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Back To The Fender (CD) TANCD 005
Made In United Kingdom Back To The Fender/For The Memories/Going For Gold/Spaghetti Drifters (With Andrew Latimer)/Break In The Cloud/Rum Cove/Steeds Party/Uptown Girl (With Jet Harris/Alan Jones)/Jet Stream/Blue Shad (With Andrew Latimer)/Return To Akator/Tangessence (With Andrew Latimer)/Shadows In The Show (With Andrew Latimer)//Over And Out
Chasing Shadows Live (CD) TAN 1215
Made In United Kingdom Introduction/Foot Tapper/FBI/Theme For Young Lovers/The Rise And Fall Of Flingel Bunt/Cavatina (Theme From The Deer Hunter)/Dance On/Niveram/He Ain't Heavy (He's My Brother)/Warm Turn/
Alantis/The Frightened City/Wonderful Land/Desert Storm/Wichita Lineman/
Shadoogie. Zing Records Label
Jet Harris And Tangent "The Studio Sessions" (CD) TAN 003
Made In United Kingdom  Warm Turn (PT.1)/Stingray/FBI/
Jet Meets General Custer '94/Walk Don't Run/Diamonds/Love Me Tender/
Tres Bon/Truckin' Trucker's Trot '94/Apache/Danny Boy/
Warm Turn (TP.2) Zing Records Label
Shadow Magic (CD) ZRCD 1214
Made In United Kingdom
 Equinoex (V)/Everyone For Tennis [CD-Single Mix]/Foot Tappin'/Beyond A Shadows (Of A Doubt)/Uncharted Island/Theme Form A Big Film/Riders In The Sky/New World/Twilight Shadows/Sometimes/
A Sleepless Walk At Midnight/Tandoori Boogie/The Lads/Crockett's Them [Theme From "Miami Vice"]/Thunderhawk/Wonderful Landscapes/
The Lady In Red/Apache '95/Warm Turn [7" Single Mix]/Shazam '95. 
Zing Records Label 
Shadows In The Snow (CD) DMRPR 2
Made In United Kingdom Shadows In The Show (Full Version)/Christmas 1940 (Their Finest Hour)/Dark December/Ghosts Of Chistmas Steps/Nessie's Festive Loch Down/Snowscape Miraval (2020 Re-record)/Santa's Blues/Christmas Past/Star Of Hope/Yule B' Rock' in/Beyond A Shadows Of A Doubt (40th Anniverrsary Version 2020 Re-Record)/Shadows In The Snow (with Andy Latimer). Demer Productions
Smooth Gold Collections (CD) xxxxxxx
Made In United Kingdom The Ancients/Snowscape Miraval (Re-Records)/Return To Akator/Break In The Cloud/Jet Meet General Custer (Remix)/Star Of Hope/Theme For A New Day (Re-Record)/Steeds Party (Remix)/Dark December/For The Memories (Remix)/Uncharted Island (Revisited)(Re-Record)/Going For Gold (Remix)/Rum Cove/Beyond A Shadow (Of A Doubt)(Re-Record) . 
Demer Productions

Tangent "Tribute And Rarities"(CD) TANCD 004
Made In United Kingdom Riders In The Sky/Clifton Lights/It's A Dog's Life/Apache/Theme For A New Day/Crockett's Theme/Stingray [Remix '94]/Sleepless Walk At Midnight/Stratosfear/Warm Turn/Elmer's Theme/
The Lady In Red/Equinoxe [Part v]. Zing Records Label  
Tangent Beyond A Shadow [Of A Doubt] (CD) TANCD 001
Made In United Kingdom Beyond A Shadow [Of A Doubt]/Foot Tappin'/Uncharted Island/
Jet Meets General Custer/Everyone For Tennis/Tandoori Boogie. Zing Records Label  
Tangent Beyond A Shadow [Of A Doubt] (CD) TANCD 002
Made In United Kingdom Beyond A Shadow [Of A Doubt]/Sometimes/
Thunderhawk/Uncharted Island/Theme For A New Day/Foot Tappin'/
Stormin' Norman [Desert Storm/The Surrender/The Victory]/Jet Meets
General Custer/El Warthog/Twilight Shadows/New World/The Rruckin'
Trucker's Trot/Theme Form A Big Film/The Lands/Everyone For Tennis/
Moonlight Miraval/Wonderful Landscapes/Tandoori Boogie/A Sleepless Walk
At Midnight/Khan. Zing Records Label  
Tangent Live Over England (CD) ZRCD 1212
Made In United Kingdom The Frightened City/Cavatina/Theme For Young Lovers/Wonderful Land/Jet Meets General Custer/Beyond A Shadow
[Of A Doubt]/Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic/Dance On/Man Of Mystery/
Kon-Tiki/Don't Cry For Me Argentina/Apache/Atlantis/Hoots Moon/Nivram/
Telstar/Diamonds/Jacqueline. Zing Records Label 
Two Of A Kind (CD) ZRCD 1213
Made In United Kingdom A Shadow In Time/The Rruckin' Trucker's Trot/Stingray/Apache [Remix '94]/Diamonds/Warm Turn/Sleepless Walk-Midnight [Medley]/Jet Meets General Custer [94']/Walk Don't Run/FBI/Songbird/Shazam [94']/Apache Wardance/A Shadows In Time [Final]/Nivram Live [Alan Jones]/Nivram Live [Jet Harris]. Zing Records Label 
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