Giants Of The Guitar (CD) HADCD 211
Made In EU In The Crowd/Satisfaction/Sleepwalk/Telstar/Blue Moon/Rebel Rouser/
Walk Don't Run/La Bamba/Perfidia/I Like It Like That/Night Stick/Secret Agent Man/
Menphis Tennessee. HHO Records
Giants Of The Guitar (CD)  HADCD211 (5 022221 021126)
Made In United Kingdom The In Crowd/Satisfaction/Sleepwalk/Telstar/Blue Moon/Rebel Rouser/Walk Don't Run/La Bamba/Perfidia/I Like It Like That/Night Stick/Secret Agent Man/
Memphis Tenessee. Javelin Records
Ginza Light - Caravan (CD) GDS 2083
Made In Japan Ginza Lights/Hokkaido Skies/Kyoto Doll/Reflections In A Palace Lake/
Stranger In Midosuji/Kimi-To-Itsumademo/Yozora-No-Hoshi/Black Sand Beach/Medley:
Walk Don't Run-Perfidia-Lullaby Of The Leaves (Live)/Driving Guitars (Live)/Bulldog (Live)/
Pipeline (Live)/Apache (Live)/Slaughter On 10th Avenue (Live)/Walk Don't Run '64 (Live)/
Bumble Bee Twist (Live)/Wipe Out/Caravan (Live). EMI Records
Go With The Ventures  TOCP-70235
CD Slaughter On 10th Avenue/Caravan/Walk Don't Run/Diamond Head/Walk Don't Run '64/
The Cruel Sea/Kickstand/Pipeline/Hawaii Five-0/Wipeout/Surf Rider/Ten Seconds To Heaven/
Driving Guitars/Secret Agent Man/Batman Theme/Telstar/Out Of Limits/Bulldog/Apache/Perfidia/
Bumble Bee Twist/Manchurian Beat/Kyoto Bojo (Reflections In A Palace Lake)/House Of The Rising Sun/Yozora No Hoshi/Journey To The Stars/Fugitive/Escape/Diamond Head 2007.
DVD Diamond Head/Slaughter On 10th Avenue/The Cruel Sea/Walk Don't Run '64/Pipeline/Bumble Bee Twist/Bulldog/Manchurian Beat/House Of The Rising Sun/Telstar/Hawaii Five-0/Ginza Lights/Kyoto Bojo (Reflections In A Palace Lake)/Walk Don't Run Medley/Classical Gas/Surf Rider/Wipeout/Caravan/
Flights Of Fantasy (Promo. Video)/Hawaii Five-0 (Promo. Video)/DVD: '45 Record Jacket Cover Gallery. 
M & I Records
Go! Go! Best+ (CD) MYCV-30643
Made In Japan Diamond Head/Slaughter On 10th Avenue/Walk Don't Run/
Perfidia/House Of The Rising Sun/Telstar/Apache/Manchurian Beat/
Hawaii Five-O/Yozora No Hoshi/The Cruel Sea/Wipe Out/Driving Guitars/
Honky Tonk Women/Penetration/Paint It Black/Kyoto Doll/Ginza Lights/
Stranger In Midosuji/Reflections In A Palace Lake/Hokkaido Skies/Pipeline/
Secret Agent Man/Jailhouse Rock/Yellow Jacket/Caravan/Theme From Lupin
III '78/Go-Go Wave. Universal Music
18 June 2014. 
Go With Ventures (CD) UICY-78271
Made In Japan Green Grass/Ginza Lights/These Boots Are Made For Walkin'/Frankie & Johnny/Ad-Venture/Monday, Monday/Good Lovin'/Eight Miles High/Escape/Sloop John B/
Go/California Dreamin'. 
Dolton Records

TOCP-6393 Issued 1990. EMI Label (CD) TOCP-6393. Japan
Going To Going To The Ventures (Mono & Stereo 2 in 1) (CD) UICY-78271
Made In Japan Ginza Lights/Green Grass/These Boots Are Made For Walkin'/Frankie & Johnny/Ad-Venture/Monday, Monday/Sloop John B/Good Lovin'/Eight Miles High/Escape/
Go/California Dreamin'. 
EMI Records

TOCP-67953 Issued 2006. EMI Label (CD) TOCP-67953. Japan
Go With Ventures/Batman Theme (CD) 7 24381 89332 6
Made In USA Go With Ventures: Green Grass/Ginza Lights/These Boots
Are Made For Walkin'/Frankie & Johnny/Ad-Venture/Monday, Monday/
Good Lovin'/Eight Miles High/Escape/Sloop John B/Go/California Dreamin'. 
Batman Theme: Batman Theme/Zacko!/Joker's Wild/The Cape/00-711/
The Man From U.N.C.L.E./Secret Agent Man/Hot Line/Vampcamp/
Up, Up & Away'/Get Smart Theme/Green Hornet '66.
Bonus Tracks: Skylab/Arabesque/Superstar Revue (Disco Version). One Way Records
Golden Age Of Popular The Ventures (CD) T4976171500303
Made In Japan Diamond Head/Slaughter On 10th Avenue/Apache/
Walk Don't Run' 64/House Of The Rising Sun/Driving Guitars/Surf Rider/
Out Of Limits/Pipe Line/Caravan/Blue Star/Journey To The Stars/Wipe Out/
Bulldog/Yellow Jacket/Perfidia/Lullaby Of The Leaves/The Cruel Sea/Let's Go/Walk Don't Run. Jasrac/Nihon Records
Golden Best (CD) NLC-32
Made In Korea Diamond Head/Slaughter On 10th Avenue/Pipeline/Apache/
House Of The Rising Sun/A Taste Of Honey/Caravan/Wipe Out/Bulldog/
Journey To The Stars/Driving Guitars/Walk Don't Run '64. 
JASRAC Records
Golden Pops/Pops In Japan '71 (CD) C5HCD 686
Made In EU Golden Pops: Kyoto Doll/Midnight Guitar/Scat In The Dark/Forbidden Love/
Why Do You Mind/On A Narrow Street/Why/Sometimes I Feel The Longing For A Motherless Child/The Wanderer/Suddenly Someday/Wakareta-Hito-To/Reflections In A Palace Lake. 
Pops In Japan '71: Misty Nigh/To Be Together Again/Mata-Au-Hi-Made/Hanayome/
Naruto/Nagasaki Memories/Stranger In Midoosuji/Daremo-Inai-Umi/Saihate Bojo/
Nagoya Express/Electric Monsoon/Spring Of Love/Shietoko Of Hokkaido.See For Miles Records

Issued 1999. (CD) ArsNova 8 - 538. Russia
Going To The Ventures Dance Party (CD) UICY-78270
Made In Japan Mr Moto/Theme From Come September/Ya Ya Wobble/Night Drive/Venus/
The Intruder/Gandy Dancer/Sweet And Lovely/Limbo Rock/Lolita Ya Ya/Loco-Motion/Gully-ver. 
Dolton Records

5 050457 152123 Issued 2014. (CD) Hallmark 5 050457 152123. UK
5 050457 152123 Issued 2016. (CD) Universal Music UICY-77808. Japan SHM-CD
Great Hits U.S.A (CD) GH-1817
Made In USA Diamond Head/Walk Don't Run/Slaughter On 10th Avenue/Pipeline/Wipeout/
Caravan/Driving Guitars/Bulldog/Perfidia/Apache/Lullaby Of The Leaves/House Of The Rising Sun. EMI Records
Greatest Hits (CD) TDX-CD 1001/2
Made In USA Walk Don't Run/Memphis/Rebel Rouser/Apache/Bulldog/Pipeline/Telstar/Tequila/
Wheels/Bumble Bee Rock/Slaughter On 10th Avenue/Ghost Riders In The Sky/Perfidia/Let's Go/
Green Onions/Raunchy/House Of The Rising Sun/Rock Nuts/Walk Don't Run '64/Wipe Out/
Secret Agent Man/Guitar Boogie Shuffle/Caravan/Diamond Head/Drivig Guitars/Sleep Walk/
Hawaii Five-O. TRIDEX Records
Greatest Hits (CD) FECP 30260 (0326060101l)
Made In Japan Walk Don't Run/Pipeline/Diamond Head/Walk Don't Run '64/Surf Rider/
Yellow Jacket/The Cruel Sea/Kickstand/Slaughter On 10th Avenue/Rap City/The Seconds To Heaven/Marinor No. 4/Go Go Slow/Journey To The Stars/Blue Star (The Medic Theme!)/
Secret Agent Man/Hawaii Five-O/Manchurian Beat. EMI Records
Greatest Hits (CD) SNS 910
Made In Philippines House of the Rising Sun/Hawaii Five-0/La Bamba/
Over The Rainbow/Blue Moon/Louie Louie/Tequila/Satifaction/Walk Don't Run/
Apache/Ghost Rider In The Sky/Telstar/Wheels/Bumble Bee Rock/Wipe Out/
Perfidia/Pipeline/Secret Agent Man/Guitar Boogie Shuffle/Caravan/Rebel Rouser/Bull Dog/Slaughter On 10th Avenue/Raunchy/Green Onions/
Driving Guitars/Diamond Head/Sleepwalk. SNS Records
Greatest Hits (CD) ST 6130
Made In EU Telstar/Walk Don't Run/Ram Bunk Shush/Night Train/
Trambone/No Trspassing/Sunny River/Lonely Heart/Josie/Bulldog/
Percolator/Ups 'N' Downs/Torquay/Meet Mr. Callaghan/Guitar Twist/
Yellow Jacket. Condor Records
Greatest Hits (CD) D2-77376
Made In USA Walk, Don't Run/Hawaii Five-O/Perfidia/Ram-Bunk-Shush/
Slaughter On 10th Avenue/Blue Moon/Lolita Ya-Ya/Lullaby Of The Leaves/
Diamond Head/Theme From "A Summer Place"/
Theme From "The Wild Angels". CURB Records
Greatest Hits (CD) MAT CD 284
Made In EU Walk Don't Run/Memphis/Rebel Rouser/Apache/Bulldog/
Pipeline/Telstar/Hawaii Five O/Tequila/Wheels/Bumble Bee Rock/
Slaughter On 10th Avenue/Ghost Riders In The Sky/Perfidia/Let's Go/
Green Onions/Raunchy/House Of The Rising Sun/Rock Nuts/Walk Don't Run '64/Wipeout/Secret Agent Man/Guitar Boogie Shuffle/Caravan/Diamond Head/
Driving Guitars/Sleepwalk. Universal Records
Greatest Hits (CD) 2642072
Made In Netherland  Walk, Don't Run/Hawaii Five-O/Slaughter On 10th Avenue/Dr. No/Diamond Head/Diamonds Are Forever/Goldfinger/From Russia With Love/Bond Street/Apache/Somewhere Over The Rainbow/Caravan/Joy/Another Dawn/Bandolero/Thunderball/Pipeline. 
Point Records
Guitar Christmas (CD)PLSCD 661
Made In EU Jingle Bells/We Wish You A Merry Christmas/Winter Wonderland/Joy To The World/O Christmas Tree (O Tannenbaum)/
Silent Night/Hark The Herald Angels Sing/God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen/
O Holy Night/The Christmas Song/Sleigh Ride. Medley: Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree-Here Comes Santa Claus/We Three Kings/What Child Is This?/
O Come All Ye Faithful/Deck The Halls/Feliz Navidad/Christmas Joy.
Guitar Freakout/Super Psychedelics (CD) C5HCD 627
Made In EU Guitar Freakout: Good Thing/High & Dry/Standing In
The Shadows Of Love/Off In The 93rds/Cookout Freakout On Lookout Mountain/Wack Wack/Mod East, I'm A Believer/Guitar Freakout/Snoopy vs.
The Red Baron/Paper Airplane/Theme From 'The Wild Angels'. 
Super Psychedelics : Strawberry Fields Forever/Psychedelic Venture/
Western Union/Guitar Psychedelics/Kandy Koncoction/Reflections/A Little Bit Me/A Little Bit You/Endless Dream/Vibrations/Psyched Out/1999 A.D./
Happy Together. See For Miles Records
Guitar Freakout/Wild Things! (CD)7 24381 89352 4
Made In USA Guitar Freakout: Good Thing/High And Dry/Standing In The Shadows Of Love/Off In The 93rds/Cookout Freakout On Lookout Mountain/
Wack Wack/Mod East, I'm A Believer/Guitar Freakout/Snoopy vs. The Red Baron/Paper Airplane/Theme From 'The Wild Angels'. 
Wild Things!: Wild Thing/Fuzzy And Wild/Sweet Pea/Wild & Wooly/Wild Child/
Summer In The City/The Pied Piper/Wild Trip/Hanky Panky/Wildcat/
How Now Wild Cow/The Work Song. Bonus Track: Classical Gas/Kickstand/The Mercenary. 
One Way Records
Guitar Man -Fabtracks
Guitar Man -Fabtracks (CD) STGM-0003
Made In Japan Walk Don't Run/Diamond Head/Pipeline/Slaughter On
10th Avenue/Apache/Caravan/Bumble Bee Twist/Walk Don't Run (Karaoke)/Diamond Head (Karaoke)/Pipeline (Karaoke)/Slaughter On 10th Avenue (Karaoke)/Apache (Karaoke)/Caravan (Karaoke)/
Bumble Bee Twist (Karaoke)/Pipeline (Karaoke For Beginners)/
Apache (Karaoke For Beginners).
Guitar Legends (CD) 7243576442125
Made In EU Theme From Shaft/Horse/Wheels/Rebel Rouser/Hawaii Five-O/
Gypsies Tramps & Thieves. Medley: Walk Don't Run-Land Of 1,000 Dances/
Telstar/Riders In The Sky/Tight Fit/Beyond The Reef/Blue Moon/Josie/
Perfidia/Tequila/Peace Train/Green Onions/Indian Sun/Sleep Walk/Blue Skies. 
EMI Records
Guitar Legends Greatest Hits 2 (CD) PRCD-1724
Made In Japan Diamond Head/Out Of Limits/Lullaby Of The Leaves/Kikstand/
Stranger On The Shore/Twilight Zone/A Taste Of Honey/Fugitive/Love Posion No. 9/I Feel Fine/
Never On Sunday/More/Runaway/Blue Star/Ten Seconds/Red River Rock/Yellow Bird/Satisfaction/
Bat Man/Riders In The Sky/Dark Eyes/Sloop John B/Marinor No.4/The Cruel Sea/Go Go Slow/
Ginza Lights/Slaughter On 10th Avenue. Restroscope Records
Guitar Legends Greatest Hits (CD) RRCD 1723
Made In Japan Walk Don't Run/Apache/Hawaii Five O/Rebel Rouser/Telstar/
Wheels/Ghost Riders In The Sky/Perfidia/The House Of Rising Sun/Wipe Out/
Caravan/Bulldog/Pipeline/Tequila/Bumble Bee Rock/Let's Go/Runaway/
Secret Agent Man/Guitar Boogie Shuffle/Diamond Head/Driving Guitars
(Ventures Twist)/Green Onions/Rock Nuts/Memphis/Slaughter On 10th Avenue/
Walk Don't Run 64'/Sleepwalk. Restroscope Records
Guitar World Hits (CD) 100465.4
Made In Switzerland Rebel Rouser/Walk Don't Run/Apache/Telstar/Hawaii Five O/Tequila/
Ghostriders In The Sky/Wipe Out/Perfidia/Guitar Boogie Shuffle/Wheels/Pipeline/Sleepwalk/
Walk Don't Run 64/The House Of The Rising Sun/Slaughter On 10th Avenue. 
Castle Communicatons Plc
Hawaii Five-O & Other Assorted Surfin Tune (CD) TOCP-67811
Made In Japan Hawaii Five-O/Diamond Head/Theme From Endless Summer/Surf Rider/Pipeline/
The Cruel Sea/The 9th Wave/Walk Don't Run '64/Party In Laguna/Wipe Out [Live In 1993]/
The Lonely Sea/Changing Tide/Hawaii Five-O [Video Clip]. Toshiba Records
Hawaii Five-O: Remixed Hits And More (CD) CLP 0852-2
Made In USA Hawaii Five O (Chemical Emission Mix)/Walk Don't Run
(Fire House Mix)/Hawaii Five O (Wave Mix)/Walk Don't Run (Future Damnation Mix)/Hawaii Five O (Transmutator Mix)/Hawaii Five O (Classic Rendition)/
Perfidia (Classic Rendition)/Walk Don't Run (Classic Rendition). 
Goldenlane Records
Hawaii Five-O (CD) 3930445
Made In France Hawaii Five-O/Lovin' Things/Galveston/The Letter/Don't Give In To Him/
Theme From "A Summer Place"/Medley: Spooky-Traces-Stormy/Medley: Aquarius-Let The Sunshine In/Games People Play/In Can Hear Music/Dizzy. Bonus Tracks: The Good, The Bad
& The Ugly/Mission Impossible/Torquay/Love Is Blue/Classical Gas/Raunchy/
Radio Spot << Hawaii Five - O >>. Magic Records
TOCP 6394 Issued 1990. (CD) Liberty/Toshiba Label TOCP-6394. Japan Minus Bonus Tracks:
UICY-76211 Issued 2014. (CD) Universal Music UICY-76211. Japan SHM-CD
Hawaii Five-O/Swamp Rock (CD) 7 24381 89242 8
Made In USA Hawaii Five-O: Hawaii Five-O/Lovin' Things/Galveston/
The Letter/Don't Give In To Him/Theme From 'A Summer Place'/
Medley: Spooky-Traces-Stromy/Medley:  Aquarius-Let The Sunshine In
(The Flesh Failures)/Games People Play/I Can Hear Music/Dizzy. 
Swamp Rock: Carry Me Back/Honk Tonk Women/Muddy Mississipppi Line/Jambalaya/
Swamp Rock/Niki Hoeky/Green River/Suspicious Minds/Catfish Mud Dance/Proud Mary/
Gumbo/Palquemines Parish. Bonus Tracks: Expo Seven-O/Little People/Prima Vera/
Honkey Tonk (Part II). One Way Records
Hawaii Five-0 The Ventures Hawaii Five-0 The Ventures (CD) VXM-102
Made In Japan Hawaii Five-0/Black Sand Beach/Surf Rider/The Cruel Sea/
Torquay/Two On The Beach/Pipeline/The Big Island/Flower Of The Sun/
Driving Guitars/Mahalo/Follow Your Heart/Diamond Head/Blue Dawn/
Crouching Lion/Truth. EMI Records
 1st March 2011. 
Here We Go Again (CD) MYCV-30659
Made In Japan
Disc. 1: Night In F Minor/Bahia De Los Angeles/Ame No Kyoto/Dark Eyes/Blue Sky/Infinite Monkey/
Evening Shadows/Fire Lights/Mr. Moto/Instant Guitars/Remember Nokie - Surf Rider -Bluebird - Orange Fire/Ain't Misbehavin'/And I Love Her/Here We Go Again.
Disc. 2: Walk Don't Run/Pipeline/Diamond Head/Wal Don't Run '64/The Cruel Sea/Driving Guitars/Bulldog/
Bumble Bee Rock/Wipe Out/Secret Agent Man/Goldfinger/Slaughter On 10th Avenue/Caravan/Apache/
A Taste Of Honey/Journey To The Stars/Manchurian Beat/El Cumbanchero/House Of The Rising Sun/
Black Sand Beach/Ginza Light/Hawaii Five-O. M & I Records
Hit Parade 1 Best Best (CD) 12CD-1072N
Made In Japan Perfidia/Lullaby Of The Leaves/Blue Moon/Ram-Bunk-Shush/Yellow Jacket/Moon Dawg/Bumble Bee Twist/My Bonnie Lies/Gandy Dancer/Telstar/The Lonely Bull/More/Let's Go/ Memphis/Out Of Limits/Penetration/Journey to the Stars/Fugitive.. 
Liberty Records
Hit Parade 2  (CD) WCD-640
Made In Japan
Disc. 1: 12CD-1072N Perfidia/Lullaby Of The Leaves/Blue Moon/Ram-Bunk-Shush/Yellow Jacket/
Moon Dawg/Bumble Bee Twist/My Bonnie Lies/Gandy Dancer/Telstar/The Lonely Bull/More/Let's Go/
Memphis/Out Of Limits/Penetration/Journey to the Stars/Fugitive.
Disc. 2: 12CD-1246N Diamond Head/Pipeline/Wipe Out/Surf Ride/Party In Laguna/House Of
The Rising Sun/Ten Seconds To Heaven/Go-Go Slow/Go-Go Guitar/Action/Stop Action/Batman/
The Man From U.N.C.L.E/El Greco/The Horse/Classical Gas/Hawaii Five-0/Theme From
"A Summer Place". Liberty Records
Hits & New (CD) MYCV-30654
Made In Japan Walk Don't Run (Hits)/Pipeline (Hits)/Diamond Head (Hits)/
10 Avenue Murder (Hits)/Secret Agent Man (Ultimate Hits)/House Of The Rising Sun (Hits)/Tokyo-Lonely Night (New)/Night In Tunisia (New)/(To Be Confirmed)(New)/(To Be Confirmed)(New)/(To Be Confirmed)(New)(Other). 
Pony Canyon Records
15 Jun 2016. 
Honky Tonk (CD) 1572452
Made In Australia Honky Tonk/Theme From "Shaft"/Sleep Walk/Guitar Boogie Shuffle/
Sound Of Silence/Red River Rock/Nadia's Theme/Duelling Bonjos/reen Onions/The Good,
The Bad And The Ugly/Airport '75 Theme/The Pink Panther Theme/Also Sprach Zarathustra. 
EMI Records
Horse/New Testament (CD) 7 24381 93872 0
Made In USA Horse: The Horse/Here Comes The Judg/Licking Stick-
Licking Stick/Crazy Horse/The Gallop/Grazing In The Grass/Medley:
Walk-Don't Run-Land Of 1,000 Dances/Soul Breeze/Jumpin Jack Flash/
Choo Choo Train/Horse Power/Tip-Toe Thru The Tulips With Me. 
New Testament: Good Mornin Captain/Testament/Free/Oye Como Va/
Wild World, Katana/Whole Lotta Love/What Is Life/Novios Para Siempre/
Spirit/She's A Lady/Pesado. Bonus Track: The Chase/Rebel Rauser/
Wild Action. One Way Records
Hyper V-Gold (CD) MYCV-30139
Made In Japan No Trespassing/Rap City/Mr. Moto/The Ninth Wave/
My Bonnie Lies/Stop Action/Movin And Groovin/California Dreamin/
Last Date/Torquay/Wailin/Besame Mucho/Journey To The Stars/
Blue Skies/Classical Gas/Sukiyaki/Paint It Black/The Creeper/
Open For Business/Island Moon. M&I Records
Jumpin' Jack Flash (CD) SELL 1041
Made In Poland Everybody's Talkin/Medley: Walk Don't Run/Land Of 1000 Dances/Medley: Who'll Stop The Rain Bad Moon Rising/The Horse/Soul Breeze/Good Morning Sunshine/Jumpin' Jack Flash/Michelle/Medley: Blowin' In The Wind Don't Think Twice It's All Right/Up-Up & Away/
Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head/Sugar Sugar/Delilah/Hey Jude/Spinning Wheel/
The Gallop/Choo Choo Train/Horse Power. Selles Records
Immortal Popular Hits (CD) JN-1005 (4 938196 007151)
Made In Japan Diamond Head/Slaugter On 10th Avenue/Perfidia/Apache/House Of The
Rising Sun/Hawaii Five O/Caravan/Wipe Out/Bulldog/Ghost Riders In The Sky/Guitar Boogie Shuffle/Tequila/Driving Guiters/Bumble Be Rock/Telstar/Green Onions/Sleepwalk/Walk Don't Run. EMI Records
In Concert (CD) FECP 30460
Made In Japan Opening Medley: Walk Don't Run-Perfidia-Lullaby Of The Leaves/Driving Guitars/Bulldog/Pipeline/Apache/Slaughter On 10th Avenue/ Walk Don't Run '64/Bumble Bee Twist/House Of The Rising Sun/Out Of Limits/Diamond Head/Let's Go/Telstar/Kyoto Doll/
Reflections In A Palace Lake/Kimi-To-Itsumademo/Wipe Out/Caravan. 
EMI Records
In Japan (CD) TOCP-65226
Made In Japan (Walk Don't Run-Perfidia-Lullaby Of The Leaves)/Driving Guitars/Bulldog/
Pipeline/Apache/Slaughter On 10th Avenue/Walk Don't Run '64/Bumble Bee Twist/Wipe Out/
Caravan '65/The Cruel Sea/Penetration/I Feel Fine/The House Of The Rising Sun/Out Of Limits/
When You Walk In The Room/Besame Mucho Twist/Journey To The Stars/Rap City/Love Potion Number Nine/The Pink Panther Theme/Mariner No. 4/Yellow Jacket/Surf Rider/Diamond Head/
Telstar/The Lonely Bull. EMI Records
In Japan (2 in 1 Mono & Stereo/Mini-LP Paper Sleeves) (CD)TOCP-67401
Made In Japan Mono Medley: (Walk Don't Run-Perfidia-Lullaby Of The Leaves)/Driving Guitars/Bulldog/Pipeline/Apache/Slaughter On 10th Avenue/
Walk Don't Run '64/Bumble Bee Twist/Wipe Out/Caravan.
Stereo Medley: (Walk Don't Run-Perfidia-Lullaby Of The Leaves)/
Driving Guitars/Bulldog/Pipeline/Apache/Slaughter On 10th Avenue/
Walk Don't Run '64/Bumble Bee Twist/Wipe Out/Caravan. EMI-Toshiba Label

30th May 2007. 
CP28-5822 Issued 0000.  Liberty/Toshiba Label (CD) CP28-5822. Japan
CP21-6302 Issued 0000.  Liberty/Toshiba Label (CD) CP21-6302. Japan
The Ventures -  In Japan Live 2010
In Japan Live 2010 (CD) MYCV30588 (4 524135 305886)
Made In Japan
Disc. 1: Hollywood Punk/On The Rebound/Secret Agent Man/Hide Away/Driving Guitars/
In My Life/Ghost Riders In The Sky/Ginza Lights/Kyoto Doll-Paint It Black/Blue Star/
The Cruel Sea/Slaughter On 10th Avenue/Walk Don't Run '64/Wipe Out.
Disc. 2: Stranger In Midosuji-Reflection In A Place Lake/Hokkaido Skies/Maria Elena/
Classical Gas/California Sun/Apache/Norwegian Wood/Walk Don't Run-Perfida-
Lullaby Of The Leaves-Walk Don't Run/Black Sand Beach/Green Onions/House Of The
Rising Sun/Hawaii Five-O/Diamond Head-Pipeline/Caravan. 
M & I Records
 Release 18th May 2011. 
In My Life (CD) TOCP-70839
Made In Japan  In My Life/Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)/Strawberry Fields Forever (2010 Remix)/Michelle/Yesterday/Eleanor Rigby/Back In The U.S.S.R./I Feel Fine/
Paperback Writer/All You Need Is Love/Hey Jude/Let It Be/Here Comes The Sun/
Golden Slumbers-Carry That Weight-The End/Imagine. 
EMI/Toshiba Records
In Space In Space (CD) 3930518
Made In France Out Of Limits/He Never Came Back/Moon Child/Fear/Exploration In Terror/
War Of The Satellites/The Bat/Penetration/Love Goddess Of Venus/Solar Race/The Twilight Zone/
Bonus Tracks: The Savage/The Chase. Magic Records
TOCP-6389 Issued 1990. (CD) Toshiba Label TOCP-6389. Japan Minus Bonus Tracks
OCP-67949 Issued 2006. (CD) Toshiba Label TOCP-67949. Japan 2 in 1 Mono & Stereo
Issued 2013. (CD) Universal Music TOCP-95133. Japan SHM-CD
In Space (Mono & Stereo 2 in 1)  (CD) TOCP-65432
Made In Japan Mono: Out Of Limits/He Never Came Back/Moon Child/Fear/Exploration In Terror/War Of The Satellites/The Bat/Penetration/Love Goddess Of Venus/Solar Race/
The Twilight Zone.
Stereo: Out Of Limits/He Never Came Back/Moon Child/Fear/Exploration In Terror/
War Of The Satellites/The Bat/Penetration/Love Goddess Of Venus/Solar Race/The Twilight Zone. 
Bonus Tracks: Savage/Chase. Liberty/EMI-Toshiba Records
In The Vaults - Vol. 1 (CD) CDCHD 651
Made In United Kingdom The McCoy/Lady Of Spain/Damaged Goods/
The Way You Look Tonight/Candy Apple Racer/Genesis/The Stranger/
Gemini/Lawrence Of Arabia/The Green Hornet/El Greco/Comin' Home Baby/
Arabesque/Peace Pipe/Pandora's Box/A Summer Love/Too Young To Know My Mind, Paint It Black/Squaw Man/The Mercenary/Kern County Line/Skylab (Passport To The Future)/Samovar/Joy Ride/Tora, Tora, Tora/Theme From Endless Summer. Ace Records Records
In The Vaults - Vol. 2 (CD) CDCHD 716 [P-VINE PCD-860]
Made In United Kingdom Blue Hawaii/Bongo Rock/Danny Boy/Deep Purple/Forty Miles Of Bad Road/Golden Earrings/Greensleeves/Harlem Nocturne/Hawaiian Surfing/Hawaiian Wedding Song/High Tide/Lites Out/
Saigon/Spanish Armada/Stagger Lee/Stick Shift/Taboo/Tammy/Teen Beat/
Tossin' & Turnin/Travelin' Man/True Love/Ventures Stomp/
Walkin' With My Angel/What'd I Say. Ace Records Records
In The Vaults - Vol. 3 (CD) CDCHD 1031 [P-VINE PCD-2586]
Made In United Kingdom  Blue Moon/Instant Mashed/The Ninth Wave/Lucille/Adventures In Paradise/The Chase/Cookies & Coke/
The Real McCoy/Kickstand/Blue Star/Rebel Rouser/Flights Of Fantasy/
Vibrations/Artesia/Honey/Little People/Night Of Our Trip/Dreams Of Yesterday/
Don't Leave Me/Red Flame/Between Stage/Wait For Me/Two In Love/
Summer Affair/Bullet Train/Anno Domini. Ace Records Records
In The Vaults - Vol. 4 (CD) CDCHD 1176 [P-VINE PCD-17161]
Made In United Kingdom Journey To The Stars/Delicado/Night Run
[The Marksmen]/Station Breaks/Driving Guitars [Ventures Twist]/
Don't Avoid Me [Don Lee Wilson]/Echo/Yellow Jacket/Delta Lady/
Heart On My Sleeve [Don Lee Wilson]/Scratch [The Marksmen]/Memphis/
Like You've Never Known Before [Don Lee Wilson]/Black Tarantella/
Original Number One/The Twomp [Don Wilson]/Beautiful Obsession/
Bumble Bee Twist [The Wasp]/Son Of A Preacher Man/Runaway
[Don Lee Wilson]/Downtown/Pedal Pusher/Feel So Fine [Don Wilson]/Medley: Walk Don't Run/
Perfidia/Lullaby Of The Leaves/The Jam/Caravan. Ace Records Records
In The Vaults Volume 5 (CD) CDCHD 1407 [P-VINE PCD-17685]
Made In United Kingdom Slaughter On Tenth Avenue (Live Studio Recording)/
Getaway/Ups And Downs (Alternate)/Ventures Stomp (Alternate)/Bogie's Tune/
Blue Coral/Mr Blue/Let The Four Winds Blow/Sealed With A Kiss (Alternate)/
Scarlet Sunset/Rockin' Ship/I Want You To Want Me/Country Gravy/
Lady Of Spain (Alternate)/The Lonely One/For Your Love/Bossa Nova Beach Girl/
Death Of A Matador/Kansas City/Apache (Live Studio Recording)/
How Can I Help You Girl/Stranger On The Shore (Alternate)/Shake It Easy/Fuzz Factor/Sauerkraut/
Wipe Out (Live Studio Recording)Ace Records Records
29 September 2014. 
The Ventures In Tokyo 68 In Tokyo 68 (Papersleeve) (CD) UICY-76352
Made In Japan Let's Go/Telstar/A Taste Of Honey/The Ballade Of Bonnie
And Clyde/Ode To Billy Joe/Pipeline/Wipe Out '68/House Of The Rising Sun/Apache/Yesterday-Flint Hill/Born Free/Walk Don't Run '68/Caravan'68. 
Universal Records
Japan Tour 93 (CD) TOCP-8105
Made In Japan Classical Gas/House Of The Rising Sun/Wipe Out/
Slaughter On 10th Avenue/Flashback/Bridge Ano Hashi O Watarutoki/
Penetration/Diamond Head-Pipeline/Bob's Medley: Perfidia-Bumble Bee/
Hawaii Five-0/Telstar/Secret Agent Man/Reflections In A Palace Lake/
Walk Don't Run '64/Stranger In Midosuji/Paint It Black/Yozora No Hoshi/
Caravan/Cruel Sea/Hollywood Punk/Nagasaki Memories/The Sun Also Rises/
Kyoto Doll/Ginza Lights/My Bonnie Lies. M & I Records
J-Rock Summer Wind-Melodies (CD) MYCV-30333
Made In Japan Sea Side Bound/Bang Bang Bang/Louisiana/Time Machine
Ni Onegai/Namino Ienakute...Natsu/Runner/Natsumatsuri/
Julia Ni Heartbreak/Megamino Hito/Romanhikou/Marry Ann/Asia No Junshin/
Jam/Koiwoshita Yoruwa/Den En/Itsumademo Kawaranu Aiwo/
Naminori Johnny. M & I Records
Journey To The Stars (CD) 3930046
Made In France Journey To The Stars/Nutty/00-711/Runnin' Wild/La Bamba/Night Stick/
Action Plus/Go/Ad-venture/3's A Crowd/Frankie & Johnny/Walkin With Pluto. Bonus Tracks : Action/Stop Action/No Matter What Shape (Your Stomachs In)/Little Bit Of Action/
Wild Thing/Wild And Wooly/Wildcat/Wild Child. Magic Records
Joy: (Play The Classics)/The Ventures Latin Album (CD)C5HCD638
Made In EU
 Joy: (Play The Classics): Beethoven's Sonata In C/One Fine Day (Un Bel Di)/
In A Persian Market/Swan Lake/Bach's Prelude/Peter & The Wolf/Mozart Forty/Joy/Elise/
Ravel's Pavane/Mozart's Minuet/Melody Of Joy. 
Latin Album: The Breeze & I/Yours/Begin The Beguine/Peanut Vendor/Spanish Eyes/Brazil/
It's Impossible/Poinciana/Geen Eyes/El Condor Pasa/Delicado/Guantanamera/
Caundo Calienta El Sol. See for Miles Records
Joy: (Play The Classics)/The Ventures Latin Album (CD)7 24381 93842 3
Made In USA Joy: (Play The Classics): Beethoven's Sonata In C/One Fine Day (Un Bel Di)/
In A Persian Market/Swan Lake/Bach's Prelude/Peter & The Wolf/Mozart Forty/Joy/Elise/
Ravel's Pavane/Mozart's Minuet/Melody Of Joy. 
Latin Album: The Breeze And I/Yours/Begin The Beguine/Peanut Vendor/Spanish Eyes/Brazil/
It's Impossible/Poinciana/Geen Eyes/El Condor Pasa/Delicado/Guantanamera/
Caundo Calienta El Sol.  Bonus Tracks:  Candy Appele Racer/Ten Seconds To Heaven. 
One Way Records
Kayo Taizen (Cool Melody) (CD) MYCV-30007
Made In Japan Stranger in Midosuji (Version 1)/Kyoto Doll/Reflections In A Palace Lake
(Version 1)/Nagasaki Memories/Ginza Lights/Hokkaido Skies/Don't Leave Me/Stormy Nights/
Electric Monsoon/Magic Night/Prima Vera/Lonely River/Nagoya Express/Speeding Through Space/
Hollywood Punk/Midnight Lights/Blue Dawn/Don't Say Goodbye/Reflections In A Palace Lake (Version 2)/Until the End/Stranger In Midosuji (Version 2)/Reflections In A Palace Lake
(Version 3). M&I Records
Kettei Ban! Best The Ventures (CD) PCCK-20101/PCCK-20136/PCCK-20014
Made In Japan
Disc. 1: Walk Don't Run/Slaughter On 10th Avenue/Movin'/Penetration/Diamond Head/
Yellow Jacket/Telstar/House Of The Rising Sun/Hawaii Five O/Ten Seconds To Heaven/
Twist Degli Amanti'l Eclisse/One Way Ticket/Land Of A Thous And Dances/Secret Agent Man/Wipe Out.
Disc. 2: Pipeline/Apache/Tequila/Journey To The Stars/Manchurian Beat/Stranger In Middsuji/Reflection In A Palace Lake/Ginza Lights/Kyoto Doll/Paint It Black/Yozorand Hoshi/Black Sand Beach/Mr Moto/Driving Guitars/Caravan. Pony Canyon Records
Knock Me Out ! (CD) 5301552
Made In France I Feel Fine/Potion Number 9/Tomorrows Love/Oh/
Pretty Woman/Mariner 4/When You Walk In The Room/Gone, Gone, Gone/
Slaughter On 10th Avenue/She's Not There/Lonely Girl/Bird Rockers/Sha La La. Bonus Tracks: Lovesick Blues/You Are My Sunshine/Wabash Cannonball/
Wildwood Flower. Magic Records
Knock Me Out (Mono & Stereo 2 in 1) (CD)TOCP-65225
Made In Japan Mono: I Feel Fine/Potion Number 9/Tomorrows Love/Oh/Pretty Woman/
Mariner 4/When You Walk In The Room/Gone, Gone, Gone/Slaughter On 10th Avenue/
She's Not There/Lonely Girl/Bird Rockers/Sha La La. Stereo: I Feel Fine/Potion Number 9/
Tomorrows Love/Oh/Pretty Woman/Mariner 4/When You Walk In The Room/Gone, Gone, Gone/
Slaughter On 10th Avenue/She's Not There/Lonely Girl/Bird Rockers/Sha La La.
Bonus Tracks: Ten Seconds To Heaven/Gemini/Secret Agent Man/Green Hornet Theme. 
Liberty/Toshiba Records
TOCP 6305
Issued 1990. Liberty/Toshiba Label (CD) TOCP-6305. Japan
Minus the Bonus Tracks:
Issued 1990. Liberty/Toshiba Label (CD) CP28-5825. Japan
Minus the Bonus Tracks:
TOCP-95136 Issued 2013. (CD) Universal Music TOCP-95136. Japan SHM-CD
Issued 2006. (CD) Universal Music TOCP-53876. Japan  
TOCP-67404 Issued 2004. (CD) Universal Music TOCP-67404. Japan  
"Legends Of Rock & Roll" The Ventures (CD) CDP 7981272
Made In Netherland  Walk Don't Run/Ram-Bunk-Shush/Bulldog/Perfidia/
Guitar Boogie Shuffle/Honky Tonk (Parts 1 & 2)/Lonely Heart/Trambone/
No Trespassing/Lullabye Of The Leaves/Rumble/Smokie (Part 1)/Silver City/
Torquay/Gringo/Yellow Jacket/Night Train/Sleepwalk. 
EMI Records
Lets Go Let's Go (CD) 3930418
Made In France Memphis/Let's Go/More/El Watusi/Walk Right In/Sukiyaki/New Orleans/
So Fine/Wipe Out/Hot Pastrami/Runaway/Over The Mountain/Across The Sea.
Bonus Tracks: Walkin' With My Angel/Travelin' Man/Tossin' And Turnin'/Sugaree/
What's I Say/Stagger Lee. 
Magic Records
TOCP-95132 Issued 2013. (CD) Universal Music TOCP-95132. Japan SHM-CD
TOCP-67404 Issued 2004. (CD) Toshiba Label TOCP-67402. Japan (2 in 1 Mono & Stereo)
TOCP-6390 Issued 1990. (CD) Liberty/Toshiba Label TOCP-6390. Japan Minus Bonus Tracks:
Let's Go/Country Classics (I Walk The Line)(CD) C5HCD657
Made In EU Let's Go: Memphis/Let's Go/More/El Watusi/Walk Right In/Sukiyaki/New Orleans/So Fine/Wipe Out/Hot Pastrami/Runaway/
Over The Mountain/Across The Sea. 
Country Classics: Panhandle Rag/Wabash Cannonball/San Antonio Rose/
I Walk The Line/Wildwood Flower/I Can't Stop Loving You/Lovesick Blues/
Steel Guitar Rag/You Are My Sunshine/Oh, Lonesome Me/Sugarfoot Rag/
Born To Lose. See For Miles Records
Let's Go/Play The Country Classics (CD) 7 24381 89272 5
Made In USA Let's Go: Memphis/Let's Go/More/El Watusi/Walk Right In/
Sukiyaki/New Orleans/So Fine/Wipe Out/Hot Pastrami/Runaway/
Over The Mountain Across The Sea. 
Play The Country Classics: Panhandle Rag/Wabash Cannonball/
San Antonio Rose/I Walk The Line/Wildwood Flower/I Can't Stop Loving You/
Lovesick Blues/Steel Guitar Rag/You Are My Sunshine/Oh,Lonsome Me/
Sugarfoot Rag/Born To Lose. Bonus Tracks: Kern County Line/Storefront Lawyers/
Too Young To Know My Mind. One Way Records
Let's Go To Beach Party Let's Go To Beach Party (CD) TOCP-8304
Made In Japan Surfin USA/Pipeline/Surf City/Tell 'Em I'm Surfin'/Walk Don't Run '64/
Surfin' Safari/Diamond Head/Ride The Wild Surf/Catch A Wave/Shoot The Curl/Don't Back Down/Wipe Out/Pray For Surf/Hawaii Five-O/California Girls/Sippin 'n' Chippin/Surfer Girl/Summer Means Fun/Do It Again/Theme From Endless Summer. EMI Records
Leyendas Del Rock (CD) 0507
Made In Spain Caravan/Slaughter On 10th Avenue/Diamond Head/Hawaii Five-0/Joy/
Somewhere Over The Rainbow/Diamonds Are Forever/Gold Finger/Bond Street/Bandolero/
From Russia With Love/Dr. No/Another Dawn/Thunderball/Pipeline/Apache/Walk Don't Run. 
MasterTone Records
Live At Daryl`s House Club  (CD) MYCV30664
Made In Japan
Disc. 1: Lullaby Of The Leaves/Raunchy/Bulldog/Cruel Sea/The Nith Wave/Surf Rider/Telstar/Out Of Limits/
Journey To The Stars/A Go Go Dancer/Runnin' Wild/Penetration/Nutty/The Savage/Yellow Jacket/
Apache/Bumble Bee Rock.
Disc. 2: Diamond Head/Sleepwalk/Driving Guitars/Ram Bunk Shush/Perfidia/Big Surf/Slaughter On 10th Avenue/Wipe Out/Walk Don't Run/Pipeline/Hawaii Five-O/Caravan. M & I Records
Live Best (CD) TOCP-19521
Made In Japan
Disc. 1: Walk Don't Run-Perfidia-Lullaby Of The Leaves/Driving Guitars/Walk Don't Run 64/The Cruel Sea/
Slaughter On 10th Avenue/The Lonely Bull/Telstar/Secret Agent Man/Ginza Lights/A Little Bit Me, A little Bit You/Wooly Bully/Sentimental Guitar/Diamond Head/Pipeline/Wipe Out.
Disc. 2: Let's Go/Kyoto Doll/Reflections In A Palace Lake (Kyoto Bojo)/Blowin' In The Wind-Don't Think Twice, It's All Right/Who'll Stop The Rain-Bad Moon Rising/Honky Tonk Woman/Born To Be Wild/Fire/
The House Of The Rising Sun/Yesterday-Flint Hill/Classical Gas/Aquarious-Let The Sunshine In/Manchurian Beat/Hawaii Five-O/Caravan (On Stage '71). EMI Records
Live Best Hits (CD) MYCV-30334
Made In Japan Wailin'/Diamond Head/Telestar/Walk Don't Run '64/
Secret Agent Man/Slaughter On 10th Avenue/Pipeline/Penetration/
Black Sand Beach/Cumbanchero/Goldfinger/Driving Guitars/Aquarius-
Let The Sun Shine In/Hawaii Five-O/Out Of Limits/Yozora No Hoshi/
Medley: Stranger In Midosuji-Reflections In A Palace Lake/
Medley: Kyoto Doll-Paint It Black/Ginza Lights/Yellow Jacket/Cruel Sea/
House Of The Rising Sun/Apache/Let's Go/Wipe Out. M & I Records
Live From Berkeley 1981 (CD) VMCDR-545
Made In Japan Walk Don't Run/Bulldog/Penetration/Whittier Boulevard/Telstar/Surfin' & Spyin'/
Perfidia/"Unknown Tune"/Apache/Runaway/Showdown At Newport/Walk Don't Run/Goldfinger/
Let's Go/Bumblebee Rock/Slaughter On 10th Avenue/Wipe Out/Pipeline/Theme from "The Outer Limits"/Secret Agent Man/The Cruel Sea/Caravan.

Live At Keystone, Berkeley, CA April 26th 1981. Vintage Masters

Live In Japan '65 (CD) EMI 7243 8 32820 2 9
Made In USA Introduction/The Cruel Sea/Penetration/Bull Dog/I Feel Fine/Band Member Introductions/The House Of The Rising Sun/Out Of Limits/Slaughter On 10th Avenue/
Besame Mucho Twist/Love Potion No. 9/Walk, Don't Run '64/When You Walk In The Room/
Rap City/Wipe Out/The Ventures Medley [Walk, Don't Run-Lullaby Of The Leaves-Perfidia]/
The Lonely Bull/Telstar/Driving Guitars/Mariner No. 4/The Pink Panther Theme/
Yellow Jacket/Apache/Pipeline/Surf Rider/Journey To The Stars/Bumble Bee Twist/Diamond Head/Caravan. 
EMI Records
Live In Japan 65' (CD) TOCP-8628
Made In Japan Introduction/The Cruel Sea (The Cruel Surf)/Penetration/Bulldog/I Feel Fine/
Band Member Introduction/The House Of The Rising Sun/Out Of Limits/Slaughter On 10th Avenue/Besame Mucho Twist/Love Potion No. 9/Walk Don't Run '64/When You Walk In The Room/Rap City (Bramhms' Hungarian Dance No.5)/Wipe Out/The Ventures Medley: Walk Don't Run-Perfidia-Lullaby Of The Leaves/The Lonely Bull/Telstar/Driving Guitars/Mariner 4/
The Pink Panther Theme/Yellow Jacket/Apache/Pipeline/Surf Rider/Journey To The Stars/Bumble Bee Twist
(The Wasp)/Diamond Head/Caravan. Liberty Records

Issued 1998. (CD) Universal Music TOCP-3386. Japan
Live In Japan 1990 (CD) BCD-18
Made In Japan Blue Chateau/Classical Gas/Yozora-No-Hoshi. 
EMI Records
Live In Japan 1990 (CD) TOCP-6528
Made In Japan Medley: Walk Don't Run-Perfidia-Lullaby Of The Leaves/
Telstar/Penetration/Apache/Manchurian Beat/Hokkaido Skies/
Reflections In A Palace Lake/Furi Furi '65/Miss Brand New Day/Dimond Head/
Wipe Out/Hawaii Five-O/Ginza Lights/Stranger In Midosuji/Walk Don't Run '64/
The House Of The Rising Sun/Kyoto Doll/Paint It Black/Ellie My Love/
Seaside Story/Slaughter On 10th Avenue/Pipeline/
Medley: Stars On Guitars-Satisfaction-Walk Don't Run-25 Or 6 To 4-Apache-Out Of Limits Lets's Go-Pipeline-Wipe Out-Oh Pretty Woman-Perfidia-Secret Agent Man-Hawii Five O-Walk Don't Run/
Caravan. EMI Records
Live In Japan 2000  (CD)MYCV-30067
Made In Japan
Disc. 1:  Hollywood Punk/Slaughter On 10th Avenue/Ghost Riders In The Sky/Wailin/
Apache/Feel So Fine/What'd I Say/Goldfinger/Penetration/Ginza Lights/Kyoto Doll/
Paint It Black/Secret Agent/Walk Don't Run/Wipe Out.
Disc. 2:  Sultan's Of Swing/American Pie/Medley: Stranger In Midosuji-Reflections In
A Palace Lake/Hokkaido Skies/Maria Elena/Classical Gas/Yellow Jacket/Sleepwalk/
Walk Don't Run Medley: Hats Off To Larry-Runaway/House Of The Rising Sun/
Hawaii Five-O/Medley: Diamond Head-Pipeline/Caravan. M & I Records
Live In Japan 2002 (CD) MYCV-30196
Made In Japan Fire/Wailin'/My Bonnie Lies/Slaughter On 10th Avenue/
Last Train To Clarksvile/Bondolero/Magic Night/Born To Be Wild/
Out Of Limits/Driving Guitars/Hawaii Five-O/Walk Don't Run '64/
Wipe Out/Hurricane/ Ventures Medley: Bulldog-Yellow Jacket-Rawhide-Shanghied-Torquay-The Work Song-Mr. Moto-Comin' Home Baby-
Green Hornet '66-Perfidia-Walk Don't Run/Manchurian Beat/Hollywood Punk/
Medley: Stranger In Midosuji-Reflections In A Palace Lake/ Medley: Kyoto Doll-Paint It Black/
Ginza Lights/House Of The Rising Sun/ Medley: Diamond Head-Pipeline/Caravan. M & I Records
Live In Tokyo 2006 (CD) MYCV-30421
Made In Japan Gimme Some Lovin/Twist Degli Amanti "L'eclisse"/
Hide Away/Ginza Lights/Wham/Kyoto Doll - Paint It Black/Route66/
What's I Say/Last Date/Slaughter On 10th Avenue/Wipe Out/
Stranger In Midosuji/Hokkaido Skies/Maria Elena/Classical Gas/Walk Don't Run/
Wild And Wooly/Yuhi Wa Akaku/Blue Dawn/House Of The Rising Sun/
Hawaii Five-O/Diamond Head - Pipeline/Caravan. M & I Records
Live In Seattle USA (CD) MYCV-30178
Made In Japan Walk Don't Run Medley/Penetration/Telstar/Bumble Bee Rock/Apache/Surf Rider/Out Of Limits/Walk Don't Run '64/Let's Go/
Slaughter On 10th Avenue/Aquarius/Let The Sun Shine In/Secret Agent Man/Cruel Sea/Goldfinger/Sleep Walk/House Of The Rising Sun/
My Bonnie Lies/El Cumbanchero/Hawaii Five-O/Pipeline/Wipe Out/
Diamond Head/Caravan. Pony Canyon Records
 23 December 2002. 
Live Live Live (CD) MYCV-30464
Made In Japan Walk Don't Run Medley: Walk Don't Run-Raw-Hide-Shanghied-Torquay-The Work Son-Mr.Moto/The Cruel Sea/Slaughter
On 10th Avenue/Wipe Out/Diamond Head-Pipeline/Yellow Jacket/
Hawaii Five-O/Let's Go/House Of The Rising Sun/Yozora No Hoshi/
Secret Agent Man/Stranger In Midosuji-Reflections In A Palace Lake/
Ginza Lights/Penetration/Twist Degliamanti L'eclisse/Caravan. 
M & I Records
Live The Ventures Live The Ventures (Papersleeve) (CD) UICY-76353
Made In Japan Kyoto Doll/Aquarius-Let The Sunshine In/Light My Fire/
Classical Gas/Medley:Who'll Stop The Rain-Bad Moon Rising/Paint It Black/
Born To Be Wild/Medley: Blowin' In The Wind-Don't Think Twice, It's All Right/
Kyoto Doll (Vocal. Yuko Nagisa)/Proud Mery/House Of The Rising Sun/
Honky Tonk Women/Hawaii Five-O  Universal Records
Live In The USA East Coast Winter Tour 2018  (CD) JM-444
Made In Japan
Disc. 1: Journey To The Stars/Telstar/Out Of Limits/Lullaby Of The Leaves/Ram Bank Shush/Diamond Head/The Ninth Wave/Surf Rider/The Cruel Sea/Apache/Bumble Bee Twist/Bulldog/A Go Go Dancer/
Runnin' Wild/Penetration.
Disc. 2: Diving Guitars/Raunchy/Perfidia/Big Surf/Slaughter On 10th Avenue/Wipe Out/Nutty/
The Savage/Yellow Jacket/Walk Don't Run/Pipeline/Hawaii Five-O Theme/Caravan. xxxxxx Records
Long Play Collection  (CD) GLD-25636
Made In EU
Disc. 1: Telstar/The Lonely Bull/Mexico/Calcutta/Apache/Never On Sunday/Tequila/
Green Onions/Percolator/Red River Rock/Let There Be Drums/Last Night/Lady Of Spain/
Genesis/Instant Mashed (Single Version)/Lucile (Single Version)/The 2000 Pound Be
(Part I)/The 2000 Pound Be (Part II).
Disc. 2: Driving Guitars (Ventures' Twist)/The Twist/Road Runner/Gringo/Moon Dawg/
Guitar Twist (Raunchy Guitar)/Opus Twist/Movin & Groovin'/Sunny River/Let's Twist Again/Shanghied/Bumble Bee Twist (The Wasp)/My Bonnie Lies/Twisted/The Twomp/
Besame Mucho/Blue Tail Fly/Swanee River Twist/Instant Guitars/Dark Eyes Twist/
Counterpoint/Kicking Around/Bluebird/Red Wing Twist.
Disc. 3: Lucille/Gravy (For My Mashed Potatoes)/Hernando's Hideway/Mashed Potato Time/Summertime/Hot Summer (Asian Mashed)/Poison Ivy/The Wah-watusi/Instant Mashed/Scratch/Hully Gully (Baby)/Spudnik/Mr. Moto/Theme From Come September/
Ya Ya Wobble/Night Drive/Venus/The Intruder/Gandy Dancer/Sweet And Lovely/
Limbo Rock/Lolita Ya Ya/Loco-motion/Gully-ver. Goldies Records
Love Japan  (CD) MYCV-30619
Made In Japan
Disc. 1: Seaside Bound/Kyoto Doll/Sonna Hiroshini Damasarete/Bang Bang Bang/Reflections In
A Palace Lake/Inasena Lotomotion/Time Machine Ni Onegai/Ginza Lights/Shonan My Love/Hotel Pacific/Nonimo Ienakute…Natsu/Stranger In Midosuji/Romanhiku/Hokkaido Skies/01 Messenger-Denshikyono Uta/Anatadakeo-Summer Heartbreak/Louisiana.
Disc. 2: Hawaii Five O/Slaughter On The 10th Avenue/Walk Don't Run/Secret Agent Man/Dimond Head/Tequila/Black Sand Beach/Apache/Caravan/Surf Rider/Sleepwalk/House Of The Rising Sun/
Wipe Out/Perfidia/The Cruel Sea/Telstar/California Sun/Blue Moon/Lullaby Of The Leaves/Mercy Mercy Mercy. M & I Records





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