Twangs For The Melody (CD) LRR TWANG 001  
Made In United Kingdom Bert's Boogie (Peter Williams)/Hit & Miss
(The Secrets)/Apache/Walk Don't Run (Peter Williams)/Perfida/Teen Scene (The Flames)/Ginch (The Secrets)/Mustang/Gypsy Beat (The Flames)/
Midnights (Peter Williams)Trambone/The Frightened City (The Flames)/
Lone Rider (Peter Williams)/In The Hall Of Mountain King (The Flames)/
The Savage (Peter Williams)/Husky Team (The Triumphs)/Wonderful Land
(Peter Williams)/The Mexican (The Flames)/Telstar (Peter Williams)/The Rocket Man (The Flames)/
Ridin' The Wind (The Tornados)/Dance On (Peter Williams)/Saturday Nite At The Duck-Pond Live)/Jaywaker/Maigret/There Are 8 Million Cossack Melodies Ect (The Flames)/Atlantis
(Peter Williams)/The Cruel Sea (The Flames)/Wipe Out (The Triumphs)/Shinding/Geronimo/
Theme For Youg Lovers/Summer Holiday (Peter Williams)Stereophonic Records
Into The Shadows (CD) PW CD022  
Made In EU The Savage/Kon-Tiki/Wonderful Land/Theme For Young Lovers/Dance On!/Midnight/Atlantis/Foot Tapper/Shindig/Albatross/
Apache/Theme From The Boys/Theme From The Deer Hunter/Blue Star/
Geronimo/Riders In The Sky/High Noon/Theme From Shane/Telstar/
You Don't Have To Say You Love Me/Don't Cry For Me Argentina/FBI. 
Bonus Tracks:  The Young Ones/When The Girl In Your Arms/Summer Holiday.  Stereophonic Records
© Copyright: 2000 - Ulla Sorensen