Alien Brain (MC) 7-01-415857-0
A: Alien Brain/My Best Friends Are All Poets ( And They`re Living On The Dole )/Broken Land/Mark Of Cain/ A Child Is A Future .
B: Oscar Romero/Water Off A Duck`s Back/Light A Candle In The Darkness/Take Me To Your Leader/Robot Clock.  Dayspring International Label

Love Song For The Earth (MC) MYRC 1051
A: .Harmonica Talk/The Dust Of Death/The Reason And The Rhyme/Live For Now/Paint My Picture (Warts And All)/Love Song For The Earth
B: Travellin' (Back Home To You)/A Friend Of The King/Wooden Cross Rider/Holy Ground/
Get Up And Dance/I've Made Up My Mind. 
Myrrh Records
Lonesome Troubadour (MC) MYRC1279
A: Lonesome Troubadour/Little Outlaws, Dirt Angels/Trailing Clouds Of Glory/Full Moon Over Mozambique/Deep Silence
B: Dance On Injustice/A Song For Miriam/Ten Measures Of Beauty (Ten Measures Of Survival)/
Shadows In The Mist/Dancing The Polka In Tiananmen Square/Broken Image. Myrrh Label

Mud On My Eyes (MC) xxxxxxx
A: Mud On My Eyes/Fives Loaves (And Two Small Fish)/Old Becomes New/Children OF God/
The Words Of Jesus .
B: Get Up/These Things Are Written/Bread Of Life/In The Beginning/New Life. EMI Label

Portfolio (MC) MYRC 1231
A: Road To Freedom/Oscar Remero/How Hard/On And On/A World Of Difference/Namirembe/Record Of The Weak.
B: Nero's Watching Video/A Child Is The Future/Broken Land/Living Under The Mercy/Litany In Africa/May You Dance (On Your Own Grave)/Light A Candle In The Darkness. Myrrh Label

Scars (MC) MYRC 1250
A: Namibia/Strange Weapons/Land Of Palestine/Johnny Cash/Our Silent Eyes/Tears Of God/Peace Like A Phoenix.
B: Amusing Ourselves/32 Years/The Sky That Wouldn't Weep/Polish Winter/Get Up And Dance/Jesus Of The Scars.  Myrrh Label
Stronger Than The Storm (MC) MYRC1305
A: I Shall Fall/Nicaragua/I Saw Three Ships/Beautiful Corn Island/So This Is War/
Stronger Than The Storm.
B: Don't Blame God For Christmas/Indifferent To The Pain/You Are Loved (Stephen Lawrence)/
Father Miguel/Compa´nera De Vida/Oh Palestine. Myrrh Label

The Bride (MC) xxxxxxx
A:  He Makes Us All One/Working On A Building/The Family Of God .
B: Chosen/Stand Your Ground/The Bride. Scripture Union Label

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