Vol. 10
Up-dated 7th January 2007
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Photos Of The Plate
This is the photos of those plate, that you can get from Danbury Mint. I do not have them but I like the paints. 
I wish they was made on paper sheet insted.
I'm one of those fans, that does not have so much room, to have the plates, haning around in my flat. And I do also, have friends that, are not Cliff fan.

Even my family, does not like Cliff to. And I have a deep respect for them. In that respect I have decide, to only have my Cliff things in storage, in my bedroom. And that room is not,
on a size of ballroom.

So their for I wish they was made on Paper Sheet. Because I can keep them in a ring binder. Which can contents a lot of photos and paints. And same time, it does not fill so much, as in the case of a plate would do!.

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