30 Songs Spanning 30 Years 1973-2003 (CD) ICCD73730
Made In United Kingdom
Disc. 1: When Johnny Cash Sang Man In Black (feat. Martyn Joseph)/On An April Day (Deir Yassin Remembered)/Memories/Light A Candle In The Darkness 8For Rachel Corrie)/The People Of The West
(Amos Rides Again)/You Are Loved (Stephen Lawrence)(feat. Denise Ogbeide)/Living Under The Mercy/
Dance On Injustice/Atlantic View/The Caretaker/Wooden Cross Rider/Don't Blame God For Christmas
(He Only Sent His Son)/In A Polish Winter/The Holy One (Has Crossed The River)/I Never Knew Lif Was
In Full Technicolour (Till I Saw It On The Silver Screen).
Disc. 2: Not In My Name/Strange Weapons/A Child Is The Future (Feat. Abi Hewitt)/Lonesome Troubadour/
The Feast Of Life (Feat. Jessy Dixon)/A World Of Difference/Walk The Talk/Record Of The Week/Thirty-Two Years/Vicious Circle/All The Time/Travellin' (Back Home To You)/Holy Ground/We Need You Moter Love O God/I Shall Fall. ICC Records
Against The Grain (CD) xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Made In United Kingdom
Disc. 1: Against The Grain/Raise The Flag/Do Unto Others/Rivers, Mountains And Trees/Lifeline Of Hope/Immigrant Eyes/Stealing Jesus Back/The Hungry Wind/We Don't Do Body Counts/Not In My Name/Rainbow Over Kampala/Love Song For The Earth/Eternal Echoes/Physical Pain/I Will Return .
Disc. 2: Alien Brain/Oscar Romero/Come Home Mar Gregorios/Poets Of Nicaragua/Cast Your Net Again/Did He Jump…Or Was He Pushed/The Writing On the Wall/Hail Glorious Morn/Number One/Love Bade Me Welcome/Bread Of Life/Goodbye To All The Heroes/Red Hot And Cooking/How The Dice Falls/Golden Studded Jukebox/May You Live To Dance… On Your Own Grave. Ginger Dog Records
Bethlehem, Palestine (CD) AMOSCD 004
Made In United Kingdom Hidden From View/They've Cancelled Christmas In Bethlehem (The Wall Must Fall)/Shine On (Star Of Bethlehem)/Humans Too/Candle Of Hope/The Death Of Trees/One Of Us/O Palestine. 
Amos Records
Blood Brothers (CD) WHAD 1295
Made In United Kingdom Bitter Tears/Your Kingdom Come/I Didn't Speak Up/Love Sweet Love/You're Too Much/Blood Brothers/Freedom Tree/Over Land, Over Sea/The Writing On The Wall/We Are One.  What Records 1992. 
Did He Jump (CD)
Made In United Kingdom Not Afraid To Rock 'N' Roll/On And On/Always On The Run/Physical Pain/Let's Go Out/Big Black Mamba/Did He Jump?/He's The One/World Of Difference/We Sure Do/Roll On Patch Label 1979. 
Feast Of Life (CD) WMD 004
Made In United Kingdom The Feast Of Life/We Hear You Cry Lord/World Of Difference/Dance On Injustice/Walk The Talk/That's Why We're Here/The Living Lord/We Need Your Mother Love Oh Lord/A Child Is The Future/Be The Hands Of Jesus/Pray For You Sister/The Time Of Jubilee/Chain Of Love/Shine On/Light A Candle In The Darkness. Authentic Label 1999 . 
Gaza, Palestine (CD) AMOSCD 005
Made In United Kingdom The Broken Heart Of Gaza/Five Sisters/Song For Miriam/Qasidah Of Return/On An April Day/Light A Candle In The Darkiness [For Rachel Corrie]. 
Amos Records
Gospel Singer (CD) ICCD 37830
Made In United Kingdom Guide My Feet/Rivers, Mountains & Trees/Words Of Peace/
Community Of Love/Oasis Of Mercy/In The Name Of God/Atlantic View/Sunrise Of Wonder/
Rumour Of God/Candle Of Hope/Three Trees (And An Open House).ICC Label
I Never Knew Life Was In Full Technicolour (CD) 
Made In United Kingdom Follow The Dancer/Walk In His Shoes/Life Is For The Living/Truth Is A Lovely Tune/I Will Return/I Never Knew Life Was In Full Technicolor... Till I Saw It On A Silver Screen/The Road From Eiken To Davos/The People Of The West (Amos Rides Again)/Number One/Welcome Home Pilgrim/The Father's Song. 
Myrrh Records
I'm Greatful (CD) 
Made In United Kingdom  A Friend Of Mine/Goodbye To All The Heroes/Tropical Night/How Hard/Don't Look/That's Why We're Here/Memories/The Holy One (Has Crossed The River)/I'm Grateful/All The Time/May You Live To Dance (On Your Own Grave) . 
Myrrh Records
Justice Like a River (CD) 1490431
Made In United Kingdom Feast Your Mind On What Is Pure/He Broke The Rules/That's Why We're Here/Justice Like A River/One Of Us/You're The One/ Let Justice Roll (The People Of The West)/We Hear You Cry Lord/Be The Hands Of Jesus/Dance On Injustice/Pray For Your Sister/Broken Image (Beauty In The Ashes)/Jesus Of The Scars/Let The World Be Changed. 
Kevin Mayhew Records
Journey Africa Wings Of Love Over Africa (CD) AMOSCD 003
Made In United Kingdom  Wings Of Love Over Africa/Umthombo Tree/Full Moon Over Mozambique/Isaiah 58/A Future And A Hope/Freedom Tree (Original)/Dawn Down In Durban/
Zachariah The Zulu/Rainbow Over Kampala/Chain Of Love (Original)/Our Silent Eyes/Thunder Like A Lion/The Sky That Wouldn't Weep/That's Why We're Here/A Child Is The Future (Original)/
Namirembe/Light A Candle In The Darkness (Original). Amos Records
Journeys 1: The Holy Land (CD)MYRCD 1310
Made In United Kingdom Ten Measures Of Beauty (Ten Measures Of Sorrow)/I Didn't Speak Up/Stronger Than The Storm (New Version)/The Writing On The Wall/Where Is The Land Of Palestine?/Oh Palestine/Blood Brothers/Song For Miriam/Chain Of Love/Deep Silence.
Myrrh Records
Journeys 2, Africa (CD) MYRCD 1311
Made In United Kingdom Namirembe/Full Moon Over Mozambique/Isaiah 58/Rainbow Over Kampala/Odi Odi/Litany For Africa/Namibia/Zachariah The Zulu/Bitter Tears/The Sky That Wouldn't Weep/Freedom Tree/That's Why We're Here/Get Up/A Friend Of Mine. 
Myrrh Records
Journeys 3: Asia (CD)MYRCD 1316
Made In United Kingdom Shadows In The Mist/Dancing The Polka In Tiananmen Square/
Road To Freedom/I Want To Cry Out/Stronger Than The Storm/ She Sang Bayan Ko/Not A Love Story/Walk In His Shoes/Imelda Marcos Disco Dancing Shoes/The Living God/Broken Image/
Water Water/Nero's Watching Video/Five Loaves And Two Small Fish/Trailing Clouds Of Glory. Myrrh Records
Journeys 4: Latin America (CD) MYRCD 1317
Made In United Kingdom Oscar Romero/O Nicaragua/Un Nino Es El Futuro (A Child Is The Future)/Indifferent To The Pain/How Hard/Companera De Vida/Little Outlaws, Dirty Angels/Ojos Silenciosos/Father Miguel/Rise Like The Sun/Tropical Night/I Saw Three Ships/Light A Candle In The Darkness/Beautiful Corn Island/Mud On My Eyes/Jesus De Las Heridas.Myrrh Records 1998. 
Journeys Latin America Re-released (CD) xxxxxxx
Made In United Kingdom Oscar Romero/O Nicaragua/Un Nino Es El Futuro (A Child Is The Future)/Indifferent To The Pain/How Hard/Companera De Vida/Little Outlaws, Dirty Angels/Ojos Silenciosos/Father Miguel/Rise Like The Sun/Tropical Night/I Saw Three Ships/Light A Candle In The Darkness/Beautiful Corn Island/Mud On My Eyes/Jesus De Las Heridas. 
Amos Records
Let The World Be Changed (CD) ICCD 71930
Made In United Kingdom Let The World Be Changed/Backing Track/The Feast Of Life/
Time For JubileeMyrrh Records
2003 . 
Liberty Is Near (CD) 1490460
Made In United Kingdom Hail Glorious Morn/Assembled 'Neath Thy Broad Blue Sky/Daily Bread/Sons Of Poverty/For Everything A Time/Men Of England/ Lo In Thy Name/Hark I Hear/How Long/God Of The Poor/Great God/Source Of Good. 
Kevin Mayhew Records
Live In Sheffield (DVD) 
Made In United Kingdom Something For The Soul/Rivers, Mountains And Trees/Yo Creo En Nicaragua/Mar Gregorios/Humans Too/The Devil’s Moment/Memories/Little Boy Down/Immigrant Eyes/Moonlight Oon Galilee/Broken Heart Of Gaza/Ten Measures Of Beauty/Against the Grain/
Tell ’em About The Dream Martin/No Injustice Will Last Forever/Within Listening Distance (credits). GHF Records
Lonesome Troubadour (CD) MYRCD 1279
Made In United Kingdom Lonesome Troubadour/Little Outlaws,Dirt Angels/Trailing Clouds
Of Glory/Full Moon Over Mozambique/Deep Silence/Dance On Injustice/A Song For Miriam/
Ten Measures Of Beauty (Ten Measures Of Survival)/Shadows In The Mist/Dancing The Polka
In Tiananmen Square/Broken Image. 
Myrrh Records
Memories 25th Anniversary (CD) MYRCD 1291
Made In United Kingdom Dance On Injustice/Namibia/Travellin' (Back Home To You)/
Deep Silence/Jesus Of The Scars/She Sang Beyan Ko/That's Why We're Here/Chain Of Love/
Get Up And Dance/Memories/A Child Is The Future/Deep Down In Debt/Imedla Marcos' Disco Dancing Shoes/Our Silent Eyes/A Future And A Hope/Light A Candle In The Darkness. 
Myrrh Records
Moonrise (CD) AMOSCD 006
Made In United Kingdom There Is An Ancient Peace/Moonlight On Galilee/God With Sleeves Rolled Up/Poets Of Nicaragua/God's Revolution Of Love/Late Summer Love/Hymns Of Liberation/
Twilight/Do Unto Others/Lay It Down. 
Amos Records
My Name Is Palestine (CD) GDCD 102
Made In United Kingdom My Name Is Palestine/Making Holy Dreams Come True/In The Storms Of Life/Deportees (Plane Crash At Los Gatos)/Sing Aaron Sing/This Place/Victor Jara/
To The God Whose Name Is Mercy/Whose Garden Was This/Let Nothing Disturb You/Love Is The Way. Ginger Dog Records
Peace At Christmas (CD) GDCD 066
Made In United Kingdom Peace At Christmas/In The Bleak Midwinter/Making Holy Dreams Come True/The Child Of Christmas/Candle Of Hope/Bethlehem Is Calling/Don't Blame God For Christmas/Little Boy Down/Nothing But A Child/Shine On (Star Of Bethlehem)/Silent Night/Prayer For Christmas Eve/One Of Us/Light A Candle In The Darkness. 
Ginger Dog Records
Scars (CD) MYRCD 1250
Made In United Kingdom Namibia/Strange Weapons/Land Of Palestine/Johnny Cash/Our Silent Eyes/Tears Of God/Peace Like A Phoenix/Amusing Ourselves/32 Years/The Sky That Wouldn't Weep/Polish Winter/Get Up And Dance/Jesus Of The Scars. 
Myrrh Records
Songs From The Fifth Gospel (CD) GDCD 063
Made In United Kingdom
Disc. 1: Ten Measures of Beauty (Pray For The Peace)/Deep Silence/God's Revolution Of Love/O Palestine/
The Broken Heart Of Gaza/I Didn't Speak Up (With Ben Okafor)/Bethlehem Is Calling/Words Of Peace/
There Is An Ancient Peace/Beautiful Resistance/Where Is The Land Of Palestine/Cast Your Net Again/
Hymns Of Liberation/Twilight/On An April Day/Far And Wide/On The Other Side.
Disc. 2: Moonlight On Galilee/Humans Too/Three Trees (And An Open House)/Blood Brothers/They've Cancelled Christmas In Bethlehem (The Wall Must Fall)/The Followers/Death of Trees With Traditional Palestinian Lament (With Reem Kelani)/No Injustice Will Last Forever/The Writing On The Wall/The Devil's Moment (With Abi Hewitt)/Hidden From View/In the Name Of God/Light a Candle In The Darkness (Rachel Corrie Version)/Song For Miriam/Chain Of Love/Jesus Of The Scars. Ginger Dog Records 2014. 
Stronger Than The Storm (CD) MYRCD 1305
Made In United Kingdom I Shall Fall/Nicaragua/I Saw Three Ships/Beautiful Corn Island/
So This Is War/Stronger Than The Storm/Don't Blame God For Christmas/Indifferent To The Pain/You Are Loved (Stephen Lawrence)/Father Miguel/Compa´nera De Vida/Oh Palestine. 
Myrrh Label
Stealing Jesus Back (CD) 0993D
Made In United Kingdom Eternal Echoes/Stealing Jesus Back/Way Of Peace/Too Many Crows/Apocalypse Jackson/Death Of Trees/Traditional Palestinian Lament/Humans Too/Umthombo Tree/Raise The Flag/Towards A Promised Land/In The QuietEternal Echoes/Stealing Jesus Back/Way Of Peace/Too Many Crows/Apocalypse Jackson/Death Of Trees/Traditional Palestinian Lament/Humans Too/Umthombo Tree/Raise The Flag/Towards A Promised Land/In The Quiet. 
ICC Records
Something For The Soul (CD) GDCD 036
Made In United Kingdom Prelude - The Welcome (The House Of God)/No Injustice Will Last Forever/Steadfast Love/Nicaraguan Artisan/Something For The Soul/Tell 'Em About The Dream Martin/Beautiful Resistance/Wide Open Arms/It's A Thin Place/Without A Song/You'll Lead Me Home/The Chapel By The Sea/Bethlehem Is Calling/Postlude - The Sending Out (On Holy Ground). Ginger Dog Records
Road To Freedom (CD) 
Made In United Kingdom Road To Freedom/Freedom Fighter/Water Water/Nero's Watching Video/No One Is An Island/Namirembe/Rainbow Over Kampala/So Much Better/Zachariah The Zulu/Living Under The Mercy . 
Myrrh Records
The Greatest Gift (CD) ALD054
Made In Netherland  Peace At Christmas/This Sacred Eve/Shine On/Mary's Child/Intro The Darkness/He Became Poor/The Greatest Gift/Nothing But A Child/Odi Odi/Not The Powerful
(The Pedigree)/Came And See/Rise Up And Sing/Carol Of The Epipehany/O Holy Night/Light A Candle In The Darkness. Backing Tracks: Odi Odi/Peace At Christmas/Mary's Child/Light A Chandle In The Darkness. Alliance Records
The Lion And The Lamb (CD) 
Made In United Kingdom Let Them See The Light/The Caretaker/Good Old Man/All Alone/
I Give You Love/The Rock And Roll King/Man In Chains/Brief Candle/The Lower Lights/The Lion And The Lamb/I Must See Jesus/Glory Glory. 
Myrrh Records
The Road Home (CD) AMOSCD002
Made In United Kingdom The Road Home/Cast Your Net Again/He Broke The Rules/
The Devil's Moment/In The Storms Of Life/For The Journey/The Shadow In The Middle/
One The Other Side/She Gave All She Had/The Warmth Of Love. Amos Trust Records
Under The Influence (CD) 
Made In United Kingdom Under The Influence/Love Can Overcome/
It's Good To Have A Fat Friend (When Times Are Wearing Thin)/
Record Of The Weak/The Champion/I'm Not/Somebody Calls Your Name/
A Future And A Hope/When The Joking Has To Stop/A Change In Me/
Take It By Storm/The One For All. Pilgrim America Records

A Change In Me (LP) R3982
Walk The Talk (CD) MYRCD 1297
Made In United Kingdom Walk The Talk/We Need Your Mother Love O God/Rise Like The Sun/Bread Of Life/For A Fairer World/Jesus Taken Joyful/We Hear Your Cry Lord/The Living God/The Father's Song/Chain Of Love/Lament (Psalm Of Desolation). 
Myrrh Records
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