Amapola (MC) 510519.6
Made In Germany
A: Amapola/Telstar/Scotland The Brave/Harmour Love/Colours/Classical Gas .
B: Verde/The Great Snowman/Hey, Good Lookin'/Dardanella/Hello Mary Lou. Miller Label
Amapola (MC) 3196 301
Made In Germany
A: Amapola/Johnny Guitar/Bye Bye Birdie/High Flyin' Scotsman/Happy Guitar.
B: Moon Shot/Cap Kennedy/I'll Remember You/Big Jump/Last Date. Karussell Label
The Spotnicks Ausgewählte Goldstücke (MC) 3476 001
Made In Germany
A: Telstar/Space Walk/Big Jump/High Flyin' Scotsman/Walking Back To Happiness/Bye Bye Birdie.
B: Amapola/Orange Blossom Special/Pony Express/If I Were A Carpenter/West Virginia/
Don't Think Twice It's Allright . Karussell Label
Feelings (MC) 3194 328
Made In Germany
A: Feelings/Exodus/West-Virginia/Requiem Für Eine Liebe/Disco Freak/Nobert.
B: O Coco/New Tokaido Line/Helemers Brauerei/Goodbye Boogie Guitar/Yaksoba/13 Questions. Polydor Label
Happy Guitar (MC) 3236 639
Made In Germany
A: If You Could Read My Mind/The Old Spinning Wheel/Israeli Dance/Orange Blossom Special/Maybe/If I Were A Carpenter/Speak Softly Love/Theme From "For A Few Dollars More"/Johnny Guitar/Bilitis.
B: Amapola/El Lute/Petite Fleur/Happy Guitar/Freight Train/Feelings/
You've Got Your Troubles/Indigo/Telstar/Last Date. Polydor Label
Happy Guitar Space- Sound of 16 Hits (MC) 700.027
Made In Switzerland
A: Happy Guitar/Love Is Blue/Amazing Grace/Misty/Blue Baby/The Entertainer/
Love Me Tender/Vuffeli-Vov .
B: Another You/A Handful Of Songs/Nikita/Greensleeves/One Way Ticket/It's Over/
Way Down Yonder In New Orleans/Albatross . VIRO Label
Highway Boogie (MC) MIC 5028
Made In Sweden
B: XXXXXXXXXXXX. Mill Records Label
In Winterland (MC) 3199 138
Made In Germany
A: Sleigh Ride/Winter Wonderland/Here Comes Santa Claus/Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers/
Frosty The Snowman/Silent Night.
B: White Cristmas/Jingle Bells/Winterland/Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer/I Saw Mama
Kissing Santa Claus/Auld Lang Syne. Polydor Label
Meet The Spotnicks (MC) 3192 366
Made In Germany
A: Le Dernier Train De L'espace/Endless Walk/Happy Hendrik's Polka/Joey's Song/My Old Kentucky Home/Western Guitar/I'm Going Home (To See My Baby) .
B: My Bonnie/Happy Guitar/Dark Eyes/Just Listen To My Heart/Tambone/Johnny Guitar/
Pony Express. Polydor Label
Never Trust Robots (MC) 3001
Made In France
A: Never Trust Robots/Amazing Stories/Close Discussions Of The Hird Kind/
A World Of Spotnicks.
B: Ultimate Planet/THX 31250/Six Strange World/You're Never Alone. President Label
Pop Giants Vol. 8 (MC) 3197 106
Made In Germany
A: Walk Right In/Habanera/Diamond/I'll Remember You/Hava Nagila/Green Eyes.
B: Bye, Bye Birdie/Last Date/Everybody's Talkin/Walking Back To Happiness/In The Mood/
Ku'damm Promenade. Karussell Label
Saturday Night Music (MC) MIK 1304
Made In Sweden
A: Hoots Moon/Kansas City/Take Me To The Mardi Gras/Det Söta Lilla Fönstret/Cado Queen/Blowing In The Wind/Pharmacy Street.
B: Det Satt Så Skönt/You/ve Got Your Troubles/Nadjas Theme/Saturday Night Shuffle/Jambalaya/Regntunga Skyar/Clap For The Wolfman. Mariann Label
Spotnicks Best (MC) 3197014
Made In Germany
A: Moonshot/Cape Kennedy/Happy Guitar/Johnny Guitar/Walking Back To Happiness/Last Date.
B: Bye Bye Birdie/Amapola/I Remember You/Space Walk/Big Jump/Highflying Scotman. 
Karussell Label
Stars & Schlager (MC) 839 692-4
Made In West Germany
A: Amapola/Karelia/Johnny Guitar/How Can You Leave Me Like That/Recado/Bye Bye Birdie.
B: If You Could Read My Mind/I'm Comming Home/Moonshot/Cape Kennedy/Green Eyes/Happy Guitar. Karrusel Label
Spotlight On The Spotnicks (MC) JTU K 7 11
Made In Germany
A: Spotnick Theme/Orange Blossom Special/Rocket Man/Galloping Guitars/
Ghost Riders In The Sky.
B: Old Spinning Wheel/O'l Man River/Endless Walk/Home On The Range/Swing Low Sweet Chariot. Polydor Label
The Atomic Spotnicks (MC) 3201 110
Made In Holland
A: Ghost Riders In The Sky/Norwegian Wood/Space Party/Last Date/The Rocket Man/
Space Ship/Rendez-Vous.
B: Spotnicks Theme/Drina/Space Walk/You Ain't Goin' Nowhere/Space Creature/Mexican Whistler. Polydor Label
The Spotnicks (MC) 3196 308
Made In Germany
A: Telstar/Don't Think Twice It's Allright/Walking Back To Happiness/West Virginia/Orange Blossom Special.
B: Speak Softly Love/Space Walk/Pony Express/If I Were A Carpenter/Israeli Dance . 
Karussell Label
The Spotnicks (MC) 3199 077
Made In Germany
A: If You Could Read My Mind/Ampola/Johnny Guitar/Nava Nagila/Orange Blossom Special/
Green Eyes.
B: Walk Right In/Mexican Whistler/Speak Softly Love/If I Were A Carpenter/In The Mood/
Kudamm Promenade. Polydor Label
The Best Of The Spotniks (MC) 914 566
Made In Germany
A: Moonshot/How Can You Leave Me Like THat/Recado/Cape Kennedy/Green EyesIn The Mood.
B: Amapola/I'm Coming Home/Karelia/Havah NagilaJohnny Guitar/Happy Guitar. Polydor Label
The Best Of The Spotnicks (MC) 3128 302
Made In Germany
A: Amapola/I'm Coming Home/Karelia/Havah Nagila/Johnny Guitar/Happy Guitar.
B: Moonshot/How Can You Leave Me Like That/Recado/Cape Kennedy/Green Eyes/
In The Mood. Polydor Label
© Copyright: 2000 - Ulla Sorensen