Up-dated 21th August 2009
The Shadsfaxer - From The Heart (CD) SRSCD 002
Made In United Kingdom Out Of The Sunrise/Comanchero/The Lyn Song/Through The Years/Back Trackin'/ Western Hearts/In Search Of The Nautilus/Roanne/It's Summertime/Just The Fax, Ma'am/Gliding High/Collosa/Saints By Night/Columbia Dreamin
Backing Tracks: Out Of The Sunrise/Comanchero/The Lyn Song/
Back Trackin'/Roanne/Columbia Dreamin. Sackville Records Label
The Shadsfaxer - Innovations (CD) BCR CD001
Made In United Kingdom Easy Living/Sierra Nevada/Watford Junction/Sunburst'54/Timeless/Coming Home/Destiny Beach/
Licorice Express/Waffles/Hondo Road/Riviera/Please Stay A While/
Innovations/Turning The Tide Backing Tracks: Easy Living/Watford Junction/Sunburst'54/Licorice Express/Waffles/Turning The Tide 
Sackville Records Label
The Shadsfaxer - Lost For Words (CD) SRSCD 001
Made In United Kingdom Trail Of Tears/Another Day/The Travel Agent Who Came In From The Cold/Barracuda/Up Through The Clouds/
Port Of Mystery/When I'm Alone With You/Almost Love/Secrets/Song For Sarah/Wonderous Dream/Custer's Stand/The Shadsfax Express/
Song For A Singing Cowboy Backing Tracks: Trail Of Tears/
Barracuda/Port Of Mystery/Almost Love/Song For Sarah/The Shadsfax Express. Sackville Records Label
The Shadsfaxer - Shadow Dreams (CD) GCR002
Made In United Kingdom  Harry's Web/North Star/Shadow Dreams/
Stay Close To Me/Loose In The Caboose/My Friend Boss/Comanche Warpath/First Kiss/Theme From The Waiting Game/Dakotas Jig/Safely Home/Look At Me Now/Highlander. Backing Tracks: Harry's Web/
Shadow Dreams/First Kiss/Theme From The Waiting Game/Highlander.
Ginger Cat Records Label
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