Mission Impossible (CD) 5764712 MUMCD75
Made In USA
1.Theme from Mission Impossible
2.Theme from Mission Impossible (Junior's Hard Mix Edit)
3.Mission Impossible Theme (Mission Accomplished)
4.Mission Impossible Theme (Mission Accomplished,cut the red not the blue)
5.Mission Impossible Theme (Mission Accomplished, Dave Clarke Remix).

Mission Impossible (CD) 731457667125 - (MUMXD75).
Made In USA
1.Theme from Mission Impossible
2.Mission: Impossible Theme (Mission Accomplished)
3.Theme from Mission Impossible (Guru Mix)
4.Theme from Mission Impossible (Junior's Hard Mix)
5.Mission Impossible Theme (Mission Accomplished)(Dave Clarke Remix).

Podarjeno Srcu CD/CD-ROM 01 98
Made In Slovenia  Podarjeno Srcu/Materi/Prijatelju/Pesniku/Stari Muzikant/Ljubljana V Maju/Vodna Pot/Uspavanka/Presented To The Heart/To Mother/To A Friend/To A Poet/The Old Musician/Ljubljana In May/Strong Is The Current/Lullaby. 
Sopotja (CD) SAZAS EWR CD 001
Made In Unknown Tu Sem Doma/Ljubezen Vecnosti/Trnovo, Kraj Nesrecnega Imena/Hise Gospodar/Praznik/Noc Je Mlada/Koraki/Srce Na Elektriko/Ko Te Ti/Sin Oceta/Zavedno/Love That Kows No End
[Featuring Cliff Richard]. Eye Witness Records Label 
Tracks EWR CD 002
Made In Slovenia Tracks/Let's Talk/Invisible Man/By The Waterfall/
Owner Of A House/Love That Knows No End/Kaplja Srece/I Carry On/
Fields And Dreams/Say A Prayer/I Want To Live/To Say Goodbye/
Fair Play. Eye Witness Records
Anastacia - Edition Collector (CD) 5134717
Made In EU Seasons Change/Left Outside Alone/Time/Sick And Tired/Heavy On My Heart/
I Do/Welcome To My Truth/Pretty Little Dum Dum/Sexy Single/Rearview/
Where Do I Belong/Maybe Today.

(Bonus DVD) Making Of Anastacia/2002 Europe Promo Tour/Still Gallery.

Left Outside Alone (CD) 674633 3
Made In Germany
2. Left Outside Alone (Jason Nevins Global Club Edit). 
Mega rare 3 inch CD-Single

Left Outside Alone (CD) 6746332
1. Left Outside Alone (Radio Edit)
2. Get Ready
3. Left Outside Alone (Jason Nevins Global Club)
4. Left Outside Alone (Jason Nevins Mix Show Edit)
5. Left Outside Alone (Mash Rock Mix).

Not That Kind (CD) 6697222
Made In Australia 1. Not That Kind
2. Nothin' At All
3. I'm Outta Love [Matty's Soulflower Mix]
4. Not That Kind [Rick Wake Club Final]
5. Not That Kind [Kerri Chandler Vocal Mix]
6. Not That Kind [Kerri Chandler Organ Dub]
7. Not That Kind [Maurice's Chicken Pox Club Mix].

Paid My Dues (CD) 671996 2
Made In Austria 1. Paid My Dues
2. Paid My Dues [The S-Man's Darkstar Mix]
3. Paid My Dues [The S-Man's Darkstar Dub Mix]
4. Funk Medley (Live From Amsterdam].

After Dark (CD) 539 922-2
Made In Japan After Dark/Desire/Wherever You Are/Warm Ride/Rest You Love On Me/I Can't Help It (Olivia Newton John)/One Love/Someone I Ain't/
Falling In Love With You/Dreamin' On. Polydor Records

22nd. November 2010. 
Flowing Rivers (CD) 539 921-2
Made In USA I Just Want To Be Your Everything/Words And Music/
Dance To The Light Of The Morning/Too Many Looks In Your Eyes/Starlight/(Love Is) Thicker Than Water/Flowing Rivers/Come Home For The Winter/
Let It Be Me/In The End. Polydor Records
22nd. November 2010. 
Greatest Hits (CD) 314 511 585-2
Made In USA Man On Fire/I Just Want To Be Your Everything/(Love Is)
Thicker Than Water/Flowing Rivers/Shadow Dancing/An Everlasting Love/
(Our Love) Don't Throw It All Away/Desire/After Dark/I Can't Help It
(Duet With Olivia Newton-John)/Time Is Time/Me (Without You). 
Polydor Records
9th Mar 1998. 
Shadow Dancing (CD) 847 916-2
Made In EU Shadow Dancing/Why/Fool For A Night/An Everlasting Love/(Our Love) Don't Throw It All Away/One More Look At The Night/Melody/
I Go For You/Good Feeling/Waiting For You. Polydor Records

22nd. November 2010. 
The Very Best Of Andy Gibb (CD) 67411277
Made In EU Shadow Dancing/I Just Want To Be Your Everything/An Everlasting Love/Flowing Rivers/(Our Love) Don't Throw It All Away/(Love Is) Thicker Than Water/After Dark/Man On Fire/I Can't Help It/Desire/Time Is Time/Me (Without You)/Wherever You Are/One More Look At The Night/Will You Love Me Tomorrow. 
Universal Records
A Time for Us  (CD) 5 87538-2
Made In USA
1. A Time For Us (Robbie Rivera's Vocal Mix)
2. A Time For Us (Sal Dano's Club Mix)
3. A Time For Us (Robbie Rivera's Bangin' Dark Mix)
4. A Time For Us (Sal Dano's Dub)
5. A Time For Us (Robbie Rivera's Dub)
6. A Time For Us (Album Version). Atlantic Records

Call The Rain (CD) BNWCD06
Made In United Kingdom
 2. Mademoiselle. 
BNW Records

I Love You, Goodbye (CD) WEA274CD
Made In Germany
2. I Love You, Goodbye (Radio Mix)
3. Maria Maria. 
Erato Records

I Love You Goodbye (CD) 8573827132
Made In United Kingdom I Love You, Goodbye/More Than Life/Songbird/Lucie/Ruby Tuesday - Harold Fisher/Maria, Maria/Reason to Believe/Time for Us/I Drive Slowly [Guido Piano]/Ma Preference/Does Love Come in Other Colors?/
When a Child Is Born. 
Blacknight Records
Lucie (CD) 685738273522
Made In Germany
2. Lucie (French Version). 
Detour Records

Lucie (Radio Edit) (CD) Promotion
Made In United Kingdom Lucie (Original Version). 
BNW Records
Much Love (CD) BNWCD4
Made In United Kingdom Will I Ever/A Time For Us/Call The Rain/I Love You, Goodbye/As If She's Still There/Lucie/Like Yesterday/Waiting To Be Wanted/Songbird/
Take A Turn/When A Child Is Born/Mademoiselle.
BNW Lable
Skip A Beat (CD) BNWCD02
Made In United Kingdom 1. Skip A Beat (Keep Calm Radio Edit)
2. Skip A Beat (Original Mix)
3. Skip A Beat (Club Remix)
4. Skip A Beat (Video).Absolute Records

[Barry Gibb] Now Yoyager (CD) DIDX-126 (MCA 2-5506)
Made In USA I Am Your Driver/Fine Line/Face To Face (Olivia Newton-John)/
Shatterproof/Shine Shine/Lesson In Love/One Night (For Lovers)/Stay Alone/
Temptation/She Says/The Hunter. MCA Records
Bee Gees 1st (CD) ODR-6752
Made In Japan Turn Of The Century/Holiday/Red Chair. Fade Away/One Minute Woman/In My Own Time/Every Christian Lion Hearted Man Will Show You/Craise Finton Kirk Royal Academy Of Arts/New York Mining Disaster 1941/Cucumber Castle/To Love Somebody/I Close My Eyes/I Can't See Nobody/Please Read Me/Close Another Door. Bonus Tracks: Massachusetts The Lights Went Out In/Barker Of The U.F.O./World/Sir Geoffrey Saved The World. 
Oldays Records
December 29 2018. 
Mythology - 50th Anniversary Collection (CD) 8122-79718-1
Made In EU A 4 CD Box set
Disc. 1: Spirits (Having Flown)/You Win Again/Jive Talkin'/To Love Somebody/Tragedy/
Too Much Heaven/First Of May/More Than A Woman/Love So Right/Night Fever/Words/
Don't Forget To Remember/If I Can't Have You/Alone/Heartbeaker/How Deep Is Your Love/Love You Indside Out/Stayin' Alive/Barker Of The UFO/Swan Song/Spicks & Specks.
Disc. 2: I Am The World/New York Mining Disater 1941/I Can't See Nobody/Holiday/
Massachuetts/Sir Geoffrey Saved The World/And The Sun Will Shine/The Singer Sang
Hit Song/I've Gotta Get A Message To You/I Started A Joke/Odesa/Save By The Bell/
My World/Run To Me/Love Me/Juliet- Robin Gibb/The Longest Night/Fallen Angel/
Rings Around The Moon/Embrace/Islands In The Stream.
Disc. 3: Man In The Middle/Closer Than Close/Dimensions/House Of Shame/Suddenly/
Railroad/Overnight/It's Just The Way/Lay It On Me/Trafalgar/Omega Man/Walking On Air/
Country Woman/Angel Of Mercy/Above And Beyond/Hold Her In Your Hand/
You Know It's For You/Wildflower/On Time The Bridge/.
Disc. 4: Shadow Dancing/I Just Want To Be Your Everything/(Love Is) Thicker Than Water/An Everlasting Love/Desire/(Our Love) Don't Throw It All Away/Flowing Rivers/
Words And Music/I Can't Help It - With Olivia Newton-John/Time Is Time/Me (Without You)/
After Dark/Warm Ride/Too Many Looks In Your Eyes/Man On Fire/Arrow Thought The Heart/Starlight/Dance To The Light Of The Morning/In The End. Warner Records
Number Ones  (CD) 9868838
Made In EU Massachusetts/World/Words/I've Gotta Get A Message
To You/I Started A Joke/Don't Forget To Remember/Lonely Days/
How Can You Mend A Broken Heart/Jive Talkin'/You Should Be Dancing/
Love So Right/How Deep Is Your Love/Stayin' Alive/Night Fever/
Too Much Heaven/Tragedy/I Love You Inside Out/You Win Again/
Man In The Middle.
Spicks And Specks (CD) ODR-6751
Made In Japan How Many Birds/Playdown/Second Hand People/I Don't Know Why I Bother
With Myself/Big Chance/Spicks And Specks/Jingle Jangle/Tint Of Blue/Where Are You/Born A Man/Glass House. Bonus Tracks: Turn Around Look At Me. 
Oldays Records
December 29 2018. 
The Anthology, Vol. 1 (CD) BMY 7006
Made In USA Let Your Love Flow/If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body [Would You Hold It Against Me]/Guilty Of The Crime [Featuring The Bacon Brothers]/Redneck Girl/The Fires Of Time/
Ole Hippie/I Could Be Persuaded [Featuring Cliff Richard]/I Need More Of You/Do You Love
As Good As You Look/Trust Me/Dancin Cowboys/When I'm Away From You/Crazy From The Heart/Heart Of My Heart/Feelin The Feelin/Sugar Daddy/Where Did The Common Sense Go/
For All The Wrong Reasons/Kids Of The Baby Boom/The Old Bulls. Bellamy Brothers Records
Greatest Hits (CD) MCAD-31012
Made In USA Let Your Love Flow/If I Said You Have A Beautiful Body Would You Hold It Against Me/You Ain't Just Whistlin' Dixie/Sugar Daddy/Dancin' Cowboys/Lovers Live Longer/Do You Love As Good As You Look/For All The Wrong Reasons/Get Into Reggae Cowboy/Redneck Girl. 
MCA Records
Bill Haley & His Comets - From The Orginal Master Tapes (CD) MCD05539
Made In Germany
 (We're Gonna) Rock Around The Clock/Thirteen Woman/Shake, Rattle & Roll/A.B.C. Boogie/Happy Baby/Dim, Dim The Lights (I Want Some Atmosphere)/Birth Of The Boogie/Mambo Rock/Two Hound Dogs/Razzle Dazzle/R-O-C-K/Rock A Beatin' Boogie/
The Saint's Rock 'n' Roll/Burn That Candle/See You Later, Alligator/The Paper Boy
(On Main Street, U.S.A)/Rudy's Rock (Saxophone Solo By Rudy Pompilli)/Hot Dog Buddy Buddy/
Live It Up/Don't Knock The Rock. BMG Records
Bill Haley & The Comets (CD) ODRS98008
Made In Japan Crazy Man Crazy/Kansas City/Love Letters In The Sand/Shake Rattle & Roll/
I'm In Love Again/Stagger Lee/Rock Around The Clock/I Almost Lost My Mind/Blue Suede Shoes/My Special Angel/Blueberry Hill/Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin On.  
Bonus Tracks: Tamiami/Hawk/Chick Safari. 
Oldays Records
29 Dec 2018. 
Bill Haley & The Comets - Rock 'n' Roll Legend  (CD) PLATCD 664
Made In United Kingdom Rock Around The Clock/Rip It Up/Shake, Rattle And Roll/
See You Later Alligator/Ain't Love Funny, Ha Ha Ha/How Many?/Razzle Dazzle/ABC Boogie/
Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On/Caravan/Blue Comet Blues/Land Of A Thousand Dances/
New Orleans/Justine/Skinny Minnie/Hi-Heel Sneakers. Prism Platinum Label
Rock N Roll Stage Show (CD) ODRS98012
Made In Japan Calling All Comets/Rockin' Through The Rye/A Rocking Little Tune/Hide & Seek/Hey Then, There Now/Goofin' Around/Hook, Line And Sinker/Rudy's Rock/Choo Choo Ch'Booogie/Blue Comet Blues/Hot Dog Buddy Buddy/Tonight's The Night .  
Bonus Tracks: See You Later, Alligator/The Paper Boy (On Main Street U.S.A)/R-O-C-K/
The Saints Rock 'n' Roll/Rip It Up/Teenager's Mother/Don't Knock The Rock . 
Oldays Records
29 Dec 2018. 
Rock Around The Clock - The Very Best Of Bill Haley & His Comets (CD) DAY2CD281
Made In EU
Disc. 1: Rock Around The Clock/Razzle Dazzle/The Saint's Rock 'n' Roll/R-O-C-K/The Dipsy Doodle
(with The Saddlemen)/Rockin' Through The Rye/Now & Then There's A Fool Such As I/Green Tree Boogie/
Forty Cups Of Coffee/Corrine, Corrina/I'm Gonna Sit Right Down & Write Myself A Letter/Shaky/
(You Hit The Wrong Note) Billy Goat/Real Rock Drive/Shake, Rattle & Roll/Skinnie Minnie/Choo Choo Ch'Boogie/Rockeet 88/Stop Beatin' Around The Mulberry Bush/Burn That Candle/Two Hound Dogs
(with The Saddlemen)/Whoa Mabel!/Skokiaan/Mambo Rock/Teenager's Mother.
Disc. 2: See You Later, Alligator/Rock A Beatin' Boogie/Don't Knock The Rock/Crazy Man Crazy/
Dance With A Dolly (with A Hole In Her Stocking)/Farewell, So Long, Good-Bye/Birth Of The Boogie/
Rock The Joint (with The Saddlemen)/Joey's Song/Lean Jean/Hot Dog Buddy Buddy/Live It Up/Pat-A-Cake/
Rocking Chair On The Moon/A.B.C. Boogie/Dim, Dim The Lights/Fractured/Caldonia (with The Saddlemen)/
War Paint/Thirteen Woman/Jukebox Cannonball/Spanish Twist/I Got A Woman/Rudy's Rock/Rip It Up. 
One Day Music Records
Shake, Rattle And Roll (CD) ODR6065
Made In Japan Shake, Rattle And Roll/A.B.C. Boogie/Rock Around The Clock/
Two Hound Dogs/Dim, Dim The Lights/Razzle-Dazzle/Birth Of The Boogie/
Mambo Rock/Thirteen Women (And Only One Man In Town)/Happy Baby/
Burn That Candle/Rock-A-Beatin' Boogie/See You Later, Alligator/Dinah/
Sweet Sue, Just You/Mack The Knife . Oldays Records

29 Apr 2015. 
Bo Diddley A Twister (CD) ODR6375
Made In Japan Detour/She's Alright/Doin' The Jaguar/Who Do You Love/Shank/Road Runner/
My Babe/The Twister/Hey, Bo Diddley/Hush Your Mouth/Bo Diddley/I'm Looking For A Woman/
Here 'Tis/I Know.  
Bonus Tracks: Greatest Lover In The World. Oldays Records
29 March 2017. 
Bo Diddley (CD) ODR6376
Made In Japan I Can Tell/Mr. Khrushchev/Diddling/Give Me A Break/Who May Your Lover Be/
Bo's Bounce/You Can't Judge A Book By Looking At The Cover/Babes In The Woods/Sad Sack/
Mama Don't Allow No Twistin'/You All Green/Bo's Twist.  
Bonus Tracks: We're Gonna Get Married.  Oldays Records
29 March 2017. 
Bobby Vee - Meets The Ventures (CD) 66121
Made In Japan Walk Right Back/Caravan (Instrumental)/Linda Lu/What Else Is New/This Is Where Friendship Ends/Pretty Girls Everywhere/Candy Man/Goodnight Irene/Honeycomb/Wild Night (Instrumental)/I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter/If I'm Right Or Wrong. 
CéDé International ?Records
Bobby Vee Meets The Ventures Bobby Vee Meets The Ventures (CD) UICY-77809
Made In Japan Goodnight Irene/Walk Right Back/Linda Lu/Caravan/What Else Is New/
Candy Man/This Is Where Friendships Ends/Honeycomb/Pretty Girls Everywhere/Wild Night/
I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter/If I'm Right Or Worng. 
Universal Music Records
Come Back When You Grow Up/Bobby Vee Meets The Ventures (CD) COL-CD-2776
Made In USA Come Back When You Grow Up/A Rose Grew In The Ashes/You're A Big Girl Now/
You Can Count On Me/Get The Message/Hold On To Him/World Down On Your Knees/
Objects Of Gold/Before You Go/Mission Accomplished/I May Be Back/Double Good Feeling.
Bobby Vee Meets The Ventures Goodnight Irene/Walk Right Back/Linda Lu/Caravan/
What Else Is New/Candy Man/This Is Where Friendships Ends/Honeycomb/Pretty Girls Everywhere/Wild Night/I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter/If I'm Right Or Worng. Bonus Tracks Do I Really/The Opposite. EMI/Capotol Records
The Night Has A Thousand Eyes Meets The Ventures (CD) BGOCD408
Made In United Kingdom Go Away Little Girl/It Might As Well Rain Until September/It Couldn't Happen To A Nicer Guy/Theme For A Dream/Silent Partner/Night Has A Thousand Eyes/You Won't Forget Me/Anonymous Phone Call/If She Were My Girl/Lover's Goodbye/Dry Your Eyes/What About Me/Goodnight Irene/Walk Right Back/Linda Lu/Caravan/What Else Is New/Candy Man/
This Is Where Friendship Ends/Honeycomb/Pretty Girls Everywhere/Wild Night/I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter/If I'm Right Or Wrong. Beat Goes On
Buddy Holly (CD) GJ7762
Made In United Kingdom Heartbeat/Peggy Sue/Well... All Right/Oh Boy/Not Fade Away/
That'll Be the Day/I'm Gonna Love You Too/Listen To Me/Everyday/Words Of Love/I'm Looking For Someone To Love/Maybe Baby/Rave On/Fool's Paradise/Early In The Morning/It's So Easy/
Don't Come Back Knockin'/It's Too Late/Last Night/Little Baby/Now We're One/Real Wild Child/
Valley Of Tears. Global Journey
British Legends Buddy Holly Christmas Legends Cliff Richard Elvis Presley Festive Classics Greatest Hits Of The 50's Johnny Cash Little Richard Rock 'N Roll Legends The Shadows The Sound Of Music
Part Of The "Legends: Original Recordings Series"
Showcase (CD) ODR6389
Made In Japan Shake, Rattle And Roll/Rock Around With Ollie Vee/Honky Tonk/I Guess I Was Just A Fool/Ummm, Oh Yeah/You're The One/Blue Suede Shoes/Come Back Baby/Rip It Up/Love's Made A Fool Of You/Gone/Girl On My Mind. 
Oldays Records
29 Apr 2017. 
Buddy Holly
Six Classic Albums
Made In EU 4 CD Click on the big photos
7  Classic Albums Singles & EP 2 Classic Albums Plus Bonus EP's & Singles 8 Classic Albums
The Very Best Of Buddy Holly & The Crickets 112046-2
Made In EU Heartbeat/That'll Be The Day/Peggy Sue/Oh Boy!/Rave On/Think It Over/Brown Eyed Handsome Man/Love's Made A Fool Of You/True Love Ways/Raining In My Heart/Everyday/Wishing/It's So Easy/Listen To Me/It Doesn't Matter Anymore/Words Of Love/I'm Gonna Love You Too/Well…All Right/Bo Diddley/Blue Suede Shoes/Shake Rattle And Roll/What To Do/Midnight Shift/Love Is Strange/Crying, Waiting, Hoping/Peggy Sue Got Married/Maybe Baby/Early In The Morning/
Baby I Don't Care/Reminiscing/Valley Of Tears/Learning The Game/Look At Me/Fools Paradise/Take Your Time.
True Love Ways (CD) 7715316
Made In EU True Love Ways/It Doesn't Matter Anymore/Everyday/Heartbeat/
Raining In My Heart/Oh Boy/Rave On/Words Of Love/That'll Be The Day/Peggy Sue/
Moon Dreams/Maybe Baby. Decca Records
16 Nov. 2018. 
Believe  (CD) 445762
Made In USA
01. Believe [Album Version]
02. Believe [Phat 'N' Phunky Club Mix]
03. Believe [Club 69 Phunk Club Mix]
04. Believe [Almighty Definitive Mix]
05. Believe [Xenomania Mad Tim & The Mekon Club Mix]
06. Believe [Club 69 Future Anthem Mix]
07. Believe [Grips Heartbroken Mix]
08. Believe [Club 69 Future Anthem Dub]
09. Believe [Club 69 Phunk Dub]
10. Believe [Phat 'N' Phunky 'After Luv' Dub]
Closer To The Truth (CD) 9362-49415-2
Made In EU Woman's World/Take It Like A Man/My Love/Dressed To Kill/
Red/Lovers Forever/I Walk Alone/Sirens/Favorite Scars/I Hope You Find It/
Lie To Me/Bonus Track:I Don't Have To Sleep To Dream/Pride/You Haven't Seen The Last Of Me (Original Version). 
Warner Bros
14 Oct 2013. 
Closer To The Truth (CD) 9362-49423-82
Made In EU Woman's World/Take It Like A Man/My Love/Dressed To Kill/
Red/Lovers Forever/I Walk Alone/Sirens/Favorite Scars/I Hope You Find It/
Lie To Me/Bonus Track:I Don't Have To Sleep To Dream/Pride/You Haven't Seen The Last Of Me (Original Version)/Woman's World (R3hab Remix)/
Woman's World (Jodie Harsh Remix)/Will You Wait For Me. Warner Bros

14 Oct 2013. 
Dancing Queen(CD) 573237-2
Made In USA Dancing Queen/Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Mindnight)/The Name
Of The Game/SOS/Waterloo/Mamma Mia/Chiquitita/Fernando/The Winner Takes It All/
One Of Us. Warner Bros. Records
Living Proof (CD) 0927424632
Made In Germany The Music's No Good Without You/Alive Again/(This Is) A Song For The Lonely/A Different Kind Of Love Song/Rain Rain/Love So High/
Body To Body, Heart To Heart/Love Is A Lonely Place Without You/
Real Love/Love One Another/You Take It All/When the Money's Gone.
A New Day Has Come (CD) 672393 2
Made In Austria
1. A New Day Has Come [Radio Remix]
2. A New Day Has Come [Albums Edit]
3. Prayer
4. A New Day Has Come [Christian B Mix].

A New Day Has Come (CD) 6725035
1. A New Day Has Come [Album Edit]
2. Sous Le Vent [Garou and Celine Dion]
3. Misled
4. Misled [Video].

Goodbye's (The Saddest Word)(CD) 673271 2
Made In Austria
1. Goodbye's (The Saddest Word)[Radio Edit]
2. All Because Of You
3. You Shook Me All Night Long (Duet with Anastacia-Live)
4. Blue Christmas [Albums Version]
5. Goodbye's (The Saddest Word)[Video].

I Drove All Night 673560 1
Made In Austria
1. I Drove All Night (Album Version)
2. I Drove All Night (UK Radio Edit)

I Drove All Night 673560 2
Made In Austria
1. I Drove All Night (Album Version)
2. I Drove All Night (UK Radio Edit)
3. I Drove All Night (Hex Hector Extended Vocal Import Mix)

I'm Alive (CD) 672728 2
Made In Austria
1. I'm Alive (Humberto Gatica Mix)
2. I'm Alive (Johnny Rocks Rhythm Radio Edit)
3. Aun Existe Amor (Album Version)
4. I'm Alive (Joe Bermudez Club Mix)
5. A New Day Has Come (Video)

Loved Me Back To Life (CD) 88697 13715 2
Made In EU  Loved Me Back To Life/Somebody Loves Somebody/
Incredible/Water And A Flame/Breakaway/Save Your Soul/Didn't Know Love/
Thank You/Overjoyed/Thankful/At Seventeen/Always Be Your Girl/
Unfinished Songs. Columbia Records
One Heart (CD) SME 6739412
1. One Heart (Album Version)
2. One Heart (original 3 pop edit)
3. One Heart (original 3 rhytmic extended)
4. One Heart (original 3 rhytmic edit) 

Tour Poster One Heart (CD) SME 5108772
Made In Austria
I Drove All Night/Love Is All We Need/Faith/In His Touch/One Heart/
Stand By Your Side/Naked/Sorry For Love/Have You Ever Been In Love/
Reveal/Coulda Woulda Shoulda I/Je T'aime (Encore) 
My Love: The Ultimate Essential Collection (CD) 88697400502
Made In EU
Disc. 1: My Heart Will Go On/Think Twice/It's All Coming Back To Me Now/
A New Day Has Come/My Love/Taking Chances/That's The Way It Is/The Power Of Love/
Because You Loved Me/Tell Him/Falling Into You/I Drove All Night/I'm Alive/All By Myself/
Alone/Immortality/Beauty And The Beast/There Comes A Time.
Disc. 2: River Deep, Mountain High/One Heart/I'm Your Angel/Only One Road/
Pour Que Tu M'Aimes Encore/You And I/To Love You More/Eyes On Me/Have You Ever Been In Love/The Reason/Seduces Me/The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face/
Dance With My Father/Misled/Love Can Move Mountains/Call The Man/Goodbye's
(The Saddest Word)/The Prayer - (Duet with Andrea Bocelli). 
Sony BMG Music Entertainment
How Can I Be Sure (CD) DDCD001
Made In EU
2. Funny How Love Can Be
3. Here, There And Everywhere. 
EastCoast Records

Darren Day (CD) DAYCD01
Made In United Kingdom How Can I Be Sure?/Easy/Baby, Now That I've Found You/Daydream Believer/I Guess I'll Always Love You/Yester-me,
Yester-you, Yesterday/I'm Alive/Lady Madonna/Got To Get You Into My Life/
I'm Into Something Good/I Second That Emotion/Funny How Love Can Be/
Here, There And Everywhere/Angie/God Only Knows/Windmills Of Your Mind (Impromptu). EastCoast Records
Summer Holiday (CD)RCA 74321384472
Made In EU
1. Summer Holiday Medley
2. Summer Holiday
3. Bachelor Boy

Summer Holiday (CD)RCA 74321456162
Made In EU Summer Holiday/Bachelor Boy/In The Country/Do You Wanna Dance/Move It/(I Could Easily)Fall In Love With You/On The Beach/Dancing Shoes/Big News/We Say Yeah/The Next Time/I'm In Love With You/
The La La La Song/Time Drags By/Travellin' Light/A Swinging Affair-
Stranger In Town/Livin' Doll/The Young Ones/The Summer Holiday megamix.
 March 1997. 
Wired For Sound (CD) CDSMG0091
Made In EU
1. Wired For Sound (Single Mix)
2. Wired For Sound (Istanbul 12" Mix)
3. Home. 
Kevin King Music Records

Young Girl (CD) 74321231082
Made In EU
2. Young Girl (Extended Version)
3. Any Dream Will Do
4. Outta Sight. 
BMG Records

Looking For Freedom [Maxi Version] (CD) 661936
Made In Germany
2. Looking For Freedom [Single Version]
3. Looking For Freedom [Instrumental]. 
White Records

This Time Around (CD) DHOFFCD1
Made In USA This Time Around/What I Did for Love/You've Lost That Loving Feelin'/Anything Can Happen/Someone Like You/Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head/This Is the Moment/At Last/Learning How to Dance Is Easy/Loving You Keeps Me Alive/There Is Love/I Was Born to Love You/If I Should Lose My Way/
I'll Be Here With You/More Than Words Can Say. Hoff Records
Centre Stage - The Very Best Of Elaine Paige (CD) WSMCD171
Made In United Kingdom
Disc. 1: Something In Red/Memory/I Know Him So Well/Miss You Nights/The Perfect Year/September Show/Regrette Rien/Another Suitcase/Change The World/
Cry Me A River/From The Heart/Wishing On A Star/I Dreamed A Dream/Don't Cry for Me Argentina/One More Time/Hyme A L'Amour/On My Own/The Rose/
Ave Maria.
Disc. 2: I Didn't Know I Was Saying Goodbye/Let It Be Me/La Vie En Rose/
Somebody Make Me Laugh/As If I Never Said Goodbye/With One Look/How Long Has This Been Going On/This Is Where I Came In/More Than You Know/Mon Dieu/
For You/Alfie/I Only Have Eyes For You/Je Sais Comment/Is It Me/All Things Considered/Shaking You/Kind To Animals/Les Trois Cloches.WSM Label
Elaine Paige Presents The Musicals (CD) USMTVCD014
Made In EU
Disc. 1: Memory ("Cats")/Love Changes Everything/A Whole New World ("Aladdin")/
Defying Gravity ("Wicked" Original Broadway Cast Recording)/Don't Rain On My Parade ("Funny Girl")/
The Music Of The Night ("Phantom Of The Opera")/All I Ask Of You/Another Suitcase in Another Hall ("Evita")/Don't Cry For Me Argentina/Any Dream Willl Do ("Joseph")/My Favourite Things ("The Sound Of Music")/Tell Me On A Sunday ("Tell Me On A Sunday")/With You (feat. Caissie Levy)[Solo Version)["Ghost"]/I Don't Know How To Love Him ("Jesus Christ Superstar")/Falling Slowly ("Once")/
Somewhere ("West Side Story")/And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going ("Dreamgirls")/
I Will Always Love You("The Bodyguard").
Disc. 2: I Know Him So Well (Duet with Barbara Dickson)[ "Chess"]/The Winner Takes It All
("Mamma Mia!")/Love Never Dies/Empty Chairs At Empty Tables/The Phantom Of The Opera (feat. Barbara Bonney, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra & Stephen Hill Singers)/
Love Will Stand When All Else Fails ("Memphis The Musical")/Tell Me It's Not True ("Blood Brothers")/
Will You Love Me Tomorrow/What I Did For Love ("A Chorus Line")/I'd Do Anything/
With One Look ("Sunset Boulevard")/Tomorrow ("Annie")/Bugsy Malone (feat. Sheridan Smith)
["Bugsy Malone"]
/When I Grow Up (''Matilda'')/Raise Your Voice/The Time Warp (Live)
["The Rocky Horror Show"]/Luck Be A Lady ("Guys and Dolls")/All That Jazz/Everything's Coming
Up Roses ("Gypsy")/Flash, Bang, Wallop! ("Half A Sixpence").
Disc. 3: December, 1963 (Oh What A Night!)/No Matter What/Sunny Afternoon (Mono)
(2014 RV)/Summer Nights ("Grease")/Downtown/Let It Be Me ("Dreamboats & Petticoats")/
Send In The Clowns ("A Little Night Music")/Serious/(I've Had) The Time Of My Life
(feat. Zoe Nicholas & Marc Monroe)["Dirty Dancing"]/The Last Night Of The World ("Miss Saigon")/
Only You (feat. Francis Rufelle)["Starlight Express"]/As If We Never Said Goodbye ("Sunset Boulevard")/
Electricity ("Billy Elliot")/Singin' In The Rain ("Singin' In The Rain")/Seasons Of Love/The Circle
Of Life ("The Lion King")/Some Enchanted Evening ("South Pacific")/I Dreamed A Dream
("Les Miserables")/The First Man You Remember ("Aspects Of Love")/You'll Never Walk Alone ("Carousel") Union Square Music Limited Records *RV= Remastered Version
I'm Still Here - Live At The Royal Albert Hall (CD) SFE 047D
Made In United Kingdom
Disc. 1: Don't Cry For Me Argentina/Come Rain Or Shine/Luck Be A Lady/Summertime/
Good Morning Starshine/I'm Still Here/The Perfect Year (Duet w. Gardar Thor Cortes)/
Sunset Boulevard (Sung By Gardar Thor Cortes)/We Never Said Goodbye/Radio Gaga/
My Melcholy Blues/I Know Him So Well/Nobody's Side/Anthem (Sung By Gardar Thor Cortes)/In My Life/Piaf Medley (Milord/Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien)/If You Love Me/Memory/
With One Look/The Curtain Falls.
Disc. 2: Don't Cry For Me Argentina/Introductory Orchestral Medley/Come Rain Or Shine/
Luck Be A Lady/Summertime/Good Morning Starshine/I'm Still Here/Th Perfect Year
(Duet w. Gardar Thor Cortes)/Sunset Boulevard (Sung By Gardar Thor Cortes)/
We Never Said Goodbye/Radio Gaga/My Melancholy Blues/I Know Him So Well/
Nobody's Side/Anthem (Sung By Gardar Thor Cortes)/In My Life/Piaf Medley
(Milord/Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien)/If You Love Me/Memory/With One Look/
The Curtain Falls. SFE Records
The Ultimate Collection (Deluxe Version) (CD) 2564628454
Made In EU
Disc. 1: Don't Cry For Me Argentina (1978 Version)("Evita")/Memory (1981 Uk Single)("Cats")/
Ave Maria/I Don't Know How To Love Him ("Jesus Christ Superstar")/What I Did For Love
("A Chorus Line")/One Night Only ("Dream Girls")/Sometimes (The Film "Champions")/Unchained Melody (The Film "Unchained")/I Know Him So Well (Duet With Barbara Dickson)(1984 Single)("Chess")/
Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word/For You/La Vie En Rose ("Piaf")/I Dreamed A Dream
("Les Miserables")(Live)/As If We Never Said Goodbye ("Sunset Boulevard")/With One Look ("Sunset Boulevard")/The Prayer (Duet With Barry Manilow)/I'm Still Here ("Frollies")/It's Raining On Prom Night (1983 Outtake From Stages)("Grease")/What A Feeling (Ted Carfrae Mix - 1984 Outtake From Cinema)("Flashdance")/Be On Your Own (Almighty Remix)(Radio Edit).
Disc. 2: If You Don't Want My Love/How The Heart Approaches What It Yearns/
Far Side Of The Bay/Oh Major/The Second Time (Theme From "Bilitis")/My Knight In Black Leather/Rocking/Running Back For More ("Blondel")/Losing My Mind ("Frollies")/Be On Your Own ("Nine")/Another Suitcase In Another Hall ("Evita")/The Windmills Of Your Mind (The Film "The Thomas Crown Affair")/He's A Dream ("Flashdance")/Walking In The Air ("The Snowman")/On My Own ("Les Miserables")/All Things Considered/A Winter's Tale/Hymne A L'Amour (If You Love Me) ("Piaf")/The Perfect Year/It's Only Life (Duet With Sinead O'Connor)
Rhino Records
My Blue Heaven: 40 Hits Of New Orleans' Legend  (CD) ODR6501
Made In Japan
Disc. 1: The Fat Man/Every Night About This Time/Rockin' Chair/Goin' Home/Poor Poor Me/How Long/
Going To The River/Please Don't Leave Me/Rose Mary/Something'S Wrong/You Done Me Wrong/Don't You Know/Ain't It A Shame/All By Myself/Poor Me/I Can't Go On/Bo Weevil/Don't Blame It On Me/I'm In Love Again/My Blue Heaven.
Disc. 2: When My Dreamboat Comes Home/So-Long/Blueberry Hill/Honey Chile/Blue Monday/I'm Walkin'/Valley Of Tears/It's You I Love/Wait And See/Yes, My Darling/Little Mary/Whole Lotta Loving/
I'm Ready/I Want To Walk You Home/Be My Guest/Walking To New Orleans/Three Nights A Week/My Girl Josephine/What A Price/Let The Four Winds Blow. Oldays Records
Rock And Rollin' With Fats Domino (CD) ODR6210
Made In Japan The Fat Man/Tired Of Crying/Goin' Home/You Said You Love Me/Going To The River/Please Don't Leave Me/Rose Mary/All By Myself/Ain't It A Shame/Poor Me/Bo Weevil/
Don't Blame It On Me.  
Bonus Tracks: My Blue Heaven/Swanee River Hop/Second Line Jump/Goodbye/Careless Love/
I Love Her.  Oldays Records
29 Mar 2016. 
This Is Fats Domino (CD) ODR6211
Made In Japan Blueberry Hill/Honey Chile/What's The Reason I'm Not Pleasing You/Blue Monday/So Long/La La/Trubles Of My Own/You Done Me Wrong/Reeling And Rocking/The Fat Man's Hop/Poor Poor Me/Trust In Me.  
Bonus Tracks: I'm In Love Again/When My Dreamboat Comes Home/Are You Going My Way/
If You Need Me/My Heart Is In Your Hands/Fat's Frenzy. 
Oldays Records
29 Mar 2016. 





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