The Apaches
Up-dated 21th August 2009
18 Hits Of The Shadows (CD) PLATCD233
Made In United Kingdom Apache/F.B.I/Foot Tapper/Kon Tiki/
Man Of Mystery/Atlantis/The Rise & Fall Of Flingel Bunt/Wonderful Land/
Shazam/Frightened City/Shadoogie/Perfida/36-24-26/Dance On/
Shindig/Guitar Tango/Geronimo/Theme For A Dream. PRISM Records
Apache The Shadows Hits (CD) FMC 038
Made In Unknown  FBI/Apache/Atlantis/Guitar Tango/Dance On/Riders In The Sky/Red River Rock/The Warlord/Wonderful Land/Marco 7/Blue Shadows/Theme From The Deer Hunter(Cavatina)/Man Of Mystery/
Kon Tiki FMC Label  
The Apaches Play The Hits Of The Shadows (CD) QEDO41
 Made In EU
 Apache/Kon Tiki/Man Of Mystery/Wonderful Land/
Atlantis/FBI/Dance On/Red River Rock/Blue Shadows/Guitar Tango/
The Warlord/Maroc 7/Mary Anne/Riders In The Sky/Theme From The Deer Hunter (Cavatina)/Slaughter On Tenth Avenue/Don't Cry For Me Argentina/Sailing.
The Apaches Play Hits Of The Shadows (CD) PEGCD312
Made In Germany Apache/FBI/Foot Tapper/Man Of Mystery/Atlantis/
The Rise & Fall Of Flingel Bunt/Wonderful Land/Shazam/The Frightened City/Shadoogie/Perfidia/36-24-36/Dance On/Shindig/Guitar Tango/
Geronimo/Theme For A Dream. PEGASUS Records
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