(Ali Goodall) Be Made Beautiful (CD) A510321-002
Made In United Kingdom You Are/Perception/Stuck In The Attic/Sedond Chance/Hit The Cloud/Be Made Beautiful/You Turned The Light On/Baby I Do/
Show You How/Angel In White/Say What You Mean/This Is Now. 
Front2back Records
14 April 2017. 
(Ali Goodall) Life A Story (CD) A370321-001
Made In United Kingdom It Will Be Ok/Better Than Best/Life's A Story/
Love Goes Deep/Meant To Be/Let's Talk/Freedom Song/Another Day/
Hold The Picture/Forgotten One/My Time. 
Simali Records
(Best Of Me) A Tribute To Cliff Richard (CD) F2B CD02
Made In United Kingdom Miss You Nights/Wired For Sound/
We Don't Talk Anymore/Ocean Deep/Summer Holiday/Devil Woman/
Some People/Carrie/The Next Time/A Little In Love/
Faithful One. Front2Back Media Ltd
Bluebird Cafe
Made In EU
2. Someone Else
3. Since You Went Away. 
ICC Records

Celebration (CD) 
Congratulations/Congratulations (Instrumental)/21 Today!/21 Today! (Instrumental)/
For He's A Jolly Good Fellow/For She's A Jolly Good Fellow/Jolly Good Fellow - Singalong
(Backing Track). Private Collection Label
Closer (CD) ICCD68330
Made In United Kingdom All This World Has To Offer/Always/Can't Deny/
Keep Me/Deeper In Love With You/You Have Been So Good To Us/
I Kneel Down (El Shaddai)/I Love To Worship You (You Mean More To Me)/
All To You/O For A Heart To Praise My God/Father We Love You. 
ICC Records
Collaborations (CD) 161562-23982
Made In United Kingdom Tangent Tears/Faded Photograph/If We Only Knew/He Knows, She Knows/Where The Love Is/This Time/Lovers/It's A Boy/
Deeper Love/Bluebird Café. Bonus Tracks UK Only: Song For Sarah/
His Love Covers Our Skin/Imagination.

Plus an Exclusive Anamation of Bluebird Café. ICC Records 2011. 

Collaboration II (CD) F2BCD06
Made In United Kingdom Like A Drum/Simple Love Letter/This Is A Song/Sail Home With Me/Valentine/Home For Christmas/Baby I Do/All Done Missing You/The Man/Arms Of Love/Memories Of A Summer's Day/Firs Train/Beautiful. 
ICC Records
Generous Love 25 (CD) F2B CD09
Made In United Kingdom You Hold The Key/Live As One/Someone Else/Your Love/Generous Love/I Still Love You/Hold The Picture/More Than A Feeling/All You've Done For Me/Asking You. Bonus Tracks: Draw Me Close/Devoted To You. 
Front2back Records
Generous Love (CD) ICCD16230
Made In United Kingdom You Hold The Key/Live As One/Someone Else/Your Love/Generous Love/I Still Love You/Hold The Picture/More Than A Feeling/All You Have Done For Me/Asking You. ICC Records 1995. 
(Hot Hits 4 Kool Kids) Time For Action (CD) SIMALI0805
Made In EU I Love To Dance/Shapes/Firefighter Song/Calling MR Policeman/Tadpole Ted/
The Sunflower Seed/Thank You/The Weather Song/Let's March/Holiday. 
Simali Records
(Hot Hits 4 Kool Kids) Friends (CD) SIMALI0904
Made In EU Going On Safari/Firends/Kind To Your Friends/The Caterpillar Song/Opposites/
Days Of The Week/Sinses/Over In The Stable/This Time Of Year/Deep In The Ocean. 
Simali Records
Jesus You're The One (CD) CHMCD045
Made In EU I Worship You Lord Jesus Christ/You Are Great/Come On In And Join The Party/
Anything/Father I Love You (I'm Standing Before The King)/Go Into The World/Talk About Jesus/Reach Up High/Love The Lord With All Your Heart (Deuteronomy 6:5)/Jesus How I Love You/He Is The Way/Jesus You're The One  
Childrens Ministry
Like a Drum Christmas Mix
Made In EU
2. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas. 
ICC Records

My Love For Christmas (CD) RF 101
Made In United Kingdom
2. So Long. 
Refresh Records

Music Memories And Melodies (CD) F2B CD08
Made In United Kingdom Love Between Us/Always The Same/Going Away Again/
Someone Else/A Little Like You/Like A Drum (Christmas Mix)/All You've Done For Me/
Meant To Be/Valentine/Baby I Do (Unplugged). 
Front2back Records
31st March 2019. 
Plugged In And Connected (CD) ICCD23230
Made In United Kingdom Carolyn/As Long As You Believe In Me/
Broken Down/Free/All By Myself/All You Have Done. 
ICC Records
Rewind - 20th Anniversary Collection   (CD) CDF2B05
Made In United Kingdom
Disc. 1: Stay With Me/Asking You/Where The Love Is/Tangent Tears/In Your Own Space/
I Still Love You/Since You Went Away/Deeper Love/Generous Love/This Time (Acoustic)/
Faded Photograph/All You've Done For Me/Words Are Not Enough/If We Only Knew/
All To You.
Disc. 2: Hold The Picture/He Knows, She Knows (Someone Else)/Bluebird Cafe/
You Hold The Key/Just A Memory/More Than A Feeling/Lovers/Your Love/It's A Boy (Christmas Song)/Has Love Reached Your Heart (feat. Ali Goodall)/Always/Live As One/
Wishing Well/Keep Me/If I Never Sing Another Song Again. Front2back Records
Shout Praise & Worship Songs (CD) 
You're Worthy Of My Praise/There's A Place/Rejoice Rejoice Christ Is In You/Be Bold Be Strong/
Great Is The Lord/Who Is There Like You (Backing Track with Backing Vocals - Medium Key)/
As We Are Gathered/Thank You For Saving Me/Jesus Is Lord/More Love More Power/This Is Your God Meekness And Majesty/Amazing Love (My Lord What Love Is This)/Give Me Jesus. 
Private Collection Label
Simon Goodall & The Bourne Again Shadows (CD) LM-0054109
Made In United Kingdom The Young Ones/Summer Holiday/Dancing Shoes/
On The Beach/Foot Tapper/Atlantis/Travelin' Light/I Love You/All Shook Up/
A Voice In The Wolderness/Don't Cry For Me Argentina/Wonderful Land/
Please Don't Tease/Don't Talk To Him/Nine Times Out Of Ten/Move It. 
Stay With Me (CD) ICCD42530
Made In United Kingdom Stay With Me/You Have Been So Good To Us/
Testify To Love/You Love/Now To Live The Life (Remix)/Just A Memory/
Deep Within My Heart (You Are The One)/Deeper/All I Can Say/Anchor Me. 
ICC Records
Time For Love (CD) 
Made In United Kingdom
2. Valentine
3. Meant To Be. 
Front2back Records

Where Have The Years Gone (CD) F2BCD01
Made In United Kingdom My Heart Breaks/You've Got A Friend/Wishing Well/
Where Have The Years Gone/This Time/Whenever God Shines His Light/
Just A Memory/Since You Went Away/Keep Me/Cannonball. 
ICC Records
© Copyright: 2000 - Ulla Sorensen