The Chardes!
All Around The World With... (CD) GTJ07
Made In Netherland Kinda Kinky/Soul Boss Nova/Viva Las Vegas/
All A Round In The Space/Like A Virgin/Theme From Around The World In 80 Days/
Ambulante A Gogo/Theme From Hitchcock Presents/She Does It Right/
Bobby Brown (Goes Down)/Sumire To Bara/Banned On The Beach/Ketchup Song/
Mosrite Rock/In Dreams (From Lord Of The Rings)/Greensleeves/Dakota/
Guitar Boogie. Double Crown Records
As Hot As Cool Can Be  (CD) GPCD 029-2
Made In Findland
Disc. 1:THE CHARADES Sunny Afternoon/Theme from Little House On The Prairie/Unchain My Heart/
It Was A Very Good Year/Dick Tracy/Calafuria Twist/Thunderbolt/Vivaldi's Summer Twist/For Me It Is
Time To Go.

JET HARRIS & THE CHARADES (LIVE) Man With The Golden Arm/36-24-36/Scarlett O'Hara/
Theme For Something Really Important.

THE CHARADES: Bam bam/Ultra Q's Theme/Omoide No Nagisa/Hana No Kubikazari/Blue Chateau/
Three Blue Stars/Ginza Lights.

Disc. 2: Blue Star/Washington Square/Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying/Interceptor/Eliminator/
Nami Oi Bito/Summer in the City/Traces/Green Pepper Beat/He Ain't Heavy He's My Brother/
Walkin' The Carpet/Psychedelic Sandwich/All Is Quiet On The Mersey Front/I Never Fall In Love Again/
Autumn Leaves-Twist/Skylab/Penetration/Diamond Head/Driving Guitars/Go Go Slow/The Good The
Bad and The Ugly/Skylab/No Exit/Sentimental Guitar. Power Records
Cool Blast! (CD) RCD2004-70
Made In Findland Nessuno Mi Puo'Giudicare/Mars Express/Big Spender/Good Thing/We Have All The Time In The World/Nuclear Nightclub/Cool Blast!/It's Up To You/Demure Damsel/You Little Jetsetter (Don't Spill That Wine)/The Lonely One/New Orleans/True Love Ways/Streaming `n` Floating/Dancing In the Street/Mouthful Of Sand.
ECHO Records
Lost Tapes 66 (CD) G16008
Made In Findland  Let's Go. Now/Music To Watch Girls By/Working In The Coal Mine/
The Thounderbirds Are Go!/Place In The Sun/(Theme From) Our Man Flint/Can't Help Thinking About Me/Die For Diamonds/The Kids Are Alright/Kimi To Itsumademo/Such A Wow!
(Tribute To Diane Vreeland)/High Wire (Danger Man Theme)/What A Hangover/The Beach . 
GTJ Records
On Stage (CD) GPCD020-2
Made In Netherland Introduction By Mr Bruce Welch/Hawaii 5-0/
Big Spender/Walk Don't Run '64/Get Ready/Valot/More/La Bamba/
Bumble Bee/Geronimo/Little Bit Beat Little Bit Go/Secret Agent Man/
Mandschurian Beat/The Motion Picture Medley: Peter Gunn-The Good-
The Bad & The Ugly-James Bond Theme-Mission Impossible-Misirlou/
Maroc 7/Mars Express/Karelia/Ultra Q's Theme/Lin Ting Tong/Blue Sunset/
Omoide No Nagisa/Blue Comet '66/Hana No Kubikazari/Encore - The Ventures Medley: Ginza Lights-Slaughter On 10th Avenue-Ame No Midosuji-Diamond Head-Wipe Out. Echo Records
Pops In Japan  (CD)2005-72
Made In Netherland Blue Chateau/Three Blue Stars/Ginza Lights/
Demure Damsel/Ame No Midosuji/Ai No Shirushi/Max A GoGo/
Tadoritsuitara Itsumo/Scat In The Dark/Shudaika Key Hunter/Blue Star/
Washington Square (feat. Mel Taylor)/Nami Oi Bito - Silent Break/Hawai 5-0 (*)/Walk Don't Run '64 (*)/Yozora No Hoshi (*)/Diamond Head (*).
ECHO Records
Rautalanka Collection (CD)TWGS
Made In Netherland Blue Chateau/Nessuno Mi Puo'Giudicare/
The Lonely One/From Russia With Love/The Pink Panther Theme/
Swinging Cossack's Patrol/Love Has Been Good To Me/Geronimo/More/
Yeh Yeh/Summer In The City/Theme From River No Return/Theme From Persuaders/The Stranger/Keep On Running/Because/Besame Mucho/A Kind Of Hush/True Love Ways/A Little Bit A Little Bit Go/
New Orleans/Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying/Mars Express/Big Spender/We Have All The Time In The World/You Little Jetsetter/It's Up To You/Nuclear Nightclub/He Ain't Heavy He Is My Brother. Echo Records
Rautalankaparaati  (CD)xxxxx
Made In Netherland Pink Panther Theme/Veijareita ja Pyhimyksiä.
Echo Records

Rock Ola & Charades (CD) SNAP CD 305
Made In Findland Mun Tie/En Pettää Vol/Venus/Palasiksi Hajoan/Sydän Paholaisen/Voitko Edes Vähän Ymmärtää/Merceyn Rannalla/Mitä Vaan/San Francisso/Kulkuri Ja Kitrra/Villi Rakkaus/
Et Rakkaintain Haavoittaa Saa/En Luota Suudelmin/Milloinkaan El Enää. 
Snap Records
Supersonic Action (CD) ERCD-0309 CD
Made In Netherland Geronimo/Tadoritsuitara Itsumo/Action In Space/
Moonshot/Spy In The Mirror/Shudaika Key Hunter/Because/Love Has Been Good to Me/Scat In The Dark/More/No Trespassing/Changing Dimensions/
Another Cycle in Detroit/Yeh Yeh/Rainy Lights/Little Bit Beat A Little Bit Go Bonus Tracks (Live In Studio)/Get Ready/She's Not There/Besame Mucho 
Echo Records
Traces Of  (CD)TWGS0766
Made In Netherland Summer In The City/Traces/Green Pepper Beat/
He Ain't Heavy, He Is My Brother/Walkin' The Carpet/Psychedelic Sandwich.
Echo Records
In Motion  (CD)ERCD 106 (RRSCD2005)
Made In Netherland The Stranger/Green Peppers Twist/Psychedelic Sandwich/Ame No Midosuji/Pink Panther Theme/In Motion/Swinging Cossacks Patrol/Max A GoGo/Lost In Waves/
Summer Love/Slow Hot Wind/Ai No Shirushi/Monkee Twist/From Russia With Love/
Keep On Running/There's A Kind Of Hush/River No Return/Walkin The Carpet/Shotgun Wedding Theme/The Theme From The Persuaders.
Echo Records/Rautalanka Records
Wildcards (CD) GPCD 023-2
Made In Netherland Comin' Home/Green Grass/Danger Level 125/Star Wars/
All Time High/Magnificent 7/Get Carter/Pocket Rockets Twist/Lupin The 3rd/
Sea Of Love/Futari No Dake No Umi/Mrs Robinson/Tribute To The Pluto/
Charade/Shanti Baba/Kozakai Warrior. Bonus: Hikari (Valot)  
Power Records
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