The Shadows / Hank TV 2 (DVD) TV Shows
Ten TV Performances Of The Shadows
Moonlight Shadows/Little & Large Show/Hank By Des O'Conner/Good Morning Britain/What's Up Doc/Jimmy Tarbuck Show/The Shadows On TV/Shakin Stevins-Hank/Hank Des & Cliff/Bruce By Mel & Des .
The Shadows On French & Dutch TV (DVD) TV Shows
The Deerhunter (Promo Clip)/The Deerhunter (Tros Top 50)/Song For Duke, Riders In The Sky (Ted De Braak Show)/Missing, Equinox V (Le Maison TV1)/Missing (Crocques Vacanes French TV)/Macadam Met Hank Marvin/The Hawk & The Dove (Hank Marvin)/Invisible Man (Hank Marvin)/Brothers In Arms Tour With Hank Marvin (Les Enfants Du Rock 85) Going Home/London Kid (Destination Docklands)/Apache (Short Snippet Histoire Du Rock)/F.B.I (From Beatles DVD Apple 1)/Promot Clip Frence Doube CD A2) .
The Shadows TV Shows/Macadam (DVD) TV Shows
Val Doonican Show: Lara's Theme/Putting On A Style: Crackerjack: Frightened City/FBI.
Royal Performance 1962: Wonderful Land/The Young Ones/I'm On My Way/Do You Wanna Dance.
Frence TV Film: The Shadows Macadam .





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