A Matter Of Time (CD) 
Across the Pond/Shady Tales/Green Lady/The Lords Sea/Ginger/A Matter Of Time/Empty/Collins Meadow/Songs For Alex/G & T Blues/Down The River. 
Private Collection Label
A Midnight Clear - Elegy (CD) 
We Three Kings Of Orient Are/God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/It Came Upon A Midnight Clear/
Oh Little Town Of Bethlehem/I Saw Three Ships Come Sailing In/The Holly And The Ivy/Past Three O'Clock/Ding Dong Merrily On High/Oh Come All Ye Faithful/The First Noel/Oh Come, Oh Come Emmanuel/In The Bleak Midwinter/We Three KIngs Of Orient Are (Reprise)/In Unison/
A Christmas Carol/The Mariners Tale/Blue Lady/Lucky/Elegy/Spring Dance/The Poacher/
Sallies Song/Storm Brewing/Downwind/Sleuth/Gold/Solitaire/Gemini. Private Collection Label
A Testament Of Time - Double Vision (CD) 
Starting All Over/Candlelight Lady/Harlequin/Gypsy/Catwalk Blues/Lady Jae/The Entertainer/
Gethsemane/Cycle/King's Ransom/Maddie Goes West/The Racer/Ravensbourn/Under This Blue Sky/Sing A Song Of Sixpence/A Christmas Carol/The Picnic/The Passing Of A Queen/Heartsong/
Daisy Chain/Fast Approaching/Isabella's Wedding/Tailor Bird/Kaz/Tears Of Joy. 
Private Collection Label
Airwaves - In At The Deep End (CD) 
Black Lightning/El Greco/Heroes/Heart's Ease/Rainbells/Dreamteller/Sad Skies/Air Waves/
Rural Rides/Lake Isle/Lost Love/Blue Haze/The Snow Goose - Part 1/The Snow Goose - Part 2/
The Snow Goose - Part Three/Dreaming Spires/Breaking Free/Castles In The Air/Leprechaum/
Twelve-String Serenade/Sundancer/Drifter/Rag Dolls/Antiques & Curios (A)/Antiques & Curios (B)/Carry The Torch/Child's Play/To Stand And Stare/Impulse/Thoughtful/Free Ride/Twilight Blue/Look Back/Lonely Road. Private Collection Label
As It Happens (CD) 
Maddie Goes West/Appalachian Dreaming/5 Dollar Guitar/God Save The Queen-Smoke On The Water/Here Comes The Sun/Isabella's Wedding/At Giltrap's Bar/The Dodo's Dream/Rainbow Kites/Tears Of Joy/Rain In The Doorway/Summer Holiday-A Misunderstood Man/Sallie's Song/
The Lord's Seat/Mrs Singer's Waltz/A Dublin Day/Simply Margaret/Heartsong/Lucifer's Cage/
The Dodo's Dream (Demonstration). Private Collection Label
Catwalk Blues - The Constant Friend (CD) 
Catwalk Blues/The Tiger/Roots/Revelation/Inner Dream/Lucifer's Cage/Birds Of A Feather/
Passion Fruit/Preludes/Country Buff/Night Rider/Jerusalem/Jig/The Constant Friend/Shining Morn/A Christmas Carol/Thes Father's Love/Five Dollar Guitar/Sadie In May/This Kissing Gate. 
Private Collection Label
Captured From A Point In Time - Secret Valentine (CD) 
Appalachian Dreaming/A Dublin Day/On Camber Sands/The Picnic/Nursery Chimes/The Racer/
Rainbow Kites/At Giltrap's Bar/Here Comes The Sun/Pedrolino/The Lord's Seat/Under This Blue Sky/Isabella's Wedding/Heartsong/Down The River/Lucifer's Cage/The Dodo's Dream/Maddie Goes West/Under This Blue Sky/Simply Margaret/Kaz/The Picnic/Elegy (The Death Of Chatterton)/Down The River/By Angie Tarn/A Christmas Carol/The Lord's Seat/Prayer For Philippa/Isabella's Wedding/The Ecchoing Green -London/The Kerry Dancers/Secret Valentine. 
Private Collection Label
Collection (CD) LCVP117CD.
Made In United Kingdom
Disc. 1: Awakening/Robes & Crowns/Echoing Green/London/Morbio Gorge/Roots,
Pts. 1 & 2/Tailor Bird/Magpie Rag/Greco/Elegy/Sallie's Song/Past Three O'Clock/
Lucifer's Cage/Shady Tales/Dublin Day/Who Knows Where Tomorrow Goes?/
Avalon/On Camber Sands/Misunderstood Man/Down the River/Heartsong 93.
Disc. 2: Picnic/Sallie's Song/Dublin Day/Summer Holiday/Who Knows Where
Tomorrow Goes?/Angie/Down the River/Isabella's Wedding/Lord's Seat/Splinter/
Lucifer's Cage/Catwalk Blues/Here Comes the Sun. La Cooka Ratcha Label
Drifter (CD) 
Mrs Singer's Waltz/Maddie Goes West/Lakeland Memories/Drifter/James' Jig/Ravensbourn/
Three Legged Horse/The Long Road Home/Deco Echo/Circle Of Friends/Triple Echo/
On Reflection/Those Who Bring Sunshine/Greensleeves/On Tiptoe/A Hint Of Blue/John's Deckchair/Appalacian Dreaming/Isabella's Wedding/Summer Holiday/Nursery Chimes/Pedrolino/
Who Knows Where Tomorrow Goes/Sallie's Song/Rain In The Doorway/The Lord's Seat/Rainbow Kites/Under This Blue Sky/A Christmas Carol/The Racer/A Dublin Day/On Camber Sands/Here Comes The Sun/At Giltrap's Bar. Private Collection Label
Gordon Giltrap & Oliver Wakeman ?- Ravens & Lullabies (CD) EANTCD 1013
Made In United Kingdom Moneyfacturing/Fiona's Smile/From The Turn Of A Card Vocals - Benoit David/LJW/Maybe Tomorrow/Wherever There Was Beauty/Is This The Last Song I Write?/
A Mayfair Kiss/Anyone Can Fly/A Perfect Day/Credit Carnival/One For Billie Ravens Will Fly Away. 
Esoteric Antenna Records
04 Mar 2013. 
Guitar Masterclass 1979 - Action World (CD) 
Open Country/Soft Winds/Wings (B)(Underscore Version)/Avalon/Quicksilver/High Tension/
Reactions/Winning (A)/Winning (B)/Winning (C)(Edit)/Winning (D)(Link Sting)/Winning (E)
(30 Second Edit)/Winning (F)(30 Second Edit)/Winning (G)(Link Sting)/Winning (H)
(Link Sting).  Private Collection Label
Live At Oxford 1979 - Live (CD) 
Awakening/Robes And Crowns/Quest/The Deserter/Fast Approaching/Catwalk Blues/Roots 1 & 2/
Nightrider/Inner Dream/Fear Of The Dark/Visitation/Heartsong/Lucifer's Cage/Chambertin/
Kaz/Rain In The Doorway/The Picnic/Here Comes The Sun/Isabella's Wedding/At Giltrap's Bar/
Heartsong/Down The River/Lucifer's Cage/Anji. Private Collection Label
Music For The Small Screen - Down The River - Under This Blue Sky (CD) 
Heartsong (feat Brian May)/The Last Of England/Shady Tales/The Lord's Seat/Holiday Romance/
The Unbroken Promise/Brutus/The Carnival/Hold The Back Page/Sunburst/Revelation Highway/
Indomitable/In Unison/Lucky/On Camber Sands/Quest For Nonsuch/Rain In The Doorway/
Rainbow Kites/The Lord's Seat/The Picnic/Under This Blue Sky/Sing A Song Of Sixpence/
Here Comes The Sun/At Giltrap's Bar/Chambertin/The Picnic/The Racer/Pedrolino/Kaz/
Crossing The Border/Secret Valentine/Fell Runner/Winter Dance. Private Collection Label
On A Summer's Night - Live At The BBC (CD) 
Shady Tales/Roots-The Poacher/Sallie's Son/The Lords Seat/Heartsong/Country Bluff/Work/
From The Four Winds/Empty/Echoing Green-London/Lucifers Cage/Down The River/Awakening/
Robes And Crowns-From The Four Winds/Price Of Experience/The Tyger/Lucifers Cage-Revelation/Starting All Over/Catwalk Blues/When I See My Son/The Passing Of The Queen/
Reflectiond And Despair/Heartsong/Fear Of The Dark. Private Collection Label
One To One - The Solo Album (CD) 
Calling On/Following On/Work/Portmeirion/All Blues/The Poacher/St Martha's Hill/Roots/
Spring Dance/The Rose Hip/Heartsong/PDC/Jig/Shady Tales/Ecchoing Green/London/
Empty/Magpie Rag/Melancholy Lullaby/Prelude To Pastoral/A Christmas Carol/Fast Approaching/
Catwalk Blues/Tailor Bird/Prelude To Morbio Gorge/Lucifer's Cage/From The Four Winds/
The Lord's Seat/Country Bluff. Private Collection Label
Part Of The Picture (CD) SM CD 297
Made In United Kingdom
Disc. 1: Headwind (The Eagle)/Magpie's Rag/The Dodo's Dream/The Tailor Bird/Birds Of A Feather/
Country Bluff/Chanticleer/The Snow Goose/El Greco/Heroes/Sad Skies/Elegy/Spring Dance/I Saw Three Ships/Past Three O'Clock.
Disc. 2: The Echoing Green/Londoon/From The Four Winds/Fast Approaching/Catwalk Blues/Shady Tales/
Empty/Heartsong/The Last Of England/The Lord's Seat/Lucky/Sunburst/Roots/The Poacher/Lucifer's Cage/
Work. Snapper Music Records
Peace Will Fall (CD) SJPCD505
Made In United Kingdom Praise Him/The Best Of Me/This Father's Love/Under A Blue Sky/The Lords Seat/Christmas Carol/ Mary/First Light/In Honour Of Your Name/Love Wins/The Lord Is My Strength/Walk Beside Me/ Echoes Of Heaven/Peace Will Fall. 
Angel Air Records
Pofacetilly - Live In 1999 (CD) 
Cathy's Waltz/Pofacetilly/I Heard You Smiling/Winter Magic/Dream In Unison/Foundations In Art/Flying Through The Night/Profacetilly (Reprise)/Shady Tales/Nursery Chimes/A Dublin Day/
Splinter/Sallies Song/The Lord's Seat/Who Knows Where Tomorrow Goes/At Giltrap's Bar/
G & T Blues-Country Bluff/On Camber Sands/Daisy Chain/Overture From Heathcliffe/The Picnic/
Isabella's Wedding/A Christmas Carol/Heartsong/Down The River. Private Collection Label
Remember This - Janschology (CD) 
Appalachian Dreaming/Here Comes The Sun/Jesu Joy Of Man's Desiring/Nuage/Substitute/
Minuet/Lady Nothing/Layla/Romanza/Summer Holiday/Scarlet Ribbons/If I Fell/Bouree/
The Londonderry Air/Isabella's Wedding/Down The River/The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face/Angie (Angelina)/Running From Home/Chambertin/Blackwaterside/Roots. 
Private Collection Label
Shining Morn (CD) 
Shining Morn/Rachel's Reflections/Prayer For Phillippa/Five Dollar Guitar/Lazy Sunday/Simply Margaret/Joy Ride/Ladies Of Lichfield/The Passing Of A Queen/The Dodo's Dream/Em's Tune/A Tapestry Of Tears/Forever Gold/Fairlight Down/Night/Tiggie's Tune/By Angle Tarn/Minus One/Ive's Horizon/Paula's Passion/Roseberry Topping/Ring Of Kerry/Tears Of Joy/Shining Morn (Extended Version). 
Private Collection Label
Troubadour (CD) K-Tel ECD 3090
Made In United Kingdom A Misunderstood Man/Be With Me Always/
Rain In The Doorway/On Camber Sands/The Lord's Seat/Rainbow Kites/
Who Knows Where Tomorrow Goes/Isabella's Wedding (Heathcliff's Wedding Song/Quest for Nonsuch/A Dublin Day/Down The River/
The Picnic/Daisy Chain/Nursery Chimes/The Kerry Dancers. 
K-TEL Label
 16th March 1998. 
The Peacock Party (CD) ECLEC 2453
Made In United Kingdom Headwind - The Eagle/Magpie Rag/Hocus Pocus/Turkey Trot - A Country Bluff/ Tailor Bird/Black Rose - The Raven/Birds Of A Feather/Jester's Jig/Gypsy Lane/ Party Piece/Chanticleer/Dodo's Dream. Bonus Tracks Shel-Em-Nazam/Bella Donna/Birds Of A Feather (First Version)/Headwind (Single Version). 
Esoteric Recordings Records
30 Jun 2014. 
The Band Live 1981 - Soundwaves (CD) 
Roots/Magpie Rag/Birds Of A Feather/Chanticleer/Black Rose The Raven/Dodo's Dream/Gypsy Lane/Tailor Bird/Revelation/Headwind/Turkey Trot Country Bluff/Heartsong/Nightrider/Lucifer's Cage/Going For Gold (A)/Going For Gold (B)/Machine Man (A)/Machine Man (B)/Getting Away/
The Arena/Champions/Mandola/Sunny Side/Solo/Brutus/Fresh Alive/Soft Talk/Get Up And Go (A)/Get Up And Go (B)/Tropical Heat/Sunsports/Carol/Run For Fun/The Wanderer. 
Private Collection Label
The Last Of England - Woman (CD) 
The Last Of England/All The Days Of May/Spring/Elegy (Chatterton)/April Love/The Light Of The World/Work/Loren/The Anna Fantasia/This Father's Love/Sadie In May/Ania's Dream/Plas Oriel/A Promise Fulfilled/One For Billie/The Anna Fantasia/Em's Tune/Simply Margaret/Kaz/Sadie In May/
Fiona's Smile/Paula's Passion/Prayer For Phillippa/Rachel's Reflections/Loren/The Stars Look Down On Linda/Maddie Goes West/Ania's Dream.  Private Collection Label
The River Sessions - A Taste Of Classical Giltrap (CD) 
Catwalk Blues/The Tiger/Roots/Revelation/Inner Dream/Lucifer's Cage/Birds Of A Feather/
Passion Fruit/Preludes/Country Bluff/Night Rider/Jerusalem/Jig/Brotherhood Suite (Overture)/
The Last Of England/Spring/Elegy (The Death Of Chatterton)/The Light Of The World/Work/
Eye Of The Wind-Second Movement-Andante Cantabile/Commentary From Gordon. 
Private Collection Label
Time To Reflect A Personal Anthology Vol. 1 (CD) 
Mrs. Singer's Waltz/Maddie Goes West/Lakeland Memories/Drifter/James' Jig/Ravensbourn/
Three Legged Horse/The Long Road Home/Deco Echo/Circle Of Friends/Triple Echo/On Reflection/
Those Who Bring Sunshine/On Tiptoe/A Hint Of Blue/John's Deckchair/Under This Blue Sky/
Sing A Song Of Sixpence/Here Comes The Sun/At Giltrap's Bar/Chambertin/The Picnic/
The Racer/Pedrolino/Kaz/Crossing The Border/Secret Valentine/Fell Runner/Winterdance. 
Private Collection Label
Time To Reflect A Personal Anthology Vol. 2 (CD) 
In Unison/A Christmas Carol/The Mariners Tale/Blue Lady/Lucky/Elegy/Spring Dance/
The Poacher/Sallie's Song/Storm Brewing/Downwind/Sleuth/The First Time Ever I Saw You Face/
Angie (Angelina)/Running From Home/Chambertin/Blackwaterside/Heartsong ('93 All Star Version)/
The Last Of England/Shady Tales/The Lord's Seat/Holiday Romance (From Holiday TV Show)/
The Unbroken Promise/Brutus (From World Bowls TV Show)/The Carnival (From Wish You Were Here…TV Show)/
Hold The Back Page/Sunburst/Revelation Highway/Indomitable/In Unison (Repeated)/Lucky/
Appalachian Dreaming/Heartsong (From Holiday TV Show) . Private Collection Label
Visionary - Perilous Journey - Fear Of The Dark (CD) 
Awakening/Robes & Crowns/From The Four Winds/Lucifer's Cage/Revelation/The Price Of Experience/The Dance Of Albion/The Tyger/The Ecchoing Green/London/Night/Quest/The Deserter/Pastoral/Morbio Gorge/Heartsong/Reflections & Despair/Cascade/To The High Throne/
Vision/Roots (Parts One And Two)/Nightrider/Inner Dream/Weary Eyes/Fast Approaching/
Melancholy Lullaby/Fear Of The Dark/Visitation. Private Collection Label
© Copyright: 2000 - Ulla Sorensen