Release Information:
• Studio: Universal Island
• Run Time: 100 minutes
Edition Details:
• Region 0 encoding (World)
• Color, Fullscreen 1.33:1[4:3]
• Number Of Discs: 1
Subtitle: German, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish
ABBA: In Concert (DVD) 00440 065 646-92
ABBA's 1979 concert tour of North America and Europe was ad adventure marked by excitement and anticipation. Not only did the group tour very rarely, but for the first time their many American fans would get the chance
to see theme in live performance. The European leg of the tour was no less thrilling: in England, ABBA achieved the formidable feat of selling out
London's Wembley Arena for six nights in a row.

This triumphant journey across two continents was vividly captured of film
in ABBA In Concert. In intimate backstage scenes the gourp confronts the

American touring circuit - travelling, rehearsing, relaxing, and preparing for their show.
The Camera then transports us to London, England and an unforgettable concert at a cooking Wembley Arena. ABBA In Concert exposes the four Swedes at their dynamic best, delivering hit aft hit: Waterloo,Take A Chance On Me,Knowing Me,Knowing You,Chiquitita,Dancing Queen and many more.

More than two decades have passed since ABBA last were together on a concert stage. But the magic of their music continues to capture the world's imagination - perhaps more so now than ever before. ABBA In Concert is an invaluable document and a rare chance to experience the
real thing: ABBA live, as they really were.

The Songs Performed:
Waterloo/Eagle/Take A Chance On Me/Voulez-Vous/Chiquitita/I Have A Dream/Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)/Knowing Me, Knowing You/Summer Night City/Dancing Queen/
Does You Mother Know/Hole In Your Soul.

Bonus Tracks:

 The Way Old Friends Do, previously unreleased on DVD, introduced by Agnetha and Bjφrn
 I Have A Dream, unedited live version  Thank You For The Music, previously unreleased performance from the tour, never broadcast  interview with director Urban Lasson
 Interview with Promoter and tour producer Thomas Hohansson
 Tour Souvenir Programme Picture Gally  Mamma Mia! Trailer. Universal Island

Issued 2017. (DVD) Universal Music UIBY-75042. Japan xxxxxxxxxxx
Release Information:
• Studio:UMC
• Run Time: 1 Hour 21 minutes
Edition Details:
• Region 0 encoding (World)
• Color, Fullscreen 1.33:1[4:3]
• Number Of Discs: 1
Subtitle: Italian, English, Dutch, Swedish, French, German, Portuguese, Japanese
ABBA In Japan (DVD) 06025 271 023-13
Conquering Japan


WHEN ABBA MADE THEIR first visit to japan In November 1978, they were hardly household names. Ten days later, upon their return to Sweden, the group had made such an impact on the Japanese population that it could hardly get enough of ABBA.

Much of this success was due to a television special, simply entitled ABBA Special, in which ABBA performed many of their most popular songs - from 'Waterloo','SOS' and 'Dancing Queen' up to 'Take A Chance On Me', 'Eagle' and 'Summer Night City'. Three of the songs were unique live performances, and ABBBA also treated the Japanese audience to an exclusive preview of 'If It Wasn't For The Nights' from their upcoming album, Voulez-vous.

This legendary television special is now released on DVD for the first time, complete with remastered stereo sound. The DVD also features two bonus selections; a rare behind-the-scenes documentary of ABBA's visit to Japan, and the TV Special performance of 'If It Wasn't For The Nights' with an early, alternate sound mix. Polar Music Records

Issued 2009. (DVD) Universal Music UIBY-1057. Japan xxxxxxxxxxx
Issued 2017. (DVD) Universal Music UIBY-75043. Japan xxxxxxxxxxx
Release Information:
• Studio: Universal Island
• Run Time: 40 minutes
Edition Details:
• Region 2 encoding (Europe,Middle East,Japan)
• Color, Fullscreen 1.33:1[4:3]
• Number Of Discs: 1
Subtitle: Danish,Finnish,Norwegian,Swedish
ABBA - The Last Video (DVD) 06024 986 715-42
ABBA makes a smallscale comeback in The Last Video!

ABBA - The Last Video is the film about four hopeful musicians is search
of a record contract. They pay a visit to the Big Record Company Boss and his oily assistant, performing one hit after the other, cheered on by their manager.
But things don't really work out as planned...Agnetha,Bjφrn,Benny & Frida
look just like they did back then... or perhaps not, after all. Is memory playing tricks with us? Were they really this... small?

 The Last Video  Take A Chance On Me (Original Video)  Dancing Queen (Original Video)
 Waterloo (Original Video)  The Winner Takes It All (Original Video)  Behind The Scene Material
(The making of the film with director's comments)
 Picture Gallery. Polar Music Records
Release Information:
• Studio:EMI Studios
• Run Time: 1 Hour 35 minutes
Edition Details:
• Region 0 encoding (World)
• Color, Fullscreen 1.33:1[16:9]
• Number Of Discs: 1
Subtitle: Italian, French, English, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish
ABBA The Movie (DVD) 26024 987 170-04
ABBAMANIA - that was the name given to the hysterical worship of four Swedes that enthralled Australia during an intense period in the mid-1970s. This phenomenon reached its high-point as ABBA conducted an enormously successful tour "down under" in March 1977.

The Feverish madness of the tour was captured on film in director Lasse Hallstrφm's ABBA - The Movie, which remains as one of precious few opportunities to experience ABBA live onstage. In the film, we follow radio

disc jockey Ashley Wallace as he tries to hunt down the group for an exclusive. In-depth interview. Will he make it or not…?

Experience the excitement of ABBA's music and the mania that surrounded them in this very
first DVD release of ABBA - The Movie. The Film has been fully restored and comes with remastered surround sound. Polar Music Records

1. Please Change Your Mind 10. Johan Pε Snippen 19. Get On The Carousel
2. Hole In Your Soul 11. Polkan Gεr 20. I' A Marionette
3. Tiger 12. Rock Me 21. Fernando
4. Sos 13. I've Been Waiting For You 22. Dancing Queen
5. Money Money Money 14. Stoned 23. So Long
6. He Is Your Brother 15. Name Of The Game 24. Eagle
7. Intermezzo No 1 16. Ring Ring 25. Thank You For The Music
8. Waterloo 17. Why Did It Have To Be Me
9. Mamma Mia 18. When I Kissed The Teacher

Issued 2005. (DVD) Universal Music UIBO-1076. Japan xxxxxxxxxxx
Release Information:
Studio: Universal Island
DVD Release Date: 29 Jul 2002
Run Time: 168 minutes
Edition Details:
• Region 2 encoding (Europe,Middle East,Japan)
• Color, Widescreen, 1.33:1
• Number Of Discs: 1

• Bar Code: 0 44001 74459 4
ABBA - The Definitive Collection (DVD) 017 445-9
Made In EEC Waterloo/Ring Ring/Mamma Mia/SOS/Bang-A-Boomerang Fernando/Dancing Queen/Money, Money, Money/Knowing Me, Knowing You/That's Me/The Name Of The Game/Take A Chance On Me/Eagle/
One Man, One Woman/Thank You For The Music/Summer Night City/
Chiquitta/Does Your Mother Know/Voulez-Vous/Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!
(A Man After Midnight)/On And On And On/The Winner Takes It All/
Super Trouper/Happy New Year/When All Is Said And Done/One Of Us/
Head Over Heels/The Day Before You Came/Under Attack.
Bonus Tracks: When I Kissed The Teacher/Estoy Sonando (I Have A Dream)/Felicidad
(Happy New Year)No Hay A Quien Culpar (When All Is Said And Done)/Dancing Queen
(At The Royal Swedish Opera. Polar Music Records

Issued 2005. (CD) Universal Music UICZ-1042. Japan xxxxxxxxxxx
Issued 2017. (DVD) Universal Music UIBY-75041. Japan xxxxxxxxxxx
Release Information:
• Studio: Universal Pictures Video
• Run Time: 170 minutes
Edition Details:
• Region 0 encoding (Europe,Middle East,Japan)
• Color, Fullscreen 1.33:1[4:3]
• Number Of Discs: 1
Super Troupers (DVD) 982 427 6-6
Featuring: Videos: Super Trouper/Mamma Mia/Fernando/Eagle/Head Over Heels/Take A Chance On Me/One Man One Woman/Money, Money, Money/Knowing Me, Knowing You/The Winner Takes It All/Happy New Year. Polar Music Records
Release Information:
• Studio: IMC Vision
• Run Time: 50 minutes
Edition Details:
• Region 2 encoding (Europe,Middle East,Japan)
• Color, Fullscreen 1.33:1[4:3]
• Number Of Discs: 1
The Story Of ABBA (DVD) IMC 765 D
Adored by millions, ABBA is one of pop music s greatest successes. Selling over 375 million albums worldwide and still hugely popular today, decades later.

ABBA s hallmark has always been the open honesty in their music, heavily influenced by their personal lives. It is an approach that has produced a powerful and lasting musical legacy and helped secure their fiercely loyal fans.

Welcome to the definitive story of Abba, as told through an in depth interview

with the whole band, music videos and live stage performances. Bjorn, Benny, Agnetha & Frida reveal their own thoughts and feelings on their career, their success and the story behind their music.

Including ABBA s greatest hits such as Waterloo,SOS,Dancing Queen,Mama Mia,Money Money Money,Knowing Me Knowing You,The Girl With The Golden Hair,The Name Of The Game,Take A Chance On Me,Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!,I Have A Dream,The Winner Takes It All,Thank You For The Music,Chiquita & Does Your Mother Know & many more. From start to finish, the music has always come first.

Now learn the true story behind the music. This is a captivating look at the story of 4 pop legends and an essential for any fan. Polar Music Records

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