15 Years Of Japanese Pops (CD) TOCP-7148
Kuroi Hanabira/Kimi Koishi/Konnichiwa Akachan/Omoide No-Nagisa/Kiri No-Mashuko/Tenshi No-Yuuwaku/Chiisana Snack/Kyoo De Owakare/Kuchinashi No-Hana/Yozora/Kokoro Moyou/Erimo Misaki/Futari De-Osake-O/Tsuioku/Waga Yoki-Tomo-Yo/Joy Ride/Karelia/Minyo Disco North To South.  Private Collection Label
All About The Ventures Live (CD) TOCP-7126
The Cruel Sea/Penetration/Bulldog/I Feel Fine/The House Of The Rising Sun/Out Of Limits/
Slaughter On 10th Avenue/Besame Mucho Twist/Love Potion No. 9/Journey To The Stars/
When You Walk in the Room/Walk Don't Run '64/Rap City/Wipe Out/The Ventures Medley-Walk Don't Run-Perfidia-Lullaby Of The Leaves/Lonely Bull/Telstar/Mariner No. 4/Driving Guitars/
Apache/Yellow Jacket/Pipeline/Surf Rider/Bumble Bee Twist/Diamond Head/Caravan/The Pink Panther Theme [Bonus Track]. Private Collection Label
Early Sounds Of The Ventures (CD) 
Sunflower 76/The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise/How High The Moon/Guitar Freakout/
Let's Go/Walk Right Inn/Theme From A Summer Place/Beautiful Sunday (Vocal)/Suzukake-No-Michi/Manchurian Beat/Running Wild/Summertime/Kickstand/Let There Be Drums/Beautiful Sunday/Joy Ride/Karelia/Love Theme The Godfather/Skylab/Little People (Sunflower '73)/
Samovar/Prima Vera/Nadia's Theme/The Way You Look Tonight/Peace Pipe/Lawrence Of Arabia/
The Man With Golden Gun/Theme From Airport 1975'. 
Private Collection Label
Unissued On CDs
In Seattle Live (CD) 
Penetration/Telstar/Bumble Bee Rock/Apache/Surf Rider/Out Of Limits/Walk Don't Run '64/
Let's Go/Slaughter On 10th Avenue/Secret Agent Man/Cruel Sea/Goldfinger/Sleep Walk/
House Of The Rising Sun/My Bonnie Lies/El Cumbanchero/Hawaii Five-O/Pipeline/Wipe Out/
Diamond Head/Caravan. Private Collection Label
Last Albums On Liberty (CD) 
Peace Pipe/The Way You Look Tonight/Walk Don't Run '77/Amanda's Theme/Warm Hearts/
Papa/Nightly News Theme/Summer Concerto/I Will Never Leave You/Speeding Through Space/
Really Something Nice/Don't Say Goodbye/Mizu Wari/Hollywood Punk/Tomorrow/Victoria Station/Springtime Love/I'll Be Yours Forever. 
Private Collection Label
Live In Japan '77 (CD)
Disc. 1: The Cruel Sea/Telstar/Green Onions/My Bonnie Lies/Kyoto Doll - Pain It Black/Bulldog/Peace Pipe/Out Of Limits/Sea Cruise/Driving Guitars/California Dreamin'/Japanese Medley: Stranger In Midosuji - Reflections In A Palace Lake - Ginza Lights/Wheels/Memphis/I Got A Woman/Yesterday.
Disc. 2: Slaughter On 10th Avenue/Manchurian Beat/Aquarious - Let The Sunshine In/Runaway/Rock 'N' Roll Medley: Long Tall Sally - Bony Moronie - Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On - Jenny Jenny -Mean Woman Blues/Diamond Head/Ventures Hit Medley: Walk On The Run - Perfidia - Lullaby Of The Leaves/
Roll Over Beethoven/Hawaii 5-0/House Of The Rising Sun/Apache/Pipeline/Caravan.
Private Collection Label
Unissued On CDs
Live In Japan 2002 (CD) 
Fire/Wailin'/My Bonnie Lies/Slaughter On 10th Avenue/Last Train To Clarksvile/Bondolero/
Magic Night/Born To Be Wild/Out Of Limits/Driving Guitars/Hawaii Five-O/Walk Don't Run '64/
Wipe Out/Hurricane/Manchurian Beat/Hollywood Punk/Ginza Lights/House Of The Rising Sun/
Caravan/Stranger In Midosuji. Private Collection Label
Live In L.A. (CD) 
Walk Don't Run/Let's Go/Penetration/Perfidia/Telstar/Apache/Cruel Sea/Surfin' And Spyin''/
Comin' Home Baby/Diamond Head/House Of The Rising Sun/Bumblebee Twist (Rock)/
Goldfinger/Black Sand Beach (Show Down)/Bulldog/Wipe Out/Pipeline/Hawaii 5-0.
Private Collection Label
Unissued On CDs
Live In Reseda (CD) 
Intro/Runaway/Showdown At Newport/Walk Don't Run/Goldfinger/Let's Go/Bumble Bee/
Wipe Out/Pipeline/Hawaii Five-O/Walk Don't Run '64/Bulldog/Secret Agent Man/Whittier Blvd/
Telstar/Surfin' And Spyin/Perfidia. 
Private Collection Label
Live In Santa Cruz 1987 (CD)
Disc. 1: Tune Ups And Announcer Intro/Walk Don't Run/Talk/Telstar/Secret Agent Man/Tequila/La Bamba/Apache/Talk/Runaway/Green Onions/Talk And Band Intros/Blowin' In The Wind/ Don't Think Twice/Classical Jazz/Talk/Let's Go [false start]/Let's Go/Talk/Pipeline/Hawaii Five-O.
Disc. 2: [cuts in] Perfidia/Memphis/Slaughter On Tenth Avenue/The Outer Limits/Talk/Feel So Fine/Ghost Riders In The Sky/Talk/Walk Don't Run '64/Penetration/Honky Tonk/House Of The Rising Sun/Talk/Whittier Boulevard/Diamond Head/Pipeline/Tequila/Hawaii Five-O/Talk/Wipe Out/Thanks, Applause And Talk Before Encore/Stars On Guitars medley/Final Thanks, Announcer And Applause. 
(Mel Taylor) Sand Sea And Love - In Japan - 007 James Bond (CD) 
Magic Night/Lonesome Old Town/Secret Affair/Cherry Blossom Time/Love Happy/Sand, Sea & Love/Hachi No Mussashi Wa Shindanosa/Dare No Shirani/Wakere No Asa/Yoake No Yume/
Aisuru Wa Hitori/Manatsu No Arashi/Wild Dream/Lonely River/Night Lights/Soft Wind/
Summer Rain & You've Gone/House Of Tommorrow/Hoshi Wa Nademoshitte Iru/
Nangokutosa O Athonishite/Yoake No Uta (Ode To Dawn)/Sayonara No Dance No Atoni/
Youraku Cho De Aimasho/Kawa Wa Nagareru.  Bonus Tracks:  Diamond Are Forever/Morning Glory/Dr. No
(The James Bond Theme)/More Than Anything/Dr. Yes (Another Dawn)(Pearl Diver)/Look Of Love (Casino Royale)/
You Only Live Twice. Private Collection Label
(Nokie Edwards) Again! - Both Sides Of Nokie (CD) 
Love Chase/Stormy Nights/Tabi Dachi No Uta/ I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing/Sapporo Summer/Blue Pearl/Love Theme From "The Godfather"/Endless Journey/Futari Wa Wakakatta/
Night Runner/Summer Affair/House Of The Rising Sun/Salt Creek/I Got A Woman/Phoenix/
Alabama Jubilee/Please Mister Please/Orange Blossom Special/Joy/Classical Gas/Lucille/
What I Want To Tell You/El Bimbo/Dance With Me. Bonus Tracks: Burger & Noodle
(Kayama Yuzo & Nokie Edwards). Private Collection Label
(Nokie Edwards) Guitar Band Classics & Guitars Over Texas. Vol 2 (CD) 
Apache/Driving Guitars/Greensleeves/Hawaii Five-O/Jingle Bell Reprise/Nutcracker Theme/
O Come All Ye Faithful/Out Of Limits/Sleep Walk/Tequila/Caravan/Jingle Bells/Merry Gentlemen/
Pipeline/Secret Agent Man/Slaughter on 10th Avenue/Tell It On The Mountain/Telstar/
Walk Don't Run/Wipe-Out . Private Collection Label
(Nokie Edwards) Hall Of Fame Salute (CD) 
Apache/Caravan/Georgia On My Mind/Girl From Ipanema/Hawaii Five-O/House Of The Rising Sun/More/Out Of Limits/Pipeline/Secret Agent Man/Shadow Of Your Smile/Sleep Walk/Tequila/
Telstar/Walk Don't Run/Wipe Out. Private Collection Label
(Nokie Edwards) King Of Guitars - Beloved Old Hits (CD) 
Tie A Yellow Ribbon (Around The Old Oak Tree)/The Way Back Home/Ben/Long Train Runnin'/
Out Of The Question/Easy Livin'/Get Down/Sing/Blues Memories/Black Night/Highway Star/
Hearts Of Stone/Mona Lisa/Heartbreak Hotel/Too Young/Rock Around The Clock/Tennessee Waltz/Jailhouse Rock/Great Balls Of Fire/Love Letters In The Sand/Long Tall Sally/Diana/
Be Bop A Lula/Love Me Tender.  Bonus Tracks:  Walk Don't Run '91/Brazil/Greensleeves/
Ode To Joy. Private Collection Label
(Nokie Edwards) Nokie! Plus (CD) 
Theme From Love Story/Indian Reservation (The Laments Of The Cherokee)/El Condor Pasa/
I Dream Of Naomi/You've Got A Friend/Love Her Madly/Tora,Tora,Tora!/Help Me Make It Trough The Night/Bride Over Trouble Water/My Sweet Lord/Pround Mary/You Don't Have To Say You Love Me/Land Of A 1000 Dances (1970)/Muddy Mississippi Line/Sunny River (feat. Marksmen)/
Peace Pipe (feat. Marksmen)/Night Run (feat. Marksmen)/Scratch (feat. Marksmen)/Ode To Joy/
The Great Speckled Bird/America The Beautiful/America (My Country 'Tis Of Thee)/Precious Memories/O Mighty God/Misty/The Twist (reprise)/Jesus Joy. Private Collection Label
(Orange Sisters With The Ventures) Farewell Party (CD) 
My Lovely Boy/Hot Rod City [Feat: The Ventures]/Hot Rod City/Artificial Angel [Feat: The Ventures]/
Golden Memories [Feat: The Ventures]/Have A Dry Martini [Feat: The Ventures]/Farewell Party
[Feat: The Ventures]/Tears & Lipstick/A Letter From America/Holiday/Summer Holiday/Lonely Afternoon [Feat: The Ventures]/Season For Lovers/Memories Of Love [The Ventures]/Memories Of Love [Tomoko Kashima]/Route 66 [Jazz Version]/Route 66 [Rock Version].
Private Collection
Unissued On CDs
On Stage - Live in Japan (CD)
Disc. 1: Prologue - Born To Be Wild/La Bamba/Blue Chateau/Telstar/Fugitive/Sentimental Guitar/Pied Piper/Medley: Kyoto Doll-Paint It Black/Carpenter's Medley: I Won't Last A Day Without You-(They Long To Be) Close To You-Superstar/Alone Again Today/Medley: If -You Are The Sunshine Of My Life/Long Train Runnin'/Manchurian Beat/The Ventures Medley:Walk Don't Run-Perfidia-Lullaby Of The Leaves/Japanese Hit Song Medley:Stranger In Mi-Do-O-Su-Ji-Reflections In Palace Lake-Ginza Lights/Wipe Out .
Disc. 2: Slaughter On 10th Avenue/When You Walk In The Room/Classical Gas/Diamond Head/Apache/
House Of The Rising Sun/Jambalaya/Samovar/Band On The Run/Intro. To Leisha/Morning Glow/If You Go  
Away/Intro. To The Ventures/Pipeline/Caravan.Private Collection Label
Unissued On CDs
On Stage '74 Vol.1 (CD) TOCP-7826
Prologue-Born To Be Wild/La Bamba/Blue Chateau/Telstar/Fugitive/Sentimental Guitar/Pied Piper/Medley Kyoto Doll-Paint It Black/Carpenters Medley: I Won't Last A Day Without You - (They Long To Be) Close To You - Superstar/0.Alone Again Today/Medley: If - You Are The Sunshine Of My Life/Long Train Runnin'/Manchurian Beat/The Ventures Medley: Walk Don't Run - Perfidia - Lullaby Of The Leaves/Medley_ Stranger In Mi-Do-O-Su-JiI - Reflections In A Palace Lake - Ginza Lights/Wipe Out. Private Collection Label
On Stage '74 Vol.2 (CD) TOCP-7827
Slaughter On 10th Avenue/When You Walk In The Room/Classical Gas/Diamond Head/Apache/House Of The Rising Sun/Jambalaya/Samovar/Band On The Run/Intro. To Leisha/Morning Glow/If You Go Away/Intro. To The Ventures/Pipeline/Caravan. 
Private Collection Label
On Stage '75 Vol.1 (CD) TOCP-7828
Prologue-Fire/The Cruel Sea/Blue Star/Bulldog/Goodbye Rock'N'Roll/Aquarius - Let The Sunshine In/Lady Marmalade/Feelings/Imagination/The Ventures Medley Walk Don't Run - Perfidia - Lullaby Of The Leaves/Secret Agent Man/Hawaii Five-O/Keep Japan Beautiful/I Got A Woman/Yesterday/Wipe Out. 
Private Collection Label
On Stage '75 Vol.2 (CD) TOCP-7829
Slaughter On 10th Avenue/Diamond Head/Medley Stranger In Midoosuji - Reflection In A Palace Lake - Ginza Lights/Kimito Itsu Made Mo/I've Got The Music In Me/Manchurian Beat/The House Of The Rising Sun/Apache/Pipeline/Caravan. 
Private Collection Label
On Stage '73 Vol.2 (CD) TOCP-7152
Manchurian Beat/Stranger In Midoosuji (Now Good-Bye)/Kyoto Doll (Streets Of The City)/
Apache/Slaughter on 10th Avenue/House Of The Rising Sun/Driving Guitars/Pipeline/Wipe Out/
Caravan/Caravan (On Stage '74) [Bonus Track]/Caravan (On Stage '75) [Bonus Track]/Caravan (On Stage '76) [Bonus Track]. 
Private Collection Label
On Stages 1978 (CD)
Disc. 1: Cruel Sea/Let's Go/Walk Don't Run Medley/Lucille/Blue Sunset/Japanese Medley/Telstar/
Manchurian Beat/Driving Guitars/Alabama Jubilee/And I Love Her/Wipeout.
Disc. 2: Surf Rider/Slaughter On 10th Avenue/Surfin' USA '78/Black Sand Beach/Kyoto Doll/Paint It Black/
Walk Don't Run '64/Hawaii Five-0/Diamond Head/House Of The Rising Sun/Apache/Pipeline/Caravan.
Private Collection Label
Unissued On CDs
On Stage 79 (CD) 
Disc. 1: Intro/Driving Guitars/Bob MC/Perfidia/Bumble Bee Twist/Bulldog/La Bamba/Don MC/Kimi To Itsumademo/Besame Mucho/California Dreamin/Mel MC/Stranger In Midosuji/Kyoto Bojo/Ventures Introduction/Kyoto Doll/Don MC/Movin/Bob MC/Feel So Fine/Don MC/Manchurian Beat/Last Space Train/
Journey To The Stars/Bob MC/The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise/Wakare No Asa/Wipe Out.
Disc. 2: Slaughter On 10th Avenue/Mel MC/Black Sand Beach/The Cruel Sea/Walk Don't Run '64/
Telstar/Diamond Head/Don MC/House Of The Rising Sun/Apache/Pipeline/Don MC/Caravan. 
Private Collection Records
Pops In Japan '73 (CD) TOCP-7147
Gakuseigai No Kissaten/Between Stage/Wait For Me/Seto-No-Hanayome/Prima Vera/Dreams Of Yesterday/Tadoritsuitara-Itsumo-Amefuri/A Night Of Our Trip/Don't Leave Me/I Want You Love Me Tonight/Sapporo Summer/Oriental Love Song/Summer Affair/Oh, My Love/Squaw Man/Prima Vera/Samover/Keep Japan Beautiful/Suzukake-No-Michi/Sunflower '76/Beautiful Sunday. 
Private Collection Label
Pop In Japan '81 - Rares 80-82 (CD) 
Dancin' All Night/Miserarete/Sneaker Blues/Junko/Nemurenu Yoru/Midnight Tonight/Twilight/
Music Box Dancer/Aoi Sangosho/Sexy Night/Ihojin/Until The End/Vicar (Bonus)/St Louis Memory (Vocal: Don Wilson)/Movin'/Le Dernier Train De L'Espance/The Cruel Sea (Version '80)/California Dreamin' (Version '80)/Secret Agent Man (Version '82)/Bumble Bee (Version '82)/Rock Nuts
(Version '82)/2000 Pound Bee (Version '82)/Wonderful Land/Sun And Moon/Dance On. 
Private Collection Label
Unissued On CDs
Stars On Guitars - Star Single - Other Remix (CD) 
Surfin' & Spyin'/Ride On Try/Stars On Guitars Medley: Walk Don't Run-Apache-Out Of Limits Let's Go-Pipeline-Wipe Out-Perfidia-Secret Agent Man-Hawaii Five O-Walk Don't Run/
2,000 Pound Bee (Version 1982)/Blue Dawn/Spindrift/Stompers/Somewhere Over The Rainbow/
Ventures 25 Medley: Wipe Out-Walk Don't Run-Pipeline-Hawaii Five 0/Out Of Limits (Dance Mix)/
Telstar (Radio Mix)/Telstar (Dance Mix)/Out Of Limits (Radio Mix)/Out Of Limits (Remix 1984)/
Also Sprach Zaratustra (Version 1984. Remix 2000)/Journey To The Stars (Version 1984, Remix 2000)/Out Of Limits (Vocal: Don Wilson). Private Collection Label
Super Live '80 (CD)
Disc. 1: Hawaii Five-O/Walk Don't Run/Classical Gas/Japanese Medley/Ghost Riders In The Sky/Cruel Sea/Manchurian Beat/House Of The Rising Sun/Apache/Nokie's Acoustic Medley/Pipeline/Wipe Out.
Disc. 2: Gold Finger/Theme From "No Smoking"/Washington Square/Mushuku/Ginza Ska/Runaway/Surfin' U.S.S.R./Sutekina Flamingo/ Pike/Slaughter On Tenth Avenue/Telstar/Diamond Head/Caravan. 
Private Collection Label
Unissued On CDs
The Ventures Rare Live (1962-1969) (CD) 
Live In Portland, Oregon (1962) :Introduction (Lolita Ya Ya)/Walk Don't Run/Detour/
Runaway (Vocal: Don Wilson)/Road Runner/Josie/The Lonely One°/Bumble Bee Twist/Night Train.
Japan Tour (May 1962) : Walk Don't Run/Runaway (Vocal: Don Wilson)/Yellow Bird/
Présentation/Hats Off Larry (Vocal: Don Wilson)/Real Mc Coy (Vocal: Don Wilson)/Final.
Rare Live 1965 : Feel So Fine (Vocal: Don Wilson)/Caravan (Rare version).
Rare Live 1968 : Yesterday-Flint Hill/Born Free (Vocal: Don Wilson).
The Trini Lopez Show (1969) : Twenty-Five Miles**/Hawaii Five-O/Light My Fire*/Land Of A 1000 Dances**/
La Golondria (closing)*. (° unpublished/ * with Trini Lopez/** with Trini Lopez and Nancy Ames)  
Private Collection Label
Nokie Edwards Walk Don't Run '89 (CD) 
Walk Don't Run '91/Brazil/Greensleaves/Ode To Joy/Walk Don't Run/Telstar/Pipeline/
Apache/Hawaii Five-O/Walk Don't Run '89/Wipe Out/Ginza Lights/Reflection In A Palace Lake/
Pipeline. Private Collection Label
Your Navy Presents (CD) 
Walk Don't Run/Bulldog/Caravan/Wipeout/Apache/Pipeline/Slaughter On 10th Avenue/
A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You/Secret Agent Man/Out Of Limits/Memphis/Wully Bully/La Bamba/
House Of The Rising Sun/Bumble Bee. 
Private Collection Label
Unissued On CDs
Yuya Uchida Meets The Ventures Hollywood (CD) 
Lucille/Ready Teddy/When The Saints Go Marching In/Diana/Dance All Night/Lonesome Town/
Goodbye Rock 'N' Roll/Hound Dog/Rip It Up/Johnny B. Goode/Linda Lu/The Ventures' Song. John Durrill Black Friday/Shadow Of Pekin/Love Knot Machine/Summer Of '42
Nokie Edwards Land Of A 1000 Dances/Muddy Mississippi Line/Peace Pipe/I Got A Woman/
Yesterday/If/El Bimbo.  Private Collection Label
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