Angelina - De Største Hits (CD) CMC 4998472
Made In Danmark Angelina/Je Ne Regrette Rien/The Wienna Express/Faces On The Bus/
For What We Are/What Now Christine?/The Children Of The Wold/Your Part Of The System
(Your One Of Us)/Waiting/My Sweet, Sweet Baby/Another Revolution/By By Baby/Julie/
San Francisco/Dans Dans Dans/Marie, Marie/Neon Madonna/Wings Of An Eagle/
Louise/Fugle/Flyvende Sommer. CMC Records
 25. May 1999. 
Back On The Track & You're The One (CD) 
My Rainy Day/Crack Brained Mama/Long Live Love/I'm In Love With You/Spinnin'/Rock And Roll/On And On/I Only Want To See You Again/Music Is My Only Friend/Little Boys Cry/I Want Your Loving Too/You're The One/Alaska/Ring Around/Sweet Angela/Changes/Julie/You Only You/Orange/So Long Julie/For One More Day. 
Universal Music
Brothers To Brothers (CD) 88765454382
Made In EU
CD Proud Mary/Heartbreaker/Have You Ever Seen The Rain/Ramona/Wake Up Little Susie/Let Your Love Flow/When You Walk In The Room/Help Me Rhonda/
Massachuseetts/Victoria/Bad Moon Rising/Little Yellow Radio/You Really Got Me/
Walk Right Back.
DVD Live Concert Brdr. Olsen I USA/Olsen Brothers In The USA. Sony Records
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Brothers To Brothers (CD) 4053804303156
Made In Germany
CD Proud Mary/Heartbreaker/Have You Ever Seen The Rain/Ramona/Wake Up Little Susie/Let Your Love Flow/When You Walk In The Room/Help Me Rhonda/
Massachuseetts/Victoria/Bad Moon Rising/Little Yellow Radio/You Really Got Me/
Walk Right Back.
DVD Live Concert Brdr. Olsen I USA/Olsen Brothers In The USA. Telamo Records
Celebration (CD) 0169212ERE
Made In EU Fly On The Wings Of Love/Walk Right Back/Marie Marie/Angelina/
Love Grows (Where My RoseMary Goes)/You Will Never Be Alone/
San Francisco/Bye Bye Love/ Neon Madonna/Little Tin Soldier/Dreamworld/
We Believe In Love/I Have To Dance/Daydream Believer/Weil Nur Die Liebe Zählt/Little Yellow Radio/We Were So Young. Exclusive Tracks: TV-Hitmedley: Fly On The Wings Of Love-Little Yellow Radio-Bye Bye Love. EDEL Records
Celebration (CD) C 00163-2
Made In EU Fly On The Wings Of Love/Walk Right Back/Angelina/
Love Grows (Where My RoseMary Goes)/You will Never Be Alone/San Francisco/Little Yellow Radio/We Were So Young/Bye Bye Love/Neon Madonna/Little Tin Soldier/Dreamworld/We Believe In Love/Marie Marie/
I Have To Dance/Fugle/Smuk Som Et Stjerneskud. CMC Label
For The Children Of The World (CD) 159 274-2
Made In Denmark The Children Of The World/Tiger - Born A Man/
Full Of Love/Youre Part Of The System/Waiting/Come Join The Dance/
Early One Morning/A Man In White/My Gypsy Friend/Love Was An Empty Word/My Sweet, Sweet Baby/Lovely Lady/The Children Of The World (Part 2). Universal Records
Grand Prix Sieger 2000 (CD) 3650
Made In Germany Marie Marie/Blue Angel/Dreaming Of Love Songs/
Neo Madonna/Nice Girls/Smile Like An Angel/Louise/Hot Kisses/Morning Star/
Caribbean Love/Feels Like I'm Crazy/Wings Of An Eagle. 
Universe Records
Greatest And Latest (CD) CMC 24035-2
Made In EU Angelina (New Version)/Marie, Marie/Je Ne Regrette Rien (New Version)/You Dont Know/Loving You/Cry Baby Cry/Wings Of An Eagle/The Vienna Express (New Version)/Julie/San Francisco (New Version)/Fugle (New Version)/Flyvende sommer. 
CMC Records
Golden Hits (CD) 332841
Made In EU Marie Marie/Morning Star/Caribbean Love/Feels Like I´m Crazy/Blue Angel/Baby Blue/Dreaming Of Love Songs/Neon Madonna/Nice Girls/The Game Is Over/Smile Like An Angel/Louise/I´ll Give You All The Love I Got/Hot Kisses/Wings Of An Eagle. 
Peer Music Records
[Jorgen Olsen] Det Stille Ocean (CD) 0042-2842989-26
Made In EU Fugle (Instrumental)/Jeg Har Lagt Mine Vaben/
Drømmen Er Aldrig Forbi/Fugle/Stille Ocean/Morgentagen Letter/
Frem Til Fortiden/Berlin/Finale (Fugle Variation). 
EMI Records
 3rd. July 2000. 
[Jorgen Olsen] Jorgen Olsen (CD) 57007-722012-27
Made In EU Vi Elsker Bare Danske Piger/Lyse Sommer/Mit Livs Store/
Kærlighed/Hvorfra, Hvorhen/Señorita/Kom og Lad Mig/Tænde Din Flamme/
Jeg Blev Født I Danmark/Natten Er Vor Egen/Det Kan Jeg Nå Endnu/
En Rigtig Stor Dreng/Fra København Til Napoli/All European Girls. 
EMI Records
 1st. June 2006. 
More Songs (CD) CMC 5902392
Made In EU Yellow River/Bye Bye Love/Take Good Care Of My Baby/
Fernando/There's A Kind Of Hush/Black Is Black/You Don't Have To Say You Love Me/Hello Mary Lou/I Hear You Knocking/Alone Again/Beautiful Sunday/Rhythm Of The Rain/All My Loving/Just Like A Woman. 
CMC Records
 1. Oktober 2003. 
Neon Madonna (CD) CMC 5348832
Made In EU Marie Marie/Feels Like I'm Crazy/Carribean Love/Louise/The Game Is Over/Smile Like An Angel/I'll Give You All The Love I Got/Neon Madonna/Nice Girls/Wings Of An Eagle/Blue Angel/Dreaming Of Love Songs/Baby Blue/Hot Kisses/Morning Star. 
CMC Records
 1st October 2001. 
Niels Noller Olsen - 60 (CD) 88875 01540 2
Made In EU God Only Knows/Heart Of Gold/Here Comes The Sun/Tulsa Time/
Fields Of Gold/By The Time I Get To Phoenix/Go East Go West/Lay Down Sally/
You´ve Got A Friend/Blackbird/I Can´t Make You Love Me/I Saw Her Standing There/Fire And Rain/Smile. Sony Records
Olsen & For What We Are (CD) 157 906-2
Made In EU Olsen The Vienna Express/Faces On The Bus/Stand Inside Your Head/
Like Our Love/Kyrie Eleison/Angelina/Mervin/The Sun, The Sand/Lilies/Je Ne Regrette Rien/
Rain/Institution Girl/To Hope Is To Live. For What We Are We'll Be Meeting/Maiken Song/
I've Ceased To Wonder/The Ballad Of Bold Eric/What Now Christine?/Yes, Because Of You/English Passion/The Rising Sun/A City Is Its People/I'm On My Way/Deluding Illusions/For What We Are.
Universal Records
 27. Juni 2000. 
Our New Songs (CD) BAM-C -00128-2
Made In EU Little Yellow Radio/Got A Lot Of Love/You'll Never Be Alone/Anytime Anywhere Anyway/Little Tin Soldier/We Were So Young/Ride The Rainbow/Child Of The Universe/Just A Kiss/Angel Eyes/Go To America/Praise The Love. CMC Label
Press Kit (CD) PROMO27
Made In EU Press Release/Biography/Discography/Press Pictures/
Music Video. CMC Label
Respect (CD)  M 20161-2
Look Up Look Down (Duet With Cliff Richard)/Baby I Need Your Loving/
Everything I Own/Livin' Doll/Monday Monday/(If Your Are Going To)
San Francisco/Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da/Strawberry Fields/I Can See Clearly/
A World Without Love/Moviestar/A Love So Beautyful/Stop In The Name Of Love/Garden Party.My Way Music
Released: 12th September 2008. 
Rockstalgi (CD) CMC 8255942
Made In EU Hello Mary Lou/Here Comes That Rainy Day Feelin Again/
You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'/If You Gotta Go, Go Now/I Saw Her Standing There/San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Flowers In Your Hair)/
The Wanderer/I'm Alive/Let's Twist Again/Sealed With A Kiss. 
CMC Records
San Francisco/Dans - Dans - Dans (CD) 159 273 -2
Made In Denmark
 San Francisco San Francisco/Marie/En Lille Drengs Grad/Drømmeland/Alaska/Julie/Angelina/Jeg Önsker Stadig Vi Ku Ses Igen/
Dig & Kun Dig/Min Angela/Nar Bare Solen Skinner/Rocken Gav Mig Alt. 
Dans - Dans - Dans Dans Dans Dans/Da Du Virklig Gik Din Vej/
Banjo/I Tressernes Skär/Sommersangen/Lögn Over Lögn/Amerika/
Rock Mig Ligesa Stille/Efter En Lang Dags Nat. Polydor Records
28. August 2000. 
Songs (CD) CMC 5408662
Made In EU Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)/Cecilia/
Mr. Tambourine Man/Daydream Believer/I Should Have Known Better/
Breaking Up Is Hard To Do/With A Girl Like You/End Of The World/
No Milk Today/I'll Never Find Another You/Young Girl/All I Have To Do
Is Dream/Waterloo Sunset/It's All Over Now/Can't Help Falling in Love. 
CMC Records
The Collection (CD) DSI 250792
Made In EU Marie Marie/Angelina/Wings Of An Eagle/Je Ne Regrette Rien/
You Don't Know/Loving You/Cry Baby Cry/Vienna Express/Julie/Fugle/
Flyvende Sommer/San Francisco. Disky Records
The Hits (CD) 0884662
Made In Denmark Walk Right Back/Look Up Look Down/Little Yellow Radio/Fly On The Wings
Of Love (New Akustisk Version)/Neon Madaonna/I Have To Dance/San Francisco (New Akustisk Version)/Marie Marie/One Woman Two Lovers/Angelina (New Akustisk Version)/Go East Go West/
Sunday Moring/Little Tin Soldier/Vienna Express (New Akustisk Version)/We Believe In Love . 
EMI Records
The Story Of Olsen Brothers - All The Hits 1972 - 2000 (CD) CMC 5285132
Made In EU Angelina/Je Ne Regrette Rien/Jimmy Loves Me/The Vienna Express/Another Revolution/For What We Are/What Now Christine?/Music Is My Only Friend/Julie/You're The One/San Francisco/Dans Dans Dans/Marie Marie/Neon Madonna/Wings Of An Eagle/The Wanderer/Fugle/Flyvende Sommer/Smuk Som Et Stjerneskud/I Have To Dance (Mike B. Trunkin Radio Mix)/Fly On The Wings Of Love (TA2's Radio Mix)/We Believe In Love - NY. CMC Records  28. August 2000. 
Toppen Af Poppen Og Dansk Julehygge (CD) 
Kun Et Kys Herfra/Cheating/1000 Stykker/Brødrene Olsen Medley/Ten Miles/Sommer I Europa/
Malene/Here Comes Santa Claus/Smuk Som Et Stjerneskud (New Version)/Klokkerne Ringer/
Så Er Det Endelig Jul/Julenat Med Dig/Glade Jul/The Sun Is Shining. 
Private Collection Label
Walk Right Back (CD) CMC 5335172 (5322552)
Made In EU Walk Right Back/Beautiful Angel/Forever/Do You Wanna Dance/True To Your Love/I Only Want To See You Again/Look Up Look Down/Marie Marie/Shine On Shine/Go East Go West/Music Is My Only Friend. CMC Label
Weil Nur Die Liebe Zählt (CD) CMC 5406902
Made In Germany Weil Nur Die Liebe Zählt/San Francisco-Du Bist
Die Stadt für Mich/Bist Mein Engel/Lass Deine Sorgen bei Mir/
Gib' Nicht Auf/Ob in Ost, In Süd.../Marie Marie-Ich Schenk' Dir ein Lied/
Es Ist Su Ende/Julie-Du Bist Magie/Angelina-Die Frau In Meinen Träumen/Traumgirl/Schein, Oh Schein/Neon Madonna-Überall In Der Stadt/Liebe Mich. CMC Records
Wings Of Love (CD) CMC 5268712 (5262122)
Made In EU Fly On The Wings Of Love/Sunday Morning/Dreamworld/
I Have To Dance/San Francisco/Little Johnny/Neon Madonna/Angelina/
Suzy/One Woman, Two Lovers/Smuk Som Et Stjerneskud. CMC Label
Wings Of Eurovision (CD) M20193-2
Made In EU Bang-a-boomerang/Love Shine A Light/Halleluja Feat. Lill Babs/What's Another Year/Rock'n'roll Kids/Waterloo/Einbisschenfrieden Feat. Nicole/Save Your Kisses For Me/
Let It Swing & Let It Rock 'n' Roll/Nonso Chedarei Feat. Alan Sorrenti/Congratulations/
Fly On The Wings Of Love (New 2010)/Smuk Som Et Stjerneskud (New 2010). 
My Way Records
23rd June 2010. 
© Copyright: 2000 - Ulla Sorensen