50's & 60s Rock 'N' Roll - Mo Foster & Friends In Concert (CD)
Happy Hour/Pony Tail/Faraway Places/Street Gang/Smoochy/Front Porch/
Drum Hum/Jiving In The Isles/Night Groove/Low Life/Five To Get Ready/
Slow Dance/Simply Samba/Dreamy/Frantic/Beat Generation/Freedom Jazz Dance/The Pan Piper/Some Echoes/Three Views Of A Secret/Gone Gone Gone Gone/Django/Oh No/Footprints/So Far Away/And On The Third Day/
On Your Way Down/Sing Me Softly Of The Blues/Little Wing/Who's There/
Chickens. Private Collection Label
Bass Themes (CD) SJPCD 349
Made In United Kingdom York Street Cafe/Seven Steps To Devon/
Driving Ventura/Good Cop-Bad Cop/Welcome Home/Storm Warning. 
Angel Air Records
Bel Assis (CD) SJPCD 151
Made In Austria The Light In Your Eyes/A Walk In The Country/Gaia/
Crete Revisited/So Far Away/Analytical Engine/Pump II/Jaco/Bel Assis/
And Then There Were Ten/Nomad. 
Angel Air Label
Belsize Lane (CD) BEL 1
Made In United Kingdom Looking Through The Window/
A Walk In The Country/Spivram/Beater Blocker/Old Friend/Stand By Me/
Lunch In The Park/So Far Away/The Light In Your Eyes/Duane Stays Mainly On The Plane/Just Another Day/Pyrenees/And Then There Were Ten/Leo/Procession. 
Beli Label
Centennial Park (CD) SJPCD 148
Made In United Kingdom Broadway Rundown/Tootin' Beck/
After All these Years/Truck/Centennial Park/Hoover The Duvet/
First Love/Juna The Last/Memories Of Crete Bonus Track: Malindi (live)/
Juna The Last (live)/Broadway Rundown (demo)/First Love (demo)/
A Kind Of A Blues (demo). Angel Air Label
Live At Blues West 14 (CD) SJPCD 207
Made In United Kingdom Hot Buttered Cats/Prelude - That Dream Again/So Far Away/Oh No/Cry Of The Unheard/Prelude - Blues SW19/
Tricotism/Let's Go Somewhere/Tradewinds/Four Susans/Importance Of Being Invoiced/Crete Yet Another Visit/Blues For B And C. Angel Air Label
Live At The Venue 1982 (CD) SJPCD 174
Made In United Kingdom Broadway Rundown/Tootin’ Beck/
After All These Years/Centennial Park/Hoover The Duvet/First Love/
Juna The Last/Memories Of Crete. Angel Air Label
Release Information:
Studio: Angel Air Records
DVD Release Date: 27 Oct 2003
Run Time: 90 minutes
Edition Details:
• Region 0 encoding (Europe,Middle East,Japan)
• Number Of Discs: 1
• Bar Code: 5 055011 706170
RMS In Concert With Special Guest Gil Evans (DVD) NJPDVD617
Made In United Kingdom RMS and Gil Evans recorded live in concert at the Montreaux Festival 1983, the tracklist features 'Broadway Rundown', 'First Love', 'The Whole Of Tomorrow', 'So Far Way', 'Hoover The Duvet', 'Stone Free', 'Little Wing', 'Gone' and 'Juna The Last'.

Broadway Rundown/First Love/The Whole Of Tomorrow/So Far Away/
Hoover The Duvet/Stone Free/Little Wing/Gone/Juna The Last. 
Angel Air Label
Southern Reunion (CD) SJPCD 163
Made In United Kingdom Gil/Blue/Achill Island/Waves/Tricotism/
A Notional Anthem/Southern Reunion/Grand Unified Boogie/Fractal Landscape/Shin-Kan-Sen Bonus Track:The Man From The Everglades. 
Angel Air Label
Time To Think (CD) PHRCD001
Made In United Kingdom It's About That Time Of Day/Leo/Omapere Dawn/On Frith Street/Mangonui/Guardians/Waves II/Shades Of Grey/
Let's Go On Somewhere/The Long Man Of Wilmington/A Notional Anthem/
Time To Think. 
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