50 Guitar Greatest (CD) 530 357-6
Disc. 1: [The Shadows] Apache/[Rene & His Alligators] Guitar Boogie/[Dick Dale] Misirlou/
[The Jumping Jewels] Ghostriders In The Sky/[The Spotnicks] Amapola/[Johnny & His Cellar Rockers]
Blue Tango/[The Shadows] Atlantis/[The Treble Spankers] Johnny Guitar/[Nero & The Gladiators]
Entry Of The Gladiators/[Link Wray] Rumble/[ZZ & De Maskers] La Comparsa/[The Shadows] Wonderful Life/
[The Cougars] Saturday Nite At The Duck-Pound/[The Ventures] Hawaii Five-O/[Rhett Stoller] Chariot/
[Rene & His Alligators] Gypsy Rock/[The Jets] Goldfinger/[De Maskers] Concerto D’aranjuez/[The Dakotas]
The Cruel Sea/[The Treble Spankers] I Follow The Sun/[The Alantis] Bombora/[Chet Atkins] Yakety Axe/
[The Jumpings Jewels] Wheels/[The Chantays] Pipeline/[Willy & The Giants] Ajoen Ajoen.
Disc. 2: [The Surfaris] Wipe Out/[The Shadows] Man Of Mystery/[Johnny & His Cellar Rockers] Melody In F Rock/
[The Ventures] Walk Don’t Run/[The Jumping Jewels] Africa/[The Shadows] F.B.I/[Rene & His Alligators]
12th Street Rag/[The Treble Spankers] Mirananda/[The Krew-Kats] Trambone/[The Lords] The Lord’s Night Out/
[The Outlaws] Ambush/The Shadows] Guitar Tango/[De Maskers] Hodge Podge/[Jet Harris & Tony Meehan] Diamonds/[The Virtues] Guitar Boogie Shuffle/[The Spotnicks] Orange Blossom Special/[Javalins] Javalins Beat/
[Rene & His Alligators] The Alligators Dance/[The Jumping Jewels] Zambesi/[The Shadows] Kon-Tiki/[Willy & The Giants] Sarie Marys/[Bert Weedon] Sorry Robbie/[ZZ & De Maskers] Spanish Tears/[The Spotnicks] Happy Guitar/
[The Treble Spankers] Red Hot Navigator. Universal Label
Guitar Gallery Vol.2 - Sixstring Showdown (CD) ERCD-0105
Made In Netherland HURMIO: Tribute To Oscar M./Searage/Umbrella Twist/
Black Rose Of Texas/Moontan/Why/Beam & Troll/Dancesong/Vagabond/Arameidae.
THE RYDERS: Svansjön Saturday Nite At The Duckpond/Chattanooga Choo-Choo/Hang On/
Dakota/Pistoleros/Find Me A Golden Street/Man Of Mystery/Ebb Tide/Apache/Walk Don't Run. 
Echo Records Label
Guitar Heroes (CD) DC 880192
Made In Netherland [The Shadows] Apache/[The Ventures] Hawaii Five-O/[Bert Weedon] Guitar Boogie Shuffle/[The Tornados] Telstar/[Bill Justies] Raunchy/[The Dakotas] The Cruel Sea/[The Chantays] Pipeline/[LinkWray] Rumble/[Santo & Johnny] Sleepwalk/[The Fentones]
The Mexican/[Surfaris] Wipe Out/[Lonnie Mack] Memphis/[Les Paul] Tico Tico/[The Ventures] Walk Don't Run/[The Shadows] F.B.I./[The Flee Rekkers] Fireball XL5. DISKY Label
Guitar Syndicate "Mid Life Crisis"  (CD) MVD 2002-4
Made In Netherland The Lost City/It's A Man's World/Las Tres Carabelas/Wonderful Land/
Maria No Mas/Dakota/It's Been A Blue Day/The Breeze And I/Dance On/Quizas Quizas Quizas/
Argentina/Spanish Harlem/Alentejo/Magic Is The Moonlight/Santa Ana/
Theme From The Deer Hunter. MoviDisc Records
Instro Beat (CD) LSCD001
Made In United Kingdom Red Square (The Cougars)/The Spartans (Sounds Incorporated)/Cavaquinho (Judd Proctor (unreleased)/The Millionaire (The Dakotas)/
Caravan (The Fentones (unreleased)/Indian Brave (The Outlaws)/Red Guitar (Bert Weedon)/
Safari (The Flintstones)/The Rustler (The Cougars)/Night Cry (Bert Weedon)/
Spanish Holiday (The Innocents)/Humdinger -(The Dakotas)/Palamino (Judd Proctor)/
Sunset (The Nu-Notes)/Jungle Drums (Krew Kats (unreleased)/Work Out (The Flintstones)/
Fury (The Nu-Notes)/Grazina (The Innocents)/The Bat - (Krew Kats)/Fort Knox (The Outlaws)/Ludwig (The Dakotas (unreleased)/Friends (The Shadows)/The Mexican (The Fentones/Hobo (The Outlaws)/While The City Sleeps
(The Cougars)/Jack's Good -(Krew Kats)/It's Bluesy (Judd Proctor)/FBI (The Shadows (true Stereo).
Introducing The Esquires (CD)EMI 72435 32328 2 5
Made In Canada Wonderful Land/Rhythm Shoes/A Touch Of Blue/
Which Way the Wind Blows/Man from Adano/Unchained Melody/
Walking Proud/Buddy Holly Medley/The Girls/Tragedy/36-24-36/
My Blue Heaven/Rave. EMI Records
Instrumental Of The 60's (CD) CC260 CDB7 94226 2
Made In United Kingdom Walk Don't Run (The Ventures)/The Breeze & I
(The Fentones)/The Cruel Sea (The Dakotas)/Let There Be Drums (Sandy Nelson)/
Bush Fire (The Cannons)/Saturday Night At The Duckpond (The Cougars)/
Theme From A Summer Place (Norrie Paramor)/Hawaii Five O (The Ventures)/
Gypsy Beat (The Packabeats)/MeDonals's Cave (The Piltdown Men)/Nut Rocker
(B. Bumble & The Stingers)/Hall Of Mirrors (The Nu Notes)/Man Of Mystery (The Shadows)/
Hit And Miss (John Barry Seven)/Perfidia (The Ventures)/Oyeh (The Dakotas)/African Waltz (Johnny Dakworth)/
Boot Hill (The Federals)/Scorpio (The Scorpions)/Fury (The Nu Notes)/Danger Man Theme (Red Price Combo)/
Mad Goose (The Beachcomers)/Bleakhouse (The Galdiators)/James Bond Theme (John Barry Seven)/
Swingin' Low (The Outlaws)/Scotch On The Socks (The Shadows)/Magic Carpet (The Dakotas)/
The Mexican (The Fentones)/Big Man (The Packabeats)/Tomorrows Cancelled (The Shadows)EMI Records
Legend "In The Beginning"  (CD) MVD 20019
Made In Netherland Chattanooga Choo Choo/Maroc 7/Temptation/
It's A Man's World/Waiting For Rosie/The Flyder & The Spy/Blue Sky Blue Sea
Blue Me/Deep Purple/Red Riverside Rock/It's Been A Blue Day/The Lost City/
You've Gotta Have Heart/Now That You're Gone/Main Theme From Rhythm
& Greens/Zambesi/Santa Ana/I Wish I Could Shimmy/The Ormston Legacy. 
MoviMusic Records
 18th September 2003. 
Midnight Guitar (CD) 5020214119423
Midnight/Albatross/Bilitis/Lara's Theme/Theme From The Godfather/
Cavatina [Theme From The Deer Hunter]/(Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay/
What A Wonderful World/The Lady In Red/Just Like Paradise/Midnight Blue/
The Heat Of The Night/Moonlighting/Take My Breath Away/There'll Be Sad Songs/Words/Every Breath You Take/Sailing/Baker Street/Take That Look
Off Your Face/Feelings/The Last Farewell/Careless Whisper/Yesterday. 
Double Play,Tring Label
The Echoes "When Guitars Ruled" (CD) 664453981325
Made In USA  Shadoogie/The Savage/Atlantis/Dance On/Geronomo/
Peace Pipe/Theme for Young Lovers/Apache/Wonderful Land/FBI-The Boys/
The Stranger/Genie With The Light Brown Bottle (sic)/Round & Round/
Chattanooga Choo-Choo/The Frightened City/The Lost City/Foot Tapper/
Theme From The Deerhunter. Blues Leaf Records
The Champ (CD) CRATEMK 001
Made In USA  The Champ/Hip Jigger/Sweet Soul Music/Dr Jekyll & Hyde Park/
Senior Thump/Landscape/Baby Hold On/Funky Broadway/Rocky Mountain Roundabout/Sound Of The Witchdoctors/Beat Me 'Til I'm Blue/Can You Hear Me? - Deep Crate records Label 

The Mohawks are Brian Bennett Drums/
Alan Hawkshaw Keyboard/Keith Mansfield Bass/Alan Parker Guitar
The Original 60's Instrumentals Album (CD) 3 97406 2 8
Made In EU Walk Don't Run [The Ventures]/Mexican [The Fentones]/
Man Of Mystery [The Shadows]/Magnificent Seven [John Barry]/Cruel Sea [The Dakotas]/
Nut Rocker [B Bumble & The Stingers]/Saturday Nite At The Duck Pond [The Cougars]/
FBI [The Shadows]/James Bond Theme [John Barry Seven & Orchestra]/Perfidia[The Ventures]/
Hit And Miss [John Barry Seven Plus Four]/Breeze And I [The Fentones]/Bleakhouse [Gladiators]/
Bush Fire [The Cannons]/Fury [The Nu Notes]/Hawaii Five-O [The Ventures]/
Magic Carpet [Billy J. Kramer & The Dakotas]/Scotch On The Socks [The Shadows]/Sorry Robbie [Bert Weedon]/
Stumble [Love Sculpture]/Let There Be Drums [Sandy Nelson]/MacDonald's Cave [Piltdown Men]/
Oyeh [Billy J. Kramer & The Dakotas]/Big Man [The Packabeats]EMI Records
The Surfaris Live! - Surf Party (CD) GNPD 2239
Made In USA Wipe Out/Tequila/Shake n' Stomp/Surfer Joe/Point Panic/
Pipeline/Eddie Cochran Medley: Summertime Blues - Somethin' Else/
The Nobles Medley: Earthquake - Hiawatha/Louie, Louie/Apache/
Scatter Shield/Dick Dale Medley: Let's Go Trippin - Surf Beat/Misirlou. 
GNP Records
[Jens Varmløse] Fascinating Shadows (CD) MVD 2001-2
Made In Netherland Out In The Summer/Bossa Roo/Moonlight Shadows/
Atlantis/Shadoogie/Working My Way To You/Wonderful Land/ Foot Tapper/
How Do I Live Without You/Victor/Nivram/Perfidia/Jessica/
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow/Indian Summer.  MoviMusic Records
[Peter Willams] Sunday Night Inn (CD) PW CD002
Made In United Kingdom Atlantis/Dance On/Theme For Young Lovers/
Shindig/Will You Love Me Tomorrow/Moon River/I'll Remember You/
Wonderful Tonight/All I Have To Do Is Dream/Up Oon The Roof/Devil Or Angel/
Always On Mmy Mind/Help Me Make It Though The Night/Love Hurts/Apache/
Midnight/Take It To The Limit/When You Were Sweet Sixteen.. 
PE.WI Records
[Pierre Teodori] Influences (CD) Private
Made In France Stratosphère/My First Rendez-Vous/La Dernière Galaxie/
L'Enfant Qui Rêvait/Winter Love/Farewell My Lovely/The Asian Way/Océan/
Argentine/The Children's Song/French Rendez-Vous/Amélie/Citadelles/
A Heart Will Break Tonight/Crossin'/Images Du Passé.. 
GM Production

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Guitar 60: Music Throught The Years (CD) CACD 027
Made In Sweden Chu Chi/Riders In The Sky/Sealed With A Kiss/Ett litet Rött Paket/
The Winner Takes It All/Cavatina/Diamond Head/Petite Fleur/The Old Romantics/Perfidia/
The Stranger/Stranger On The Shore/Theme From A Summer Place/Shadoogie. 
Carelia Records
Guitar 60: 50 Årgang 1965-2015 (CD) CACD029
Made In Sweden Hawaii Five-O/Misty/The Miracle/Man Of Mystery/Wonderful Land/Apache/
Parisienne Walkways/Going Home/The Old Faithful/Nut Rocker/Tico Tico/Caravan/Mr. Callaghan. 
Carelia Records
Live At Gleng (CD) LM414155
Made In Sweden Trollmors Vuggesang/Moonshot/The Rise And Fall Of Flingel Bunt/
Genie With The Light Brown Lamp/Goldfinger/Man Of Mystery/Lao Girl/Manchurian Beat/
Gold In One/Kon-Tiki/Round And Round/I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Arthur/Saturday Nite At The Duck-Pond/Nut Rocker-Willem Tell Overture. Bonus Track:  Sjæddåvv-Bandet. 
Tasty Special (CD) TA02
Made In Sweden Tasty Special/Spaghetti/I'll Cry Instead/Waltikka/Cape Kennedy/Poison Ivy/
Sagarmatha/Round Up/Oh Boy/Blue Star/Mustang/Irene/Just A Little Teardrop . 
Tasty On Tour (CD) JLCD 64
Made In Sweden The Rumble/Dance On/Gonzales/Move It/Stumblin Guitars/Ebb Tide/Istanbul/
It's A Man's World/Little B/Ferry Cross The Mersey/The Savage/Just A Little Teardrop/
Shadoogie/Brazil/Driftin/Last Date/Midnight Rush On. 
Triola Records
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From Dakota To Memphis
Made In Norway The Mexican/Johnny B Goode/Guitar Man/Little Sister/Distant Memories/
Dakota/Memphis/Rounding The Cape/You Are My Destiny/Black Gold/Devil Woman/
Nivram/Exodus/Good Rockin' Tonight.
Our Own Words And Music (CD) 004-2019
Made In Norway Smoochie Blue/Caribbean Sailing/Winnebago/Feel The Beat (Vocal)/Western Sierra/Highsticking/In The Summer Rain (Vocal)/Indian Carpet/La Rose De La Nuit/Love Is A Crying Game (Vocal)/Golden Temple/Aurora/Distant Memories . 
Order Here Rock And Roll Music (CD) 2010-2
Made In Norway Singing The Blues/Cadilac/Route 66/Shinding/Say Mama/Summertime Blues/
Detriot City/Gonzales/No Particular Place To Go/A Mess Of Blues/Dynamite/Little Stella/
Forty Days/Trouble/D' In Love/Without You/Round And Round/Rock And Roll Music.
Bonus Track: The Rise And Fall Of Flingel Bunt. 
Beyond The Shadows - Midnight Diamonds (CD) GM002
Made In United Kingdom Temptation/Sleepwalk/The Boys/Albatross/
Blue Sky, Blue Sea, Blue Me/The Rumble/The High & Mighty/Peace Pipe/
It's Been A Blue Day/Stars Fell On Stockton/Midnight/Diamonds/
Mustang/Cosy/Theme From The Boys/Tonight/My Resistance Is Low/
Spring Is Nearly Here/Las Tres Carabellas/Blue Star. Geranium Label  
Cliff & The Shadows Revival Band - Summer Holiday 8487.
Made In Germany Five Cliff Richard and The Shadows fans has made this Record. My Babe/
It'll Be Me/The Frightened City/Living Doll/We Say Yeah/Apache/Lesson In Love/Forty Days/
Wonderful Land/Don't Talk To Him/Apron Strings/Summer Holiday/Lucky Lips/Shindig/
Ready Teddy/Dynamite/The Savage/Move It.
I Can't Believe It's Not ...... The Shadows (CD) ICBIN CD 025
Made In Germany Foot Tapper/Dance On/Kon Tiki/Wonderful Land/Apache/Peace Pipe/
Guitar Tango/The Stranger/Shindig/Shazam/Man Of Mystery/The Frightened City/
Quatermaster's Stores/36-24-36/Sleepwalk/Walk Don't Run/Perfidia/Teen Beat/Atlantis/
FBI/Midnight/The Boys/Let There Be Drums/Lara's Theme.
The Greatest Guitar Hits Of The Shadows [The Six Strings]
(CD) 10011502 Made In EU Apache/The Rise And Fall Of Flingel Bunt/Man Of Mystery/
Cavatina/The Savage/Guitar Tango/The Boys/Wonderful Land/Atlantis/Shindig/Dance On/
Theme For Young Lovers/Foot Tapper/FBI/Genie With The Light Brown Lamp/Kon-Tiki.
Elap Music Label
The Hits Of The Shadows Collection [The Foot Tappers]
(CD) 300972 Made In United Kingdom Apache/Man Of Mystery/Guitar Tango/Kon-Tiki/
Foot Tapper/Wonderful Land/FBI/Shindig/Theme For Young Lovers/The Rise & Fall Of Flingel Bunt/Shadoogie/Atlantis/Peace Pipe/The Frightened City/36-24-36/
Quatermaster's Stores/Geronimo/Dance On.
The Music Of The Shadows [An Evening In Nivram](CD) MS 0004
Made In USA Main Theme [The Omega Man]/Apache [The Falcons]/Gonzales
[The Huntington Cads]/Atlantis [The Aqua Velvets]/Man Of Mystery [The Fathoms]/
The Savage [The Space Cossacks]/Don't It Make You Feel Good [The Boss Martians]/
The Lute Number [The Trobadours]/Evening Comes [The Alohas]/Tomorrow's Cancelled
[The Tiki Tones]/Tales Of A Raggy Tramline[Dave Alla The Arrows]/Maroc 7 [The Travelers
Of Tyme]/The Rise & Fall Of Flingel Bunt [Satan's Pigrims]/Zambesi [The Deoras]/Theme For Young Lovers
[Teisco Del Rey]/Back Home [Jim Mankey].
The Music Of The Shadows (CD) MACCD291
Made In United Kingdom  Dance On/Man Of Mystery/The Frightened City/Cavatina/
Genie With The Light Brown Lamp/Guitar Tango/The Savage/Rise And Fall Of Flingel Bunt/
Mary Anne/Kon-Tiki/Apache/Atlantis/FBI/Foot Tapper/Geronimo/Shindig/Wonderful Land/
Theme For Young Lovers/36-24-36/The Stranger. Marble Arch
Tribute To The Shadows  (CD) SMM 503263 2
Made In France Apache/F.B.I/Nivram/Sleepwalk/The Rise & Fall Of Flingel Bunt/Shadoogie/
The Frightened City/The Savage/Dance On!/Foot Tapper/Man Of Mystery/The Stanger/Kon-Tiki/
Ranka Chank/Ballad For A Friend/Sea - Sock & Sun/Wooden Leg Stomp/No Dancing/
Life In The Jungle/Riders In The Sky. Megaphon Importservice Label

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