Nordic Guitars Vol. 1 (CD) CACS 004
Made In Sweden Cicada (The Loddicks)/Ghostriders In The Sky (Coverup)/
Regntunga Skyar (The Loddnicks)/Teen Scene (Carelians)/Gamle Svarten (Coverup)/Plättlaggen (El Halcons)/Guitar Boogie (Mr Waker)/Havsörnsvalsen
(El Halcons)/Eldarevalsen (El Hanlcons)/The Sylfide (The Loddnicks)/What's The Time (The Loddnicks)/Pony Express (Coverup)/Johnny Guitar (Hazze One Line)/
Classical Gas (The Loddnicks)/Flickarna I Småland (El Halcons)/Nidälven (El Hancons)/Midnight In Stockholm (Hazze One Line)/Ebb Tide (El Halcons)Carelia Records
Nordic Guitars Vol.2 (CD) CACS 005
Made In Sweden Viva Bo/Stella (The Loddnicks)/Congratulation (Spinning Wheel Combo)/This Old House (Spinning Wheel Combo)/Peak Hour (Spinning Wheel Combo)/Ace Of Spade (Hazze One Line)/Gamla Nordsjön (Spinning Wheel Combo)/
Twist Fia (Spinning Wheel Combo)/(You Keep Me) Hangin' On (El Halcons)/
Smoke Signals (Mike & The Moonbeams)/Fryksdalsdans Nr 2 (Spinning Wheel Combo)/Svinnsta Skär (The Rocking Cab Driver)/Blue Shadows (Ha-Li Sounds)/
Kungens Lilla Piga (Spinning Wheel Combo)/Happy Hendrics Polka (The Moonriders)/He'll Have
To Go (Hits)/La Paloma (Spinning Wheel Combo)/The Landing (The Loddnicks)/Roy Orbison Medley (The Spacemen)Carelia Records
Nordic Guitars Vol.3 (CD) CACS 007
Made In Sweden Ufo Over Gothenburg (Hazze One Line)/Gammal Fäbodpsalm (El Halcons)/
He The Pearly Gates Will Open (The Twang Gang)/Worn Out Shoes (The Loddnicks)/Home On The Range (Hazze One Line)/Have You Got Mill (The Loddnicks)/ Moonshot (Rock 60)/Alpens Ros (Hits)/Old Faithful
(The Twang Gang)/Ol Man River (Hazze One Line)/Charles Crocodile (The Loddnicks)/How Do You Do It
(The Twang Gang)/ Muckartwist (Rep Bandet)/Running For Victory (Hazze One Line)/Mexican Bodega
(El Halcons)/Midnight (Rock 60)/Sleepwalk (The Sleepwalkers)/Amapola (The Loddnicks)Carelia Records
Nordic Guitars Vol.4 (CD) CACD 009
Made In Sweden O Store Gud (The Twang Gang)/Karelia (The Twang Gang)/Le Tango De L´Elephant (The Neighbours)/Tigers In The Sky (Hazze One Line)/Move It (The Sleepwalkers)/Bus Stop (The Loddnicks)/
Skogsblumman (The Twang Gang)/Den Första Gång Jag Såg Dej (The Sleepwalkers)/El Toro Bravo
(Hazze One Line)/Please Don't Tease (The Sleepwalkers)/The Lonely Bull (Hazze One Line)/Pretend
(The Twang Gang)/ En Vintersaga (Hazze One Line)/F.B.I. (Scarlet Ribbons)/Western Guitar (Hazze One Line)/
Runes Theme (The Loddnicks)/Skattlösa Bergen (Hazze One Line)/Monia (The Twang Gang)Carelia Records
Nordic Guitars Vol. 5 (CD) CACD 013
Made In Sweden Orange Blossom Special (The Roadcasters)/En Stad Ovan Molnen (The Twang Gang)/
Lyckobringaren (Sandor Hajosi)/Festival I Svedala (The Space Boys)/Bike On The Road (The Roadcasters)/
Fina Stina (The Soundbrokers)/The Gost Of Vättern (Stephan And The Cash Brothers)/High Line Boogie
(The Roadcasters)/Ovan Där (The Twang Gang)/The Virgin Space (The Roadcasters)/Gökvalsen (Sandor Hajosi)/
Theme From Missing (The Soundbrokers)/Destination Moon (The Roadcasters)/Gyllene Morgon
(The Twang Gang)/Håll Dig Tilll Höger Svensson (The Soundbrokers)/ Piercing The Unknown (The Roadcasters)/
I Mjukt Oktoberljus (The Space Boys)/Cystal Springs (The Roadcasters)Carelia Records
Nordic Guitars Vol. 6 (CD) CACD-017
Made In Sweden Bandido (Hazze One Line)/O Store Gud (The Twang Gang)/Theme From Missing
(Hazze One Line)/Breaking Through (Midnight)/Frk. Johansson Och Jag (El Halcons)/Jag Har Hört Om En Stad (The Twang Gang)/Konvaljens Avsked (Hazze One Line)/Lillemor (El Halcons)/Find Me A Golden Street (The ReSounds)/Min Soldat (El Halcons)/Don't Be Cruel (Hasse Klippare)/The Flyder And The Spy (Midnight)/The Third Man (Midnight)/James Blues (Hasse Klippare)/Durango (The ReSounds)/
Raggies Boogie (Hasse Klippare)/Shadoogie (The ReSounds)/Spring Is Nearly Here
(El Halcons)/Gyllne Morgon (The Twang Gang)/Monia (The Twang Gang) Carelia Records
Nordic Guitars Vol.7 (CD) CACD-019
Made In Sweden (Hazze One Line):Return To Alamo/The Breeze And I/Farewell My Lovely/
Walk Don't Run/(Midnight): A Place In The Sun/Shazam/Pony Express/(The Sound Of Fenders): Diamonds/Morgen/Liebestwist/(The ReSounds): Yellow Jacket/ Santa Ana/Petite Fleur/(Ellert Nordmark): Happy Go Lucky/Mattmar By Night/Mona Lisa/(El Halcons): South Of The Border/Old Faithful/
Tennessee Waltz/(Sandor Hajosi): Där Björkarna Susa. Carelia Records
Nordic Guitars Vol.8 (CD) CACD-020
Made In Sweden (Hazze One Line): Pretend/Candle In The Wind/Shadows Medley/Nine Million Bicycles/(Hank D Fender): Sampi Summer/Slaughter On 10th Avenue/Django/(The ReSounds): Teen Scene/Pipeline/Shifting Whispering Sands/(Ellert Nordmark): King Of The Road/Carina/Hopelessly Devoted To You/ Götlandsk Sommarnatt/(Roger Paulsson): Kärleken I Dina Ögon/Bobbys Girl/No Moon At All/(Bengt-Göran Thyr): I Could Easily Fall/Var Sista Dans/(Tommy Karlsson): Windmills Of Your Mind/This Ol' House. Carelia Records
Nordic Guitars Vol.9 (CD) CACD-022
Made In Sweden (Hazze One Line):Yesterday/My Way/I Dreamed There Was No War/(Ellert Nordmark):
Storgatan Boogie/Mamba/I Only Wanna Be With You/Losing You/(Hank D Fender): Bright Moon/
Pistoleros/Buffalo Express/(Bengt-Göran Thyr): Bachelor Boy/Love Letters In The Sand/
Kväsarevalsen/(The ReSounds): Black Is Black/Troika/I Remember You/(Tommy Karlsson): Some People/You Win Again/Theme From StarWars/(The Aftershades): Svalbard Theme. Carelia Records
Nordic Guitars Vol.10 (CD) CACD-023
Made In Sweden (Hazze One Line): The Guitar Players Theme/Allt Som Jag Känner Anggrek Bunga/(Hank D Fender): Drifin'/Theme For Young Lovers/The Lonely Bull/(Bengt-Göran Thyr):
Den Gamla Kastanjeallén/My Own Boogie/Där Näckrosen Blommar/(Ellert Nordmark): Quartermaster's Stores/Telstar/Romantic Evening/Take Good Care Of My Baby/(The Aftershades): Can't Get Used To Losing You/Gluggjen - Variation/(The Spacehunters): Hang On/Spacehunter Blues/
(The ReSounds): Dream Castle,/Apache/Rosie/(Tommy Karlsson): Summer Love 59/How Deep Is Your Love/(Guitar 60): The Old Romantic/Just Listen To My Heart. Carelia Records
Nordic Guitars Vol.11 (CD) CACD-025
Made In Sweden (Hazze One Line): Moonbike In The Sky/(Roger Paulsson): Flamingo/Spanish Tango/(Ellert Nordmark): The Old Spinning Wheel/The Thing We Did Last Summer/Local Hero/
(Rolf Tjernell): More Than I Can Say/Round & Round/(Hank D Fender): Night Star/Den Siste Mohikanen/(The ReSounds): Anaconda/Riding Guitars/Prairi/(Guitar 60): Theme From A Summer Place/Perfidia/More Than I Can Say/(Roy Björklund): La Comparsa/Find Me A Golden Street/
(Claes-Ake Andreasson): Flicka Fran Backafall/Walk On By/(Rolf Waerme): The Great Snowman/
(Bengt-Göran Thyr): She's Not You/Take Good Care Of My Baby. Carelia Records
Nordic Guitars Vol.12 (CD) CACD-026
Made In Sweden (Hazze One Line): Spirit On/(Hank D Fender): Ghostirders In He Sky/Turn Around
And Me/(Ellert Nordmark): Foot Tapper/I Remember Elvis Presley/Thoméegränd 14/(Rolf Tjernell): Little Princess/Isle Of Capri/(The ReSounds): En Afton Vid Mjörn/Mandschurian Beat/Geronimo/(Bengt-Göran Thyr): Du Är Min Man/Hey Good Lookin'/(Rolf Waerme): Verde/(Claes-Ake Andreasson): Gunga Till Musiken/Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen/(The Cliftones): Shades Of Green/De Naere Ting/
(Roy Björklund): A Dream Of Glory/The Stranger/(At Your Service):Sad Surfer/In Fall/(Sven-Olof Matsson)
:Amapola Om Bakfoten/(Still Young And Beautiful): Jessica. Carelia Records
Nordic Guitars Vol.13 (CD) CACD 028
Made In Sweden (Hazze One Line):You Can't Go To Him/Crystal Spring/Regniga Natt/(Ellert Nordmark): Blue Blue Day/Till There Was You/(Rolf Tjernell): Boot Hill/Dakota/Farewell My Lovely/(Roy Björklund):
Cindy/In The Shadows/Liebes Twist/ (Hank D Fender): Mustang/From Russia With Love/(Bengt-Göran Thyr): När Syrenerna Blomma, 34:an/(Tasty): Trollemors Vuggesang/Lao Girl/(At Your Service): Dangerzone/Frozen Lake/(Claes-Ake Andreasson): Rhythm Of The Rain/California Blue/(Danish Shads): Vilja Oh Vilja/Blue Shadow/(Rolf Waerme): Twilight Time. Carelia Records
Nordic Guitars Vol.14 (CD) CACD 030
Made In Sweden (Peter Insels & Hazze One Line) My Babe/(Ellert Nordmark) Wonderland By Night/
(Todde Myhr) Mrs Robinson/(Roy Bjorklund) O Sole Mio/(Tasty) Nut Rocker - Wilhelm Tell Overture/
(Hank D Fender) Shazam/(Still Young & Beautiful) Time Is Tight/(Todd Myhr) Cry On New Orleans/
(Kent Johansson) No Burns/(Roy Bjorklund) Atlantis/(Hank D Fender) Snow Roses/(Tasty) Softly/
(Ellert Nordmark) Walk On By/(Patrik Lindberg) Nidalven/(The Ohlstone Band) Hot Toddy/(Roy Bjorklund) Ave Maria No Morro/(The Besnaz) Johnny Guitar/(Hazze One Line) No La Hagas Sufrir/(Bengt-Goran
Thyr) The Old Spinning Wheel/(The Playboys) Runaway/(Patrik Lindberg) Café Norrkoping Signatur/(Ellert Nordmark) Come Prima/(Bengot-Goran Thyr) When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again/(Todde Myhr) The Breeze & I/(Hazze One Line) You Just Can Quit.  Carelia Records
Nordic Guitars Vol.15 (CD) CACD 031
Made In Sweden Boat On The River (Hazze One Line)/Manana De Carnaval (Rolf Tjernell) 1960
(Ove Kalander)/The Lost City (Hank D Fender)/Riding Guitars (The Besnaz)/Rap City (Guitar 60)/
The Young Ones (The Playboys)/The Old Romantic (Roy Björklund)/Happy Burns (Kent Johansson/
Dardanella (S-O Mattsson)/Dakota (The Festival Boys)/Take The A Train (Lennart Sundberg)/Geronimo
(Roy Björklund)/Romantic Evening (The Besnaz)/That's Alright Mama (Dubbel Hasse & The Playboys)/
Stranger In Paradise (Guitar 60)/ Rocket Man (The Echotappers)/Guitar Man (The Festival Boys)/Walk To Mars (Kent Johansson)/
Till (Roy Björklund)Sleep Walk (S-O Mattsson)/ Golden Earrings (Ove Kalander)/Humpty Dumpty (Patrik Lindberg)/In The Shadows (Hank D Fender)Carelia Records
Nordic Guitars Vol.16 (CD) CACD 032
Made In Sweden (Hazze One Line) Deep Purple/(Roy Bjorklund) Vilandandens Sang/(Pekka & The Beatmakers) Exodus/(Lennart Sundberg) Goldfinger/(Guitar 60) Magnificent Seven/(The Echotappers) Feelin'/(Guitar 60) Manchurain Beat/(Roy Bjorklund) How Wonderful To Know/(The Echotappers) Penetation/(Still Young & Beautiful) Misirlou/(The Sounds) Cavatina/(Kent Johansson) Around Turn In Space/(Roy Bjorklund) Szepty/(At Your Service Revival) La Rosita/(The Roadcasters) Gee Whiz It's You/
(Kent Johansson) Sarabande Theme/(Pekka & The Beatmakers) Where Are You My Girl/(Hank d. Fender)
Two Guitars/(The Sounds) Blue Sky, Blue Sea, Blue Me/(At Your Service Revival) Stampede/(The Roadcasters) Jailhouse Rock/(Hank D. Fender) Manha De Carnaval/(Lennart Sundberg) Strovtag I Hembygden/(The Roadcasters) Caravelle.  Carelia Records
Nordic Guitars Vol.17 (CD) CACD 034
Made In Sweden (Pekka & Beatmakers) Let It Be Me/(G.U.B Band) Walk Don't Run/(The Spinning Wheels) Golden Earrings/(Kent Johansson) Varnheim Theme/(Ede Standards) Move It - Vocal/(Hazze One Line) Bike On the Road/(Urban Holmberg) Surfin Cat/(Guitar 60) Taste Of Honey/(Hazze One Line) Running For Victory/(Joakim Vannberg) Maubay/(Pekka & Beatmakers) Tuollon Mu Kultani/(Still Young And Beautiful) Great Balls Of Fire - Vocal/(G.U.B. Band) Gunfight Saloon/(Guitar 60) Theme from Star Wars/(Kent Johanssson) Burning Rock With Mr Moon/(Hotlanders) Ol' Man River- Vocal/(The Spinning
Wheels) You're Sixteen - Vocal/(Kenneth Lindholm Band) Cassiopeja/(Pekka & Beatmakers) I Will Stay/(Still Young & Beautiful) Don't Be Cruel - Vocal/(The Hotlanders) Form Filur/(Kent Johansson) Big Bamboo/(Joakim Vannberg)
Evja Guitar Medley/(Ede Standards) The Savage. Carelia Records
© Copyright: 2000 - Ulla Sorensen