Mel Taylor Memorial Album (CD) TOCP-50221
Made In Japan Walk Don't Run-Perfidia-Lullaby Of The Leaves (Live 90)/
Gandy Dancer/Let There Be Drums/The Ninth Wave/Cruncher/Wild Night/
Wabash Cannonball/The Savage/The Creeper/A Go-Go Dancer/
Whittier Boulevard/Zocko!/Wild Trip/Wack Wack/Paper Airplane/
Flights Of Fantasy/Summertime Blues/Beethoven Five-Oh/Hawaii Five-0
(Live '93)/Wipeout (Live '65)/Caravan (Live '65). EMI Records
Mel Taylor & The Magics In Action (CD) WPCR-936
Made In Japan Drums A Go Go/From Russia With love/The In Crowd/
Bullseye/Bongo Rock/Skokiaan/Watermelon Man/Harlem Nocturne/
A Taste Of Honey/The Creeper/No Exit/Cherry Pink & Apple Blossom White. 
Bonus Track: Young Man Old Man/I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm/
Bang Bang Rhythm/Spanish Armada. Warner Music Records
Live In Japan '73 (CD) BNCY-29
Made In Japan Born To Be Wild/I Can See Clearly Now/Classical Gas/
Light My Fire/Aquarius-Let The Sunshine In/Killing Me Softly/Telstar/
Rock & Roll Music/Wipeout/Gimme Some Lovin'/You're So Vain/
Long Train Running/House Of The Rising Sun/Daniel/Kyoto Doll-Midosuji/Slaughter On 10th Avenue/Magic Night-Bondolero/Caravan/
Nagasaki Memories-Reflections In A Palace Lake/Roll Over Beethoven. 
Bandai Music Records
Japan (CD) VICTOR BNCY-29. Label  2000. 
Roll Over Beethoven (CD) MYCV-30048
Made In Japan Long Train Runnin'/Daniel/Dueling Drums/It Never
Rains In Southern California/Three Three And Nine Times/Killing Me Softly/You're So Vain/Reeling The Years/Forever And A Day/
Tie A Yellow Ribbon/Sky-Ride/Roll Over Beethoven. M&I Records
The Very Best Of Mel Taylor (CD) MYCV-30141
Made In Japan Reeling In The Years/House Of Tomorrow/Hachino Musahi
Was Shindanosa/Love Happy/Manatsu No Arashi/Magic Night/
Sayonara Wa Dansu No Atoni/Lonely River/Night Lights/Yoake No Uta/
Secret Affair/Yoake No Yume/Sand, Sea, & Love/Wild Dream/
You're So Vain/Roll Over Beethoven/Goldfinger/Bond Street/
Look Of Love/Bondolero/From Russia With Love/You Only Live Twice/
Thunderball. M&I Records

Friends From A Distance (CD) ALCB-550
Made In Japan Long Road/Sitting In Limbo/Friends From A Distance/After Midnight/
Cajun Melodies/Ramblin' (Instrumental)/Reconciliation/Our Love Is Good/Sweet Sweet Surrender/My Feet Don't Fail Me Now/Sweet Dreams (Instrumental)/That's the Place. 
Alfa Records
Born In Louisiana (CD) BNCY-28
Made In Japan Born In Louisiana/Mean Old Frisco/I Got Ramblin' On My Mind/House Of The Rising Sun/Crazy About You Baby/I Want To Go Tokyo/
My Babe Is Good To Me/Sad Situation/Chalk It Up/Big Mamou/
Come On In My Kitchen/No Parking Zone. Bandai Music Records
Let's Swamp Tour - Live In Japan 2011 (CD) VSCD - 3396
Made In Japan Kern County Line/Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues/Ramblin' On Mind/
Born In Louisiana/Arter Midnight/Milk Cow Blues/Franny/Put A Little Love In My Soul/
Speak Your Mind/Back Down Home/Good Times/Hey There Senorita/Second Story Wind/
Chasin' Rainbows/Lost In Austin/Don't Let The Sun Go Down/Last Train To Clarksville/
Southern Woman/Good Year. 
Vivid Records
My Guitar Memories (CD) MYCV-30140
Made In Japan Blues De Texas (Introduction)/Things That I Used To Do/
You Win Again/Elvis Medley: Mystery Train-That's Alright Mamma/
Wildwood Flower/Shina No Yoru/Last Train To Clarksville/Evergreen/
In My Life/Stormy Monday Blues/You're So Vain/I Believe What You Say/
Movin' On. M&I Records

The 5th Venture (CD) MYCV-30335 [ERCD-0310]
Made In Japan Issa's Treasure/Rachel/Catalina Sun/Nightbird/Hop Scotch/
St. James Infirmary/Mark Don't Run/Diamond Head/Rainbow Girl/Tsunami/
When You Wish Upon A Star/Edge of Forever/Bananaz/Stormy Weather/
Gray Shadows/The Jaguar/Spider's Web/Movin' & Groovin'/Casa Blanco/
Third Man Theme/Red Sunset. M&I Records
The 5th Venture (U.S. Release) (CD) 837101328005
Made In USA Blue Dawn/Walk Don't Run/Stormy Weather/Moovin' & Groovin'/Rachel/Red Sunset/St. James Infirmary/The Jaguar/Diamond Head/
Catalina Magic (Catalina Sun)/Long Boards (Tsunami)/Gray Shadows (Night Bird)/Hop Scotch/Premonition/When You Wish Upon A Star/Opus for Guitar In
A Minor (Y.B. Normal). BigDog/LittleDog Music Records

Bob Bogle Memorial Album (CD) TOCP-71095
Made In Japan Walk Don't Run/Pafidia/Lullaby Of The Leaves/Blue Moon/
Home/Night Train/Caravan/Sleep Walk/Lonesome Town/Yellow Bird/
Moon Dawg/Counterpoint/Lolita Ya Ya/Sukiyaki/One Fine Day/Joy/Mizaru/
Beethoven Five O/Hurricane/Eye Of The Tiger/The Magnificent Seven. 
EMI Toshiba Records
 13rd July 2011. 
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