Harmony Grass - This Is Us (CD) EM 1001
Made In United Kingdom  Move In A Little Closer Baby/My Little Girl/
What A Groovy Day/I've Seen To Dream/(It Ain't Necessarily) Byrd Avenue/Chattanooga Choo Choo/Good Thing/Mrs Richie/Summer Dreaming/I Think Of You/Ballad Of Michael/Tom Dooley/What Do You Do When Love Dies?. Bonus Track: Happiness Is Toy Shaped/First Time Loving/I Remember/Teach Me How/Cecilia/It Takes A Lot Of Lovin/To Lo Ricordi (I Remember: Sing In Italian]/Move In A Little Closer Baby (Radio Live)/Walk On By (Radio Live).EM Records Label 
Harmony Works In The Studio 1971-1993 (CD) EM 1003
Made In Japan  Magic Bus/Indiana/River/Highly Likely/Tony Rivers/
Brian Bennet Band/Shine/Silver Lining/Gerard Kenney/Shine/Holywood Freeway/Freshmen/River/Indiana/Tony Rivers/River/Silver Lining/
Holywood Freeway/Tony Rivers/Tony Rivers * Anthony Tho/Multipul Choice/Tony Rivers & Anthony Tho. EM Records Label 
Presenting Our Fabulous Summer Wine (CD) EM 1004
Made In Japan Wasn't It Nice In New York City?/She's Still A Mystery/
Why Do Fools Fall In Love/One Fine Day/Nancy Sing Me A Song/
Take A Load Off Your Feet/Living Right Next Door To An Angel/
Sound Of Summer's Over/Crying Eyes/Shenandoh/Do You Wanna Dance/Sherry/You Got What It Takes/Well All Right/Painted Ladies/
Ode To A Steel Guitar. Bonus Track: Why Do Fools Fallin Love?
[No Strings]/She's Still A Mystery [Ruff Mix]/Take a Load Of Your Feet
[No Synth]/Shenandoh [Ruff Mix]/One Fine Day [No Sax Solo]/Do You Wanna Dance [Taken From Acetate]. EM Records Label 
Tony Rivers & The Castaways-Birth Of Harmonies (CD) EM 1002
Made In Japan Shake Shake Shake/Row Row Row/I Love The Way You Walk/I Love You/Life's Too Short/Don't Ever Tell On Me/She/Til We Get Home/Come Back Baby/What To Do/Girl Don't Tell Me/Salt Lake City/
God Only Knows/Charade/I Can Guarantee You Love/Pantomime. 
Bonus Track: The Grass Will Sing For You/Summer Dreaming/Mr. Sun/
Graduation Day/Eine Kleiner Miser Musik/Can't Make It Without You/
Baby What You Want Me To Do/Come On And Love Me To/Pretend/
Love You Baby/Windy (Live Radio Broadcast).EM Records Label 
Tony Rivers Collection Volume 1 - Castaways (CD)RPM 193
Made In United Kingdom Shake Shake Shake/Row Row Row/
I Love The Way You Walk/I Love You/Lifes Too Short/Don't You
Tell On Me/She/Til We Get Home/Come Back/What To Do/God Only Knows/Charade/Nowhere Man/Baby What You Want Me To Do/
The Girls From New York City/Come On And Love Me Too/
Love You Baby/Pantomine/I Can Guarantee You Love/Pretend/
Girl Don't Tell Me/Girl From Salt Lake City. 
RPM Records Label
Tony Rivers Collection Volume 2 - Harmony Grass (CD)RPM 194
Made In United Kingdom Einer Kleiner/Graduation Day/Summer Dreaming/The Grass Will Sing For You/Can't Make It Without You Baby/
Mr Sun/Move In A Little Closer Baby/Happiness Is A Toy Shaped/
First Time Loving/What A Groovy Day/I Remember/Summer Dreaming/
Mrs Ritchie/Teach Me How/Cecilia/My Little Girl/I've Seen A Day/
(It Ain't Necessarily) Byrd Avenue/Chattanooga Choo Choo/Good Thing/
I Think Of You/Ballad Of Michael/Tom Dooley/What Do You Do When Love Dies. 
RPM Records Label
Tony Rivers Collection Volume 3 - Harmony Soul (CD)RPM 205
Made In United Kingdom And Dreams Come True/It Takes A Lot Of Lovin'/
Do You Wanna Dance/Why Do Fools fall In Love/Finders Keepers/
My Mum/The Girls Back Home/She's Still A Mystery/For The Music/
Whatever Happened To You/Well Well Well/Getting The Feeling/
I'm Not Your Stepping Stone/I Wonder If Anything (Lasts All Time)/
My Love's Getting Stronger/You're The Song (That I Can't Stop
Singing)/Hey Kids/Never Lost Never Win/Here I Go Again/Who Put The Love/I'm Gonna Steal Your Heart/No Don't Stop The Rain/Everything You Do Is Magic/Bohemian Rhapsody. RPM Records Label
© Copyright: 2000 - Ulla Sorensen