Episode II - The Remix Edition (CD) 0169262
Made In EU
Disc. 1: Played-A-Live (The Bongo Song)/Snakefood/A-Gusta/Samb-Adagio/Everything/
Everything Epilogue/Sweet Freedom (feat. Michael McDonald)/Crazy Benny/Baya Baya/
Disc. 2: Sweet Freedom (Extended Club Version)/Played-A-Live (Darude vs JS16)/
Played-A-Live (Airscape)/Played-A-Live (Spanish Fly)/Samb-Adagio (Cosmic Gate)/
Samb-Adagio (Riva Mix)/Baya Baya (ATFC Dawn Vocal)/Baya Baya (Future Breeze)/Everything (DJ Asle Deep Dub Edit). Universal Music Label
Greatest Hits Greatest Hits (CD) 0600753284575
Made In Denmark Velile Helele/All The People In The World/Athena/
Samb-Adagio/Rise (Leave Me Alone)/Apollo/Fallin' High/Sweet Freedom/
Played-A-Live (The Bongo Song)/Twilight/Baya Baya/Ritmo De La Noche/
Knock On Wood/A Visit From The Zoo.  Universal Music Label
Origins (CD) UNI 178 584 4
Made In EU Origins/Apollo/Twilight/Horizon Part I/Athena/Lunar/
Supernova/Corpus Rex/Moments/Horizon Part II. 
Universal Music Records
Safri Duo 3.0 Safri Duo "3.0" (CD) 0602498656372
Made In Denmark Fallin' High/The Moonwalker/Rise/All The People In The World/Marimba Dreams/Amazonas/Agogo Mosse/Laarbasses/Bombay Vice/Prelude/The "Played-A-Live" Tour.  Universal Music Label
Safri Duo 3.5
Safri Duo "3.5" (CD) 0602498674994
Made In Denmark
Disc. 1: Rise (Leave Me Alone)/Ritmo De La Noche/All The People In The World/
Amazonas/Fallin' High/The Moonwalker/Marimba Dreams/Agogo Mosse/Laarbasses/
Bombay Vice/Prelude/Knock On Wood.
Disc. 2: A Visit From The Zoo (Safri Duo Medley)/Ritmo De La Noche (Extended Version)/
Rise (Leave Me Alone)(Extended Version)/Rise (Leave Me Alone) (ATN Remix)/Rise
(Leave Me Alone) (Airbase Damage Remake)/All The People In The World (Copenhagen Clubbers Remix)/All The People In The World (F & W Remix)/Fallin' High (Artificial Funk Remix)/Fallin' High (Steve Murano Remix)/Fallin' High (Groove Electronic Remix)Universal Music Label
Everybody Jam ! ICE CD 240 (74321344952)
Made In EU Stop the Rain/Everybody Jam!/Invisible Man/Let It Go/Message To You/
(I Want To) Be Someone/Scatmusic/Shut Your Mouth And Open Your Mind/
(We Got to Learn To) Live Together/Ballad Of Love/People Of The Generation/
Lebanon/U-Turn/Everybody Jam! [Club Jam].
Scatman's World ELAP 46637
Made In EU Welcome To Scatland/Scatman's World/Only You/Quiet Desperation/
Scatman (Ski-Ba-Bop-Ba-Dop-Bop)/Sing Now!/Popstar/Time (Take Your Time)/
Mambo Jambo/Everything Changes/Song Of Scatland/Hi, Louis/Scatman
(Ski-Ba-Bop-Ba-Dop-Bop) (Game-Over-Jazz).
Song Of Scatland Iceberg Records FLGNS-1005.
Made In EU
 1. Song Of Scatland (Single Version)
2. Song Of Scatland (Groove Of Scatland)
3. Hey You!
4. Song Of Scatland (Album Version)

Forever CDVX2928
Made In EU Holler/Tell Me Why/Let Love Lead The Way/Right Back At Ya/Get Down With Me/Wasting My Time/Weekend Love/Time Goes By/If You Wanna Have Some Fun/Oxygen/Goodbye.
Greatest Hits (CD) 5099951017224
Made In Philippines 
CD Wannabe/Say You'll Be There/2 Become 1/Mama/Who Do You Think You Are/Move Over/Spice Up Your Life/Too Much/Stop/Viva Forever/Let Love Lead The Way/Holler/
Headlines (Friendship Never Ends)/Voodoo/Goodbye.
DVD Wannabe/Say You'll Be There/2 Become 1/Mama/Who Do You Think You Are/
Spice Up Your Life/Too Much/Stop/Viva Forever/Let Love Lead The Way/Holler/
Goodbye. EMI Label
Headlines (Friendship Never Ends) (CD) 5152942
Made In EU
1. Headlines
2. Wannabe. [Soul Seekerz 2007 Remix]

Spice CDV2812
Made In Netherlands Wannabe/Say You'll Be There/2 Become 1/Love Thing/Last Time Lover/Mama/
Who Do You Think You Are/Something Kinda Funny/Naked/If U Can't Dance.
Spiceworld CDV2850
Made In Netherlands Spice Up Your Life/Stop/Too Much/Saturday Night Divas/Never Give Up On
The Good Times/Move Over/Do It/Denying/Viva Forever/Lady Is A Vamp.
Come On Over (CD) 170 081-2
Made In EU Man! I Feel Like A Woman!/I'm Holdin On To Love
(To Save My Life)/Love Gets Me Every Time/Don't Be Stupid (You Know I Love You)/From This Moment On/Come On Ove/When/Whatever You Do! Don't/
If You Wanna Touch Her, Ask!/You're Still The One/Honey, I'm Home/
That Don't Impress Me Much/Black Eyes , Blue Tears/I Won't Leave You Lonely/Rock This Country!/You've Got A Way. Mercury Records
Greatest Hits (CD) 9863604
Made In EU Forever and For Always/I'm Gonna Getcha Good/UP!/Ka-Ching/Come On Over/
Man! I Feel Like A Woman!/That Don't Impress Me Much/From This Moment On/Honey, I'm Home/You're Still The One/Don't Be Stupid (You Know I Love You)/Love Gets Me Every Time/No One Needs To Know/You Win My Love/
(If You're Not In It For Love) I'm Outta Here!/The Woman In Me (Needs The Man In You)/Any Man Of Mine/Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under?/
Party For Two (with Mark McGrath)/Don't!/I Ain't No Quitter.
I'm Gonna Getcha Good 172269 2
Made In EU
1. I'm Gonna Getcha Good! (Red)
2. C'est La Vie (Blue)
3. In My Car (Red)
4. In My Car (Blue)

I'm Gonna Getcha Good 172268 2
Made In EU
1. I'm Gonna Getcha Good! (Red)
2. C'est La Vie (Red)

Ka-Ching 172 285-2
Made In EU
1. Ka-Ching (Red Version)
2. You're Still The One (Live)
3. I'm Holdin' On To Love (To Save My Life)(Live)
4. Ka-Ching (The Simon & Diamond Bhangra Mix)

Ka-Ching 172 279-2
Made In EU
1. Ka-Ching (Album Version)
2. Ka-Ching (Sowatt Hip Hop Mix)
3. Ka-Ching (Sowatt Extended Lounge Mix)
4. I'm Gonna Getcha Good (Sowatt Dance Mix)

Party For Two (CD) 2103239
Made In EU
1. Party For Two (with Mark McGrath)
2. You're Still The One (featuring Alison Krauss & Union Station)
3. I'm Holdin' On To Love (To Save My Life)(featuring Alison Krauss & Union Station)
4. Party For Two (with Billy Currington)
5. Party For Two (Almighty Downtown Radio Edit)
6. Party For Two (Video - with Mark McGrath)
7. Party For Two (Video - with Billy Currington).
Party For Two (CD) 8644638
Made In EU
1. Party For Two (Pop Version with intro)
2. You're Still The One (featuring Alison Krauss)
3. I'm Holdin' On To Love (To Save My Life)(featuring Alison Krauss)
4. Party For Two with Billy Currington (Country Version with intro)
5. Party For Two (Video).
UP! (CD) 170 344-2.
Made In EU
Disc. 1: [Red Pop Mix] Up!/I'm Gonna Getcha Good!/She's Not Just A Pretty Face/
Juanita/Forever And For Always/Ain't No Particular Way/It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing/Nah!/(Wanna Get To Know You) That Good!/C'est La Vie/I'm Jealous/Ka-Ching!/
Thank You Baby!(For Makin' Someday Come So Soon)/Waiter! Bring Me Water!/
What A Way To Wanna Be!/I Ain't Goin' Down/I'm Not In The Mood (To Say No)!/In My Car (I'll Be The Driver)/When You Kiss Me.
Disc. 2: [Blue World mix] Up!/I'm Gonna Getcha Good!/She's Not Just A Pretty Face/
Juanita/Forever And For Always/Ain't No Particular Way/It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing/Nah!/(Wanna Get To know You) That Good!/C'est La Vie/I'm Jealous (World Album Version)/Ka-Ching!/Thank You Baby!(For Makin' Someday Come So Soon)/
Waiter! Bring Me Water!/What A Way To Wanna Be!/I Ain't Goin' Down/I'm Not In The Mood (To Say No)!/In My Car (I'll Be The Driver)/When You Kiss Me. Mercury Label
The Platinum Collection (CD) 571 3452
Made In France
Disc. 1: I Get Around/Don't Worry Baby/Surfin' USA/In My Room/Little Deuce Coupe/
Surfer Girl/Fun, Fun, Fun/When I Grow Up (To Be A Man)Girls On The Beach/
All Summer Long/Wendy/Dance, Dance, Dance/Be True To Your School/
The Warmth Of The Sun/Little Honda/Surfin'Surfin' Safari/Do You Wanna Dance?/
Please Let Me Wonder/Then I Kissed Her.
Disc. 2: Good Vibrations/California Girls/Sloop John B/Barbara Ann/God Only Knows/
Wouldn't It Be Nice/You Still Believe In Me/The Little Girl I once Knew/Caroline No/
You're So Good To Me/Girl Don't Tell Me/Girl Don't Tell Me/Help Me Rhonda (Single Version)/Heroes And Villains/Wild Honey/Darlin'/Friends/Bluebirds Over The Mountain/Breakaway/Beach Boys Medley.
Disc. 3: Do It Again/Cottonfields (The Cotton Song)/I Can Hear Music/Tears In The Morning/Sail On Sailor/Disney Girls (1957)/Long Promised Road/Forever/Surf's Up/
'Til I Die/Marcella/Student Demonstration Time/Lady Lynda/California Saga-California/
Sumahama/Rock 'n' Roll Music/Here Comes The Night/Kokomo/Wip Out
(With The Fat Boys)/California Dreaming/Fun, Fun, Fun (With Status Quo).EMI Label
That's Why God Made The Radio (CD) 509996 02824 2
Made In EU Think About The Days/That's Why God Made The Radio/
Isn't It Time/Spring Vacation/The Private Life Of Bill And Sue/Shelter/
Daybreak Over The Ocean/Beaches In Mind/Strange World/From There To
Back Again/Pacific Cost Highway/Summer's Gone.  Capitol Records
Beat Group! (CD) ODR-6386
Made In Japan I Can't Let Go/That's How Strong My Love Is/Running Through The Night/Oriental Sadness/A Taste Of Honey/Mr. Moonlight/Don't You Even Care/Hard Hard Year/Take Your Time/Fifi The Flea/I Take What I Want.  
Bonus Tracks: If I Needed Someone. 
Oldays Records
15 Apr 2017. 
Bus Stop (CD) ODR-6387
Made In Japan Bus Stop/Candy Man/Baby That's All/I Am A Rock/Sweet Little Sixteen/We're Through/Don't Run And Hide/Oriental Sadness (I'll Never Trust In Anybody No More)/Mickey's Monkey/Little Lover/You Know He Did/Whatcha Gonna Do About It.  
Bonus Tracks: Stop Stop Stop. 
Oldays Records
15 Apr 2017. 
Here I Go Again (CD) ODR-6384
Made In Japan Here I Go Again/Stay/Memphis/Lucille/You Better Move On/Talkin' 'Bout You/
Just One Look/Keep Off That Friend Of Mine/Rockin' Robin/ Do You Love Me/What Kind Of Girl Are You/It's Only Make Believe.  
Bonus Tracks: (Ain't That)Just Like Me/Searchin'. 
Oldays Records
15 Apr 2017. 
Hear! Here! (CD) ODR-6385
Made In Japan  I'm Alive/Very Last Day/You Must Believe Me/Put Yourself In My Place/Down The Line/That's My Desire/Look Through Any Window/Lawdy Miss Clawdy/When I Come Home To You/So Lonely/I've Been Wrong/Too Many People.  
Bonus Tracks: Yes I Will. 
Oldays Records
15 Apr 2017. 
Original Album Series [Box Set] 1-2
Staying Power (CD) 0946 355983 22
Made In EU Hope/So Damn Beautiful/Prove Me Wrong/Break Me/
Shine On Me/Suspended Animation/Touch Me/Emotions/Weakness/
Live It Up/Yesterday's Gone/Let Love Pass.  EMI Records

Christmas Duet ELAP 24205-2
Made In EU Sleigh Ride/Here Comes Santa Claus (w. Brdr. Olsen)/Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
(w. Sylvia Vrethammar)/White Christmas (w. Otto Brandenburg)/Let It Snow/Blue Christmas (w. Christina Groth)/Jingle Bell Rock (w ÷sten Warnerbring)/Last Christmas/Santa Bring My Baby Back To Me (w. Torben Lendager)/The Christmas Song (w. Lecia SundstrÝm)/Winter Wonderland/I"ll Be Home For Christmas (w. Gry Johansen)/Santa Claus is coming to town (m. Wenche Myhre)/Skillemadinga-Rock.

Greatest Now ELAP 24086-2
Made In EU Walk On By/Django/Just As I Did/Perfidia/Walking Back To Happiness/Twistin' Patricia/
But I Do/Andalucia (The Breeze And I)/How Wonderful To Know (Anema E Core)/Amapola/
I Never Had A Chance/Riding Cossak/When My Little Girl Is Smiling/Missing Link/I Listen To
My Heart/My Heart & I/Diamonds/Travelin' Home.

5 By 5 (CD) ODR-6753
Made In Japan Nineteen Days/Something I've Always Wanted/Little Bit Strong/Bernedette/
Sitting Here Baby/You Don't Want My Loving/How Can I Tell You/Picture Of You/Small Talk/
Pick Up Your Phone. Bonus Tracks: Good Time Woman/You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby/Man In The Pin Stripe Suit. 
Oldays Records
29 December 2018. 
A Session With The Dave Clark Five (CD) ODR-6114
Made In Japan ∑Can't You See That She's Mine/I Need You I Love You/
I Love You No More/Rumble/Funny/On Broadway/Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah/
Can I Trust You/Forever And A Day/Theme Without A Name/She's All Mine/Time. 
Bonus Tracks:  Do You Love/Glad All Over/Bits And Pieces/Because . 
Oldays Records
29 Aug 2015. 
American Tour (CD) ODR6173
Made In Japan Because/Who Does He Think He Is/Move On/Whenever You're Around/
I Want You Still/Long Ago/Come On Over/Blue Monday/Sometimes/Any Time You Want Love/
I Cried Over You/Ol' Sol. 
Bonus Tracks:  Thinking Of You Baby. Oldays Records

23 Jan 2016. 
Catch Us If You Can (CD) ODR6492
Made In Japan Catch Us If You Can/On The Move/If You Come Back/Long Ago/Any Time You Want Love/I Can't Stand It/Your Turn To Cry/Hurtin' Inside/Don't Be Taken In/Don't You Realize/
I Cried Over You/Sweet memories.  
Bonus Tracks: Wils Weekend/When/Old Sol/A New Kind Of Love . 
Oldays Records
23 Jan 2018. 
Coast To Coast (CD) ODR-6540
Made In Japan Any Way You Want It/Give Me Love/I Can't Stand It/I'm Left Without You/Everybody Knows (I Still Love You)/Crying Over You/Say You Want Me/When/Don't You Know/To Me/It's Not True . 
Oldays Records
22 May 2018. 
Dave Clark Five Return! (CD) ODR6172
Made In Japan Can't You See That She's Mine/I Need You, I Love You/I Love You No More/Rumble/Funny/Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah/Can I Trust You/Forever & A Day/
Theme Without A Name/On Broadway 
Bonus Tracks:  The Mulberry Bush/I Knew It All The Time/That's What I Said . 
Oldays Records
23 Jan 2016. 
Glad All Over (CD) ODR6171
Made In Japan ∑Glad All over/All Of The Time/Stay/Chaquita/Do You Love Me/Bits And Pieces/
I Know You/No Time To Lose/ Doo Dah/ Time/She's All Mine.  
Bonus Tracks:  Chaquita (First Version)/In Your Heart/First Love/I Walk The Line. 
Oldays Records
23 Jan 2016. 
Having A Wild Weekend (CD) ODR-6542
Made In Japan Having A Wild Weekend/New Kind Of Love/Dum Dee Dee Dum/I Said I Was Sorry/No Stopping/Don't Be Taken In/Catch Us If You Can/When I'm Alone/If You Come Back/Sweet Memories/Don't You Realize/On The Move . 
Oldays Records
22 May 2018. 
I Like It Like That (CD) ODR-6543
Made In Japan I Like It Like That/Pumping/I Need Love/Maybe it's You/That's How Long Our Love Will Last/A Little Bit Of Love/I'll Be Yours My Love/Please Love Me/Goodbye My Friends/
I Am On My Own/She's A Loving Girl/You Know You're Lying/Over And Over . 
Oldays Records
22 May 2018. 
Satisfied With You (CD) ODR-6739
Made In Japan Satisfied With You/Go On/Do You Still Love Me?/I Meant You/Look Before You Leap/Please Tell Me Why/You Never Listen/I Still Need You/It'll Only Hurt For A Little While/
Good Lovin' Bonus Tracks: All Night Long/Don't Let Me Down. 
Oldays Records
15 Dec 2018. 
Try Too Hard (CD) ODR-6738
Made In Japan Try Too Hard/Today/I Never Will/Looking In/Ever Since You've Been Away/
Somebody Find A New Love/I Really Love You/It Don't Feel Good/Scared Of Falling In Love/
I Know. Bonus Tracks: At The Scene/I Miss You. 
Oldays Records
15 Dec 2018. 
The Best Of Dave Clark 5 (CD) ODR-6755
Made In Japan Over And Over/Because/Glad All Over/Come Home/Do You Love Me/Thinking
Of You Baby/Catch Us If You Can/At The Scene/When/The Mulberry Bush/Reelin' And Rockin'/
Bits And Pieces/I Like It Like That/Try Too Hard. 
Bonus Tracks: From "The Dave Clark Five's Gratest Hits" Over And Over/Everybody Knows (I Still Love You)/Can't You See That She's Mine/Bits And Pieces/I Like It Like That/Catch Us If You Can/Because/Any Way You Want It/Do You Love Me/Glad All Over. Oldays Records

29 Dec 2018.. 
Weekend In London (CD) ODR-6541
Made In Japan Come Home/We'll Be Running/Blue Suede Shoes/Hurting Indside/I'll Never Know/Til The Right One Comes Along/I'm Thinking/Your Turn To Cry/Little Bitty Pretty One/
Remember It's Me/Mighty Good Loving/Reelin' And Rockin. 
Oldays Records
22 May 2018. 
You Got What It Takes (CD) ODR-6754
Made In Japan You Got What It Takes/I've Got To Have A Reason/You Don't Play Me Around/
Thinking Of You Baby/Lovin' So Good/Doctor Rhythm/Play With Me/Let Me Be/Blueberry Hill/
Tabatha Twitchit.  
Bonus Tracks:  A Little Bit Now/Red And Blue/Concentration Baby/Everybody Knows/
Inside And Out. Oldays Records
29 Dec 2018. 
Flying Platters Around The World (CD) ODR6394
Made In Japan Whispering Wind/It's Raining Outside (Chove La Fora)/I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen/For The First Time (Come Prima)/My Serenade/But Not Like You/My Old Flame/Don't Blame Me/Sleepy Time Gal/That Old Feeling/Try A Little Tenderness/Twilight Time 
Bonus Tracks: Out Of My Mind/Twilight Time (45 version). 
Oldays Records
15 Apr 2017. 
Remember When? (CD) ODR6395
Made In Japan Prisoner Of Love/Smoke Gets In Your Eyes/Somebody Loves Me/If I Didn't Care/Thanks For The Memory/A-Tisket A-Tasket/Love In Bloom/I'll Never Smile Again/I Can't Get Started/My Blue Heaven/Until The Real Thing Comes Along/Remember When.  
Bonus Tracks:  Enchanted/Where/Harbor Lights. 
Oldays Records
15 Apr 2017. 
The Platters (CD) ODR6393
Made In Japan My Prayer/Why Should I?/Remember When/Bewitched, Bothered And Bewildered/I Wanna/I'm Sorry/Have Mercy/Someone To Watch Over Me/At Your Beck & Call/
On My Word Of Honor/Heaven On Earth/Glory Of Love.  
Bonus Tracks: Only You (And You Alone)/Bark, Battle & Ball/The Great Pretender/
I'm Just A Dancing Partner. Oldays Records
15 Apr 2017. 





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