Simply Shadows (MC) SHADC 1
Made In United Kingdom
A:  I Knew You Were Waiting For Me/We Don't Need Another Hero/
Walking In The Air/Careless Whisper/Don't Give Up/I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues/A Heart Will Break Tonight/The Lady In Red.
B: Pulaski/Take My Breath Away/The Music Of The Night/Themes From Eastenders And Howards Way/I Want To Know What Love Is/The Skye Boat Song/Jealous Guy/Chain Reaction Polydor Label
 October 1987. 
Silver (MC) TEL 22
Made In United Kingdom
A: Going Home/Memory/Just The Way You Are/Up Where We Belong/
The Third Man/You Don't Have To Say You Love Me/Equinoxe Part V/
Shadoogie/Queen Of Hearts/Walk Don't Run/Hats Off To Wally/
Diamonds/Time Is Tight.
B: Theme From The Deer Hunter/Mozart Forte/Chi Mai/Classical Gas/
Chariots Of Fire/Don't Cry For Me Argentina/Albatross/One Day I'll Fly Away/Africa/A Whiter Shade Of Pale/If You Leave Me Now/Imagine-Woman. Telly Disc Label
Steppin To The Shadows (MC) SHADC30
Made In United Kingdom
A: You Win Again/I Wanna Dance With Somebody/He Ain't Heavy He's My Brother/Candle In The Wind/Farewell My Lonely/Mountains Of The Moon/Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You/Heaven Is A Place On Earth.
B: When The Going Gets Tough/Alone/All I Ask Of You/Stack-It/Shoba/You Keep Me Hangin' On/Some People/One Moment Iin Time. Poly Gram Label

(MC) 520802
String Of Hits (MC) 8188
Made In xxx
A: Riders In The Sky/Parisienne Walk Ways/Classical Gas/Theme From The Deer Hunter/Bridge Over Troubled Water/You're The One That I Want/Apache/Guitar Tango.
B: Heart Of Glass/Don't Cry For Me Argentina/Song For Duke/Bright Eyes/Rodrigos Guitar Concerto De Aranjuez/Baker Street/The Rise & Fall Of Flingel Bunt/FBI. EMI Label

(MC) 4157244
(MC) P-2560
Specs Appeal (MC) TC-EMC 3066
Made In Denmark
A: God Only Knows/Cool Clear Air/Colorado Songbird/Rose, Rose/Don't Throw It All Away/
Stand Up Like A Man .
B: This House Runs On Sunshine/Honourable Puff Puff/Let Me Be The One/No No Nina/
Spider Juice/Like Strangers. EMI Label
Tasty (MC) TC-EMC 3195
Made In United Kingdom
A: Cricket Bat Boogie/Return To The Alamo/Goodbye Yellow Brick Road/
Another Night/Honky Tonk Woman/Montezumas Revenge.
B: Walk Don't Run/Superstar/Bermuda Triangle/The Most Beautiful Girl/
Creole Nights. EMI Label
The Best Of Hank Marvin & The Shadows (MC) 523 821-4
Made In Netherland
A: Another Day In Paradise/Every Breath You Take/Jessica/The Rise &
Fall Of Flingel Bunt/Atlantis/I Will Always Love You/Foot Tapper/Cavatina/
Heartbeat/Everything I Do I Do It For You/ Riders In The Sky 90/Dance On.
B: Hot Rox/Sylvia/Moonlight Shadows/Apache/Mrs. Robinson/Walking In
The Air/The Lady In Red/Don't Cry For Me Argentina/Guitar Tango/
Wonderful Land/Kon-Tiki/FBI. PolyGram Label
The Best Of The Shadows (MC) TCMFPE 6192
A: FBI/Kon-Tiki/Guitar Tango/Wonderful Land/Atlantis/The Savage/The Frightened City/
The Lost City/A Little Bitty Tear/Brazil.
B: Apache/The Rise & Fall Of Flingel Bunt/Don't Make My Baby Blue/Chattanooga Choo Choo/
In The Mood/The Lonely Bull/Dakota/Don't It Make You Feel Good/Zambesi/Temptation. 
MFP Label
The Best Of The Shadows (MC) T 7119
A: Apache/Theme For Young Lovers/Dance On/Midnight/The Frightende City/Peace Pipe/
Wonderful Land/Stars Fell On Stockton/Round And Round/The Boys/The Savage/Man Of Mystery/
B: 36-24-36/Guitar Tango/FBI/The Miracle/Geronimo/Shazam/The Rise And Fall Of Flinger Bunt/
It's A Man's World/Foot Tapper/The Stranger/Genie With The Light Brown Lamp/The Breeze & I/
The Best Of The Shadows (MC) T 7120
A: Kon-Tiki/Atlantis/Zambesi/Cosy/Shadoogie/Blue Star/Perfidia/Nivram/Chattanooga Choo Choo/Wahine/Stingray/Gonzales.
B: Friday On My Mind/Stardust/Snap, Crackle & How's Your Dad/Spring Is Nearly Here/
The Takaido Line/Tonight (From "West Side Story")/Brazil/The Breeze & I/Sleepwalk/Dakota/
The High And The Mighty/In The Mood. 
The EP Collection (MC) SEEK 246
Made In United Kingdom
A: Perfidia/36-24-36/All Day/Grandfathers Clock/Lady Penelope/Zero X Theme/Thunderbirds Theme/Finders Keepers-My Way- Fiesta-Paella/
B: Shotgun/Las Tres Carabelas/Adios Muchachos/Valencia/Granada/Tonight/
Fandango/Little Princess/Gonzales/Jet Black(Live)/Driftin(Live). 
See For Miles Records Label
The EP Collection Volum Two (MC) SEEK296
Made In United Kingdom
A: Omoide No Nagisa/Gin Iro No Michi/Londonderry Air/Kimi To Itsumademo/Theme From The Boys/The Boys/Foot Tapper (Album Version)/
Round & Round/Les Girls/Friends.
B: Shazam/Guitar Boogie/Sleepwalk/FBI/Bongo Blues/Ranka Chank/
The Flyder & The Spy/Autumn/Chinchilla/Walkin. 
See For Miles Label
The History Of Rock Volume Five (MC) HRC 005
A: Cliff Richard: Move It/High Class Baby/Mean Streak/Living Doll/Travellin' Light/Dynamite/
The Young Ones/Lucky Lips/The Minute You're Gone/Blue Turns To Grey. The Shadows: Apache/The Rise & Fall Of Flingel Bunt/FBI/The Frightened City/Genie With The Light Brown Lamp/Wonderful Land/Foot Tapper/Dance On/Diamonds/Scarlett O'Hara.
B: Adam Faith: What Do You Want/Poor Me/Someone Else's Baby/Made You/How About That/
This Is It/Who Am I?/Big Time/The First Time/We Are In Love. Billy Fury: Halfway To Paradise/
Collette/A Thousand Stars/Jealousy/I'd Never Find Another You/Last Night Was Made For Love/ Once Upon A Dream/Like I've Never Been Gone/When Will You Say I Love You/In Thoughts Of You. EMI Label
The Original Chart Hits 1960 - 1980 (MC) TC-EM1354
Made In United Kingdom
A: Apache/Man Of Mystery/The Stranger/FBI/Midnight/The Frightened City/
Kon-Tiki/The Savage/Peace Pipe/Shadoogie.
B: Wonderful Land/Sleepwalk/Guitar Tango/The Boys/Dance On/
Foot Tapper/Atlantis/Shindig/Geronimo/Theme For Young Lovers. 
EMI Label
The Original Chart Hits 1960 - 1980 (MC) TC-EM1354
Made In United Kingdom
A: The Rise & Fall Of Flingel Bunt/Rhythm & Greens/Genie With The Light Brown Lamp/Mary-Anne/Stingray/Don't Make My Baby Blue/The Warlord/
I Met A Girl/A Place In The Sun/The Dreams I Dream.
B: Maroc 7/Bombay Duck/Tomorrow's Cancelled/Dear Old Mrs. Bell/
Slaughter On 10th Avenue/Turn Around And Touch Me/Let Me Be The One/
Don't Cry For Me Argentina/Theme From The Deer Hunter/Riders In The Sky. 
EMI Label
The Most Of The Shadows (MC) 4380134
Made In Australia
A: Apache/Kon-Tiki/Wonderful Land/Stars Fell On Stockton/The Savage/Guitar Tango/The Boys/Dance On/Foot Tapper/ Atlantis.
B: Shindig/Geronimo/The Rise And Fall Of Flingel Bunt/Rhythm And Greens/Theme For Young Lovers/Stingray/Don't Make My Baby Blue/Genie With The Light Brown Lamp/Warlord/Sacha - Hank Marvin.. EMI Label
The Shadows (MC) 2 C266 05278
Made In France
A: Apache/Kon-Tiki/Nivram/Shadoogie/Shazam/Driftion/Geronimo.
B: FBI/Perfidia/Little B/Jet Black/Guitars Tango/Frightened City/Quartermaster's Store. EMI Label
The Shadows 84 (MC) T 7050
Made In Indonesia
A: Africa/Memory/Up Where We Belong/You Don't Have To Say You
Love Me/The Modern Way/Time Is Tight/Going Home (Theme From
"Local Hero").
B: Raunchy/Theme From "Missing"/Cat 'N' Mouse/Chariots Of Fire/
Diamonds/Liverpool Days/Queen Of Hearts/A Whiter Shade Of Pale. 
EMI Label
The Shadows As Was! (MC) TC2-EXE 1007
Made In United Kingdom
A: The Rumble/The Bandit/Cosy/1861/Perfidia/Little B/Bo Diddley/
South Of The Border/Spring Is Nearly Here/Are The All Like You/Tales
Of A Raggy Tramline/Some Are Lonely/Kinda Cool.
B: Shadoogie/Blue Star/Theme From A Filleted Place/Baby My Heart/
See You In My Drums/All My Sorrows/Stand Up And Say That!/Gonzales/
Find Me A Golden Street/Nivram/That's My Desire/My Resistance Is Low/
Sleepwalk/Big Boy. EMI Label
The Shadows Collection 1 (MC) RDC 91981
A: Apache/Foot Tapper/F.B.I./The Frightened City/Geronimo/Kon Tiki/Man Of Mystery/Wonderful Land/The Savage/Guitar Tango/Dance On/Atlantis/Shindig/The Rise And Fall Of Flingle Bunt/
Don't Make My Baby Blue/Geni With The Light Brown Lamp/Let Me Be The One/Riders In The Sky.
B: Misty/Tonight (From West Side Story)/Stardust/In The Mood/Temptation/Perfidia/Maria Elena/
Deep Purple/Brazil/Chattanooga Choo Choo/The Lonely Bull/South Of The Border/Fly Me To The Moon (In Other Words)/A Little Bitty Tear/Trains And Boats And Planes/God Only Knows/ Nights In White Satin. Readers Digest Club
The Shadows Collection 2 (MC) RDC 91982
A: Baker Street/Superstar/San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Some Flowers In Your Hair)/Semi-Detached Suburban Mr James/Last Train To Clarksville/Winchester Cathedral/The Most Beautiful Girl/Friday On My Mind/The Letter/He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother/Candle In The Wind/
Something's Gotten Hold Of My Heart/Time Is Tight/Queen Of Hearts.
B: The Third Man/Chariots Of Fire/High Noon/Midnight Cowboy/Medley: Themes From 'Eastenders' And 'Howards Way'/Chi Mai (Theme From The Life And Times Of Lloyd George)/
Going Home (Theme From 'Local Hero')/Medley: Pinball Wizard/See Me Feel Me From 'Tommy'/
Walking In The Air From 'The Snowman'/'The Deer Hunter' Theme (Cavatina)/Bright Eyes From 'Watership Down'/Up Where We Belong From 'An Officer And A Gentleman'/You're The One That
I Want From 'Grease'. Readers Digest Club
The Shadows Collection 3 (MC) RDC 91983
A: River Deep, Mountain High/Lucille/Honky Tonk Woman/Walk Don't Run/Bony Moronie/
Nut Rocker/Telstar/Diamonds/Black Is Black/What'd I Say/(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction/
Johnny B. Goode/Cathy's Clown/The Ole House/You Keep Me Hangin' On.
B:  A Whiter Shade Of Pale/You Don't Have To Say You Love Me/Good Vibrations/Paperback Writer/Get Back/Proud Mary/Medley: Imagine-Woman/Goodbye Yellow Brick Road/Bridge Over Troubled Water/Sailing/Hey Jude/Classical Gas. Readers Digest Club
The Shadows Collection 4 (MC) RDC 91984
A: Just The Way You Are/Let It Be Me/More Than I Can Say/One Day I'll Flay Away/We Don't
Talk Anymore/The Power Of Love/Three Times A Lady/Hello/Take My Breath Away/If You Leave Me Now/All I Ask Of You/Don't Cry For Me Argentina.
B: I Just Called To Say I Love You/Memory/Lady In Read/Careless Whisper/Equinox (Part V)/
Africa/Every Breath You Take/Heart Of Glass/Moonlight Shadow/The Winner Takes It All/
I Know Him So Well. Readers Digest Club
The Shadows Collection (MC) CN4 2104
Made In United Kingdom
A: Just The Way You Are/Turning Point/Midnight Creepin/The Shady Lady/
Thing Me Jig/Johnny Staccato/Stack It/If You Leave Me Now.
B: Equinoxe Part V/Change Of Address/ Fender Bender/Temptation/
The Fourth Man/Summer Love 59/Mozart Forte/Albatross. Pickwick Label
The Shadows Collection (MC) 280 7968544
Made In Spain
A: Apache/Nivram/Man Of Mystery/Midnight/FBI/The Stranger/The Savage.
B: Foot Tapper/Wonderful Land/Kon-Tiki/Sleep Walk/Shadoogie/Atlantis/
Dance On/Gonzales. EMI Label
The Shadows Collection (MC) 280 7968544
Made In Spain
A: Guitar Tango/Geronimo/South Of The Border/Shindig/The Breeze And I/
Quatermaster's Stores/Little B.
B: Las Tres Carabelas/Three Galleons/Chattanooga Choo Choo/
Don't Cry For Me Argentina/Perfidia/Riders In The Sky/Adios Muchachos. 
EMI Label
The Shadows Favourites (MC) TC-AX-260325
Made In Australia
A: The Boys/Don't Make My Baby Blue/36-24-36/Peace Pipe/The Warlord/
That's The Way It Goes/Scotch On The Socks/Somewhere.
B: Stars Fell On Stockton/I Met A Girl/Rhythm & Greens/Mary-Anne/Shazam/
My Way/Round And Round/Midnight. AXIS Label
The Shadows In The 60's (MC) TC-MFP 5873
Made In United Kingdom
A: Dance On/Foot Tapper/Guitar Tango/Man Of Mystery/The Stranger/
Midnight/36-24-36/Peace Pipe/Stars Fell On Stockton/The Boys.
B: Mary-Anne/Don't Make My Baby Blue/The Frightened City/The Savage/
Shindig/The Breeze & I/All Day/What A Lovely Tune/Bo Diddley/
Quatermaster's Stores. MFP Label
The Shadows Live (MC) TC-MFP 55035
Made In United Kingdom
A:  The Rise & Fall Of Flingel Bunt/Man Of Mystery/Lady Of The Morning/
Tiny Robin/Nivram/Honorable Puff-Puff/Sleepwalk/Apache.
B: Shadoogie/Guitar Tango/Marmaduke/Somewhere/Little B/Medley: Lucile-Rip It Up-Blue Suede Shoes.
MFP Label
The Shadows Live (MC) TC-MFP 55036
Made In United Kingdom
A:  Shazam/Dance On/Nivram/Apache/Exodus/Foot Tapper/A Little Bitty Tear/Putting On The Style.
B: Slaughter On 10th Avenue/Don't Make My Baby Blue/The Rise &
Fall Of Flingel Bunt/Somewhere/Little B/FBI.
MFP Label
The Shadows Live (MC) TC-MFP 1018
Made In United Kingdom
A:  The Rise & Fall Of Flingel Bunt/Man Of Mystery/Lady Of The Morning/
Tiny Robin/Nivram/Honorable Puff-Puff/Sleepwalk/Apache.
B: Shadoogie/Guitar Tango/Marmaduke/Somewhere/Little B/Medley: Lucile-Rip It Up-Blue Suede Shoes.
MFP Label





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