Apache (CD) MAM 104 
Made In France
 Apache/Space Party/Theme From A Summer Place/
Le Petit Train De La Memoire. Magic records Label 
Get Moving (CD) 3030512  
Made In France
 Produced by Warren Bennett , * Brian Bennett plays on tracks as indicated: Get Moving/Diamonds Are Forever/Thunderbolt */Belle */From Me To You/My First Rendezvous/Le Diable En Moi*/
Moon River*/Pancho's Villa*/Starfire/The Asian Way/The Storm/
Lover Forever/Bristol Express. Magic records Label France 2005
Little Shadow (CD) 1985072  
Made In France
 Matilda/You'll Be "Little Shadow" For Ever/A Blue Jag To Hell/Waltzing Matilda/OK D'Ac!/You Were So Sweet On Your Rock/A Night In The Half Moon In. Magic records Label
Rémanence (CD) 3931075
Made In France Thierry La Fronde/Return To The Alamo/Ghost Riders In The Sky/Flowers/
Cavatina/Mustang/La Playa/One More Day/Le Petit Train De La Mémoire/Bright Eyes/
Theme From A Summer Place/Belle. 
Magic Records
The Angel Of The North...A Tribute To Newcastle Upon Tyne 
(CD) 1989572 Made In France The Angel Of The North/La Plus Belle Pour Aller Danser/To The North With My Pain/Blue Star/Dance The Day Away/Sunset On Tyne Side/ Lonely Heart/You Don't Have To Say You Love Me/Endlessly/Thank You Very Much Mr . Jerry/How Can I Forget St. Patrick's day/Wonderful land. Magic records Label
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