Magic Guitars (CD) CD DRIVE 3048 ADD
Made In Switzerland Walk Don't Run/Memphis/Rebel Rouser/Apache/Pipeline/Telstar/Hawaii Five O/Tequila/Wheels/Bumbke Bee Rock/Slaughter On 10th Avenue/Ghost Rider In The Sky/Perfidia/Raunhy/House Of The Rising Sun/Walk Don't Run/Wipe Out/Guitar Boogie Shuffle/Driving Guitars/Sleepwalk . Baur Music Productions
Merry X'mas with The Ventures (CD) XVC-001
Made In Japan Jingle Bells/White Christmas/Blue Christmas/Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town/
Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer/Jingle Bell Rock/We Wish You A Merry Christmas/Sleigh Ride/
Snowflakes/Frosty The Snowman/Scrooge/Silver Bells. 
Jasrac Records
Mashed Potatoes & Gravy/Going To The Ventures Dance Party (CD) 7 24381 89342 5
Made In USA Mashed Potatoes & Gravy: Lucille/Gravy (For My Mashed Potatoes)/
Hernando's Hideaway/Mashed Potato Time/Summertime/Hot Summer (Asian Mashed)/
Poison Ivy/The Wah-Watusi/Instant Mashed/Scratch/Hully Gully (Baby)/Spudnik. 
Going To The Ventures Dance Party: Mr. Moto/Theme From Come September/Ya Ya Wobble/
Night Drive/Venus/The Intruder/Gandy Dancer/Sweet & Lovely/Limbo Rock/Lolita Ya-Ya/Loco-Motion/Gully-Ver. Bonus Track: Wild Night/El Cumbanchero/Lady Of Spain. One Way Records

Issued 0000. (CD) ArsNova AN -2254. Russia
Mashed Potatoes Mashed Potatoes & Gravy (CD) UICY-77807
Made In Japan Lucille/Gravy (For My Mashed Potatoes)/Hernando's Hideaway/Mashed Potato Time/Summertime/Hot Summer (Asian Mashed)/Poison Ivy/The Wah-Watusi/Instant Mashed/
Scratch/Hully Gully (Baby)/Spudnik. 
Universal Music Records
Masters Of Pop Music (CD) 15079
Made In Germany Walk Don't Run/Apache/Slaughter On 10th Avenue/
Diamond Head/Pipeline/Joy/Hawaii Five-O/Diamonds Are Forever/
From Russia With Love/Thunderball/Goldfinger/Dr. No/Bond Street/
Caravan/Another Dawn/Bondolero. Delta Records
Melody Hits In Japan (CD) TOCT-6376
Made In Japan Love And Memory/Two Ginza's/Blue Skies In The Northem Country/Love In Kyoto/Kyoto Mourning/Longing For Nagasaki/Midosuji In The Rain/Memories Of Love/Ginza Lights/Hokkaido Skies/Kyoto Dolll/Reflection In A Palace/Stranger in Midosuji . 
EMI Records
Memories: Platinum Edition (CD) PRIME 1829 (8 887686 218293)
Made In Singapore
Disc. 1: Walk Don't Run/Hawaii Five-O/Apache/Ghost Riders In The Sky/Rebel Rouser/Telstar/The Cruel Sea/House Of The Rising Sun/Caravan/Bongo Rock/Let's Go/Bulldog/Raunchy/Wipe Out/Diamond Head.
Disc. 2: Pipeline/Perfidia/Tequila/Memphis/Red River Rock/Yellow Jacket/Driving Guitars/Rock Nuts/
Guitar Boogie Shuffle/Slaughter On 10th Avenue/Secret Agent Man/The James Bond Theme/Green Onions/
Wheels/Sleepwalk. Swissieo Music International
Memory Of Japan (CD) TOCP-71298
Made In Japan Kyoto Doll/Kyoto Bojo (Reflections In A Palace Lake)/
Ginza Lights/Stranger In Midoosuji/Hokkaido Skies/Sapporo Spring/
Shiretoko Of Hokkaido/Kiri-No-Mashuko/Erimo-Misaki/Echoes Of Sendai/
Nagasai Memories/Hakata Sun/Japan Surf/Seto-No-Hanayome/Naruto/
Nagoya Express/Yokohama Lights/Tokyo Nights. 
EMI Records
27th June 2012. 
Meet James Bond (CD) 2686022
Made In Netherlands Walk Don't Run/Hawaii Five-0/Slaughter On Tenth Avenue/Dr. No/
Diamond Head/Diamonds Are Forever/Goldfinger/From Russia With Love/Bond Street/
Apache/Somewhere Over The Rainbow/Caravan/Joy/Another Dawn/Bandolero/Thunderball/
Pipeline. Wave Records
Mood Best Selection (CD) AMC-513
Made In Japan Diamond Head/Caravan/Pipe Line/Walk Don't Run/Pipe Line/
Walk Don't Run/Telstar/Perfidia/Ram Bunk-Shush/Out Of Limits/Cruel Sea/
Rebel Rouser/Penet-Ration/Wipe Out/Surf Rider/Changing Tide/Barefoot Ventures/The Lonely Sea/Apach '65/Slaughter On 10th Avenue. 
ECHO Records
Mood Music (CD) EM-1508
Made In Japan Diamond Head/Caravan/Pipeline/Walk Don't Run/Perfidia/Out Of Limits/
Wipe Out/Surf Rider/Changing Tides/Barefoot Ventures/Apach 65/Slaughter on 10th Avenue. 
Amuse Inc. Records
Mood Music  (CD) WMC-508
Made In Japan
Disc. 1: The Ventures: Diamond Head/Caravan/Pipeline/Walk Don't Run/Telstar/Out Of Limits/Cruel Sea/
Rebel Rouser/Penetration/Wipe Out/Surf Rider/Changing Tides/Barefoot Ventures/Apace/
Slaughter On 10th Avenue.
Disc. 2: Claude Ciari: La Playa/Manuel Benitez El Cordobes/Solenzara/Old Creek/Pietcheka/Horizon Tropical/Down Town/Sirinata Ajaccina/La Danse De Zorba/Ballade Romantique/A Taste Of Honey/
Blowin' In The Wind/Londonderry Air/Jamais Personne Avant Toi/Hush A Bye. Jasrac Records
Most Famous Hits - The Ventures - The Album 2 (CD) 65762
Made In Germany Apache/Green Onions/Classical Gas Live/Raunchy/Hawaii Five O/Runaway Live/Memphis/Driving Guitars/Penetration Live/Tequila/Bumble Bee Rock/El Bimbo Live/
Caravan/Pipeline/Out Of Limite Live/Secret Agent Man/Ghost Riders In The Sky/Wipe Out. 
Medusa Entertainment International Ltd
Most Famous Hits - The Ventures - The Album 1 (CD) 65761
Made In Germany Walk Don't Run/Guitar Boogie Shuffle/La Bamba Live/Rock Nuts/Wheels/
I Gotta Woman Live/Bulldog/Perfida/Feel So Fine Live/Slaughter On 10th Avenue/Sleepwalk/
Alabama Jubilee Live/Let's Go/Rebel Rouser/Comin Home Live/Telstar/Diamond Head/
House Of The Rising Sun. Medusa Entertainment International Ltd
MTV History 2000  (CD) HAL333
Made In Germany
Disc. 1: Walk Don't Run/Spudnick/Rap City/Vibrations/The House Of The Rising Sun/
Scat In The Dark/Secret Agent Man/Expo Seven-O/Green River/California Dreamin/
Hernando's Hideaway/Police Woman/Hawaii Five-O/One Mint Julep/Candy Dancer/
Gully-ver/El Cumbanchero/Green Hornet Theme/Green Onions/Blue Chateau/Escape/
Ginza Light/Koyubine-Omoide/Summertime/Joker's Wild/00-711/Sometimes I Feel Longing For A Motherless Child/Pedal Pusher/Perfidia/Dick Tracy/He Never Come Back/Explorations In Terror/The Letter.
Disc. 2: Ginchy/Caravan/(Ghosts) Rider In The Sky/Yellow Jacket/Apache/Journey To
The Stars (The Space Cossacks)/Hawaiian War Chant/Lonesome Road/Wailin/The Ninth Wave (The Bomboras)/Genesis/The Wanderer/Trambone/Batman/Amanda's Theme/
Happy Together/Sealed With A Kiss/Greenfields/Over The Rainbow/Music To Watch Girls By/Sunny/Green Leaves Of Summer/Lonely Girl (The Exotics)/Yesterday/Squaw Man/
Dr. No/Little People/Hokkaido Skies/Lullaby Of The Leaves/Reflections/Goldfinger/
The Creeper/War Of The Satellites (The Sir Finks). Bonus Tracks: Misirlou. 
New Testament/More Golden Greats (CD) C5HCD 652
Made In EU New Testament: Good Mornin Captain/Testament/Free/
Oye Como Va/Wild World/Katana/Whole Lotta Love/What Is Life/Novios Para Siempre/Spirit/She's A Lady/Pesado. 
More Golden Greats : The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly/Mission: Impossible/The House Of The Rising Sun/More/Torquay/Love Is Blue/
Classical Gas/A Taste Of Honey/Green Onions/Grazing In The Grass/
Raunchy/Theme From 'A Summer Place'. See For Miles Records
New Depths (Wild Again Vol 2) (CD) GNPD-2259
Made In Netherland Axel F.- Miami Vice/Banzai Pipeline/Blue Dawn/
Bombora/Calhoun Surf/Cry For A Shadow/Drums A Go-Go [Remake]/
Flower Of The Sun/Hideaway/Hot Doggin'/Hurricane/I Fought The Law/
Peter Gunn/Spanish Armada/Stop The Music/Time Is Tight/Trailblazer/
Web Surfin'/Wipe Out 2017. GNP Crescendo Records
New Space (CD) MYCV30669
Made In Japan Fly Me To The Moon/Moon Base Drive/The Alien/Space Ssuit/The Mercury Run/Vibrations/Second Sun/Sea Of ??Tranquility/Pie/High Noon On The Moon/11th Hour/
City ??Of Light/Last Party On The Moon. 
M & I Records
New! Ventures Medley (CD) ORC-1466
Made In Korea Pipeline/Shanghied Twist/Wipe Out/Moovin And Groovin/Carmen Prelude/
La Playa/Orange Blossom Special/Dreaming Guitar/Love Potion No.9/Wheels/El Condor Pasa/
My Dear Love/La Pioggia/Casa Bianca/Hey/Bumble Bee Twist/Diamond Head/Wayward Nile/
Tico Tico/Tell Me/Road Runner Twist/Walk Don't Run/Don Hose/Csikos Post/Gwine To Runn All Night/In A Perssina Maket/In Un Floret/Sunny River/Country Twist/Guitar Booge Saffle. 
Oasis Ltd Records
No Trespassing: First Four Albums - Ventures  (CD) 0604988071221
Made In Czech Republic
Disc. 1: Morgen/Raunchy/Home (LP Version)/My Own True Love/The Switch/Walk Don't Run (LP Version)/Night Train/No Trespassing (LP Version)/Caravan/Sleep Walk/The McCoy (LP Version)/
Honky Tonk/The Shuck/Detour/Ram Bunk Shush/Hawaiian War Chant/Perfidia (LP Version)/
Harlem Nocturne/Blue Tango/Ups N Downs/Lonesome Town/Torquay/Wailin/Moon Of Manakoora/Single Version/Bonus Track: Walk Don't Run/Home/The McCoy/Perfidia/
No Trespassing.
Disc. 2: (Ghost) Riders In The Sky/Wheels/Lonely Heart/Bulldog/Lullaby Of The Leaves/
Beyond The Reef/Rawhide/Meet Mister Callaghan/Trambone/Last Date/Ginchy/Josie/
Blue Moon/Yellow Jacket/Bluer Than Blue/Cherry Pink & Apple Blossom White/The Green Leaves Of Summer/Blue Skies/Greenfields/Red Top/White Silver Sands/Yellow Bird/
Orange Fire/Silver City/Bob Bogle & Don Wilson Interview Rocketing Rhythms Radio Clip. 
Jasmine Records
On Stage/Surfing (CD) C5HCD658
Made In EU On Stage: Wipe Out/Journey To The Stars/Slaughter On 10th Avenue/Caravan/Pedal Pusher/Apache '65/Bumble Bee/Driving Guitars/Medley: Walk, Don't Run/Perfidia/Lullaby Of The Leaves/
Yellow Jacket. Surfing: Pipeline/Diamonds/Windy And Warm/Ten Over/
Surf Rider/Changing Tides/The Ninth Wave/Party In Laguna/Barefoot Venture/The Heavies/Cuncher/The Lonley Sea. See For Miles Records
On Stage (CD) TOCP-6391
Made In Japan Wipe-Out/Journey To The Stars/Slaughter On 10th Avenue/Caravan/Pedal Pusher/Apache '65/Bumble Bee/Driving Guitars/
Medley: Walk Don't Run-Perfidia-Lullaby Of The Leaves/Yellow Jacket. 
EMI-Toshiba Records
On Stage Encore/Ventures Live Again (CD) C5HCD675
Made In EU On Stage Encore: La Bamba/A Taste Of Honey/Secret Agent Man/California Dreamin'/Batman Theme/Man From U.N.C.L.E./
Ginza Lights/Kimito Itsumademo/Yozora No Hoshi/00-711/Wipe Out '66. 
Live Again: Blue Chateau/Hokkaido Skies (Vocal By Chiyo Okumura)/
Black Sand Beach/A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You/Wooly Bully/Ginza Lights/Sentimental Guitar/La Bamba/California Dreamin'/A Taste Of Honey/Slow Sundown/Diamond Head '67. See For Miles Records
On Stage 71 On Stage '71 (CD) UICY-76354
Made In Japan Born To Be Wil/Aquarius-Let The Sunshine In/Classical Gas/Presentational
Of The Ventures/Pipeline/Kyoto Bojo/Free/Kyoto Doll-Paint It Black/Light My Fire/
Slaughter On 10th Avenue/Kyoto Doll/Kyoto Bojo/Wipe Out/Apache/Manchurian Beat/Fire/
Walk Don't Run/Diamond Head/Caravan. Liberty Records
Japan (CD) TOCP-7149 EMI Label
On Stage '72 (CD) UICY-76355
Made In Japan The Cruel Sea/Driving Guitars/I'm A Man/Apache/Diamond Head/Ginza Lights/Aquarius-Let The Sunshine In/Slaughter On 10th Avenue/Bulldog/Proud Mary/Medley: Kyoto Doll-Paint It Black/Wipe Out/Gimme Some Lovin'/House Of The Rising Sun/Love Theme Fom The Godfather/Honky Tonk/Stranger In Midoosuji/Walk Don't Run/Manchurian Beat/Pipeline/Caravan. Liberty Records 2014. 
On Stage '73 (CD) TOCP-76356
Made In Japan The Cruel Sea/California Freamin'/I'm A Man/Kyoto Doll - Paint It Black/
Classical Gas/Gimme Some Lovin'/Run Away/Jambalaya/Honky Tonk/Diamond Head/Skylab/
Oh, My Love. EMI Records
Oldies Best Final 60 Vol.3 (CD) OLCD-007
Made In Japan Diamond Head/Pipeline/Surf Rider/Cruel Sea/Lap City/
Let's Go/Walk Right In/Go Go Slow/Paradise A Go Go/Kickstand/Barefoot Ventures/Pedal Pusher/Let There Be Drums/Satisfaction/I Feel Fine/
My Bonny Rise/Venus/Perfidia/Lullyby Of The Leaves/Walk Don't Run.
Oldies Best Final 60 Vol. 3 (CD) OLCD-008
Made In Japan Caravan/Wipe Out/Bull Dog/Apache/Slaughter On 10th Avenue/Secret Agent Man/The Fugitive/Stranger On The Shore/Batman/Theme Of Napoleon Solo/Bumble Bee Twist/The Twist/Twisted/Black Eyes Twist/Red River Rock/Besame Mucho/Tequila/Oh Pretty Woman/The Locomotion/Love Portion No. 9
Oldies Best Final 60 Vol.3 (CD) OLCD-009
Made In Japan The House Of The Rising Sun/Driving Guitar/Walk Don't Run '64/Runaway/Needles & Pins/She's Not There/More/A Taste Of Honey/Limbo Rock/Lucile/Night Train/Honky Tonk/Launch/Green Onion/Twilight Zone/Riders In The Sky/Journey To The Stars/Telstar/Blue Star/Out Of Limits
Original Hits, Vol.1 (CD) SCS058 (NCD-649102) MA-811
Made In EU Night Train/Morgen/Caravan/No Trespassing/Sleep Walk/Ghost Riders In The Sky/
Lonely Heart/Blue Moon/Bulldog/Greenfields/Wheels/Bumble Bee Twist/Dark Eyes Twist/
My Bonnie Lies/Bluebird/The Lonely Bull/Telstar/Apache/Surf Rider/Pipeline. 
Disky Records
Original Hits, Vol.2 (CD) SCS059 (NCD-649072) MA-812
Made In EU You Are My Sunshine/I Can't Stop Loving You/Wildwood Flower/Steel Guitar Rag/
Let's Go/More/Memphis/Sukiyaki/Walk Right In/Runaway/Wipe Out/War Of The Satellites/
Penetration/The Twilight/Out Of Limits/Fugitive/Needles And Pins/The Cruel Sea/Journey To The Stars/House Of The Rising Sun. Disky Records
Original Hits Vol.3 (CD) SCD060 (NCD-649082) MA-813
Made In EU Night Train/Rap City/Blue Star/Tomorrow's Love/Stranger On The Shore/
Pretty Woman/Love Potion No.9/I Feel Fine/Lonely Girl/Mariner No.4/The Swingin' Creeper/
Jingle Bells/A Taste Of Honey/Action/Stop Action/Green Grass/Escape/The Man From U.N.C.L.E./
Green Hornet '66/Batman Theme. Keep Co. Records
Only Hits (CD) 724381939123
Made In USA Also Sprach Zarathustra/Hummingbird, Summerbreeze/
Get Down/Soul Makoosa/My Love/The Cisco Kid/Killing Me Softly/
Oh Babe, What Would You Say/Yesterday Once More/Superstition/
Last Tango In Paris/Dueling Banjos/Live And Let Die/The Morning After/
Drift Away/Alone Again/I Can See Clearly Now/Finders Keepers/
The Twelfth Of Never/Frankenstein/The Night The Lights Went Out In
Georgia/Are You Man Enough/You Are the Sunshine of My Life. Bonus Tracks: Torquay/
Loney Karen/Cathy's Theme/Runnin' Strong. One Way Records
Perfidia/Walk Don't Run (CD) 3930896
Made In France Perfidia/Ram-Bunk-Shush/Lonely Heart/Morgen/Raunchy/Home/
My Own True Love (Tara's Theme)/The Switch/Walk Don't Run/Night Train/
No Tresspassing/Caravan/Sleep Walk/The McCoy/Honky Tonk. 
Bonus Tracks: The McCoy (Alternative Mono Version)/No Tresspasing (Mono Version)/
Walk Don't Run (Mono Version)/Silver City/Bluer Than Bluer/The Real McCoy/Cookies And Coke. 
Magic Records
 6th December 2010. 
Pipe Line (CD) SE-10 (T4907562990106)
Made In Japan Pipe Line/Walk Don't Run/The House Of The Rising Sun/Diamond Head/Slaughter On 10th Avenue/Apache/Surf Rider/Bull Dog/Lullaby Of The Leaves/Perfidia . 
Platinum Collection (CD) BUD010006
Made In Korean Walk Don't Run/Apache/Hawaii Five-O/Rebel Rouser/Ghost Rider In The Sky/
Perfidia/Wipe Out/Caravan/Pipeline/Bumble Bee Rock/Let's Go/Raunchy/Secret Agent Man/
Driving Guitars/Telstar/Wheels/Diamond Head/Rock Nuts/Slaughter On 10th Avenue/
Walk Don't Run 64.  SWISSTEO Records
Play Guitar With The Ventures, Vols. 1-4 & 7 (CD) 7 24381 93862 1
Made In USA Tuning The Guitar And Electric Bass/Raunchy/Tequila/
Memphis/Walk, Don't Run/Tuning The Guitar And Electric Bass/Pipeline/
Wipe Out/Let's Go/Out Of Limits/Tuning The Guitar And Electric Bass/
Secret Agent Man/Diamond Head/No Matter What Shape (Your Stomach's In)/
A Taste Of Honey/Tuning The Electric Bass/Exercises For The Electric Bass/
La Bamba/Red River Valley/A Lover's Concerto/Shotgun/I Hear A Symphony/
Papa's Got A Brand New Bag/Tuning The Guitar/Honky Tonk/Pt. 1 & 2/Louie/Louie/Night Train/
Peter Gunn. One Way Records
Play Guitar/Play Electric Bass Vol. 2 (CD) C5HCD 654
Made In EU Tuning/Raunchy (Rhythm Solo)/Raunchy (Bass Guitar Solo)/Raunchy (Lead Guitar Solo)/
Raunchy (Complete)/Tequlia (Rhythm Guitar Solo)/Tequlia (Bass Guitar Solo)/Tequlia (Lead Guitar Solo)/
Tequlia (Complete)/Memphis (Rhythm Guitar Solo)/Memphis (Bass Guitar Solo)/Memphis (Lead Guitar Solo)/Memphis (Complete)/Walk Don't Run (Rhythm Guitar Solo)/Walk Don't Run (Bass Guitar Solo)/
Walk Don't Run (Lead Guitar Solo)/Walk Don't Run (Complete)/Pipeline (Acc. Guitar Solo)/
Pipeline (Bass Guitar Solo)/Pipeline (Lead Guitar Solo)/Pipeline (Full Group)/Wipeout (Rhythm Guitar Solo)/Wipeout
(Bass Guitar Solo)/Wipeout (Lead Guitar Solo)/Wipeout (Full Group)/Let's Go (Rhythm Guitar Solo)/Let's Go (Bass Guitar Solo)/
Let's Go (Lead Guitar Solo)/Let's Go (Full Group)/Out Of Limits (Rhythm Guitar Solo)/Out Of Limits (Bass Guitar Solo)/
Out Of Limits (Lead Guitar Solo)/Out Of Limits (Full Group)See For Miles Records
Play Guitar Vol. 3/Play Electric Bass Vol. 4 (CD) C5HCD 655
Made In EU Tuning The Guitar And Electric Bass/Secret Agent Man/Diamond Head/
No Matter What Shape (Your Stomach's In)/A Taste Of Honey/Tuning The Electric Bass/
Exercises For The Electric Bass/La Bamba/Red River Valley/A Lover's Concerto/Shot Gun/
I Hear A Symphony/Papa's Got A Brand New Bag. See For Miles Records
Play Japanese Melody (CD) BHST-115
Made In Japan Love In Kyoto/Midosuji Rain/Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing Kyoto/
Ginza Two/Northern Blue Sky/Stars In The Night Sky/Wandering Guitar/Seaside Bound/
Hiroshi Be Fooled By Such/Summer Festival/Ask To Time Machine/Black Sand Beach/
Seven Erotica/Mary Ann/Julia Heartbreak (Heartbreak). Pony Canyon Records
Play Kayama Yuzo (CD) TOCP 70735
Made In Japan Tabibito Yo/Blue Sunset/Futaridake No Umi/Three Blue Stars/Kimi To Itsumademo/Yozora No Hoshi/Boomerang Baby/Koi Ha Akai Bara/Oyome Ni Oide/
Yozora O Aoide/Black Sand Beach/Mada Minu Koibito/Kirisame No Hodo/Violet Sky. 
Universal Music Records
Play Mega Hits (CD) TOCP-7847
Made In Japan Kimi Ga Irudakede/Yah Yah Yah/Bridge-Ano Hashi O Watarutoki/Kimi Ga Kagayaki Tsuzukeru Yohni/No No Darlin/The Sun Also Rises/Namida No Kiss/Haretara Iine/
Two On The Beach/Shonan Shores/Memories Of Love. 
EMI-Toshiba Records
Play Major Motion Picture Themes (CD) TOCP-6775
Made In Japan Unchanged Melody/Axel F-Miami Vice Theme/Stand By Me/St. Elmo's Fire
(Man In Motion)/Ghostbusters/What A Wonderful World/Oh Pretty Woman/The Gremlins Rag/One/Never Ending Story/Chariots Of Fire/Arthur's Theme (Best That You Can Do). 
EMI Records
Play Runaway (CD) MYCV-30005 - 6
Made In Japan Runaway/Needles & Pins/Black Is Black/Keep Searchin/When You Walk In
The Room/Hats Off To Larry/So Fine/End Of The World/Caribbean/The Wind Blows East/
Born To Lose/Steady As She Goes/Detroit City/Yesterday/I Forgot To Remember To Forget/
I Can't Stop Loving You. M & I Records
Play Screen Themes (CD) 306752
Made In United Kingdom Chariots Of Fire/Snows Of Nagano/
Memories Of Love (Theme)/Oh Pretty Woman/Never Ending Story/
Unchained Melody/After Midnight In Shinjuku/Stand By Me/Axel-F,
Miami Vice Theme/Follow Your Heart/The Gremlin Song/One/
Ghostbusters/St. Elmo's Fire (Man In Motion)/Arthur's Theme
(Best That You Can Do)/What A Wonderful World. Hallmarks Records
Play Seaside Story (CD) TOCP-6740
Made In Japan Fruit Of Summer/Surfside Dream/Truth/Seychelles/
The Lady Wants To Know/What You Won't Do For Love/Breezin'/
Fragrance Of Thrill/Love Storm/We're All Alone/Fall In Love/
If We Hold On Together. EMI Records
Play Southern All Stars (CD) TOCP-6110
Made In Japan Furi Furi '65/Miss Brand-New Day/Nijiiro The Night Club/
Chako No Kaigan Monogatari/Shiori No Theme/C-chou Kotoba Ni Goyoujin/
Omoi Sugoshi Mo Koi No Uchi/Itoshi No Ellie/Kibun Shidai De Semenaide/
Katte Ni Sindbad. EMI Records
Plays Southern All Stars (CD) MYCV-30093
Made In Japan Hotel Pacific/Ai No Kotodama-Spiritual Message/Inase Na Locomotion/
Shulaba La Bamba/Erotica Seven/Paradise/01 Messenger/Minna No Uta/Kibou No Wadachi/ Sonna Hiroshi Ni Damasarete/Anata Dake Wo-Summer Heartbreak/Tsunami. 
M & I Records
Play Southern All Stars (CD) TOCP 70736
Made In Japan Tsunami/Amida No Kiss/Fruit Od Summer/Miss Brand New Day/Ellie My Love/
Hotel Pacific/C-Chow Kotoba Ni Goyojin/Omoi Sugoshi Mo Koi No Uchi/Sindbad/Erotica Seven/
Spiritual Music-Spiritual Message/Seaside Story/Furi Furi '65/The Night Club/Shiori's Theme/
Don't Blame On Me. EMI Records
Play Their Greatest Hits Play Their Greatest Hits (CD) 302 066 879 2
Made In Japan Walk Don't Run/The McCoy/Perfidia/Lullaby Of The Leaves/Blue Moon/
The 2,000 Pound Bee/Ninth Wave/Journey To The Stars/Walk Don't Run '64/
The Cruel Sea/Slaughter On 10th Avenue/Diamond Head/Pedal Pusher/Ten Seconds To Heaven/Secret Agent Man/Hawaii Five-0. 
Varese Sarabande Records
Play The Country Classic (CD) 3930502
Made In France Born To Lose/Wabash Cannonball/I Walk The Line/Panhandle Rag/Wildwood Flower/San Antonio Rose/Steel Guitar Rag/Lovesick Blues/I Can't Stop Loving You/Oh, Lonesome Me. Bonus Tracks: Sugarfoot Rag/You Are My Sunshine. 
Magic Records
TOCP 6388 Issued 1990. EMI Label (CD) TOCP-6388. Japan
Play The Greatest Surfin' Hits Of All Time (CD) 302 066 275 2
Made In USA Walk Don't Run '64/Penetration/Mr. Moto/Out Of Limits/
Lonely Surfer/Baja/Let's Go/Diamond Head/Pipeline/Slaughter On 10th Avenue/Bombara/
Hawaii Five-O/Surf Rider/Ninth Wave/The Cruel Sea/Surfin' And Spyin'/
Perfidia/Wipe Out. Verése Sarabande Records
Play Telstar/Going To The Venrures Dance Party (CD) HOO-263516
Made In EU Telstar/The Lonely Bull/Mexico/Calcutta/Apache/Never On Sunday/Tequila/
Green Onions/Percolator/Red River Rock/Let There Be Drums/Last Night/Mr. Moto/
Theme From Come September/Ya Ya-Wobble/Night Drive/Venus/The Intruder/Gandy Dancer/
Sweet And Lovely/Limbo Rock/Lolita Ya Ya/Loco-Motion/Gulley-ver Bonus Track: Road Runner/
Bulldog/Trambone/Moon Dawg/Movin' & Groovin'/Bumble Bee Twist (The Wasp). 
Hoo Doo Records
Play Telstar & The Lonly Bull/Play The Country Classic (CD) TOCP-65229
Made In Japan Play Telstar & The Lonly Bull: 
Telstar/The Lonely Bull/Mexico/Calcutta/Apache/Never On Sunday/Tequila/Green Onions/
Percolator/Red River Rock/Let There Be Drums/Last Night. 
Play The Country Classic: 
Panhandle Rag/Wabash Cannonball/San Antonio Rose/I Walk The Line/Wildwood Flower/
I Can't Stop Loving You/Lovesick Blues/Steel Guitar Rag/You Are My Sunshine/
Oh, Lonesome Me/Sugarfoot Rag/Born To Lose/Candy Apple Racer/Apache (Alternate Take). 
Liberty Records
Play Telstar/Ventures In Space (CD) 7 80239 2
Made In USA Play Telstar: Telstar/The Lonely Bull/Mexico/Calcutta/Apache/Never On Sunday/Tequila/Green Onions/Percolator/Red River Rock/Let There Be Drums/Last Night. 
In Space: Out Of Limits/He Never Came Back/Moon Child/Fear/Exploration In Terror/
War Of The Satellites/The Bat/Penetration/Love Goddess Of Venus/Solar Race/
The Fourth Dimension/The Twilight Zone. EMI Records
Play Telstar & The Lonly Bull (CD) 3930116
Made In France Telstar/The Lonely Bull/Mexico/Calcutta/Apache/Never On Sunday/
Tequila/Green Onions/Percolator/Red River Rock/Let There Be Drums/Last Night. 
Bonus Tracks: Rebel Rouser/El Cubanchero*/Skip To Mlimbo*/Adventures In Paradise/
Teen Beat/Bongo Rock/Taboo/Apache (Alternative Version).(*Mono) 
Magic Records
CP21-6022 Issued xxxx. (CD) Liberty Label CP21-6022. Japan Minus Bonus Tracks:
TOCP95130 Issued 2013. (CD) Universal Music TOCP-95130. Japan SHM-CD
Play The Ventures (CD) TOCP-70264
Made In Japan Movin'/Diamond Head/Walk Don't Run '64/House Of The Rising Sun/
Slaughter On 10th Avenue/Wipe Out/Le Dernier Train De L'Espace/Pipeline/The Cruel Sea/
Caravan/Driving Guitars/California Dreamin'. Bonus Tracks: Lipstick On Your Collar/Hey Paula/
It's My Party/One Way Ticket/Johnny Angel/Rhythm Of The Rain/Omoide No Nagisa/
Aoi Hoshikuzu. EMI Records
Play With The Ventures: Vol.1 (CD) MYCV 30546
Made In Japan Cruel Sea/Wild And Wooly/Wailin'/Journey To The Stars/Manchurian Beat/
My Bonnies/El Cumbanchero/Ginza Lights/Slaughter On 10th Avenue/Wipe Out/
WDR Medley: Pipeline-Diamond Head-Caravan. 
M & I Records
Play With The Ventures: Vol.2 (CD) MYCV 30547
Made In Japan Cruel Sea/Wild And Wooly/Wailin'/Journey To The Stars/
Manchurian Beat/My Bonnies/El Cumbanchero/Ginza Lights/Slaughter On 10th Avenue/Wipe Out/WDR Medley: Pipeline-Diamond Head-Caravan. 
M & I Records
Play Yuming (CD) TOCP-71548
Made In Japan Rouge No Dengon (Message In Rouge)/Ju-ni Gatsu No Ame (Rain In December)/Yasashisa Ni Tsutsumaretanara (Surounded By Kindness)/Ano Hi Ni Kaeritai (Want To Go Back To Those Days)/Toki Wo Kakeru Shoujo (Girl Going Through Time)/Manatsu No Yoru No Yume (Dreams In Mid-summer)/Sunny Day Holiday/Kanashimi No Route 16 (Sorrow Route 16)/Ju-yon-ban Me Wo Tsuki (14th Moon)/Destiny/Velvet Easter/
Sotsugyo Shashin (Yearbook)/Haru Yo Koi (Spring Will Come)
EMI Music Japan Records
29 May 2013. 
Pops A La Carte (CD) TOCP-8577
Made In Japan Misirlou/Innocent World/Haru Yo Koi (Wishing For Spring)/
Gambarimashou (Don't Give Up)/Miss You/Kiss Me/Kanpai (Cheers!)/
Stardust/Maria Elena/Romance No Kamisa (Heavenly Romance)/
Yurera Omoi (Swaying Heart)/Seiten O Homerunara (Blue Sky Nice, Sunset Better)/
I Love You/Have You Ever Seen The Rain?/Mary Jane On My Mind. 
EMI-Toshiba Records
Pops In Japan (CD) TOCP-6301
Made In Japan Blue Chateau/Hallelujah/Sentimental Guitar/Wakareta-Hito-To/Tokyo Knights/
Slow Sundown/Hokkaido Skies/Kono-Tenohirani-Aio/Rainy Pavement (Kirisame-No-Hodo)/
Yokohama Lights (Honcho)/Black Sand Beach/Road To Somewhere (Gin-Iro-No-Michi)/
Kyoto Doll/Stranger In Midosuji/Reflections In A Palace Lake/Nagasaki Memories/Ginza Lights/
Kimi-To-Itsumademo/Yozora-No-Hoshi/Blue Sunset. EMI Records
CP21-6022 Issued xxxx. (CD) Liberty Label CP28-5821. Japan
Pops In Japan Deluxe Best * Best (CD) 12CD-1263N (2MK-039)
Made In Japan Ginza Two/Northern Blue Sky/Love In Kyoto/Love Is A
Many-Splendored Thing Kyoto/Walk Facing Up/Blue Chateau/Hallelujah Love/
Glowing Sun/Bombay Duck/Max Ickle/Nagasaki Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing/Suddenly One Day/Sea No One/Nagisa Memories/Small Snack/
Guitar Midnight/By My Good Friend/Scat Of Dawn. 
Liberty Records
28th November 2012. 
Pops In Japan/Pops In Japan Vol. 2 (CD) TOCP-65228
Made In Japan Pops In Japan: Blue Chateau/Hallelujah/Sentimental Guitar/Wakareta-Hitoto/Tokyo Nights/Slow Sundown/Hokkaido Skies/Kono-Tenohirani-Aio/Rainy Pavement [Kirisame No Hodo]/Yokahama Lights [Honocho]/Black Sand Beach/Road To Somewhere
Pops In Japan 2: Max a Go Go/Koyubino-Omoide/Kirino-Kanatani/Koi/Blue Fountain/Ano-Hito/Red Hot Sun/Aozora-No Arukagiri/Kagayaku-Hoshi/Kazega-Naiteiru/In A Lonely City/Bombay Duck. Liberty Records
Pops In Japan/Pops In Japan Vol. 2 (CD) C5HCD 685
Made In EU Pops In Japan: Blue Chateau/Hallelujah/Sentimental Guitar/Wakareta-Hitoto/Tokyo Nights/Slow Sundown/Hokkaido Skies/Kono-Tenohirani-Aio/Rainy Pavement [Kirisame No Hodo]/Yokahama Lights [Honocho]/Black Sand Beach/Road To Somewhere
Pops In Japan 2: Max a Go Go/Koyubino-Omoide/Kirino-Kanatani/Koi/Blue Fountain/Ano-Hito/Red Hot Sun/Aozora-No Arukagiri/Kagayaku-Hoshi/Kazega-Naiteiru/In A Lonely City/Bombay Duck. See For Miles Records
Pops In Japan  (CD) DC 888882
Made In United Kingdom Blue Chateau/Halleluyah/Sentimental Guitar/Wakereta-Hito-To/Tokyo Nights/Slow Sundown/Hokkaido Skies/
Kono-Tenohirani-Aio/Rainy Pavement/Yokohama Lights/Black Sand Beach/
Road To Somewhere/Kyoto Doll/Stranger In Midosuji/
Reflections In A Palace Lake/Nagasaki Memories/Ginza Lights/
Kimi-To-Itsumademo/Yozura-No-Hoshi/Blue Sanset. Disky Records
Pop In Japan (CD) TOCP-71299
Made In Japan Scat In The Dark/Sukiyaki/Kimi-To-Itsumademo/Yozora-No-Hoshi/Blue Sunset/Black Sand Beach/Omoide-No-Nagisa/
Blue Chateau/Blue Fountain/In A Lonely City/Daremo-Inai-Umi/
Suddenly Someday/Waga-Yoki-Tomo-Yo/To Be Together Again. 
EMI Records
27th June 2012. 
Pops In Japan (CD) FECP 30315
Made In Japan Ginza Lights/Kyoto Doll/Reflections In A Palace Lake/
Stranger In Midosuji/Hokkaido Skies/Sentimental Guitar/Hallelujah/
Blue Chateau/Yozora No Hoshi/Max A Go-Go/Bombay Duck/Red Hot Sun/
Sukiyaki/Ellie My Live/Seaside Story/Omoide No Nagisa/Blue Sunset/
Kimi To Itsumademo. Liberty Records
Popular Hits Albums (CD) TOCP-70787
Made In Japan Imagine/Hymne A L'Amour/La Vie En Rose/Maria Elena/Gonna Fly Now (Theme From Rocky)/James Bond Theme/Misirlou/Exodus/Cry For A Shadow/Drums A Go Go/Spanish Armada/Teen Beat/Peter Gunn/Stardust/Have You Ever Seen The Rain/Last Christmas . 
EMI Records

Issued 2006. (CD) Universal Music TOCP-67950. Japan xxxxxxxxxxx
Premium Twin Best Series Diamond Head- Ventures Best  (CD) TOCP 0367-68
Made In Japan
Disc. 1: Walk Don't Run/Pipeline/Driving Guitars/Diamond Head/The House Of The Rising Sun/
Slaughter On 10th Avenue/Walk Don't Run '64/Caravan/Bulldog/Mariner No. 4/The Cruel Sea/
Lullaby Of The Leaves/Apache/Telstar/Wipe Out.
Disc. 2: Ten Seconds To Heaven/Journey To The Stars/A Taste Of Honey/Stop Action/Batman Theme/
The Man From U.N.C.L.E/Out Of Limits/Ginza Lights/Blue Star/Let's Go/Hokkaido Skies/Summertime Blues/Hawaii Five-O/Kyoto Doll/Manchurian Beat . EMI Records
Radical Guitars (CD) ILCD1006
Made In Japan Bumble Bee/California Dreamin'/Ginza Ska/Le Dernier Train/Movin'/Mushuku/
Nut Rocker/Pike/Ride On Try/Somewhere Over The Rainbow/The 2000 Pound Bee/Theme From No Smoking/Three/Three And Nine Times/Washington Square. 
Iloki Records
The Ventures -  Walk Don't Run Ram-Bunk-Shush (CD) LTG 39565
Made In Unknown Walk Don't Run/Perfidia/Ram-Bunk-Shush/Raunchy/No Trespassing/
Caravan/Sleepwalk/The McCou/Hosky Tonk/Home/Lonely Heart/My Own True Love (Tara's Theme)/Morgan/The Switch/Night Train/The Real McCou/Cookies And Coko/The Twomp. 
LTG Records
 26th April 2011. 
Rocky! Inspirational Hits (CD) TOCP-70259
Made In Japan Gonna Fly Now/Eye Of The Tiger/Little Green Bag/Turn,Turn,Turn/
What The World Needs Now/Oh Happy Day/He Ain't Heavy/Jesus Is Just Alright/You'll Never Walk Alone/Put Your Hand In The Hand/I Will Survive/We Are The World/All You Need Is Love/
I Believe/The Impossible Dream/Diamond Head 2007. EMI Records
Rock & Roll Forever/Rocky Road (CD) C5HCD 676
Made In EU Rock & Roll Forever: Honky Tonk (Parts 1-2)/Last Night/Smokie/Rumble/You Can't Sit Down/Ram-Bunk Shush/20-75/
Guitar Boogie Shuffle/Raunchy/Soul Twist/Sleep Walk. 
Rocky Road: Moonlight Serenade/Daylight/Temptation, Temptation/
Superstar Revue/The Stoke/Step Out/Gotta Be Stronger. 
See For Miles Records
Rock & Roll Forever/Now Playing (CD) 7 24381 93882 9
Made In USA Rock & Roll Forever: Honky Tonk (Parts 1-2)/Last Night/Smokie/Rumble/You Can't Sit Down/Ram-Bunk Shush/20-75/
Guitar Boogie Shuffle/Raunchy/Soul Twist/Sleep Walk. 
Now Playing: Also Sprach Zarathustra/Everybody's Talkin/
The Man With The Golden Gun/Last Tango In Paris/Theme From Shaft/
The Sounds Of Silence/The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly/Georgy Girl/
Theme From "Airport '75"/The Morning After/Live & Let Die/The Pink Panther Theme/
Dueling Banjos/Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head/The Ballad Of Bonnie And Blyde/
Theme From "Lawrence Of Arabia".  One Way Records

Issued 1997. (CD) Not On Label 8 -571 . Russia xxxxxxxxxxx





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