woman/You Keep Me Hangin On/Miss You Nights/I'm The Country/The Love I Love/If You Don't Know Me By Now/Love Train/The Day I Met Marie/Show Me The Way/When I Survey/Gee Whiz It's You/Bachelor Boy/Rock N Roll Medley/Sing A Song Of Freedom . 
Private Collection Label
Live At Bremen 1979 (CD) 
Move It/Doing Fine/The Young Ones/Cliff Greets The Audience/Rock 'n' Roll Juvenile/If You Walked Away/Hot Shot/Visions/Cliff Intros The Backing Vocalists/Them For A Dream (Acoustic)/
Spanish Harlem (Acoustic)/Lucky Lips (Incomplete)/My Luck Won't Change/Green Light/Miss You Nights/Cliff introduces The Band/Do You Wanna Dance/Monday Thru Friday/Devil Woman/Devil Woman (Instrumental Reprise)/ We Don't Talk Anymore/And The Crowd Goes Wild/End Of The Show.

Wanted Good Quality
Live At Carre In Amsterdam (10 June 2005) (CD) 
Disc. 1: Cliff Richard Song Medley/Cliff Richard Introduction/We Don't Talk Anymore/Move It/Cliff Greets The Audience/A Little In Love/True Love Ways/Some People/Dreamin'/Cliff Introduces The Something's Goin' On Songs/I Don't Wanna Lose You/I Cannot Give You My Love/Summer Holiday/Bachelor Boy/Lucky Lips-Rote Lippen Soll Man Küssen/Devil Woman.
Disc. 2: Miss You Nights/Somewhere Over The Rainbow-What A Wonderful World/Cliff Talks About The For Life album/What Car/Ocean Deep/Congratulations/Living Doll/Somethin' Is Goin' On/Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye/Faithful One/Wired For Sound/Wired For Sound (Instrumental Reprise)/Cliff Introduces The Band/Thousand Miles To Go/From A Distance/We Don't Talk Anymore (Instrumental Reprise)/Thanks And Goodnight
Live At Hammersmith Oden (CD) 
Move It/Doing Fine/The Young Ones/Rock 'n' Roll Juvenile/If You Walked Away/I'm Nearly Famous/Theme For A Dream/Spanish Harlem/Did He Jump - Or Was He Pushed/Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music/Devil Woman/We Don't Talk Anymore. 
Live At Hammersmith Oden 82 (CD)
Introduction/Son Of Thunder/Young Love/Wired For Sound/Summer Rain/Dreamin/Once In A While/The Next Time/Into The Day I Met Marie/The Day I Met Marie/Into Don't Talk To Him/
Don't Talk To Him/Miss You Nights/Into The Band/We Don't Talk Anymore/Move It/Stood Up/Daddy's Home/Final Of The Show/Final Introduction. 
Live In Hongkong (CD)
Live In Hongkong 1
Live In Hongkong 2
Live In Hongkong 3
Live In Hongkong 4
Live In Concert Volume 5 (CD) 1C 05605553
Made In Denmark Shout I'll Come Running/The Minute You're Gone/On The Beach/
Hang On To A Dream/Spanish Harlem/Finders Keepers/Visions/Move It/Living Doll/
La La La La La/Twist And Shout/Evergreen Tree/What'd I Say/Dynamite/Medley:
Let's Make A Memory-The Young Ones-Lucky Lips/Summer Holiday/We Say Yeah.
Recorded Live at the Shibuya Public Hall, Tokyo on October 18th 1967.
Live In Japan 72 Vol. 1 (CD)
Backscratcher (Instr)/Can't Let You Go/Have A Little Talk With Myself/Sunn Honey Girl/The Minute You're Gone/Flying Machine/The Day I Met Marie/Silver Rain/My Way/Move It/Living In Harmony/Walk On By - The Look Of Love/Early In The Morning/Goodbye Sam, Hello Samantha. 
Live In Japan 72 Vol. 2 (CD)
Lving Doll/Bachelor Boy/The Young Ones/Congratulations/Rock n'n Roll Medley: The Girl Can't Help It - Great Ball Of Fire - Lucille - Jailhouse Rock - Good Old Rock 'N' Roll - Do You Wanna Dance/Sing A Song Of Freedom. Hank Marvin & John Farrar: The Rise & Fall Of Flingle Bund/
Mr. Sun/Apache/Lonesome Male/Tiny Robin/A Thousand Conversations/Bye Bye Love/
Something/Keep The Customers Satisfied . 
Live In Korea 1969 (CD) 
Shout/Move It/It's All In The Game/Big Ship/Good Times, Better Times/Throw Down A Line/The Day I Met Marie/La La La La/A Taste Of Honey/The Lady Came From Baltimore/Nothing But A House Party/Medley: The Young Ones-Living Doll-In The Country-Bachelor Boy/Something Good-If I Ever Should Leave You/When I'm Sixty Four/Early In The Morning/Congratulations/Visions . 
Private Collection Label
Live In Korea 1969 (CD)
Disc. 1: Shout/Move It/It's All In The Game/Big Ship/Good Times/Throw Down A Line/The Day I Met Marie/
La La La La La/A Taste Of Honey/Lady Came From Batimore/Ain't Nothing But A House Party/The Young Ones/Living Doll/In The Country.
Disc. 2: Bachelor Boy/Something Good/If Ever I Would Leave You/When I'm 68/Early In The Morning/
Congratulation/Visions/Evergreen Tree/Summer Holiday/We Say Yeah/Spanish Harlem/What I Say/
Dynamite/Lucky Lips/Twist And Shout/Wind Me Up (Let Me Go) . 
Live In Luik 1964 (CD)
Chattanooga Choo Choo/Dance On/Nivram/Foot Tapper/A Little Bitty Tear/The Rise And Fall Of Flingle Bunt/Apache/Sleepwalk/FBI/Do You Wanna Dance/Dancing Shoes/Lucku Lips/The Young Ones/I Got A Woman/Bachelor Boy/Constantly/Maria No Bas/La Mer/I'm The Lonely One/We Shay Yeah. Bonus Tracks: The Call Him Cliff.  World Star Label Released 1993. 
Live In Stereo (CD) RISKY 29
Do You Wanna Dance/Don't Talk To Him/All I Have To Do Is Dream/Carrie/Congratulations/
Travellin Light/The Minute You're Gone/Misunderstood Man/Bachelor Boy/The Next Time/
Lucky Lips/Wind Me Up/Living Doll/The Young Ones/It's All In The Game/When Will I Be Loved/
I Love You/Please Don't Tease/A Voice In The Wilderness/Power To All Our Friends/Fall In Love With You/Move It. Risky Label
Live In The Park (CD) RISKY 37
On The Beach/In The Country/The Minute You're Gone/Dreamin/Human Work Of Art/
Power To All Our Friends-Congratulations-Do You Wanna Dance-Dynamite-Power To All Our Friends/Can't Keep This Feeling In/Living Doll/The Young Ones/Summer Holiday/Move It/
We Don't Talk Anymore/Daddy's Home/A Little In Love/Let It Be Me/Miss You Nights/Wired For Sound/The Miracle/It's In Every One Of Us. Risky Label
Live In The Hague,On 27th April 1968 (CD) 
Surely Good And Mercy/Good News/Introduction/Nowhere Man */Reflections/Sinner Man/Blowin' In The Wind */When I Lay My Burden Down/Go Where I Send Thee/Oh, Rock My Sou-He's Got The Whole World In His Hands/If I Had A Hammer **/Think Again/Is There An Answer **/Mary What You Gonna Name That Pretty Little Baby/When I Survey The Wondrous Cross/Give Me Oil In My Lamp/Come And Go With Me **/Sing Hallelujah **/What A Friend We Have In Jesus/
Very Last Day*/We Shall Be Changed.
*Vocal duet performance/**The Settlers only (no Cliff performance)





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